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What Does Post Views Mean On Linkedin

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Meaning Of Found You Via Linkedin Company Pages

LinkedIn Post Views – Does It Matter?

Found you via LinkedIn Company Pages means that someone found your LinkedIn Profile on a company/organizational page that you may have liked, commented, or listed as your workplace.

Make sure that you follow pages appropriate to your professional path. By doing this, you will attract the right kind of people to your profile. To know more about how to add Interests and why they are essential to read the article.

Another thing to keep in mind is when you list your place of work under the experience section of your profile, make sure to select the official page of your organization, else it will redirect to a blank page if anyone clicks on that. This will also affect your profile from being discovered via LinkedIn company pages.

What Does It Mean When Someone Views Your Post On Linkedin

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An updated version of this article was published March 27 2018. Here’s the link:;

Fifteen months ago I wrote an article trying to define what a view actually was on LinkedIn. In a twist of LinkedIn irony, it became the most viewed content I have written and published on LinkedIn, and still receives hundreds of views every week. And while many of the points I raised in that article still appear valid, there have been a lot of changes with LinkedIn, so this is an update to that original article.;

So what does it mean when someone views your post on LinkedIn?

Well that depends, because a post is not simply a post anymore on LinkedIn. LinkedIn has separated published content into “articles” and “posts” and views appear to be counted differently for;each one.

Remember How Linkedin Posts Are Distributed

When you publish a post, the LinkedIn algorithm does not distribute it to everyone at once. It initially picks a subset of your network to put in their news feed. The type of engagement that your post gets, and how quickly, determines how many others in your network will start seeing it in their feeds.

But just like a throttle limiter on a car that sets the maximum speed that it can reach, there is a limiter on your post views too.

You are limited by the number of people in your network who are actually using LinkedIn on a regular basis hopefully daily.

If a significant number of your connections rarely use LinkedIn, and of those that do, don’t make reading and engaging with the content in their news feed a priority, then all of the work you do to make your content compelling runs into a brick wall.

Don’t expect a few active connections, plus the people in their networks hopefully also being active, to give you the massive post view numbers you enviously see others report.

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Why Is This Information Useful

Its always handy to know who viewed your Profile and how they found you. Getting more Profile visits means more opportunities for building relationships with people relevant to you, whether they be potential clients, business partners, suppliers or employers, which is the whole point of LinkedIn! If you know how people are not finding you on LinkedIn, you can take effective action to increase your Profile Views from certain areas.

Engage With Other People’s Content

What Does It Mean When Someone Views Your Post On LinkedIn?

Many LinkedIn users don’t know this, but your comments on other people’s posts show up in the news feeds of your first degree connections.

For example, when I comment on my friend Dale’s status, Dale’s post appears in the feeds of some of my first degree connections with “James Carbary commented on this” above the post. My comment appears directly under Dale’s post .

So essentially, when you leave a comment on someone’s update, it’s like writing a mini post. The more mini posts you write, the more visibility you’ll get on LinkedIn. And as social selling expert Koka Sexton often says, “Visibility leads to opportunity.”

LinkedIn is no longer just a place to keep your digital resume. It’s a thriving content platform that allows you to get massive visibility with your ideal clients at no cost .;Social media changes fast, and there’s no telling how much longer you’ll be able to get this kind of free reach on LinkedIn. We’ve seen organic reach dry up on YouTube, , and now .;The platforms have all the control, and the only thing we can do is capitalize on the free exposure while we can — because eventually we’ll be paying for the reach that we used to get for free.

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What Does Promoted Next To Job Postings On Linkedin

Posted: Jobs that appear with a Promoted tag next to the job title on the LinkedIn job search results page are jobs that are relevant to you based on your profile. These

There is a risk in debating the “best jobs” for college graduates or any other sector of the workforce since so much of what makes a job excellent or terribread more

Why You Should Use Linkedin Pulse

You should publish posts on LinkedIn for the same reason you publish content on your own site as well as third-party publications and blogs like Medium.


If you’re going to invest time and money in creating content, you want it to be consumed.

However, finding success on LinkedIn Pulse, like any other channel, requires a strategy.

You’ll also have to put in the needed time and effort to make your investment worthwhile.

Depending on how many connections you have, the posts you publish on LinkedIn can easily get anywhere from a few hundred to a few thousands views, on average.

But sometimes LinkedIn articles become unicorns ;they can get 50,000, 100,000, or even millions of views.

Wish you could get that many views? You can!

Here are 11 hacks to help your content blast off like a rocket on LinkedIn Pulse.

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What Are Linkedin Analytics

LinkedIn Analytics are a selection of metrics that capture the performance of your LinkedIn Company Page.

Like other social media platforms, they measure metrics such as followers, clicks, shares, and comments.

Content you publish on the platform, ads that you run, and people who visit your Company Page are all captured by these metrics.

Tracking your analytics is critical when determining what content resonates with your target audience.

Mistakes You Should Never Make On Linkedin

How do you view someones recent posts or updates in LinkedIn?

Posted: Not Using a Picture. “One of the biggest mistakes I see is no photo,” Williams says. “You’re seven Putting Up the Wrong Picture. “No dog, no husband, no baby!” Williams says, adding that your Skipping the Status. Between Twitter and Facebook , people have a pretty good idea of what Using the Default Connection Request. “Dont use the standard connection request! People think Neglecting the Privacy Settings. Many people don’t realize that LinkedIn does have privacy Skipping the Summary. Once upon a time, people were encouraged to write about their careers in Eliminating Past Jobs or Volunteer Work. Even if you’ve changed fields, your latest job isn’t the Lurking. Many people think that just having a profile is enough, but employers probably won’t See full list on

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Is This The *real* Reason Your Linkedin Post Views Are So Low

One area that many LinkedIn users often focus on is analytics.

They are checking and recording their Post Views. Their Article Views. And their Video Views. It’s how they supposedly know if they are winning the social media game.

But as Inigo said to Vizzini in The Princess Bride, “you keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.”

No! That’s inconceivable!

But it’s true. Because LinkedIn, unfortunately, uses the same word Views to represent different user actions.

Article views? That’s when members actually loaded your article and read it, or perhaps at least started to read it.

Video views? Members clicked play and, again, started consuming that content.

But post views? That only means that LinkedIn displayed the first few words of your post in people’s news feeds. Whether they engaged with it, let alone actually read any of it that may be another story.

So, what does this really mean, and why are so many users not seeing the huge numbers of views that many people brag about, despite doing everything that all of the experts recommend? Things like making the first sentence a question or something that appears controversial to incite curiosity, showing as little as possible in the first few sentences to make people click “see more”, or testing the day of the week and the time of day when you publish your posts.

Restricting Comments On Individual Posts

In another first for LinkedIn, users now have the ability to restrict comments on public posts.

When creating a post users can decide if they only want connections to respond or if everyone can respond. Theres also an option to allow no one to respond.

This is similar to how comment restrictions work on Twitter, where all users can see a particular tweet but not everyone can reply to it.

Restricting comments may be helpful at times when theres content you want everyone to see, but wish to receive feedback from people you know and trust.

Those who arent connections can react to the post by liking or sharing it, its commenting that will be restricted.

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Cracking The Linkedin Algorithm

I promise to show you my post that went viral in a bit, but first a word of warning.

Even though my post went viral and got millions of views in 2017,;Linkedin and all social media platforms often change their algorithms. What worked for me at that time, might not work exactly the same for you today.

However, the tricks I share below are all elements of strong writing with withstand the test of time. Using these elements will improve performance of your posts across the board, regardless of algorithm changes.

Linkedins algorithm is incredibly accurate when it comes to identifying excellent writing so as long as thats youre focus, you will see results.

If you want to leverage Linkedin to get thousands if not millions of free views for yourself, there are a number of inputs that need to happen simultaneously in order to achieve the desired result- a viral Linkedin post.

Join Linkedin Engagement Pods From Lempod

LinkedIn Posts

It’s not enough just getting the likes and comments from your 1st connections and colleagues to significantly boost your content .

The best way to get hundreds of thousands of views on your LinkedIn content is – get the engagement from top influencers in your industry and other awesome people who are also creating the content for your target audience.

So just imagine, if people who create a lot of content for your audience and have a huge SSI will interact with your LinkedIn posts and their audience will see your post?

Does it sound insane ?

And it’s possible with lempod

As I told you earlier lempod is the hugest place for people who are want to support each other’s content on LinkedIn and to join our family you just need to:

  • Install lempod Chrome Extension
  • Open lempod by clicking on Extension icon
  • Once you join the right LinkedIn engagement pods, you can start getting a boost from other members.

    And it’s easy as it is.

    To use lempod you should:

  • Copy the link to the LinkedIn post you’ve just created,
  • Go to the lempod and choose the right Pod,
  • Add the link to “Add post” field
  • Write your custom comments that other members will leave automatically. Note! these comments should be relevant to the content of your post.
  • Start Engage This Post
  • So everyone who is in the pod will automatically like or comment your Post, so their connections will see your content as well.

    Do you know what’s the sweeties in all of this?

    It’s the price.

    It’s easy to choose 🙂

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    Give Your Post A Paid Boost

    Although getting your post featured on a Channel is awesome, it isn’t enough. You need to help your post go red hot.

    After your content gets attached to the channel, you need to quickly drive lots of traffic to it. This will help push your post to top of channel, as opposed to being just listed on the channel in fifth position .

    You have to get to the top spot. How?

    Spend a few bucks on Facebook and Twitter promoted posts. This will help quickly drive lots of traffic to your LinkedIn post.

    The LinkedIn Pulse algorithm will reward your content if your post generates a bunch of traffic and engagement within a few minutes.

    The best part? You don’t have to pay to drive traffic for long. The social media ads will simply act as a catalyst.

    Once your social media ads have helped your article get to the top, the traffic will be self-sustaining for a while as LinkedIn’s users go to their favorite Channel to see what’s trending.

    Share A Personal Experience And Relate It To Professional Themes

    On LinkedIn, it’s okay to loosen up a bit sometimes. Sharing a personal experience that you can relate with work-related or professional themes can go a long way.

    There are many other ways to leverage all-text posts to magnify your reach, including posting an inspirational message, asking engaging questions or sharing insightful thoughts about your industry.

    Here are more examples of all-text posts that have generated huge engagement:;

    At times, a straightforward, three-word post, or even an all-hashtag post with an image, can help boost your engagement.

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    What Kind Of Network Do You Have

    Perhaps at this point, you may be starting to understand that not all LinkedIn connections are created equal. Those people just quickly accepting invitations to get them out of the way, and those who collect connections like baseball cards , are probably not disposed to be sharing content and engaging with others. Or even logging into LinkedIn on a regular basis at all.

    Take them out of the equation, and you’ve set a limit on how many views of your post are possible. You may have 2,000 connections, yet you only get 150 views for every post, and no likes or comments?

    Are you starting to see the picture?

    Let’s do a little test that might give you an even better idea of the network you’ve built to date.

  • Right-click on “My Network” to open it in a new tab.
  • Your list will be presented in the order that you connected with them, with the most recent ones first. Scroll down about six months.
  • Once you hit the six-month mark, start scrolling down and randomly pick a person. Don’t pick someone you are familiar with and have been engaging with. You will probably see people you have forgotten about. Pick an unknown entity.
  • For that person, open their profile in a new tab .
  • Open the “Activity” section of their profile. If one is not shown, you can display it by appending “detail/recent-activity” to their profile’s URL.
  • Now go back to your connection list, keep scrolling through these older connections, and do the above for another nine connections.
  • Example Of A Linkedin Like

    2017 LinkedIn Tips | How to Check Your Post Analytics

    When content is only liked, you don’t have the ability to pass along any comments.

    A big advantage when liking, especially for the original post, is that a liked post will pass along the social activity of the original post. Your connections who like the post that you liked will be adding a like to the original content.

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    Can You Edit A Job On Seek

    You can edit your job ad as many times as you want *. Once youve logged in to your account, simply click the Jobs tab at the top of the page, click the job posting name, then click Edit and make your changes. * Note. Changing the title, location, or category of a real-time ad role may incur additional charges.

    Whos Viewed Your Linkedin Post

    If you are publishing long-form content on LinkedIn you can or will soon be able to see who is reading your posts. This is eye opening and vital if you want to better understand the type of people who are interested in your content. If you cant see all of this yet, keep publishing and you will have access to this information soon. And it should be retroactive to all your published posts!

    If you are publishing content and not convinced its worth publishing your posts on LinkedIn, I think you might want to reconsider. You can choose which LinkedIn posts you want to view stats for and, once you click on the post, you can see how many people viewed it, liked it, commented on it and forwarded it. Good so far, right?

    I can drill down even further and see the top industries, titles, locations and sources of my readers. Here are two examples for different posts. You can see how the information changes. What can you begin to learn? How is your various content gaining traction on LinkedIn? Even better, right?

    And finally, LinkedIn is going to let me click on each of the numbers below and see WHO those specific people are?

    I just noticed someone who shared one of my latest LinkedIn posts. I clicked through and saw she works at LinkedIn. I sent her a personalized invitation thanking her, mentioning I wanted to feature her and saying that Id like to learn more about what she does.

    To learn more nifty quick tips, check out our blog posts at Intero Advisory.

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