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What Does One Check Mark Mean On Whatsapp

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Q1 What Do The Checks Mean In Whatsapp

What Do the Little Checkmarks in WhatsApp Mean?

In simple words, the checks in WhatsApp are used for showing you the status of any message you have sent out to another WhatsApp user. Basically, there are three main checks that you should know about. These three checks are:

One grey checkmark

One grey checkmark is usually the first check you get immediately after sending a message. This check indicates that you have successfully sent a message from your smart device. However, this doesnt mean the intended receiver has received or read it. Notably, in some cases, the message might have left your device but it may still be floating on the network hence, it has not reached the other user.

Two grey checks

If you can see two grey checks in front of the message you sent, this shows that the message has been successfully delivered to the intended recipient. This means that your message is not floating on the network as it has reached the device of the other person.However, in most situations, two grey checks also indicate that the receiver has not read. But this may not be the case in some instances and we will explain why later.

Two blue checks

Once the recipient of the message reads it, the two grey checks will transform into two blue checks immediately. With the particular symbol, you can know that the receiver has read your message whether they reply or not.

Use Whatsapp On The Web And Desktop

WhatsApp isn’t limited to your mobile phone. There’s a web app that syncs everything from your phone and there’s a desktop app too. Go to or download the desktop app from

You’ll then need to open WhatsApp on your phone > Settings > WhatsApp Web/Desktop > Scan the QR code on the browser or Desktop app > Follow the instructions.

Both the web and desktop app will serve up chats and alerts on your computer, allowing you to reply quickly and easily. Your phone will need to be connected for it to work though so if you lose your connection, the web app will stop syncing until you get your phone connection back. Read more about how it works in our separate feature.

Profile Picture Under Your Message

This is an icon when somebody has seen your message. Meaning, your message has been sent, delivered, and the recipient read it. That is a clear indication when someone saw your message. All the check marks including, the grey, filled grey will be replaced with this icon once a person reads the message. In short, the recipient has seen your message, doubts are cleared.

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How Do I Turn Off Read Receipts

WhatsApp default settings have read receipts automatically turned on. If you wish to turn them off, its very easy.

  • Click on the Settings icon in the bottom right.
  • From there, choose Account.
  • In the following menu, select Privacy.
  • Scroll down and find Read Receipts. Flip the toggle .
  • Turn off read receipts in Android:

  • Open WhatsApp.
  • From the dropdown menu, choose Settings.
  • From that menu, choose Privacy.
  • Scroll down and find Read Receipts. Flip the toggle .
  • Turn off read receipts in WhatsApp Web:

    You actually cant turn off read receipts using the WhatsApp Web or WhatsApp Desktop applications. It can only be done on the mobile devices.

    You Do Not See Updates To Their Profile Picture

    What do WhatsApp check marks mean?

    According to the companys FAQs, if someone blocks you on WhatsApp you will not be able to see any changes to their profile picture. This implies that you would still see the most recent profile picture that the contact was using before they blocked you.

    In reality, however, this is not the case. In fact, you wont see their profile picture at all. Instead you will see the default image that WhatsApp uses before a person has added their own picture.

    Of course, if the person who blocked you never even bothered uploading a profile picture to begin with then this wont help you determine if they have in fact blocked you. And if they did have a profile picture and now they dont, this isnt a sure-fire sign that theyve blocked you either. It is always possible that they simply removed it for some personal reasons.

    But, realistically, if they had a profile picture one day and the next day they do not then there is a pretty good chance that it does mean they blocked you. Especially in conjunction with other signs, such as this next one.

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    Q2 Does One Grey Tick On Whatsapp Mean Blocked

    Truthfully, if you have been blocked by another WhatsApp user, any message you send to such person will always have only one grey check. This shows that the message has been sent from your device however, WhatsApp will never deliver such a message to the intended recipient because they have blocked you.

    Nonetheless, you should not assume all messages that remain at only one grey tick means blocked. This is because you will still only see one grey tick if the user doesnt have an internet connection or has even lost their device. Otherwise, the users phone might just have been switched off.

    So, before you conclude that you have been blocked by another user, you may want to have a second thought.

    Blue Ticks On Whatsapp: What They Really Mean

    It is a situation many of us have been in. You send an important message on WhatsApp and then eagerly wait for a reply.

    One little tick appears to your message. Then two. Then nothing. Your heart sinks.

    The important message has been ignored – or has it?

    Up until now many users incorrectly thought the double check indicated a message had been seen.

    Actually it meant that a message had been received by the handset, not its human owner.

    However, WhatsApp’s official website has confirmed the messaging service has a new feature, so you’ll know when someone has definitely read your message.

    We introduce to you, the double blue tick!

    If a group of people are chatting, the two blue ticks will appear when everyone in the group has read the message.

    Two grey check marks will show up when everyone has received the message.

    You can also find out the time a message was delivered and read by pressing the message with the double tick – then holding it for a couple of seconds, before selecting “info”.

    Other messaging services already have similar types of notifications to show when someone has seen a message, like Facebook.

    In 2013, instant messaging apps like Apple’s iMessenger, WeChat and Viber overtook the traditional SMS text message for the first time.

    Research company Informer found almost 19 billion messages were sent on chat apps in 2012, compared to 17.6 million texts.

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    What Do Two Blue Ticks Mean On Whatsapp

    Two blue ticks will appear on a WhatsApp message if it has been delivered and read by the recipient. When you see two blue ticks on a message, it means that the recipient has opened up your chat with them and has seen what youve sent along.

    If two blue ticks appear in a group chat, that means that every user in the group has seen your message. Still, keep in mind that on most iOS and Android devices, users can still read WhatsApp messages when they appear on the home screen without opening up the app. Reading a message on the home screen wont cause the blue ticks to appear, so a recipient may have still read your message without opening the WhatsApp app.

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    Send A Public Message Privately

    WhatsApp ticks meaning: What do the two check marks on WhatsApp stand for?

    Ever had a free evening and wanted to ask several of your friends if they are around without having to open up each chat to ask them separately?

    You can send a broadcast message to a list of contacts with it appearing as though you’ve asked them individually. Great for saving time, terrible if they all reply yes.

    iOS: Chats > Broadcast Lists > New List > Add contacts.

    Android: Chats > Menu > New Broadcast.

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    Bonus Trick: Vocal Traitor Method

    Here is something you should watch out for, as it is a mean move based from a flaw I found in WhatsApp.

    To make the two blue ticks appear even if someone turns off the Read Receipt option, you just send them a small voice message after your text message. Only needs to be a few seconds long.

    If the recipient listens to the voice message, the blue ticks appear. Even If the text itself does not turn blue, the knowledge that they accessed the chat to listen to the voice message all but guarantees theyve also read the message you sent.

    You get caught in this trap, and you are screwed.

    Frankies Take:

    If your contact is looking for a workaround for you turning off the blue ticks on your account, a voice message might be the answer. You need to be careful to listen to these messages at the right time, otherwise you can get pulled into a trap where they know they are getting fooled. Only use this trick yourself when you really need it.

    How Do You Check If Someone Has Blocked You On Whatsapp

    There is not an actual procedure to follow to find out if you have been WhatsApp blocked, like we mentioned above. You wont find a WhatsApp Block Checker tool that can provide you with a list of the specific people who blocked your number on the platform. However, to see if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp or WhatsApp Web, there are a few things you can look out for.

    • You cannot see their last seen or online in contact window.
    • You dont see updates to their profile picture.
    • You see only one check mark when you send them messages.
    • You are unable to start a group chat that includes that person.

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    Why Didn’t They Read My Message Yet

    Wondering why the other person hasn’t seen your WhatsApp or Telegram message yet? This can happen for a variety of reasons:

    • If either party has read receipts turned off in WhatsApp, you won’t see read receipts.
    • On the rare chance the other person blocked you, you won’t see whether they read your message.
    • The other person’s phone may be shut off, in airplane mode, or suffering from a poor network connection.
    • Of course, they may also simply have not opened the message yet.

    There’s also a chance that the other person has used a trick to read your message in secret without sending a read receipt. For example, they might have gone into airplane mode to read the message without triggering the “read” status. Most phones also let you preview a message from the notification bubble, which doesn’t trigger the receipt either.

    If they have done something like this, there’s little you can do about it aside from plainly asking them if they saw your message.

    Whatsapp Messenger Vs Other Mobile Messaging Apps

    WhatsApp FAQs: What Do The Checks on WhatsApp Mean

    I remember those early days of Yahoo Messenger. It was the king of chat apps and the most popular messaging application with millions of monthly active users.

    But the Smartphone and Android device era came in with a complete swap over. Instant messaging today is a huge industry with many different chat apps coming up almost daily, so having a tool like ClearoutPhone close by could be beneficial since every number can be validated and checked through different metrcis so you always know exactly whore you dealing with.

    Other apps like Telegram, Viber, WeChat, Kik, etc are challenging Zuckerbergs messaging application with Emoji, Voice calling, free calls, end-to-end encryption, push to talk functions. Its becoming basically possible to live and have conferences and meetings with these chat apps without the need for complex software and equipment.

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    Save Your Data Allowance

    If you’ve got a limited data allowance, you don’t want WhatsApp munching it all away. Thankfully, you can customise when media is allowed to download, as well as ensure calls use as little data as possible.

    iOS & Android: Settings > Storage and Data > Media Auto-Download > Switch to Wi-Fi only for each option to save your data.

    Filled Grey Icon With Check Mark

    The filled grey Icon with a checkmark means that your message has been successfully delivered to the recipient. Yet, you cannot see that if the person reads your message. However, it is confirmed that the message is now available on the recipient device to read. While that is his choice to read it or ignore it. Keep in mind that if you are in someones spam list then and he read your message, then still you will only see the filled grey icon with a checkmark.

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    How To See And Turn Off Last Seen

    WhatsApp’s last seen feature allows you to see when someone last checked WhatsApp, as well as allow users to see when you last checked. If a contact hasn’t disabled last seen, it will appear under their name at the top of an open chat. To disable last seen:

    iOS & Android: Settings > Account > Privacy > Last Seen > Switch to Nobody.

    A Single Grey Tick On Whatsapp Does Not Necessarily Mean That You Have Been Blocked By A Person There Are Various Reasons For The Occurrence Of Single Grey Ticks Including Network Issues

    what does the tick marks in whatsapp mean?

    WhatsApp, a free messenger app that has been connecting users across the world since 2009, has its own set of ambiguity when it comes to blocking people. Like many other social media platforms, WhatsApp has its own symbols to indicate activities and actions, the most important being the grey and the blue ticks. They not only inform you about the delivery of the message but also bring to your notice the actions of the receiver. For instance, the blue tick indicates that the message has been read by the receiver.

    There are, however, various complications attached to the significance of these ticks, especially with regard to blocking someone on this widely used app. A single grey tick on WhatsApp does not necessarily mean that you have been blocked by the person you are trying to message. There are various reasons for the occurrence of single grey ticks that includes having network troubles and unavailability of a data connection. Your messages might also not get delivered if the phone of the person you are trying to connect with is switched off.

    Here are some indications that you must look for to ascertain that you have been blocked, other than the grey tick.

    Last seen– You will not be able to see the last seen of the person you are trying to connect with if you have been blocked.

    Display picture– The display picture of the concerned person will disappear as soon as you are blocked.

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    What Do The Check Marks In Whatsapp And Telegram Mean

    Here’s what the check marks in WhatsApp and Telegram mean, plus how to toggle read receipts to preserve your privacy.

    WhatsApp and Telegram offer free unlimited messaging, handy features, and apps for every device. There’s definitely a lot to love about these services, but not everyone has mastered using them. In fact, one confusing aspect of WhatsApp and Telegram are the check marks.

    When you send a message in WhatsApp or Telegram, one or two check marks appear below it. These later turn from gray to blue. These check marks communicate useful information to you, but if you’re not sure what the check marks mean in WhatsApp and Telegram, read on to find out.

    You Are Unable To Start A Group Chat That Includes That Person

    The previous four ways to check if someone blocked you on WhatsApp are not always a guarantee that thats what happened. They could ultimately be caused by other factors.

    So one way to find out for sure if someone has blocked you is by trying to start a group chat with that person. If this person has blocked you from WhatsApp, you will be alerted by the app that you are not authorized to add that person to the chat.

    At this point it is probably fair to assume that they did in fact block you on WhatsApp.

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    Quickly Review And Delete Items To Help Clear Storage

    WhatsApp has made it easier to manage what is taking up storage on your device. Not only can you see which chats are most storage as above, but you can also see which files are larger than 5MB and which files have been forwarded multiple times.

    iOS & Android: Settings > Storage and Data > Manage Storage. Under the Review and Delete Items section you can click on either the larger than 5MB tab or the forwarded multiple times tab and then select the ones you want to delete. As with the individual chats, you can sort by tapping on the circle in the bottom left corner.

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