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What Does It Mean To Connect On Linkedin

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Found You Via Google Search

What is LinkedIn?

Great stuff! This is the icing on the cake. This means the person who viewed your LinkedIn Profile searched for something on Google and you popped up. Your impact i.e. your engagement and content creation is reverberating around Google as well as LinkedIn. Good job!

This shows the power of LinkedIn, what you do on the platform amplifies your exposure elsewhere, helping you reach popular platforms like Google search.

When Viewing Someones Profile

When viewing another LinkedIn users profile there will typically be a blue Connect button at the top with their name and other details.

Some LinkedIn users have customizable profiles and have moved this button to a menu. Click More to reveal a way to connect.

When using a desktop web browser, clicking Connect on someones profile will give you the option to add a personal note with your invitation. When using the mobile app, tapping Connect will always automatically send a default invitation. More on how to customize your mobile LinkedIn invitations below.

More about how to utilize personal notes below.

Potential 2018 Breach Or Extended Impacts From Earlier Incidents

In July 2018, Credit Wise reported “dark web” email and password exposures from LinkedIn. Shortly thereafter, users began receiving extortion emails, using that information as “evidence” that users’ contacts had been hacked, and threatening to expose pornographic videos featuring the users. LinkedIn asserts that this is related to the 2012 breach; however, there is no evidence that this is the case.

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Check Out Your Visitors Profile

You may find potential job opportunities listed on a recruiters LinkedIn profile or helpful resources.

A job seeker mentioned that he lets people know what he is looking for and asks if they would like to see his resume or chat for a minute. He also offers referrals for positions they may have open.

Some visitors to your profile may be anonymous and, in that case, there is no way to respond to them.

The best cumulative advice is to do something.

How Do I Unfollow People On Linkedin

Why Microsoft Bought LinkedIn and What Does It Mean ...

The easiest way is via the Following page.

This shows all the people youre following, ordered by the number of posts theyve made this week.

Click the relevant Following links on everyone you no longer wish to see in your feed. They wont be notified.

If you unfollow someone youre connected with, youll still be able to direct message them. And you unfollowing them wont mean they unfollow you.

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Drop The Linkedin Suit And Tie Messages

Even when you are conducting professional interactions on LinkedIn, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • LinkedIn is still social media.
  • Be human and friendly.

Check out this example of knowing your goal and being friendly in a LinkedIn message to a recruiter:

Hi, *****. Pleased to meet you. I’m very interested in your job posting for a . I have 10+ years of experience .Would you be open to seeing my resume or maybe a quick call this week about the position?

Do: Congratulate People When They Update Their Positions

On the upper right side of your homepage, theres a box where LinkedIn shows you all of your connections who have recently added new jobs, celebrated a work anniversary, or changed a photo.

Its tempting to merely like the status or write a quick Congrats! but you wont be doing yourself any favors in terms of networking.

To network meaningfully, you have to show some effort. Writing a thoughtful commentrather than a bland, generic onewill not only strengthen the connection between you and the professional youre addressing, but it will also make you look good to everyone who sees your comment in their newsfeed.

For example, when one of my contacts became a staff writer for a well-known magazine, I wrote, I cant wait to read your pieces! Your writing is always clear, concise, and engaging, and your choice of topics is always spot-on. The magazines editors are lucky to have you.

The extra effort is minimal, while the effect on our professional relationships is big.

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Should You Add A Personal Note When You Connect On Linkedin

Yes, but its not always necessary. When someone considers your LinkedIn invitation, they need to know the following:

  • Do I know you?
  • If so, how do I know you?
  • If not, whyshould I know you?
  • If I shouldnt, why do you want to know me?

In many cases, a personalized note isnt necessary to answer these questions. Your name and LinkedIn headline will often provide a full answer for your co-workers, high-touch business contacts, or industry peers.

If it doesnt, and/or clarify those questions with a personal note.

How to write a LinkedIn connection request

If youre going to write a personal note, write something useful. Dont bother sending a note that is a rewording of LinkedIns default Id like to join your LinkedIn network. For example, Hi Jon, I thought it would be a good idea if we connect! isnt an effective connection request.

Take advantage of the 300 characters available in your invitation note. Answer the questions above as best as you can and try to connect some dots by bringing up things like:

  • I noticed that were both connected to Jerri Smith. I managed Jerri at ABC Corp
  • Im glad we were able to meet and chat at XYZ Conferences happy hour last Thursday

How and why you found their profile

  • I was searching for digital marketers in the Seattle area because
  • We are both members of the LinkedIn Group Digital Marketing Seattle
  • Your comment on Jerri Smiths post about integrity in marketing got me thinking

The specific reason youre reaching out

How Do I Grow My Linkedin Connections

Why Being #OpenToWork on LinkedIn is Working Against You

1 If youre looking to connect with someone you havent previously spoken to before, its a good idea to add relevancy by personalising your connection response. Even LinkedIn advises you to do so, saying that LinkedIn members are more likely to accept requests that include a personal note.;

2 Post often. 91% of execs rate LinkedIn as their first choice for professionally relevant content. Posting more, whether it be your thoughts on industry updates or sharing content your LinkedIn connections might be interested in, creates additional opportunities for exposure and engagement. If one person comments on your post, one of their connections might see it, find it interesting and request to connect.

3 Engage with your current connections. If someone you know writes an interesting post, comment! Others will see this, and increase engagement and exposure even more.;

4 Promote your LinkedIn account on other social media platforms, and when youre speaking to business prospects. Got a public speaking gig? Make sure you put your LinkedIn account at the end of the slide, so people can note it down. Its easier than giving every attendee your business card and better for the environment!;

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Connecting With People Outside Of Your Network

When you request to connect with someone you do not have any common affiliations with then you will have to specify how you know them.

Essentially, you will have to select that youve done business with them at one of your current or past jobs or attended school with them. Otherwise, you will have to know their email address to connect.

If you are connecting with someone that you dont know very well, make sure that you include a personal note as to why you want to connect with them. This could be anything from I enjoyed your presentation at last years SES conference to I just finished reading your book and would love to give you a recommendation for it!

How To Get Your Linkedin Connection Request Accepted

Offer a genuine compliment. Be specific about what you liked, why you liked it and how it helped.

Do your homework. Show that you have researched the person you want to connect with by mentioning something specific about them, their company or content.

Be relevant. Ask yourself: Have I given this person a good reason to connect with me?

Be friendly. Itll be their first impression of you; be friendly and courteous.

Show commonality. Mention something you share in common.

Be original. Make sure every connection request you send is tailored to the person you are sending it to.

Give them a reason to connect. Dont be vague and say we should connect without offering a relevant reason.;

Do not make it all about you. Just like in real life, when new connections talk only about themselves, they turn people off.

Dont brag. Similar to the point above, boasting about all the great things you do is irrelevant to the person reading your message. They want to know about how you can help THEM, so craft your message to subtly demonstrate that.

Never send a sales pitch. Do not send anything that could be perceived as a sales pitch, whether blatantly or sneakily.

Dont ask for favors. The rudest thing you can do on LinkedIn is to ask someone to work for free, especially when you dont know them yet and havent offered them anything of value first.

It isnt rocket science. Just stick to the principles outlined in this article, and watch your network grow!

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How Do You Connect On Linkedin

If youre relatively new to the world of LinkedIn, you might be wondering how to connect with people. Often, it takes an established network to be able to instantly connect with someone, especially if you dont already know them in person.;

LinkedIn uses degrees of connection to determine who you can connect with when you find them in search. Well cover these in more detail further down. However, usually, you can send a request to people who are 1st- and 2nd-degree connections, as well as some 3rd-degree ones.;

You can add people and personalize your message in a few ways:;

  • Directly on their profile by hitting Connect
  • Through the search results page
  • Using the People You May Know feature;
  • Browsing profiles

How Can I Remove A Restriction On My Account

LinkedIn Prospecting: How to Find and Connect With Future ...

Its not uncommon for newbies to get overzealous with their invitations and get restricted, so LinkedIn has actually created a way for you first-timers to remove your own restriction. Simply go to this page, check the I agree box and click OK. Shazam! Youre now unrestricted and back in action. Not your first restriction? Youll need to reach out to Customer Service and promise to be more careful with your future invites.

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Follow Vs Connecthow Are You Linkedin

Founder of The Interactive Imprint

In the world of Facebook you can connect with a person, but follow a brand. In Twitter, no matter whether you are a person or a brand following is your only option. What about LinkedIn though? Should you connect with someone or should you follow him or her? In contrast to the other two big social networks, with LinkedIn there is a difference.

With LinkedIn Publishing and other methods many of us have seen a slew of new followers. Followers simply allow others to read what others they follow share on their LinkedIn newsfeed. That includes long-form posts created on LinkedIn Publishing. You can follow anyone on LinkedIn without being connected with them.

In contrast, connecting on LinkedIn is similar to friending on Facebook. It involves the other person you are connecting with to take an action and accept your invitation. LinkedIn defines a connection as a two-way relationship of trust between people who know each other. If you are connected to someone, youre following him or her by default and vice-versa.

That brings up a good question though, should you connect with people you dont know on LinkedIn or simply follow them if you are interested in what they have to say? There is no way everyone with 500+ connections on LinkedIn knows every single one of them personally. It is impossible.

People You Worked With

Your colleagues and former bosses are the first tier of your network. Treat them well, as they might be the result of you getting referred to a positionemployers accept referrals from people they know and trust. By treating them well, I mean don’t ask them for a favor in your initial invite.

Consider the way employers prefer to hire. First, they want to fill a position with their employees, who they know; second, they take referrals from their employees, trusting their employees won’t steer them wrong; third, they ask for referrals from those outside the company; and fourth, they hire recruiters and staffing agencies.

Your job is to become an outside referral. It can be easier if you have a former colleague or boss on your side. It’s important to be able to connect the dots with your former colleagues and who they know in your desired companies. For example, someone you worked with knows the director of engineering at one of your target companies. You could ask for an introduction and a kind word from your former colleague.

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How To Follow Someone On Linkedin

When you follow someone on LinkedIn, you will see posts from that person in your newsfeed, but they will not see yours. When you follow someone but dont connect, they are not following your activity on LinkedIn.

In the image below, the user has set her personal profile preference to Follow first.

When you visit this profile, the automatic step would be to click on the Follow button.

This means that you will see the content from this user in your newsfeed, but they will not see the content that you post.

Note You can still invite the person to connect with you by clicking on the More button .

How Do I Follow Someone

What does it mean to show up in a relationship?

This varies depending on what type of account the user has.

If they are a public figure or company all you need to do is go to their profile page and click the Follow button. LinkedIn has now given all users the option to display a Follow button as your main Call to Action on your profile page, instead of the Connect prompt which is there by default. This may be on a users page, in which case, its that simple!

If not, youll need to go onto their profile as if you were going to request to connect, click on the more tab, and click follow.;

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Connect With People You Know

Connecting with people you already know is a good way to start.

This step is insanely easy. Tons of people you already know are using LinkedIn.

Navigate your way to LinkedIns Add Connections page. Its here that LinkedIn will ask you for an email address and start the process of importing contacts from your personal email account.

After you go through this process, LinkedIn will let you select from dozens or maybe even hundreds of people you know but havent yet connected to.

But hold on! Dont hit the Add X Selected connection button yet.


If you send invitations from this screen, LinkedIn will send that boring, impersonal default invitation message.

Wait until after youve read this entire post so you can use my successful formula for LinkedIn requests.

Will some people you know accept the basic LinkedIn message? Sure. But you want to write an irresistible LinkedIn connection for people you know, but maybe dont know as well as others.

If youve only communicated with someone via email once or twice, they might not remember you or be convinced they should commit to something as serious as accepting a LinkedIn connection request . They could ignore or delete your request or even worse, report you as spam.

Connection Request Messages To People Who Engaged On Your Linkedin Posts

How exactly does LinkedIn lead generation work?

Let’s be frank, not everyone is 100% active on LinkedIn.

If you connect with someone who’s not active, chances are you won’t get a reply back, no matter how good the message is.

And that is a great tip for your lead generation. They’ve already heard about you before your reach out to them!

One of the best growth hacks I did on LinkedIn is … to go beyond .

85-90% of people accepted my LinkedIn requests

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Dont: Try To Connect With Someone When Youre Not On His Or Her Profile

Say youre scrolling through LinkedIns list of People You May Know. Underneath each persons headshot and title, youll see a blue box that says Connect. Dont click ityou wont get a chance to customize your invitation. Similarly, if youre looking at search results, youll see a blue connect box to the right of each persons info. Using that button wont allow you to make your request unique. The only way you can change the connection request is if you click Connect when youre on someones profile.

Do: Remove Or Update Recommendations You Dont Like

What does 1st, 2nd, & 3rd degree connection mean in ...

Maybe your boss does answers your request, but you can tell she wrote it in the five minutes between her conference call and another meeting. Its lukewarm, completely generic, or even incorrect. A bad review isnt better than no review at all, so take it off. To do this, un-check the small box next to the recommendation. LinkedIn will remove it from your profile until you choose to show it again.

Suppose your job responsibilities have significantly changed in the two years since your manager recommended you. Find his or her recommendation and hover your mouse over it. An option to Ask for changes will appear underneath. Send a message saying youd love if he or she could update your recommendation to reflect your as well as your .

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