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What Does Instagram Restrict Mean

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Can You Hide Your Profile From Someone Without Restricting Or Blocking Him/her

What Does Restrict Mean On Instagram?

No, you cant hide your profile from some specific person without restricting or blocking him/her. You can change your account visibility to private to restrict the visibility of your posts. However, your profile picture, followers, and following are still visible to everyone. If you want to hide your profile completely from everyone, you can deactivate your account.


Does The Other Person Know If They Are Restricted

No, the other person wont receive any notification if you restrict their account.

Similarly, there wont be any special icon or message to show that a user has restricted the account.

In simpler words, the restrict feature is a silent action and was particularly designed to prevent any escalation in the situation by confrontation.

Having said that, you have the option to restrict anyone you want without alerting them.

Their Messages Will Go Straightly Into Your Message Requests

Whether you are following each other or not, restricting a user will send their DMs to your message requests folder. This includes their responses to your stories as well. Your requests can be found in the upper right corner of your direct message folder.

Under message requests, you will not be notified of any new messages that the individual may send you. You will, however, be able to access their messages if you so like. The sender will not be notified if you see them. Read receipts will be concealed until you accept them, much like message requests.

To respond to the restricted individual, you must first remove the restriction.

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What Does Restrict Mean On Instagram Lets Dig Deeper

The restriction feature on Instagram is primarily designed to keep away violent people and offensive individuals who also bully or send unnecessary messages. It has been noticed that people often dont want to make things worse or create unwanted issues by contacting an individual offline.

Whether its a cyberbully or a relative that embarrasses, this feature can be helpful. If you wish to keep an unknown person from bothering or interfering with you without their knowledge, then restrict is the best available option.

If we can compare blocking with restricting, then well have to say, the latter feature is more subtle and a little civil, too, in a way. Now, restricting a person only hides the messages and comments they have sent you, but it still lets them view your other contents.

Restricting is a more subtle way to decrease unwanted interactions without completely blocking those people from viewing or accessing your profile and content. Unlike blocking, this feature is unique because the restricted people never get to know about it.

The restrict feature happens to be so interesting and distinctive that even if the restricted individual tries to comment on your pictures or tries to text you, you wont receive any notification. Hence you wont be bothered. You want to take advantage of this feature when you dont have to block, unfollow, or remove someone from your list of followers.

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Restricting someone will not hide them from your following list. This is an anti-bullying tool. It can not be used to hide who you follow.

And thats it. Hopefully, you found this guide useful! If you have any questions about this feature, then feel free to post them in the comment section below. Youre not restricted, I swear

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How Does It Impact Comments

Blocking someone prohibits them from commenting on your posts. When you restrict them, though, you can both comment on each others posts.

The difference is that the restricted persons comments will only be accessible to them and no one else.

In other words, people will be unaware that their activities have been curtailed. Essentially, they will continue to be able to comment on your posts without affecting you or other followers. Nothing has changed as a result of your comments on their blogs. They will still be visible to them.

How To Restrict Someone On Instagram From Your Settings

To restrict a person from your account settings, take the following steps:

  • Navigate to your profile and choose the three-bar navigation icon in the top-right corner.
  • Select Settings > Privacy > Restricted accounts from the menu.
  • Now, look for the account you want to restrict, and then press the Restrict button next to it.
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    Restricting A User Through Settings

    The other way to limit an Instagram account is to do it through your account settings.

    1 Go into Settings in your account

    You will find this section on your profile. Click on the three horizontal lines at the top-right.

    2 Click on Privacy

    Here you can edit everything related to your account, but what we are interested in at the moment is the Privacy button.

    3 Choose Restricted Accounts

    In this section, you can see the accounts that are restricted from your profile. If you have not restricted any, this section will be empty.

    4 Search for the profile you want to restrict

    Here there is a search bar to find the user you want to restrict access to.

    Simply search their name and press the Restrict button to the right of their name.

    How to remove restrictions from an Instagram account:

    1. To reverse a restriction to an account, all you have to do is follow the same steps we went through earlier.

    2. Instead of the Restrict button, you will see Cancel restriction.

    Why Should You Use The Restrict Feature

    What Does ‘Restrict’ Mean On Instagram? EXPLAINED.

    Restricting an account is better than blocking, particularly when you dont want them to see that you are trying to limit the interaction.

    It is a suitable choice for gaining more control over who gets to comment under your post and send you a message.

    The restrict feature is a great way of personalizing the Instagram experience and preventing unwanted attention.

    Even more, its a suitable option for influencers who cannot block the followers to maintain their follower count but want to restrict their activity.

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    Message Requests Wont Be Visible To Restricted Users

    Unlike unrestricted users, restricted profiles cant view other peoples activity history or see last seen status. However, they can check out other peoples activity by visiting their secondary accounts. However, messages from restricted users will still appear as requests and will be visible to the user on their DMs section in the upper right. The user can read or delete the messages, or accept or decline them.

    Message requests wont be visible to other users. You can restrict users to see certain types of messages, and you can limit the number of people who can view them. For example, you can restrict the number of people you can message per account. By doing so, you wont be able to receive notifications for new messages. However, the message will still be available for the recipient if you select them.

    When a user is restricted, they cant send you direct messages. Despite their inability to receive direct messages, restricted users can view and comment on other peoples posts, like their stories, and view updates from other users. Even if theyre restricted, they can still send and receive messages from other users. The only difference is that they wont see your messages. However, you can still reply to messages sent to restricted users.

    Restrict Someone From Comments Directly

    Open the post having the comment from the user that you want to restrict. On Android, touch and hold the comment. On iPhone, swipe left on the comment. Tap on the information icon and select Restrict from the menu. You can even restrict multiple accounts in this manner. Select multiple comments first and then hit the icon.

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    How To Restrict Someone On Instagram Via Direct Messaging

    Following the same steps, you can unrestrict the person.

    To impose a restriction on someone via direct messaging, do:

    1. Go to the top right and tap the Direct message or Messenger icon, then tap the chat with the person you want to block.

    2. On the top right of your chat, tap the persons name.

    3. Scroll to the bottom of the screen and select Restrict.

    What Is Instagram Restrict How Does It Differ From Blocking

    What does " Restrict"  mean on Instagram? A complete guide.

    Have you been meaning to block someone on Instagram but are too afraid of the awkwardness that comes with it? Then perhaps youd like to learn about the Instagram Restrict feature. Through it, you can safely restrict someones access to your content without completely blocking them off. Heres what the feature entails and how to use it.

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    Users Wont Be Notified That Theyve Been Restricted

    Despite what users may think, Instagrams new filtering features do not tell anyone that theyve been restricted. A person restricted on the platform will not be able to see when other people online are or last viewed their messages. However, they can check their secondary accounts to find out who theyre communicating with and what their activity status is. This feature is disabled by default but can be enabled by a user in their profile settings.

    Instagrams new restriction feature was designed to limit repeated and abusive trolls and users who continually post advertisements, MLM schemes, and links to scams. The restriction feature will not notify users when the person theyre restricted with is online or whether theyve read any of their direct messages. Its worth checking out the new feature and see how it affects your use of the social network.

    However, if you dont want to wait for an alert, you can simply check the comments. However, this method only works if you have a second account or are an Instagram friend. If youre unable to check comments, its best to check a friends account. But make sure you dont wait too long before checking comments. Otherwise, you may miss an opportunity to make a connection with your friends.

    Block Vs Restrict: Will The Affected Person Know

    There is no direct way to know if someone has blocked you. However, there are ways you can find out, like looking for their profile. If you can’t find it on Instagram, even though you know that their profile is active, you’ll know they’ve blocked you.

    This isn’t the case with the Restrict feature though. A restricted person will never know if they have been restricted. Everything appears normal on their end as they can still comment on your posts, send you messages, and view your profile like another user. The difference is only on your end.

    If you’re dealing with bullies, restricting them isn’t the best course of action against them as they can still reach you. Instead, you can hide your social media profiles from bullies to avoid them contacting you.

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    What Happens When You Restrict Someone On Instagram

    The first thing you must know is that if you decide to restrict an account on Instagram, the app will not notify the user that you have limited their interaction with your account.

    The person you have decided to restrict will not know you have made this decision regarding their account.

    And what comes with this restriction?

    While an unrestricted user can comment on anything you post, comments from restricted users are not visible to everyone else.

    The only people who can see the comments are you and the restricted user that has commented. Although, if you want to change this, you can make it publicly visible to everyone.

    Activity is private

    When you restrict an Instagram account, they can continue seeing your stories, just like anyone else.

    However, although they can respond to your story, they cannot see if you are online or if you have read the messages they have sent you. Similarly, their reactions to your stories would appear in your message request box, rather than in your direct message box.

    Do you want to restrict on Instagram but dont know how? Keep reading!

    Restricting A User Through Their Profile

    Restrict Vs Block on Instagram | What Does It Mean? 2022

    The first and most simple way to restrict an Instagram account is to limit the activity of a user through their own profile.

    Just follow the steps!

    1 Open your Instagram account

    Remember to open the account that you want to restrict the user from.

    2 Go to their profile

    Find their profile either through the search option or by going through your followers.

    3 Click on ···

    The button with the three dots is at the top-right of their profile. Click on it and Instagram will offer you all the available options.

    4 Choose Restrict

    The final step is to press Restrict, which is the first option youll see.

    Instagram will confirm that you have restricted this user.

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    What Does Restrict Mean On An Instagram Group Chat

    If a restricted account sends you a message, it will be transferred to your Message Request inbox. However, if youre in a group conversation, Instagram will alert you anytime the restricted account sends you a message.

    Instagram will ask you whether you want to quit whenever you initially join a group conversation. If you decide to stay in the group conversation, Instagram will not limit your messages. Individual texts from the restricted account, on the other hand, will remain restricted.

    How To View Restricted Comments

    The restricted person’s comments appear along with others under your post but under a protected message. You will not receive a notification when they comment on your post, so you can only view their comments by opening the post and going through the comments section.

    To view the comment, tap See comment. You can then choose to either Approve or Delete it. If you approve it, it’ll be visible to everyone, like the rest of the comments. If you delete it, neither you nor the restricted person will be able to see it.

    Either way, they will not be notified of the action you have taken.

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    Block Vs Restrict: How It Affects Messages

    When you block someone on Instagram, you can’t message each other. But it works differently when you restrict an account.

    Here are the implications:

    • A restricted person can message you. However, their messages arrive in the Requests folder.
    • You will not receive notifications when they message you. You will only be able to see their messages if you manually view your message requests.
    • If you do view their message, they will not be notified by the “seen” text in the chat. This means they won’t know when you’ve read the message.
    • If you find yourself in a group chat with someone you’ve restricted, Instagram will give you a heads-up that you’ll see a restricted account’s messages. You can then choose to leave the group or stay.

    To reply to a restricted person’s message, tap Unrestrict at the bottom of the screen. You can also select Delete to get rid of the message. If you do not wish to engage with that person further, tap Block.

    What Happens To Comments

    How to Restrict an Account on Instagram â Ask Caty

    Technically, even you wont be able to see the comment directly. The comment would be hidden behind the Restricted comment text under the post. You will need to tap on See comment to view the comment.

    Now Instagram gives you two options to manage restricted comments. You can either Approve the comment so that everyone sees it or you can delete it. That way nobody sees the comment including the writer. The safest way is to neither approve nor delete the comment. The comment stays hidden for everyone else except the sender, thus not raising any doubt in their mind.

    Tip: Looking for your old Instagram comments? Heres how to find out all the .

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    Blocking A User Doesnt Affect Visibility Of Your Igtv Video

    While you cant control a persons visibility on your IGTV video, you can limit who can see it. The captions will be visible to people who turn on mute. The captions will begin rolling out in 16 languages, and will continue to increase in numbers in the months to come. Captions are an important part of Instagrams AI, which allows users to create content that appeals to a broader audience. By allowing captions, Instagram hopes to promote more high-quality content on its IGTV platform and to boost its user base. To do so, it has made IGTV monetization easier to accomplish.

    To create an IGTV channel, you must log in to Instagram first. Youll be logged in to Instagram when you install the IGTV app. Then, go to the Settings tab and choose the Channels option. Your IGTV video will be vertically formatted, unlike your other videos. This format caters to mobile viewing, and makes it easy to upload without much equipment.

    Another new feature of Instagram that has been testing is allowing users to share live videos to IGTV. Besides that, you can organize your videos into a series and promote the previews to grab followers attention. Instagram hasnt released IGTV features for a while, but its testing a video trimming tool for Stories, and its likely that it will be similar to other video editing apps.

    Edwin McCord

    When Should You Use The Restrict Feature On Instagram

    Restricting is a better alternative to blocking if, for whatever reason, you need to remain friends but you dont want others to see their interactions on your profile.

    The restrict feature allows you to have greater control over what is posted on your profile.

    It is a great way to personalize your Instagram experience and leave unwanted attention out of your profile.

    Restricting is better alternative to blocking if you still need to stay friends but you dont want others to see their interactions on your profile.

    Influencers need to keep a high follower count to monetize their accounts.

    So restricting tends to be more viable than blocking in the long run.


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