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What Does Followers Mean On Linkedin

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Follower And Visitor Metrics To Track

LinkedIn Followers Vs Connections

Follower metrics

Followers analytics measure the number of people who would like to stay connected with your brand. Important metrics your brand should monitor include:

  • Number of followers over time: This shows how the number of your brands followers has increased or a set amount of time.
  • All followers: The total number of current followers your business page has.
  • Companies to track: This is useful for comparing companies similar to yours.

You can also track follower demographic data to get a sense of who your loyal followers are, where they work and their professional level of seniority.

Visitor metrics

This shows key metrics about the visitors coming to your LinkedIn page, but who arent following you in order to see your updates regularly. Important metrics your brand should monitor include:

  • Page views: The total number of times your page was visited.
  • Unique visitors: How many individual members have visited your page, giving you a good indication of how many people are interested in your company.
  • Custom button clicks: Your business profile can include a custom button, including Visit website, Contact us, Learn more, Register, and Sign Up. This metric shows you how many clicks your custom buttons receive in a set amount of time.

Should I Follow Or Connect With Someone

  • The account does not have any connection options, and the public figure or brand has high privacy settings.
  • You like the content that the user shares, but you do not consider that person to be a personal or professional contact.
  • Instead of having to wait for your connection request to be accepted, you can receive access to that account’s posts almost immediately.
  • You would prefer not to share your personal and professional information with the user.

Indeed, following and connecting have their own sets of similarities and differences. You also have the option of hitting the ‘unfollow’ button when you no longer feel like staying in touch with a person or organisation.

The Difference Between Connecting And Following:

The distinction between Connecting and Following on LinkedIn is simple. A connection is defined as a two-way relationship that requires one user to send an invitation and another user to accept. Following, on the other hand, allows one user to see and interact with another users content and activity without being connected. Turning on the Follow option will help you reach a large audience without being bombarded by connection requests from every individual user whos interested in your content.

To change your profile to show the ‘Follow’ button instead of Connect, visit your ‘Settings’ in the LinkedIn mobile app, then go to the ‘Privacy’ tab. There, you’ll find a ‘Who can follow you’ setting. Just tap on that and you can select the CTA for your profile. For the time being, this settings option is only available on mobile:

According to , When members follow you, they are more likely to see your content in their feed. We’ve heard from you that it can be overwhelming to receive a large volume of connection requests from people you do not know. This option makes it easy to establish a relationship and share your insights with people who are interested in what you have to say. By sharing high-quality insights, you can build a loyal and engaged audience.

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Tip 1: Create A Viral Post On Linkedin

Go viral.

That’s not something you can control.

But you can do the right actions every day that are required for a viral post.

And if you have a bit of luck, and the timing is right, and the right people are online at the right time, you can eventually turn one of your posts into a viral post.

A viral post is happening when you are quickly getting reactions faster than on average.

LinkedIn will perceive this as a very valuable post.

And will quickly expand the reach of your post.

And show this to more and more people.

If the momentum keeps up and those people are also equally reacting favorably to your post.

Giving you likes above average.

Giving you more than the above-average number of comments.

And more than above-average shares.

The post will eventually go viral.

And can easily reach 1000, 10000, 100000 views.

In my case, I have reached a post with almost 4 million views.

So make sure that you learn the qualities on how to go viral.

You can check out my viral checklist: ?

Make sure that you check out this checklist to learn about how to consistently write posts.

And how to publish content the right way.

That eventually makes it possible for you to go viral.

Tip 1: Join The Right Linkedin Groups

TCPA: What Does Compliance Really Mean?

Join LinkedIn groups.

LinkedIn groups are currently getting a big makeover.

LinkedIn is trying to make LinkedIn groups more attractive.

Kind of like how Facebook groups used to be in the beginning.

And then connecting with people.

Because they want to be sure that they always get your updates when you are not posting in the group.

You can actively encourage this by telling people.

Every time you share something in the group.

“You can also follow me for a specific topic or theme.

So they get the idea: “Yes, you share other content on your profile too.”

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Here’s How To Make Follow Your Primary Profile Cta:

In the LinkedIn app , click or tap on ‘Me’, then select ‘Settings & Privacy’. You then click on ‘Followers’ then activate ‘Make follow primary’ by choosing ‘Yes’

Once you’ve selected YES, your profile’s primary button will become Follow, instead of Connect. Here’s how it looks on Goldie Chan‘s profile:

Tip : Create Educational Webinars

Create webinars.

This can be creating webinars for your platform.

Or joining other people’s webinars.

Every time you’re on a webinar, you can have a slide inside.

Or you can talk about it.

You can put it on the screen and share your LinkedIn profile.

Tell people that you have an additional resource if they want to learn more about a specific aspect.

That you are sharing this on your personal LinkedIn profile.

That’s how you can dip into your audience who is not yet connected with you on LinkedIn.

You can also share with other people’s audiences.

Who might want to join the webinar? You can grow your audience through those people.

Who has discovered you through a different channel on other than LinkedIn?

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Linkedin Offers Another Social Media Marketing Opportunity

LinkedIn has a feature called “Company Profiles” that enables users to follow companies. These profiles often act as fact sheets to LinkedIn users and now these fact sheets just became a little more accessible and interesting. Company profiles are private unless you’re logged in, but then you can view them freely.

It’s a brilliant move on LinkedIn’s part. LinkedIn has always been known as the professionals’ social network or B2B networking playground online, so this feature only makes sense.

Tip : Engage With The Content Of Your Fans

What does 1st 2nd 3rd degree connections on LinkedIn mean – LinkedIn 2021 explained

Now that you have connected to your biggest fans, make sure that you’re engaging with some of their content every time they’re sharing something, and you have something to share as well.

Leave them a meaningful comment, if they have something great to share.

Make this a two-way relationship.

It mustn’t be just a one-way street.

Keep your most important followers happy.

Over time more and more people will become part of your LinkedIn family and grow your circle of influence.

And your network organically.

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How To Turn Your Linkedin Analytics Into Action

Totally overwhelmed by LinkedIn at a glance? Dont panic.

For the sake of simplicity, weve broken down three areas of analytics to keep an eye on:

  • Company updates
  • Followers
  • Visitors

Throughout this guide, well break down the LinkedIn analytics platform piece by piece to highlight how you can translate your numbers into action.

Tip : Tag Connections And Companies In Your Linkedin Post

Tag people and organizations in your LinkedIn posts.

LinkedIn allows you to tag people, companies or organizations in your post.

As in for your email address.

Then slowly type out the name of either the person or the company.

Sometimes you must be connected to the person.

Or the person has to be a second-level of connection of you on LinkedIn.

To find the relevant person.

If you do, you have a great opportunity to grow your audience.

Oftentimes people will get an instant notification.

For company pages, it can be a little bit more difficult, because not every company page is monitored and not every company page is engaging.

But especially if you’re tagging people, you will find that they will often engage with your posts.

They will leave a comment or like or share.

This will be then shown to their audience.

Some of those people will come over to your post.

And will become followers of you and this will grow your audience in 2022.

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Tip 1: Create Your Own Linkedin Group

Create your own LinkedIn group.

LinkedIn groups are a great way to attract a very niche audience.

You can attract the same people you want to have as your audience members.

For example.

You want to attract people who might be interested in architecture.

Then create a group of people who might hire an architect.

And then create content. Share valuable content.

Make sure that you get the community engaged.

As the group grows, more and more members will invite other members.

And then they learn about you through the group and will also follow you in person.

This is another way how you can grow your LinkedIn audience in 2022 organically.

How To Level Up Your Linkedin Analytics With Sprout Social

Rising Interest Rates: What Do They Mean For You?

Based on all of the above, theres obviously a direct connection between your LinkedIn strategy and analytics.

And so growing your presence means leveling up your analytics.

Thats where tools like Sprout come in handy. Rather than second-guess whats working and what isnt, our platform hones in on your top-performing content automatically. If you want to know whats clicking with your audience or worth running as an ad, look no further.

LinkedIn analytics come built into Sprouts suite of reports. With the LinkedIn Company Pages Report, for example, businesses can analyze Page-level data to make strategic decisions.

For example, you can use this report to:

  • Analyze multiple Company Pages to understand overall growth and compare individual Page performance.
  • Calculate aggregate and compare followers gained by both Sponsored and organic efforts to determine the impact of your efforts on growth.
  • Glean insights from data as far back as two years prior to connecting your LinkedIn Company Page in Sprout.

Perhaps the biggest bonus of using Sprout is that all of your Linked analytics are all kept in one place. That means you get the answers you need without having to bounce between multiple tools or dashboards. If youre active elsewhere on social media such as Twitter or Facebook, weve got you covered there as well.

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Tip 1: Create Breaking News Style Posts

Be the first to report something.

Be the first who is sharing a piece of news.

Be the first to talk about something.

And uniqueness is of value.

Everyone wants to be connected to the person who knows everything first and who reports things first.

Now here’s something important.

Don’t just share a piece of news.

Give it your spin.

What do you think about this piece of news? What do you think this means? How can people prepare for this good news or bad news?

How can they take advantage of certain events? By being the first person to tell them what’s happening.

And then secondly, by giving it your spin.

You are becoming incredibly valuable to them.

And that’s why they want to follow you.

This is how you can grow your audience in 2022.

The Benefits Of Following A Company

A companys page has information about the organization. This often includes a summary describing what the company does, contact information , and company updates. You can also see any of your connections who are employed at the company or connected to the company.

The company page often has a Jobs tab, which allows you to see a list of current job openings. Below are some ways that you can benefit from following a company:

Find the right company for you. When you follow a company, youll receive regular updates about the company on your feed. For example, you will see news articles about the company, information on new job openings, and other updates. Job seekers can use this information to learn about the companys culture. This can be a useful way to decide if you want to apply for a job at that company.

Learn about the company for an interview. If you are interviewing with a company, checking out its LinkedIn page can give you information on the history of the company, the number of employees who work there, and more. When you follow the companys page, you will receive updates about the latest trends at the organization. Mentioning the most recent company information in your interview will show that you are up-to-date on the company and its place in the industry.

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Tip 1: Show Up Everyday On Linkedin

Be consistent.

You must be posting every single day on LinkedIn.

At least one post.

This will help you to gain momentum quickly.

Oftentimes people will engage with you daily.

That means your content is building up momentum.

Every day, you’re posting.

You’re creating a positive feedback loop.

When people are liking, commenting, and sharing.

They will be shown to more and more people.

As you grow consistently, and post consistently every day, you’re quickly building up momentum.

Even though your post might normally require a little bit more time for LinkedIn to evaluate its quality.

It will give you the benefit of the doubt, assuming that because you have posted content in the last 20 days and the content was always getting good reactions, it will show it initially to more people and that allows you to grow even faster.

Interact With Your Linkedin Company Page

LinkedIn FOLLOW Button: Change Your Call-to-Action from Connect to Follow

You can interact on various topics with your personal account and tag your LinkedIn company page.

You can simply interact directly with your LinkedIn company page .

LinkedIn is even promoting this. Have you seen updates showing which conversation might be valuable to interact with, with your company page? LinkedIn is helping out.

If you want to take it a step further, go and search for conversations based on your hashtags. Start by clicking on the hashtags on your company page as seen in the image below.

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How To Follow A Person Or Company On Linkedin

  • Go to in your web browser and log in.

  • Search or browse for a person whom you’d like to follow, and then click on their name to go to their profile page.

  • Under their profile image, click the blue Follow button.

  • You can also find companies to follow by searching for a company name, clicking Companies in the search results, and then selecting the name of the company you’re interested in to see their profile. Click Follow at the top of the page to start following the activity of a company on LinkedIn.

  • Tip : Share Your Documents On Linkedin

    You can share all kinds of documents.

    You can share a PowerPoint presentation.

    PDF document.

    There is so much potential in this.

    You can share worksheets.

    You can create a multi-page summary of your conference notes.

    What you have learned.

    Maybe have a white paper that contains useful tips for someone who might become a customer.

    The better the quality, the more people will follow you after sharing this type of content.

    Note: The document post is also known as the carousel post. You can learn .

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    Ask People To Follow Your Linkedin Company Page

    You would be surprised how many people will follow your LinkedIn company page, if you would just ask.

    Weve already covered the option to invite your first contact to follow your LinkedIn page, but there are several other ways you could go about, depending on how important it is to you to get LinkedIn followers.

    Many organizations add a LinkedIn follow button to their website footer and email footer, but they dont ask to take action.

    You could simply add a line of text in your email that goes something like:

    Be sure to follow our LinkedIn company page where we share the latest updates on

    You could add a pop-up on your blog with the same message.

    Are Your Linkedin Followers A Hidden Gold Mine

    What Does Success Mean to You?

    Quick question how many LinkedIn followers do you have?

    Not connections. Followers.

    Im not asking because there is some magic number of followers you should want. Im asking because I talk to a lot of people who didnt know they had followers and when they checked they found out they had quite a few.

    Dont feel bad if you dont know much about LinkedIn followers. You dont get any notice when someone follows you. You may have thought followers were the equivalent of connections for company pages. That was true once, but then LinkedIn took that away. More on that below.

    The important thing to know is that you probably do have followers. And some of those followers could be just the people you need to turn your network from meh to awesome!

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    Tip 4: Start Your Own Blog

    Start a blog.

    Publish an article on your website.

    You will notice once you write quality articles.

    You spend a lot of time researching it.

    You have a new, unique perspective.

    Your articles are comprehensive and contain at least 2,500 words or more.

    You will see that your articles start to rank on Google.

    This means every time someone is searching for a specific search term.

    They will come from Google.

    To your website.

    And if you’re promoting your LinkedIn profile.

    For example, in the sidebar of your blog.

    You will find that some of your readers who enjoyed your article.

    That’s another great way how you can use Google to organically grow your LinkedIn following in 2022.

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