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What Does Double Check Mean On Whatsapp

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Whatsapp: The Difference Between One & Two Check Marks Explained

WhatsApp ticks meaning: What do the two check marks on WhatsApp stand for?

Different check marks next to sent messages in WhatsApp mean different things. Here’s what you need to know about the grey and blue checks.

Anyone familiar with using WhatsApp will know that after sending a message, checks appear next to that message. The popular instant messaging app for both Android and iOS will either display a grey singular check mark and sometimes it doubles the number and they turn blue. This all depends on the settings of the sender coupled with the settings of the receiver. WhatsApp didnt always have this function, and when it was introduced, it received mixed reviews. Some view the check marks as a source of anxiety, but others are grateful for them because it lets WhatsApp users know when someone has read their message.

First introduced in November 2014, read receipts, or blue ticks as they are commonly known, are a check system that equips WhatsApp users with information on whether their messages are sent, and delivered. The cherry on top is that the system also allows WhatsApp users to know exactly when their messages have been read by the recipient. The checks apply even in group chats and they turn blue when everyone in the group has read the message. New users, as well as seasoned ones, might get lost trying to figure out what is the difference between one and two checks, and what does it mean when they turn blue?

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How To Block A Whatsapp Contact

There are plenty of reasons why you might want to block a contact so we won’t ask why. We will just let you know that if you block a contact, you won’t be able to send or receive messages, or make or receive calls from them and even if you unblock them, you won’t see any messages sent to you whilst they were blocked.

iOS & Android: Chats > Specific chat > Tap on contact subject at the top > Scroll down to the bottom > Block Contact.

Whatsapp Hidden Feature: Even Without Blue Tick You Can Know If Message Is Read Or Not

3 min read.Aparna Banerjea

  • One of the primary features that WhatsApp introduced in 2014 was the Blue Ticks feature
  • The following trick is simple and carries some specific ways of sending a message to know if your message is being read or not

With WhatsApp touching the 2-billion mark on the number of subscribers, the Facebook-owned app is evidently the most popular social messaging platform for most users around the globe. For the same reason, WhatsApp constantly keeps updating its app for smoother performance and also better privacy.

One of the primary features that WhatsApp introduced years back was the Blue ticks, which lets the sender know if the receiver has seen the message or not. The moment the ticks of a particular message turns blue, it reflects that the receiver has read the message.

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Back when the feature was introduced, the chat app faced a lot of criticism for violating the privacy of the people who did not want the sender to know whether they have read the sent message or not, for whatever reason that may be. To those concerned users, WhatsApp also incorporated the option to disable the blue ticks, or the read receipt option.

However, there is a trick to work around this feature to know if the message is read even with blue ticks turned off. What’s more? The receiver would not even come to know if you are able to see if the messages you sent are being read or not.

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Blue Ticks On Whatsapp: What They Really Mean

It is a situation many of us have been in. You send an important message on WhatsApp and then eagerly wait for a reply.

One little tick appears to your message. Then two. Then nothing. Your heart sinks.

The important message has been ignored – or has it?

Up until now many users incorrectly thought the double check indicated a message had been seen.

Actually it meant that a message had been received by the handset, not its human owner.

However, WhatsApp’s official website has confirmed the messaging service has a new feature, so you’ll know when someone has definitely read your message.

We introduce to you, the double blue tick!

If a group of people are chatting, the two blue ticks will appear when everyone in the group has read the message.

Two grey check marks will show up when everyone has received the message.

You can also find out the time a message was delivered and read by pressing the message with the double tick – then holding it for a couple of seconds, before selecting “info”.

Other messaging services already have similar types of notifications to show when someone has seen a message, like Facebook.

In 2013, instant messaging apps like Apple’s iMessenger, WeChat and Viber overtook the traditional SMS text message for the first time.

Research company Informer found almost 19 billion messages were sent on chat apps in 2012, compared to 17.6 million texts.

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What Do Whatsapp Ticks Mean And How To Hide The Ticks

Get rid of the blue double ticks on WhatsApp by using a prior version
James Davis

Apr 01, 2022 ⢠Filed to: Manage Social Apps ⢠Proven solutions

If you are a WhatsApp user, you must have seen those little ticks for sure. They are these small indicators that you get to see below or next to every message, including text, images, and videos that you send on WhatsApp. Unlike many other messenger services to date, WhatsApp thought of something unique when it came to relaying the status of a message sent by its users.

WhatsApp ticks do more than just showing a ‘sent’ message. Instead, they also tell you whether the message you had sent has been successfully sent or is still being processed, whether the message has been received by the other party or not, and finally, whether the other party or contact has read the message sent or not.

Fantastic, right! I think so. These ticks are any day much more fun than merely being told ‘message sent.’

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I Don’t See A Blue Tick On Whatsapp What Does That Mean

If you have sent a WhatsApp message, but you don’t see a blue tick, it means that your recipient simply haven’t read your message or seen your image/video.

If you are sure that you have sent the message to the correct number and want to know whether there was a technical problem, it could boil down to the following:

  • You or your recipient have disabled read confirmations in the privacy settings.
  • The recipient may have blocked you.
  • Your recipient’s phone may be turned off.
  • The recipient may not have opened your chat.
  • You or your recipient is having connection problems.

No Change To A Whatsapp Profile:

If someone has blocked you on WhatsApp, the users profile will not be updated on your phone.

This means any update to a profile picture will not be visible.

In isolation, an unchanged profile picture is not amazing evidence of being blocked, as many people do not update their profile picture.

But when combined with the previous two steps, it can be decisive.

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Send A Voice Note Without Hands

If you want to send a voice note on WhatsApp, rather than writing out a message, you can press and hold the microphone on the right of the message input box. It’s also possible to lock the microphone button down so you can record your message without having to hold your phone.

iOS & Android: Chats > Specific chat > Tap the microphone on the right of the message box > Press and hold the microphone > Swipe up to the lock. The microphone will then be locked on record until you send the message.

Save Your Data Allowance

WhatsApp rolls out forward message limit, asks users to double check forward messages

If you’ve got a limited data allowance, you don’t want WhatsApp munching it all away. Thankfully, you can customise when media is allowed to download, as well as ensure calls use as little data as possible.

iOS & Android: Settings > Storage and Data > Media Auto-Download > Switch to Wi-Fi only for each option to save your data.

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Mute A Chat Or Group Chat

Group chats can be the worst. You might not be able to leave the conversation, but you can mute notifications so you aren’t awakened every time someone throws in their two cents.

iOS: Chats > Open the group chat / chat > Tap the subject to get the Group Info / Contact Info screen > Mute > Select how long you want to mute it for.

Android: Chats > Open chat > Menu button > Mute.

The Different Types Of Check Marks In Whatsapp

  • Single gray check mark: Your message was successfully sent to your WhatsApp contact and is currently pending for delivery. It has not reached its final destination yet, but your app was able to contact the WhatsApp servers, thus your iPhone is connected to the internet.
  • Double gray check marks: Your message was delivered successfully and your contact will probably read it within the next hour or so, depending on his or her usage patterns. Check the last seen today time for an estimate on when your contact might be returning. If he or she was last seen within the last couple of hours, your message will probably be read pretty soon.
  • Double blue check marks: The message was read by the other party. Note that this will never be displayed with contacts that disabled their read receipts. In that case, all you will see is the double gray tick.

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When Do I See Two Ticks

When the message is delivered to the receivers phone, you receive another tick. This doesnt mean that the receiver has read your message. The second tick is just to say that the message was delivered to the receivers device and he may read it anytime soon. You can confirm that the receiver has read the message only by judging the receivers last seen time. If you receive both the ticks and if the receivers last seen time is after youve sent the message, it means that he has read your message. This may not be true always due to some bugs whichve been there in WhatsApp since it was launched, but usually it is true!

Two ticks signify that the message was sent from your mobile phone and it was successfully received by the receivers mobile phone.

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Whatsapp: Gray And Blue Ticks Explained

What Does The Grey Double Tick On Whatsapp Mean

The messenger service shows the reading status of the text with the tick symbols that appear behind every message sent via Whatsapp. This makes it clear at first glance whether the person you have written to has already received the message or even read it. To do this, however, users first need to know what the individual symbols stand for.

In total, Whatsapp knows three different check mark symbols: a gray tick, two gray ticks and two blue ticks. We explain what the different symbol variants mean in detail.

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What Does One Tick On Whatsapp Mean

One grey tick on WhatsApp means the message has been sent but has not been delivered. The message left your end but hasnt actually arrived at the intended destination. There are a few reasons why this might have happened. One of your first thoughts might be that you were blocked by the recipient. But just because your message only shows one grey tick mark that does not necessarily mean you were blocked. There are a few other reasons that youll want to consider before jumping to that assumption.

Reply To A Group Message Privately

It’s possible to reply to a group message privately in your one-to-one chat, without having to find the one-to-one chat you have with that particular person.

iOS: Press and hold a message in a group chat > Select More > Reply Privately. The message will appear in your one-to-one chat with the text box below, as it does if you reply to a specific message like above.

Android: Press and hold a message in a group chat > Select the three buttons in the top right corner > Reply Privately. The message will appear in your one-to-one chat with the text box below, as it does if you reply to a specific message like above.

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What Happens If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp

If someone has blocked you, you wont be able to tell whether they are online or when last they came online by looking at their profile. The status area under their name in the chat page will appear blank. You also will no longer see their profile picture. And if you send them any messages, the message will display a single tick, indicating that it has been sent. That single tick wont change to a double tick. In other words, your message doesnt get to them.

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What Does One Tick Mean On Whatsapp Exactly

How to Hide Blueticks and Double ticks on WhatsApp (Not Working)

Basically whenever you send message you may see one tick mark showing in your Whats-App message. Actually that do not mean that your message has been sent to your friends mobile! This single check mark is indicating, that the message has been just sent on the whats-app server. Let us repeat it again for easy understanding. After writing message and pressing done button you will look one gray color tick mark. Actually it means your message has accurately uploaded to Whatsapp server. Then whatsapp server will automatically deliver this message to the recipient for whom you are forwarding message. For this reason you can see one tick mark on whatsapp usually! I prospect, you have got the answer on what does one tick marks mean on whatsapp.

Now move to the next question about double check marks mean on whatsapp! Right?

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How Whatsapp Grey And Blue Ticks Can Reveal If Someone Blocked You

  • 14:43, 15 Dec 2021

SO you’ve not had a reply from that message you sent on WhatsApp and now you’re starting to get block fear.

It can happen to the best of us, whether it be after a date or even people we thought were friends.

Unfortunately there is no official notice that confirms it has happened, but there are some telltale signs.

The biggest giveaway to look at is the ticks and knowing the difference.

Find Out How Long You’ve Been Ignored For

There is nothing more annoying than seeing those blue ticks appear without a reply following soon after. If you want to torture yourself a little more and find out when your message was actually read and how long you’ve been ignored for, you can. We don’t advise it though.

iOS: Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Swipe right to left.

Android: Chats > Specific chat > Specific message > Press and hold > Tap the info “i” icon at the top.

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What The Check Marks On Whatsapp Mean For Message Status

  • One grey check mark means that your message has been sent from your device.
  • Asecond grey check mark means that your message has been delivered, received on the recipients’ device, and isn’t just floating around on the network. If the recipient has read receipts turned on, two grey check marks indicate that the recipient has received but not yet read the message.
  • When the two check marks turn blue, that means your message has been read by a recipient with read receipts turned on.

So To Recap One Check Mark Means The Message Has Been Sent Two Grey Checks Means That It Has Been Delivered And Two Blue Checks Means That The Person Has Read It

What Do The Ticks Mean On Whatsapp? One

So to recap, one check mark means to message has been sent, two grey check marks means that it has been delivered and two blue check marks means that the person has read it

Image via

The latest version of WhatsApp now officially incorporates this feature, although it may not work on all smartphone models. In other words, a grey check means the message has been sent, two grey checks that its been delivered to the recipient, and two blue checks that its been read.

In reality, the double check marks simply mean a message has been received by the other user . The blue coloring adds a third layer of information, as an updated FAQ will confirm.

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What Do The Ticks Mean On Whatsapp

The ticks are used to indicate the status of your message, that is to say, where in the cyber domain the message exists after you hit the Send button. If its sent, sent and delivered, or sent, delivered and read, each phase of the messages journey gets a corresponding number and color of ticks. But referring to the ticks isnt the only way that you can see the status of your messages.

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