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What Does Delivered Mean On Snapchat

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The User Deleted Their Snapchat Account

What Does Delivered Mean On Snapchat

The competition between social media applications has increased substantially with each app trying to overcome the other. Therefore, it does not come as a surprise that many Snapchat users have migrated to other social media platforms or simply deleted their Snapchat account. If your snaps are still pending, it may be possible that the user has deleted their account.

Before asking the recipient if they have deleted the account, it is important to note that accounts that have been deleted and those that have blocked you show similar signs. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to figure out if you have been blocked or the account has been deleted. A possible way to tackle this situation could by creating a new Snapchat account and searching for the user. If you can find their account, then you have been blocked, and if you cannot then the user has deleted their account.

Opened Received Icons In Snapchat:

As soon as you open the received chat or snap, the square box will change into a hollow one.

  • A hollow red square denotes that you have opened a Snap or Snaps without audio.
  • A hollow purple square denotes that you have opened a Snap or Snaps with audio.
  • A hollow blue square denotes that you have opened a chat.
  • A hollow gray square denotes that a Snap you were sent expired.

As mentioned above, Snapchat puts a lot of effort into maintaining its users privacy and security. So if someone takes a screenshot of your snap or chat, then there is an icon to let you know about that too.

When the receiver opens your snap or chat, you see a hollow arrow icon with different colors depending on what was sent over. With the screenshot icon, you still see the hollow arrow icon, but this time you will see the icon crossed off with some additional arrows.

  • Crossed red arrows denote that your Snap without audio was opened and screenshotted.
  • Crossed purple arrows denote that your Snap with audio was opened and screenshotted.
  • Crossed blue arrows denote that your chat was opened and screenshotted.

So that is all about the sent, received, and delivered icons in Snapchat. If you have any questions or queries about this guide, then comment down below, and we will get back to you. Also, be sure to check out our other articles on iPhone tips and tricks,Android tips and tricks, PC tips and tricks, and much more for more useful information.

The Pretty Pink Love Hearts

What does the Snapchat Two Hearts emoji mean?

Snapchat Emoji Meaning If you see these beautiful pink hearts next to your friend, its a sign that they are your best friend. Snapchat automatically puts these hearts next to the person who you have been in contact with the most over a 2 month time period.

So, its certain that the person with these hearts means a lot to you.

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You Dont Have Internet Connection Or The Connection Is Slow

In case you have been friends with someone for quite some time and have been snapping with them regularly, the Snapchat Pending notification can come from Internet connection problems.

This issue goes both ways, so pending will be displayed even if theres something wrong with your friends phone. What you can do here is reset your router, or turn your Wi-Fi off and on again. You can also toggle wifi off and switch over to cellular data for faster speeds.

Aside from that, you should try re-launching your Snapchat app, as it can be buggy sometimes.

If none of this resolves the problem and you are certain that theres nothing wrong with your friends phone or Internet connection, the problem could be with your Internet provider.

Why Does He Only Text Me But Not Snapchats

What Does Delivered Mean On Snapchat?

When a boy, guy or man Snapchats but doesnt text, there is a reason. He is trying to hide his conversation with you. Even if you are his girlfriend, fiance or wife he is still trying to hide your texts with him by using Snapchat and not the texting on his iPhone or Android. Snapchat is the app for cheaters.

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Accept That Someone Has Blocked You

Its time to move on. If a user blocked you, theres nothing you can do about it to change that decision on Snapchat. Accept your fate and move on with grace.

Theres nothing you can do to get unblocked unless you personally talk to your friend . Its not the end of the world, though – do not despair.

A Glitch On Snapchats End

Although quite rare, if youre sure you arent getting the pending prompt for one of the aforementioned reasons, Snapchat itself might be down.

Try restarting the app and checking for updates, if any. If theres a system outage, youre just going to have to wait until Snapchat can figure it out.

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Snapchat’s Servers Are Down

This usually causes a mass shutdown and no one is able to use the app properly. The app will either crash or produce errors like this one.

It doesn’t take too long for Snapchat to get back up and running again, so your snaps and messages will be delivered as soon as the issue is resolved. In the meantime, try to restart the app a couple of times to speed up the process. You can also try deleting and re-installing the app.

Does Pending Mean Unadded Or Blocked You On Snapchat

What Does Delivered Mean On Snapchat?

Snapchat does show the Pending whenever you send a message and it was not delivered. This happens when you snap someone who is not friends with you but if the issue occurs with your friend whom you already added then that means two different things.

If you just see pending that means the person is still not being added to you on Snapchat or if was then might be he has blocked or unadded you.

Generally, when you send a snap you will see the Pending for those who are not your friends and Delivered for your friends.

The Pending on the sent snap means either the person is not on your friend list on Snapchat or he has blocked you. Although in case sending a long file could show you pending until the file is uploaded completely, that is temporary.

All of the Pending snaps stay for a maximum of 30 days and after that, those are removed from the Snapchat server.

In this article, I will explain every mean-point for the term Pending when you send a snap to your Snapchat friend. Whatever the reasons are i.e. blocked by the person, youve been unadded or youre still not added that person to your friends list.

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Are You Sure That They Accepted Your Friend Request In The First Place

Did you receive a notification from Snapchat telling you that this person added you back?

If not, then it is possible that they did not accept your request in the first place.

For instance, they may have originally had their Contact Me settings set to Everyone. This allowed you to send them snaps and interact with them. However, afterwards, they may have switched this setting back to My Friends only.

This setting allows people to open their snaps to non-friends.

As a result, your snaps will now show as Pending.

What Does The Gray Arrow Pending Mean On Snapchat

Most likely, your snap is pending because you and the potential recipient are not friends. If you are not friends with the potential recipient, then you cannot send a snap at each other.

If you send a message on Snapchat and then get a gray arrow icon, it could also be because of the following problems:

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Can You Still Message Someone Who Unfriended You On Snapchat

If they unfriended you, then yes you can send them a snap. It will however then be marked pending and will not be delivered. As soon as they add you, all the pending messages will be delivered to them. REMOVE FRIENDS: Friends will only be removed from your story screen but they can still send you message on snapchat.

If Messages Are Delivered Icon Will Turn Red Arrow Delivered

What Does Sent, Received and Delivered Mean in Snapchat?

Sent, received, and delivered will show as different icon statuses and this is what happens to your snap or message. The sent status means you have sent a Snap or chat to someone and the Snapchat server acknowledges it. Delivered means Snapchat has verified the delivery of the Snap to the recipient. First, it will turn blue and once the person gets it on his device the icon will turn red.

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The Receiver Has Not Added You As A Friend

The most common reason behind pending messages on Snapchat is that the receiver has not added you as a friend. To maintain security on privacy on the app, two-way communication is possible only when both users have added each other as friends. You can check whether the receiver has added you as a friend or not by tapping on their chat option. If you have not been friended by the user, a message stating, your snaps and chats will be pending until the < user> adds you as a friend will appear in your chat history. The user could have stopped operating the app or been inactive for a while causing them to miss your friend request. Nevertheless, if the message request is not accepted for 30 days, it will disappear on its own.

The Replayed Icons In Snapchat

The final icons to remember if youre new to Snapchat are the replay icons. This just means someone has replayed a Snap you sent. The replay icon is standard, a circle with an arrow pointing counter-clockwise.

  • The red replay icon means your Snap without audio was replayed.
  • The purple replay icon means your Snap with audio was replayed.

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How To Tell If Your Snapchat Was Opened

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This wikiHow teaches you how to see if your friends have opened a picture, video, or message you sent them on Snapchat.

Poor Cell Reception/internet Connectivity

What Does Received Mean On Snapchat?

The other most common reason for the Pending message is poor coverage or poor internet connectivity. If you have been friends with the person for a long time and have no reason to think theyve blocked you, then this is probably the most common reason you keep getting a pending message.

Poor internet connectivity affects the channel going both ways, so you can get the message if either you or your friend has a bad connection. The problem is, it can be tough to tell on which end the problem is occurring, especially because there are a lot of things that can temporarily mess up your connection to the Snapchat servers.

How to fix it:

If that does not work, then you can try resetting the Snapchat app. In some cases, this may involve forcing a close from your phones app system menu. Your phone could also be the problem so resetting your phone can reboot your internet connection.

If the problem still persists and there is nothing wrong on your friends end, then the issue could be with your ISP or local network.

In rare cases, the problem could be because the Snapchat servers are misfiring. In that case, the problem will fix itself once the tech team resolves the issue.

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What Does Blue Box/square Pending Mean On Snapchat

Have you ever sent a snap but got a blue square sign, and it still said “pending”? It can mean your friend deleted your snap before he/she opens it.

On Snapchat, usually, a blue square means your friend sends you a snap. If the mark changes to an unfilled blue square, then you have opened the snap.

If you find signs of pending, don’t worry. Try to check some things below that might cause the pending:

1. Connection problems. Try to check if your connection is fast, and you can access Snapchat.

2. Glitch or error. For that, you can reopen or restart your app.

3. The server is down. For this last problem, you can’t do anything except wait for the server to recover.

There are other alternatives to deal with a pending snap if your app experiences a glitch or error. Apart from checking your connectivity, you can also try to turn on and off flight mode so that the connection returns to normal.

Indeed, there are many reasons the message you send is pending, so you don’t need to panic and try to analyze the situation first. Get to know the meaning of pending on Snapchat, so you can understand how to solve the problem.

Why Is Pending Showing On Snapchat Even Though I Am Still Friends With The Person

Most likely, you are not still friends with this person. However, the app is still displaying their profile in your Chat list.

This is something that confuses a lot of people.

If someone is showing on your Snapchat Chat list, it does not necessarily mean that they are still friends with you.

By default, the chat list will display everyone that you have sent a friend request to. It will also show people who you previously interacted with.

In other words, non-friends will still appear on this list.

For example, there are people in my chat section that I havent been friends with for over three years. And they will remain there until I decide to remove them from my side.

A screenshot of what this pending status looks like in the app.

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You Or The Recipient Doesnt Have A Secure Internet Connection

If your Snapchat says “Pending”, a poor internet connection might be the culprit.

When connected to Wi-Fi, you can try disconnecting and using your mobile data to send the Snap fully instead. Alternatively, you can restart your router. Don’t worry you don’t have to worry about your snaps getting lost in the mix.

In other instances, the recipient might not have a steady internet connectionor they could have switched it off. If this is the case, you’ll need to wait until they’re back online.

You’re Not Friends On Snapchat

What does the blue filled in arrow on Snapchat mean?

Image Gallery

If you’ve sent someone a friend request on Snapchat and it hasn’t been accepted yet, you will see Pendingnext to their name. You’ll have to wait for the person to accept your friend request, after which the snap or text will automatically be delivered to them.

Another reason could be that an existing friend has removed you from their friend list, and you’re no longer in their contact list on Snapchat. Unfortunately, the fix for this one may not be as easy as a few taps on the screen. You will see Delivered with a blue tick as soon as they add you back.

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How To View Snapchat History

While pending is a great way to keep the conversation going without losing messages, Snapchat also allows you to view your entire Snapchat history. Snapchat can help you find the exact date and time you Snapped someone. To get all your Snapchat history, follow the guide below.

Note: You can follow the guide below on a PC or even a mobile device, not a problem. So, if you have an iPhone or Android phone in hand, it will work too you dont need PC to access these settings, but these arent available in the app.

Open the browser software on your PC and visit Log in with your Snapchat user ID and password.

Click on My data.

Snapchat will now populate all the data stored by the service for your account. Scroll down and click on Submit Request.

Note: You will need a verified email ID associated with your Snapchat account in order to be able to retrieve your Snapchat data.

An email will now be sent by Snapchat to your registered email address on your Snapchat account. Login to your email account and click on the link sent by Snapchat to you. Once clicked, the download for your Snapchat data should automatically be initiated.

We hope this guide helped you learn everything you needed to know about the Pending status on Snapchat. If you have any more questions or face any issues, feel free to reach out to us using the comments section below.

How Long The Pending Messages On Snapchat Last

Your snap would not be delivered if he is not friend with you on Snapchat. As long as the person accepts your request the message is delivered. But, if not then within the next 30 days your messages will be deleted.

If after receiving and viewing the message stays there, you can read this guide on why the snaps are not disappearing.

It happens because of the fixed algorithm of Snapchat. You can see your Pending message for 30 days. After that, your pending message will be removed by Snapchat from the server and if the person even accepts the request after that time, the snap will not be delivered later than 30 days.

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