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What Does Connect Mean On Linkedin

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What Is The Difference Between Connecting And Following On Linkedin

Meaning Of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd connections in LinkedIn

When using social media platforms like Facebook, you can connect with a relative, but also choose to follow a brand. On Twitter and Instagram, you can only follow an account, whether its your best friend or a high profile company.

LinkedIn works in a slightly different way. It allows you to do both, follow people and brands, but also connect to make valuable relationships. But why would you choose to follow a person rather than connect? Theres similarities between both, but fundamentally, connecting and following on LinkedIn represents two important ways of engaging.

Contact Linked In Support

If you cannot access the link to read receipts and check marks, the best thing to do is .

They will be able to help you with any LinkedIn-related problems that may be preventing you from accessing those features.

Moreover, they will help you if you have trouble accessing linked read receipts and check marks on the desktop or phone versions of the LinkedIn app.

Observe Professional Etiquette On Linkedin

Success on LinkedIn depends on developing and maintaining a good reputation . This means that it’s important to appear professional at all times. So, avoid posting the kind of personal material that you might put on Facebook. And avoid spreading rumors or gossip you never know who’ll read them.

Be careful when you ask for, or make, an introduction, and do so only if you believe that both parties can benefit. Always be mindful of what you say about your organization.

And finally, remember that honesty is the best policy avoid overselling yourself, and don’t embroider the facts when you discuss your achievements!

Key Points

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking website. You can use it to build connections in your industry and to stay in touch with colleagues, past and present.

It’s an invaluable tool for job searches and recruitment, and a great way to stay up to date with industry news, enhance your professional reputation, and increase the visibility of your brand.

To get the best from LinkedIn, use the following strategies:

  • Complete your profile.
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    How To Connect With Someone On Linkedin

    You can connect with someone by sending a request to them.

    When you open any profile, you see a More button on their profile page. Click on it to unlock the Connect option. It will open a pop-up where you can write a personal message explaining why you want to connect with them.

    Click on Send to send your invitation. If they accept, you will become part of each others connections.

    If you see the Follow button on anybodys profile page, clicking on it will make you their followers, not a connection.

    Please note, Following are different than connections. When you follow someone on LinkedIn, you can see their posts on your news feed, but they cannot see yours.

    Using Groups To Connect

    What does 1st, 2nd, &  3rd degree connection mean in LinkedIn profiles ...

    LinkedIn Groups are a great resource to use for gaining exposure, building authority, and attracting traffic for your website. They are also a great way to connect with others in your industry. When you join groups in your industry, you are likely to interact with others who you may want to add to your professional network. If you do choose to connect with someone in a group, then you will get an added option in the connection request form that lets you specify that you know them through a group, bypassing the need for an email address or company/school in common.

    Again, be sure to also include a personal note as to why you want to connect with someone with your request.

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    Which Are The Other Most Common Professional Networking Sites Out There

    When you are just starting out in your career, networking can be a difficult process. You may not know where to begin or what types of networking practices work best for you. If you are looking for sites that allow you to connect with other professionals, here are some options:

    LinkedIn is one of the most popular professional networking sites available today. LinkedIn is an excellent place to network with people who have similar interests or careers as you do. This site also allows users to create a profile and add skills they have acquired throughout their lives into their profiles. Users can also connect with others who work at the same company or organization as them by searching for keywords within their profiles.

    If you are looking for more options when it comes to networking online, then Facebook may be a good choice for you! Facebook allows users to create profiles that include information about themselves and their career paths as well as photos from past jobs/internships/school projects etcetera so others can see what type of person they might be connecting with before messaging them directly on Facebook Messenger .

    Getting The Best From The World’s Biggest Networking Site

    Use LinkedIn to step up a gear in your career.

    LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional networking platform. It’s also one of the most influential social media networks, with 756 million members. That’s a lot of potential contacts!

    Members use the site to keep in touch with business associates, clients, and co-workers. But it can do so much more boost your profile, build awareness of your brand, and help you to recruit the right people, for example.

    In this article, we look at nine ways to use your for personal, professional and organizational success.


    A basic LinkedIn account is free of charge. Premium accounts offer extra features, according to your needs. They include Premium Career , which is aimed at jobseekers, and Premium Business . Expect to pay more for the Sales Navigator and Recruiter packages.

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    When Setting Up A New Account

    Your first opportunity to connect to people on LinkedIn is when you first set up your account. If you link up your email account, LinkedIn will suggest people to connect with.

    Keep in mind that when you select people from this list, you will not have an opportunity to add a personal note to your invitation. When you click the plus sign, your contact will receive a generic Id like to join your LinkedIn network message. More on that below.

    Follow Influencers & Media

    1st, 2nd and 3rd Degree Connections On LinkedIn – What Is The Difference?

    So if you want to follow some of LinkedIns Influencers youll now have to search for hashtags.

    If you want to follow people, who have written articles on LinkedIn, go to their LinkedIn profile, click on one of their posts, and you will see the FOLLOW button.

    A sure fire way to follow someones public updates on LinkedIn is to go to their profile and click on the down arrow next to the CONNECT button and select the FOLLOW option .

    Publishers, Speakers, Business Owners, etc.

    If you are a speaker, writer or business owner, you may be receiving a lot of requests to connect. One option is to allow/suggest people follow your public updates- but be sure you change your privacy settings.

    LinkedIns Help Center post Managing Who Can Follow Your Updates explains how:

    While your 1st-degree connections automatically follow your updates and long-form posts, anyone can follow you, even if theyre not in your network. You can limit followers to only your 1st-degree connections from the Privacy & Settings page.

  • Select Settings & Privacy from the dropdown.
  • Click the Privacy tab at the top of the page.
  • Under the Blocking and hiding section, click Change next to Followers.
  • From the dropdown, select one of the following options:
  • Everyone on LinkedIn All LinkedIn members, in and outside your network, can follow your posts.
  • Your connections Only your 1st-degree connections can follow your posts.
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    Is Networking On Linkedin Important

    Now that you know what does 2nd mean on LinkedIn, lets look at the importance of networking. LinkedIn networking is a great way to reach out and connect with new people, especially if youre looking for work or trying to build a business. LinkedIn allows you to find people who have similar interests, and its an easy way to communicate with them.

    If youre not using LinkedIn as part of your job search, it can be hard to know where to start. If youre looking for a job in a specific field, then you should definitely make sure that your profile is up-to-date and ready for employers eyes. Its also a good idea to get some recommendations from people who already work in the industrythat way, when someone checks out your profile, theyll see that others think highly of you.

    But its not just about job hunting on LinkedInyou can use the site as part of your daily life as well! Its a great way to stay connected with friends and family members who live far away from you. You can also use it as a place where professionals gather information about other professionals so that they can build stronger relationships with them over time.

    Contact And Connect With Other Linkedin Users

    LinkedIn enables you to network with people and professional organizations in your industry. This is a great way to stay up to date with the latest developments, and to share information with others in your field.

    You can invite anyone to connect , but they must have their own LinkedIn account to use the site.

    LinkedIn saves the connections that you make to a list called My Network. When you make a new connection, you gain access not only to that person’s profile, but to their publicly available connections, too. These become your “second-degree connections.” This opens up even more networking opportunities , as you can then invite them to connect directly with you.

    You can also introduce any two LinkedIn connections who haven’t yet connected to one another, but who might benefit from doing so.


    The number of connections that you have affects your search ranking on LinkedIn. It’s a good idea to aim for at least 50 “first-degree” connections.

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    Dont Send Generic Messages

    One of the best things about LinkedIn is that it gives you the opportunity to connect one-on-one with almost any professional, anywhere in the world. But if you send the same automated, generic messages to every connection, you lose the opportunity to give people any meaningful reason to connect.

    • Hey John, I saw your profile on LinkedIn and thought we should connect.

    Spend a few extra minutes to personalize your messages by researching the person youre writing to, explaining how you found them and mentioning the specific reason why youre reaching out to them.

    • Hey John, we chatted at the Webbit conference back in 2019 about marketing. Lets connect!

    Or, if you dont actually know the person:

    • Hey John, saw youre passionate about AI and machine learning – so am I! Lets connect.

    The Key Differences Between Followers And Connections

    • When you are connected, you can see each others posts in your feed
    • Followers can see your posts in their newsfeed. If you want to see one of your followers posts, you can follow them.
    • You can only send messages to people you are connected to unless you have LinkedIn Premium*
    • You can only endorse your connections for their skills
    • You can only recommend a connection, not someone you follow

    *With LinkedIn Premium, you can send up to 15 InMails per month to people who are not your connections.

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    What If My Linkedin Connection Request Is Not Accepted

    Even if your note is excellent, more than 50% of your connection wont be accepted.What to do with these people then?

    Obviously, you can give up on them so easily.

    You need to find their emails.

    The thing is, you dont have access to the emails of your 2nd and 3rd degree connections on linkedin.

    If you are , you are certainly use Linkedin Sales Navigator to find potential leads.In the video just above, I show you how to in just one 2 clicks.

    It Might Seem Trivial But Say Hello

    Every time someone adds me on LinkedIn, or for that matter, when I add someone and they accept, I simply say hello. Way too many people send a pitch as their first message and that just leaves a really bad first impression. It makes you feel like they only added you in order to sell you their product.

    So as soon as you connect with someone, simply say hello. No pitch, no agenda, just a “Nice to connect” message. Remember this is social media. Don’t forget the social element.

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    What Does 1st 2nd 3rd Mean On Linkedin

    To put it simply, these numbers are connection degrees. LinkedIn classifies each connection by degree, and it merely indicates how closely you are connected to these people. This makes it easy for professionals to identify who to connect with quickly. Heres what each of these LinkedIn connections means.

    Why Use Linkedin Sales Navigator

    How To Use Boolean Search On LinkedIn | Step By Step Guide

    The LinkedIn Sales Navigator is one of the best tools for sales professionals. Theres no better way to identify prospects and leads and communicate with them. Sales Navigator gives you an array of powerful tools to help you optimize your search and tailor your audience accordingly.

    Depending upon the kind of people you are looking for, you can add a range of filters to segment your audience as best as possible. This makes it easy for sales professionals to customize their outreach approach and develop tailored strategies to reach out and nurture prospects.

    You can create comprehensive targeting lists to optimize your marketing efforts. Since cold outreach is an essential part of the sales process for many businesses, Sales Navigator allows you to use the customer persona you have created and eventually approach them directly.

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    Accepting A Linkedin Invitation

    1st-degree connections are the people you are connected to directly. These are the people who connected to you by accepting your LinkedIn invitation. When you accept someones LinkedIn invitation, they also become a 1st-degree connection.

    LinkedIn will show you the 1st-degree icon next to that users name in search results and on their actual profile. When it comes to interactions, 1st-degree connections have the most freedom to communicate. You can send them a message on LinkedInsomething you cant do with other connections in your network.

    2nd-degree connections are people who are connected to your 1st-degree connections. Think of them as a mutual friend on Facebook. You are not yet connected, but you may know each other as colleagues or acquaintances. You may even belong in the same field or work in the same company. 2nd-degree connections may eventually become 1st-degree connections if one of you sends an invitation and the other one accepts.

    2nd-degree connections will have the 2nd-degree icon next to their name in search results and on their profile. While you cannot message them directly, you are still able to send them an InMailthis is LinkedIns feature that allows you to message people you are not yet connected with.

    How To Handle Requests To Connect From Strangers

    In an interesting discussion thread on Facebook, people were discussing how they handle requests from strangers. Some said they send a reply to the invitation, requesting the sender to explain how they know each other or why they want to connect. The response rate to those emails was mixed. As a business owner, accepting invitations from people you dont know may not bother you, these are leads, right? But even LinkedIn is seeing its share of spam accounts, so be aware.

    You may choose to send a reply message in which youve copied the instructions above. Your message might also explain your logic for not connecting with people you do not know.

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    How To Turn Off Read Receipts For Linked In

    Turning on read receipts for LinkedIn is important because it lets you know when someone has viewed your message.

    This can help you better understand who is interested in what you have to offer and how theyre interacting with your profile.

    Turn on read receipts on LinkedIn to help you build your network and get more business.

    LinkedIn is a great place for professionals to connect and find new clients. But one thing that can make it even better: is reading receipts.

    When you receive a message from someone, it will show up in your message list so that you can see when the person has read your message and when theyve responded. Its like a virtual handshake!

    Turning on read receipts is easyit doesnt matter whether you have the app or use it on your desktop.

    LinkedIns read receipts are a great way to keep in touch with your contacts. You can get an instant alert when a message arrives, which helps you stay on top of whats going on in your inbox.

    LinkedIn also allows you to turn off read receipts from the Settings menu. This is useful if you dont want everyone to know whether or not youve seen the message before it was sent out.

    How to Turn on Read Receipts For Desktop

    To turn off read receipts, the first thing you need to do is to access your desktop and go to your browser. After that, you need to search for LinkedIn and click Log In.

    So tap on it once you see it. After that, you will be directed to your settings page.

    How to Turn off LinkedIn Receipts on Mobile

    What To Do When You Send A Connection Request On Linkedin


    My first advice is to only add a note if its super relevant. If you have no ideas of what to say, say nothing.

    Connection request without notes actually get higher acceptance rate than connection request with notes, but thats because everybody send awful notes.

    If you send a note:

    • Talk about them, not you

    Take a look at this example:

    • The name of my company is the first word in the message
    • She knows what the tool does
    • Just asking to exchange, not to sell something.
    • Dont talk about her or her product

    This a very good example of what everybody should do.

    Pro-tip: if you can, make them feel like you could be a client of their product or service. That is what she did and really like the approach. When I started reading the message, I felt like she could a potential client, and it gets me really interested.

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