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What Does Actions Taken From This Story Mean On Instagram

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How to Make Instagram Stories like a PRO!

This should be determined by the goal of your Instagram post. As a brand, I hope you are not just posting for the sake of posting. If you are…lets talk.

But anyhow, if you know you want traffic, you have to use something that makes people take action and go to your web page. If you want engagement, there are a little more creativity and options, I suggest you use what feels the most logical. For example: in an educational post its logical to encourage people to save or share. In an entertainment post, its smart to use the share or tag CTAs.

How To Measure Discovery On Instagram Stories

Discovery is tricky to measure on Instagram Stories, since Instagram doesnt differentiate between Instagram accounts that follow you and accounts that dont.

Reach shows you how many people are watching your Stories. But to drill down on discovery, keep an eye on Profile Visits,Follows, and Website Clicks. These metrics measure viewers who likely werent following you, but liked your story enough to check out your profile, hit the follow button, or visit your website. Watch , too. A share is a great way to be discovered, and could drive more follows.

Instagram recently introduced Growth Insights, which allows you to see which Stories and posts earned the most followers. To check these insights, go to the Audience tab in Instagram Insights. Scroll down to Growth where youll find a chart that shows you follower changes by day of the week.


Dont forget your stickers. Check the viewer numbers of other Stories associated with your stickers under Viewers. But act fast: this data is only available for 14 days. Keep track of the stickers that bring the most viewers.

Optional: Connect Your Facebook Page

Lastly, if you have a Facebook Business page, its important to connect it to your Instagram Business or Professional account. To do so, go to your profile and click the Edit Profile button.

Under Profile Information, click Connect Facebook page. Follow the prompts to connect your Page or create a new one.

Be sure to already have a Facebook account prior to connecting your page. if you don’t already have one.

Once youve set up your Professional or Business Account, you can begin to use Instagram Insights.

Before we get into specific instructions for using it, however, here are the analytics on this channel that marketers need to know and understand and how to use them.

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How To Get More Story Views On Instagram In 2022

Now that we covered a few basic thing to know about Instagram stories, lets jump into increasing your story views on Instagram.

These methods are how I was able to go from embarrassingly low numbers in the hundreds to 1000s to in the 2000s and even 3000s!

Ok I know these numbers are still kinda low compared to how many followers I have but at least they did increase, which shows these strategies can be highly effective for you too.

How To Post A Story On Instagram

What Does It Even Mean to Take Care of Your Mental Health ...

Now that you know what a Story is, it’s time to get into how you can post your own. You can create and post a Story in three easy steps.Step 1: Go to your home page and swipe left from any point on the screen to open the Instagram camera application. You can also get to the Instagram camera by tapping the plus button found at the top right-hand corner of your screen and then tapping Story.

Step 2: Within the camera application, you can choose to either create brand new content for your story by tapping the white circle at the bottom-middle portion of the screen or upload photo or video content youve previously created by tapping the album icon on the lower-left portion of your screen. If you choose to upload an existing photo, take note that Instagram Story dimensions are 1080px by 1920px. If you choose to create new content on the spot, you can create different types of stories:

  • Standard. A regular photo or video.
  • Text Create. A photo with text on a solid background. Accounts usually use Text Stories to pose a question, tell a story, or create mini-blogs within their Instagram Stories.
  • Boomerang. A really short video that plays forward and backward on a loop.
  • Layout. A collage of different photos.
  • Four continuous shots that get stitched together into one Story.
  • Multi-capture. A Story made up of multiple photos taken in quick succession.
  • Level. A photo or video thats perfectly level, according to Instagram, usually for Stories featuring landscapes and horizons.

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How To See Insights For A Video

  • Navigate to your profile.
  • Click the Play triangle button right above your post grid.
  • Tap the video youd like to see insights for.
  • Tap the horizontal or vertical three dots on the corner of the video.
  • Tap View Insights in the pop-up menu.

Next, we’ll get into how to use Instagram Insights in your day-to-day.

How To Track Instagram Stories You Are Tagged In

Instagram recently made it easier for creator and business accounts to track story mentions.

Now you can see any story that mentions you at the top of the Activity tab. To access Stories About You, tap the heart icon, then Mentions under Stories About You. From there you can look at each post, add them to your own Stories, or simply thank them for the love.

Source: @

This includes when people use the Support Small Businesses sticker. Right now, Stories that use this sticker are added to a larger story that appears at the top of feeds. If you run a small business, be sure to benefit from the added exposure.

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How To Use Instagram Stories Analytics

  • Copy Link

Instagram Stories launched in August 2016 and brought a totally new approach to content on Instagram with photos, Boomerangs and videos that disappear within 24 hours of being posted.

Stories feature at the top of the Instagram app feed, making them a perfect way to keep your brand top-of-mind no matter what the is doing at the moment. Plus, since their short-term nature leads to more off-the-cuff and less exactingly curated content, theyre a great source of content that can run parallel to your grids brand messaging, while bringing a unique perspective.

Instagram has clearly recognized all the creative use cases people have come up for with Stories, and continues to build out features such as Stories Highlights, which lets you save a group of Stories to your profile permanently.

With this mix of unique FOMO-driven content, you probably already know Stories are an important channel to tackle as part of your . The question you might be asking now is how you can track the performance of your Stories and pinpoint what people are engaging with, so you can continue to optimize your approach.

Read on to find out what the unique types of metrics for Stories are, and what they mean for your brand. Well also show you how you can easily report on them using Sprout.

How To Add A Memory To Your Instagram Story

How To Get MORE VIEWS On Instagram Stories In 2022

Like Facebook, Instagram has an archive of memories, which you can access easily and post onto your Instagram Story.

Swipe right to open Instagram Stories > Tap on the ‘Aa’ icon on the left of your screen > Slide left to right on the circular icons at the bottom of your screen until you get to the clock with the arrow icon. You can then tap on the memory that appears to flick through, or tap on “See All” at the top of the screen.

If you want to change the background colour, tap on the coloured circle in the bottom right of your screen until you find a background you like.

When you have decided on the memory you want to post – and the background – tap on the clock with the arrow icon underneath again. This will then take you to the preview screen where you can either add some stickers or mention someone, or press ‘Send to’ at the bottom to post it.

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How To Get The Instagram Swipe Up Feature

Instagram wants to keep the Swipe Up feature exclusive. As such, there are restrictions on who can get one. To get access to this coveted feature, you have to have an Instagram Business Profile and at least 10,000 followers or have a verified account. That means if youre a public figure who has gone through the trouble of you can get the Instagram Swipe Up feature even without 10K followers.

But once you have it, how do you use it?

What Is An Instagram Story

An Instagram Story is an in-app feature that allows users to post photos or videos that automatically disappear within 24 hours. They appear in a vertical format and are fast, memorable, and fun by design. When you post a Story, a colorful ring appears around your profile picture, telling your followers they can tap on your profile photo to see what youve just posted. Your profile picture with the colorful ring around it also gets added to the top row of your followers home screensmaking it the first thing they see.

When you post a story, a colorful circle appears around your profile picture, indicating its tappable, and your profile picture gets added to the top of your followers home screens. When a follower taps on your profile picture, your Story opens up.

IG stories are a perfect way for brands to experiment with different kinds of content because, unlike your permanent curated feed, Stories disappear in 24 hours. Small business owners use their stories to post everything, from unedited videos of their everyday lives to photos of their new products and short clips of them answering FAQs. Brands also use their Stories to show customer appreciation by re-sharing their followers stories and posts in their own Stories.

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Understanding Your Instagram Stories Analytics

Similar to the analytics for your Instagram posts and account, your Instagram Stories analytics can found by tapping the Insights button from the top right corner of your Instagram business profile .

Once you open your Instagram Insights, switch to the Content tab at the top of the screen. Here youll see data for your regular Instagram posts, Instagram Stories, and any promotions youre running.

If you click on the See All button next to Stories, you can filter out metrics by date range and type of interaction.

You can also access these insights by swiping up on an active story. Doing so will pull up a number of important metrics about that story, including link clicks, profile visits, impressions, and a ton more!

And now with Instagrams Creator Studio, both businesses and creators can get access to Instagram Stories growth insights, along with the ability to map new and existing content to net follower changes.

To access your Instagram Stories analytics on the Creator Studio dashboard, Select Content Library, and then click Stories. From here, you can sort individual stories slides by post status, date, and reach.

To hone in on individual metrics for each story slide, just click the slide to view its analytics:

Instagram creator profiles also have access to follow/unfollow data, which will make it easier than ever to determine what content is and isnt resonating with your followers.

Add Music To Your Story

What is the meaning of

Add music to your story by playing it on your phone while you record a video. Alternatively, you can tap to add a sticker while viewing a photo or video on your story. Search for “Music” in the search bar and tap on the “Music” sticker at the top. You will immediately see a long list of popular music, though you can also search and sort by moods and genres.

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Unlink Apps That Are Linked To Your Instagram Account

As you may have noticed, many applications accept logins via Google, Facebook, and Instagram. If youve ever logged into a third-party application or service using your Instagram account, the service/application would probably still be using it for various purposes. To stop that and revoke access, first, go to your profile and tap on the Hamburger menu button at the top-right corner of the screen.

Next, go to Settings.

Then, go to Apps and Websites.

If you have any extensions currently linked to your Instagram profile,

it will show up under the Active tab. Tap on Active and remove them.

General Statistics About Insta Stories

These are official statistics published by the Instagram team about the vast usage and adoption of Instagram stories not just from regular users, but also by from all over the world.

Weve outlined these 5 data points to understand the power of Instagram stories and why this format is gaining so much traction.

So, here are the main stats showing how many people use Instagram stories and how popular this format is:

  • Instagram stories are used by 500 million users every day
  • One third of the most viewed Instagram Stories are from businesses
  • 50% of businesses on Instagram worldwide created at least one story during a typical month
  • 96% of US marketers surveyed plan to continue using Stories ads in the next 6 months
  • And if this format is compared to the current, most popular format such as Facebook and the Instagram feed, there is a viable prediction that sharing with Instagram stories will surpass sharing through Feed views.

    Huge, right?

    Other tech giants are also following the trends with the recent launches of and

    Well, lets see if this strong number can really impact your usage of the stories and if you can get some of the results that this format is promising.

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    Reason #: Excessively Frequent Publications

    Instagram monitors the algorithm of publications from one account. The thing is, only the social network knows what the accurate and safest number of publications is. Therefore, it would be advisable not to follow the example of other accounts that may frequently publish posts and get nothing for it.

    The optimal advice for every profile is to make pauses between posts. By doing this, you will not be suspected of spamming and other manipulations. Also, we recommend that you do not publish the same photo at the same time from different accounts. Als you can use social media templates or other graphics, if you want your posts to look really awesome.

    Evaluate Instagram Stories Data

    How to Use Instagram Promote Button (Grow with ads inside Instagram)

    You can access insights for your from the Insights homepage or directly from an individual story post.

    View Insights for Multiple Stories

    If you access stories data from the Insights homepage, you see all of your stories posts for the past 2 weeks. This view only shows data in the aggregate you cant click on individual posts.

    Tap one of the blue links at the top of the page to filter stories data by time and action. The actions are:

    • Taps forward
    • Replies
    • Swipes away

    Analyze this data to find out what stories content is resonating with your audience and what content is causing them to exit or swipe away. Use these insights to inform future stories content.

    Note: Currently, Insights doesnt provide data for content.

    View Insights for an Individual Story

    To see insights for an individual story, open the story and tap Seen By in the bottom-left corner.

    From here, youll see which users saw the post, total impressions and reach, and what actions were taken on the post. The actions include replies, swipes away, and clicks on stickers and tagged accounts.

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    How To Add A Boomerang Your Instagram Story

    You can either add a Boomerang you’ve already created to your Instagram Story by selecting it from your gallery. Or you can create a Boomerang directly from the Instagram app.

    Swipe right to open Instagram Stories > Tap on the Boomerang icon in the bar on the left of your screen > Press and hold the capture button at the bottom of your screen to take your Boomerang > Add stickers or text using the icons at the top when you’re finished > Tap “Send to” in the bottom right to send it to your Story.

    Delete Stories If Youve Posted Too Many

    We all know that quantity doesnt mean quality. The more you post, the more you risk overdoing it.

    Keep things short and high quality, and dont be afraid to delete Stories if theyre not up to par.

    Now that you know that you should be posting about 6 Stories per day, you can start crafting and selecting the most engaging ones for your brand.

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    How Hubspot Social Media Teams Are Preparing

    I spoke with Kelsi Yamada, a Marketing Manager of Social Media Campaigns at HubSpot, to learn how the team had prepared for the swap to link stickers.

    Yamada told me, “The biggest piece of advice I have is to plan for the sticker to take up space. The swipe up feature allowed you to include a link without having it be a part of the creative, but actually needs some real estate on the screen.”

    When adding a sticker, think about how it can match the aesthetic of the post. If your stories all follow the same visual theme, consider designing your sticker to match that theme.

    Yamada adds, “I also think there’s a character limit on the link sticker, so be prepared to make custom vanity links, or make it very clear where the link is going for instance, for a product announcement, we were going to use, but since it showed up on the sticker as a link, we decided to just use so it seemed more authentic.”

    Next, let’s dive into a few additional best practices brands can follow as they incorporate the link sticker into their stories.

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