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What Do Two Checks Mean On Whatsapp

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Two Gray Ticks On Whatsapp That Means The Symbol

WhatsApp ticks meaning: What do the two check marks on WhatsApp stand for?

After a while, a second gray checkmark usually appears next to the sent message. Then it could not only be successfully transmitted to a Whatsapp server, but also forwarded from there to the device of the target person. The message is now on their smartphone.

However, there is still no read confirmation of the message. This may be because the person has not actually read the message. Sending read confirmations can also be switched off in the Whatsapp settings.

You can find out how to do this in our guide: Whatsapp: Hide online status.

The double gray check mark only appears in group chats when the message has been delivered to all members of the group. You can see the status of the individual members by marking the message with a long press and then selecting the Info menu item via the three-point or gearwheel menu .

A Single Grey Tick On Whatsapp Does Not Necessarily Mean That You Have Been Blocked By A Person There Are Various Reasons For The Occurrence Of Single Grey Ticks Including Network Issues

WhatsApp, a free messenger app that has been connecting users across the world since 2009, has its own set of ambiguity when it comes to blocking people. Like many other social media platforms, WhatsApp has its own symbols to indicate activities and actions, the most important being the grey and the blue ticks. They not only inform you about the delivery of the message but also bring to your notice the actions of the receiver. For instance, the blue tick indicates that the message has been read by the receiver.

There are, however, various complications attached to the significance of these ticks, especially with regard to blocking someone on this widely used app. A single grey tick on WhatsApp does not necessarily mean that you have been blocked by the person you are trying to message. There are various reasons for the occurrence of single grey ticks that includes having network troubles and unavailability of a data connection. Your messages might also not get delivered if the phone of the person you are trying to connect with is switched off.

Here are some indications that you must look for to ascertain that you have been blocked, other than the grey tick.

Last seen– You will not be able to see the last seen of the person you are trying to connect with if you have been blocked.

Display picture– The display picture of the concerned person will disappear as soon as you are blocked.

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Whatsapp Blue Check Marks Are Optional

While the Message Read notification introduced in late 2014 was happily received by many users, some people still think its an intrusion into privacy.

Luckily enough, there is an option to disable the blue ticks. Go to WhatsApp Menu and into Settings > Account -> Privacy

Uncheck the Read Receipts box

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Can I Turn Off The Ticks

There are two types of WhatsApp users. The first type adores this feature because they always know whats happening with their message. This gives us a certain level of control and it can reassure us that were not being ignored.

The other type doesnt care about ticks and might think that theyre a violation of privacy. Unfortunately, its not possible to turn off all ticks. Thats how WhatsApp works and you may have to choose another platform if you want to completely avoid them.

However, its possible to turn off the blue ticks. That way, the other person will know that the message is delivered to you but he wont know whether youve opened it or not. You can turn off blue ticks by entering Settings, then tapping on Account and then on Privacy.

In the Privacy section, youll see a sign that says Read Receipts. When you turn off that option, people will no longer be able to see whether youve read their message or not. Bear in mind that once you do this, you also wont be able to see whether other people have read your messages. Its a two-way street.

Of course, you can always turn blue ticks on again, if you wish to check whether someone has read your message.

However, when it comes to group chats, you wont be able to hide that youve read the message. The sender is always able to see the names of the people whove read their message. If youve sent a message to the group chat, blue ticks will appear only when all of the participants have opened your message.

Whatsapp: What Does One Tick Two Grey Ticks And Two Blue Ticks Mean

What Do the Little Checkmarks in WhatsApp Mean?

WhatsApp users will be familiar with seeing two grey ticks, one grey tick, or two blue ticks after theyve sent a message, but what do these symbols mean? While it can seem pretty straightforward, often users find that a single grey tick will remain even after a message has been delivered, particularly if theyre in a group chat. So why do these ticks stick around and whats the difference?

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Whatsapp Voice Note Icons

When you send voice notes, the tiny circle on the voice note slider will initially appear grey. It will turn blue when the other person listens to the voice note.

On the receiving end, the green dot on the voice note indicates that it hasnt been played yet. When you play a voice note, the circle will turn blue.

1x Symbol

The 1x symbol next to WhatsApp voice messages lets you increase their speed. Press on 1x to hear voice note in 1.5x or 2x speed.

Are Messages Sent Through Whatsapp Secure

The latest version of WhatsApp has been updated to support end-to-end encryption for all messages and data sent on the platform. What this means is that only you and the recipient ever sees the content of your communications. Not even WhatsApp has visibility. Only the sender and recipient have the unique encryption key to view data and messages. You’re able to verify that messages are encrypted by tapping the name of the contact or group to open the info screen.

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Can You See An Online Status Or Last Seen Time

If you recently missed the last time your contact was connected, there are two reasons:

1. Your contact modified their privacy settings so that no one can view their last connection. 2. Your contact has blocked you.

Note that if you change your privacy settings to hide your Seen last time option, you will also not be able to see your contacts Seen last time information.

Can’t see if that person is ‘online’ anymore? This may be due to the following:

1. Your contact is hiding his or her status using this trick. 2. There is a possibility that the person is not using the app at the same time as you to see him or her online. 3. Your contact has blocked you.

Why Hasnt My Whatsapp Message Been Delivered

How to disable WhatsApp Read receipts. Two blue check marks.

Other causes of the message only showing one tick could be related to network connectivity. If the recipient is out of service, the message wont be delivered until theyre once again connected to a network.

Ultimately, you shouldnt discredit the possibility that you have been blocked. If the message never does go through, its likely not the result of a network issue. So either theyve deleted their account or been removed from the platform, or theyve just blocked you. But youll want to verify that as best you can before assuming thats for sure the case.

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Does The Double Tick Not Appear

If you sent a message to a contact and only one check mark appears, you may have been blocked. However, you should be aware that this also happens when the recipient does not have access to the internet, either because his or her phone is out of battery, switched off or on airplane mode. Remember that a double grey check mark indicates that the message was received on the recipient’s mobile phone and the double blue check mark indicates that the message was read . If a person has blocked you and after a while, unblocks you, the messages that you sent them during this period will not reach their device and, therefore, they will remain with only one grey check mark.

What Does One Tick On Whatsapp Mean

One grey tick on WhatsApp means the message has been sent but has not been delivered. The message left your end but hasnt actually arrived at the intended destination. There are a few reasons why this might have happened. One of your first thoughts might be that you were blocked by the recipient. But just because your message only shows one grey tick mark that does not necessarily mean you were blocked. There are a few other reasons that youll want to consider before jumping to that assumption.

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What Are The Blue Check Marks Next To My Messages In Whatsapp

Have you seen them? If you’re on v2.11.967.2 then the chances are good you have and that has left many folks wondering exactly what they mean. As it turns out, they mean WhatsApp has finally enabled the ability to know whether or not your message was read after its been sent according to their .

As we’ve mentioned in the past, WhatsApp has never had an indicator that showed whether or not your message was actually read when sent, unlike BBM, where the D represents that the message has been delivered to the phone while the R represents that the message has been read by the recipient, now though that has all changed for WhatsApp.

What are those check marks next to my messages?

Check marks will appear next to each message you send. Here is what each one indicates:

In a group chat, the second check marks will appear when all participants in the group have received your message. The two blue check marks will appear when all participants in the group have read your message.

The Message Info screen shows you who has seen your message and when. Learn more about the Message Info screen on Android | iPhone | BlackBerry | Windows Phone | Nokia S40 | Nokia S60 | BlackBerry 10.

If you only see a single check mark next to your message, there is likely nothing wrong with WhatsApp or your phone. There may be several reasons why your message has been sent, but not delivered to your chat partner:

Why Hasnt My Whatsapp Message Been Read

What do WhatsApp check marks mean?

If you send a message and it shows two grey ticks but they never turn blue, this doesnt mean the message hasnt actually been read. There are a couple other explanations for this.

First, the recipient may have their read receipts turned off. In this case, you wont see two blue ticks regardless of if they have read the message or not.

Secondly, like we mentioned before, if you have your read receipts turned off, you wont receive read receipts from others. Its a two-way street if you want the benefit of knowing that someone has read your messages, you will need to grant the same permission by changing your settings back to allow them.

Ultimately, if youre not seeing two blue ticks on an outgoing message, this doesnt necessarily mean that they havent read it.

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Whatsapp Call Tab Symbols

Under the Calls tab on the home screen, you have the following icons:

Phone Icon With Plus Sign

Use this icon to create a new audio or video call with the contact that you can select on the next screen. This icon is present as a floating bubble on Android and at the top-right corner on iPhone.

Video Camera

The video camera icon next to the items in the call history indicates that it was a video call.


The phone icon means that the call was a regular audio call.

Why Does My Message Have Only One Tick

Youve decided to text your friend via WhatsApp. Its an easy way to send a message or photo, without paying a dime. Maybe your friend went abroad and this is the easiest way to stay in touch. As soon as you send the message , one grey tick will appear below your text.

You may have noticed that sometimes the gray tick turns into two gray ticks immediately, but sometimes it takes a while. If your message has had only one tick for hours, you may think that youve done something wrong. But thats not the case.

One gray tick means that the message is successfully sent but it hasnt been delivered yet. Thats not your fault. It simply means that the other person has their phone turned off or that theyre not using the Internet at the moment. They also might be having network issues.

If youve been waiting for hours, but theres still only one tick, that doesnt mean that the other person is ignoring you. They might be busy or havent had the chance to go online. At this point, theyre still not aware that youve sent them a message. In short, theyll have to connect their phone to the Internet in order to get a notification.

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How Do I Download Whatsapp

WhatsApp is available on iOS, Android, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Nokia devices and the app is now available to download for free from their respective app stores. In the past, some versions of WhatsApp had a charge but that has recently been removed, so it’s now available completely free on all platforms. As WhatsApp is a cross-platform service, all versions of WhatsApp can send messages between one another. There aren’t any charges to send messages as WhatsApp uses your mobile data or internet connection.

What Do The Blue Ticks Mean

What Do the Little Checkmarks in WhatsApp Mean?

WhatsApp uses a delivery and read receipt system. Whenever you send a message you’ll see a number of tick marks next to your message. A single grey tick means that the message was successfully sent by the WhatsApp servers. Two grey ticks mean that the message was successfully delivered to the recipient’s device. Finally, two blue tick marks mean that the recipient has actually read your message. After which you can begin the paranoia as to why the recipient is taking so long to reply to your message having read it. Many friendships and relationships have been tested by WhatsApp’s infamous blue ticks.

In a group chat scenario, you will only see two grey ticks when your message has been delivered to everyone in the group. Similarly, everyone in the group will need to have read it for you to see two blue ticks. If you press and hold your message, then navigate to Info from the menu, you can see a breakdown of who in the group the message has been delivered to and who has also read the message.

If your message remains on a single grey tick, it could be for any number of reasons. The recipient might have their phone turned off or they have no internet access. They might have also seen the notification but not actually opened the app. Alternatively, you might have been blocked by the recipient.

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Check The Whatsapp Blue Ticks:

WhatsApps blue ticks are a method for revealing whether a message has received and read.

And the ticks are also a telltale clue revealing if you have been blocked.

One grey tick means the message has been sent, two grey ticks means the message has been received and two green ticks mean the message has been read.

Users who have been blocked on WhatsApp will only ever see one grey tick.

The is because, while a message may have been sent, WhatsApp will not deliver it to the contact.

Although on its own, this might mean that the user has lost their phone or cant connect to the Internet.

But in tandem with the first method, it also suggests you have probably been blocked.

Q1 What Do The Checks Mean In Whatsapp

In simple words, the checks in WhatsApp are used for showing you the status of any message you have sent out to another WhatsApp user. Basically, there are three main checks that you should know about. These three checks are:

One grey checkmark

One grey checkmark is usually the first check you get immediately after sending a message. This check indicates that you have successfully sent a message from your smart device. However, this doesnt mean the intended receiver has received or read it. Notably, in some cases, the message might have left your device but it may still be floating on the network hence, it has not reached the other user.

Two grey checks

If you can see two grey checks in front of the message you sent, this shows that the message has been successfully delivered to the intended recipient. This means that your message is not floating on the network as it has reached the device of the other person.However, in most situations, two grey checks also indicate that the receiver has not read. But this may not be the case in some instances and we will explain why later.

Two blue checks

Once the recipient of the message reads it, the two grey checks will transform into two blue checks immediately. With the particular symbol, you can know that the receiver has read your message whether they reply or not.

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