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What Do Connections On Linkedin Effectively Represent

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Make Sure You Give Back

Introducing LinkedIn Learning

Its perhaps the most basic rule in networking that you need to give back what you get. So make sure you reciprocate with endorsements and recommendations, and that you also actively try and help your connections achieve their goals. Whenever you make a new connection ask yourself what you could do for this person. Trying to help will make people trust you and have warmer feelings towards you which can lead to better career prospects.

Use Both General And Niche Hashtags In Each Post

LinkedIn recommends using only 3 hashtags per post, but there isnt a limit. If you add 10, your post will still show up for all 10 hashtags. LinkedIns recommendation is probably based more on aesthetics and not wanting people to jam 100 hashtags into each post, cluttering up users home feeds.

So while you dont need to feel limited to 3, dont overdo it and look spammy, either.

For each post, choose 1 or 2 general hashtags and 1 or 2 very specific hashtags. Why? This gives you the best chance of the right audience seeing your post: Those interested in your overall topic, and those who share your unique viewpoint or specific interest within that topic.

Heres what that looks like.

This post below is for a specific audience: Social media managers. And, even more specifically, ones who are looking to save time or be more productive.

Knowing that, I can easily choose a few general hashtags I know social media managers follow, such as #SocialMediaMarketing and #SocialMedia. But how do I target my fellow nerdy lil productivity hackers out there?

Enter: LinkedIns search tab. For this, I want to find a hashtag about productivity with a decent number of followers.

Typing in #productivity brings up the most popular tags. Unfortunately, theres no easy way to see all those hashtags ranked by popularity within LinkedInbut check the end of this article for 2022s top tags and recommended tools to make this easier.

Network On A Daily Basis

To grow your network you are going to need to dedicate some time to it every day. You need to spend an average of 20-30 minutes every day to find new people youd like to connect with and approach them. Bear in mind that networking does not just mean finding new connections, it also means catching up with old connections and slowly developing relationships.

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Be Active In Your Groups

What many people tend to do is join LinkedIn groups but then never actually participate in discussions. To leverage your presence, you need to be active. This will make you more visible, and it will also give you a chance to read up on industry trends, as well as get to know influential people in your sector. Being active in groups will help you grow your network while learning industry-related developments.

What Are Linkedin Groups

Rules that Make Part of Effective LinkedIn Marketing

LinkedIn Groups is a dedicated space for professionals to share expertise, seek advice, and build meaningful relationships. They’ve been around for a while, but, as the trend in social media moves toward more intentional, self-selected communities, their importance continues to grow.

Groups represent a targeted opportunity to build your personal brand and professional community on LinkedIn.

Only members of a given group can view, post, or comment on conversations within that group. Groups can set their own admissions criteria and establish admins as gatekeepers.

By default, your Group affiliations show up at the bottom of your LinkedIn Profile under the ‘Interests’ section. You canedit the visibility for specific groups just one of the many ways to customize how your LinkedIn profile represents your personal and professional brand.

Unlisted Groups don’t appear in search results, and only fellow group members will see the group’s information on your Profile. These more private communities require a direct link or admin invitation for access.

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How To Find Groups On Linkedin

  • Look for Groups directly in the Search bar
  • On the search results page, click on the ‘Groups’ filter option.
  • Look through the groups and click on the ones youre interested in joining.
  • Look for Groups directly in the Search bar, just as you would find connections, companies, or anything else on LinkedIn.

  • On the search results page, click on the “Groups” filter option.

  • Look through the groups and click on the ones youre interested in joining.

  • If youre not sure which group you want to join and want to browse through all the available groups on LinkedIn, try the LinkedIn Groups Directory.

    Its essentially a shortcut to the Groups search results page and allows you to browse over 2 million active Groups.

    The downside of this option is that you cannot filter your results by industry, region, interests, or connections.

    Tips To Grow Your Linkedin Network Effectively

    Networking is the most powerful tool professionals have as it can help open doors for them at every step. To meaningfully benefit your career, networking needs to be leveraged correctly which means that you need to attend networking events to meet and connect with other professionals in your sector. But, online networking can be just as – if not more – effective as it does not limit you to your local area and it gives you the opportunity to connect with extremely influential people in your sector no matter where you are.

    LinkedIn, being the king of online network, can be tremendously beneficial, but to make the most of it you need to ensure that your profile is appealing and leverage it effectively. These twenty-five networking tips will help you do that.

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    Why Some People Are Resistant To Being More Active On Linkedin

    Given that recruitment or sales leads have traditionally been the focus for LinkedIn members, it is no surprise that some people dislike LinkedIn because new connections often use LinkedIn to try to sell to them. If you are a recruiter, LinkedIn is a key source of potential candidates for the roles you are currently trying to fill for your clients. If you are a sales person responsible for business development or a charity seeking strategic alliances and generous corporate sponsors, LinkedIn is a source of potential targets.

    Think Bespoke works with both individuals who are using LinkedIn to make their next career move, and organisations who are embracing LinkedIn as a powerful content and networking platform to amplify awareness of their organisational brand by encouraging employee advocacy. The goal for your organisation when your employees network on LinkedIn is to attract both potential clients and to further develop your reputation as an employer of choice.

    Our diverse client base means we often see two common scenarios:

    • professionals admit they do not accept invitations to connect on LinkedIn from recruiters they do not know
    • senior leaders of organisations who are 45+ years of age who are tentative about being more active on LinkedIn and improving their profiles and company page because they are used to doing business via their face to face networks and are dubious about embracing their online presence.

    The Science Of Connectivity

    Introduction to LinkedIn Recruiter Lite

    Of course, not everyone needs to prove their value via LinkedIn metrics. Not every hiring manager in every business is going to , and of the ones that do, not all of them will care how many connections you do or dont have. But a rising number of recruiters are sourcing or vetting candidates based on their LinkedIn profile information. How big a factor your profile is is dictated by the individual hiring manager making the call.

    While there are no definitive rules on what you need to do, hopefully these guidelines can help you create and improve your LinkedIn profile to best support your professional skills and experience whilst also saving you from the hassle of some spammer clogging your inbox with unbelievably amazing super discount deals.

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    What Are The Benefits Of Connections

    When you grow your LinkedIn network and increase your number of valuable connections, you are more likely to appear in peoples search results, regardless of their degree of connection. You also appear on your connections homepage updates whenever you create a post. These are huge benefits that can significantly increase your LinkedIn presence and increase lead generation/sales.

    Limited connections mean limited visibility. Your visibility significantly increases when you have an extensive network of connections. When you publish a post, LinkedIn notifies your connections, meaning that the more you have, the higher the chances that users will see your content, which can boost your LinkedIn presence and significantly improve your marketing efforts.

    When your visibility improves on LinkedIn, a wide range of potential customers and thought leaders in your industry see you.

    Hypersocial Can Help You Build Your Network And Generate Qualified Leads

    At HyperSocial, our goal is to change how you do your B2B marketing and sales.

    Many businesses underestimate the importance of LinkedIn. We can help turn your LinkedIn profile into an automated lead generation machine that customizes and suits your business goals.

    LinkedIn is the number one place for B2B sales. It is crucial to have a LinkedIn profile to help connect you with clients and grow your business. We can create a customized outreach campaign for your business by optimizing your LinkedIn profile for social selling, singling out your ideal prospects, and connecting you with hundreds of leads every month.

    Learn more about how we can help you here.

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    Increase The Size Of Your Network By Connecting With People You Know

    When you are ready to start connecting with your colleagues or clients, make sure that you create a formal introduction to first start the process. What is a Formal Introduction? Your introduction is a short explanation of your profile so that the person could share your profile on their own profile. This step is important because people can share your profile on their LinkedIn profile if you mention them in the introduction. For example, if you are an SEO trainer, and you are recommending someone for an account manager role, you could use the introduction below for your person: Candidate needs to be an excellent communicator with excellent soft skills, an expert user of the Search Engine Optimization tools and skills to be in the top of his field.

    Start With Relevant Industry Groups For Expert Connections

    Take the Pressure Off Networking Using LinkedIn

    Youre probably already a part of groups with keywords tied to your industry. If not, join them now. Jason DeMers explains that you can begin joining LinkedIn groups by going to the search bar at the top of your LinkedIn page, typing in an industry name or topic, then selecting Groups from the dropdown menu on the left side of the search bar. For example, if youre a marketing expert, you can use LinkedIns top search bar to look for all the groups related to obvious marketing terms like social media marketing, internet marketing, advertising, etc. With such broad search terms, youll likely find hundreds of related groups. You dont need to join them all to get exposure either. In fact, its better to look for more focused groups because its easier to understand what those group members are looking for. For example, you might look for:

    • Industry groups within Your State: These people will likely be more locally focused, which means theyll be looking for locals with that expertise when browsing posts.
    • Sub Industry Groups: By breaking your industry into its smaller parts, i.e. social media marketing might become social media marketing tools, youll know exactly what topic to bring up in the next discussion.
    • Industry Professionals: Searching for a group tailored to your specific profession can get you in the door for expos, industry awards, and lots of helpful advice forums that will further your industry knowledge.

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    How Do You Make One Of The Best Linkedin Profiles

    This is a simple LinkedIn profile tip to remember: Get All-Star status. If you havent noticed already, LinkedIn comes with a handy built-in indicator of your profile strength on your Profile page.

    The more complete your profile is, the higher the profile strength. Heres a chart that details the levels of profile strength:

    The goal here, if you havent already reached it, is to achieve All-Star status! To get All-Star status, three must-haves:

    • Your photo
    • Current position
    • The industry you work in

    However, thats pretty bare-bones material. You should fill out everything from your education, skills and endorsements, recommendations, work history, and even get a custom URL to make it the best LinkedIn profile you can create.

    Heres why its important: , users with complete profiles are 40 times more likely to receive opportunities. Thats 40 times more job offers, clients, connections, and more!

    Compare the Starbucks example to my profile which, after the summary and job experiences, has additional sections filled with revealing information:

    Fill out every single section option in your LinkedIn profile. If you think that you have no relevant accomplishments or activities beyond your job experiences, first reevaluate the personal projects you have worked on.

    Here are a few easy ways to gain accomplishments and experiences that spice up your profile:

    Right Now: Complete all sections of your LinkedIn profile.

    Want to know how to make the most boring, bland profile ever?

    But First And Foremost How Does Your Profile Rank

    Your Profile is the essential foundation to achieve every goal you set to do with LinkedIn.

    If you dont get your profile right, then achieving views, engagement and connections is extremely hard. Also, establishing your brand and building relationships becomes limited and strenuous.

    Your profile is the core pillar to all that you do on LinkedIn and this holds true for whatever level you are at. Student, employee, employer, CEO or influencer.

    Are You being Noticed? Or are you being passed over? Do you even know?

    Here is a quick scorecard for you to be able to judge where your profile ranks. Click On the Image

    Use the score card to gauge how well your Profile is performing, where do you fit in the LinkedIn ranking. Find out the areas that need improving.

    Take this great opportunity to Learn and then Earn from LinkedIn.

    Now you know how your profile ranks lets check out LinkedIn SSI .

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    How To Make A Good Linkedin Profile

    The first step to using LinkedIn effectively is to make sure that you have a good LinkedIn profile. You can think of your profile as your âhomepageâ on LinkedIn. This is where people will go when they select your name, so itâs important that the profile as a whole makes a good impression.

    Letâs take a look at the specific portfolio elements to focus on.

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    Leveraging LinkedIn: Top 5 Tips for an Effective Job Search

    Youve been told you need to be on LinkedIn. You created your account, , and optimized it for recruiters, but thats only the start. Only about in the past month and countless accounts are empty, outdated, and abandoned. To get the most out of LinkedIn, you must reach out to and connect with your colleagues and industry peers.

    Adding quality LinkedIn connections improves your job prospects whether youre actively searching or simply keeping an open mind to career opportunities. For example, expanding your network will increase the number of first-, second, and third-degree connections between you, recruiters, and hiring managers, which helps you rank higher in results.

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    Tip : Spice Up Your Headline And Summary

    Headlines are how the world knows who you are and what you do. Lets try something what do you think is the first result that pops up when you Google your name? Most of the time its your LinkedIn profile. What a perfect opportunity to show off a great new headshot, headline and professional summary. Have a little creativity in your headline: Include what you do, who your target audience is and something fun about you or your profession.

    Let me show you this tip in action! Heres the headline I chose to represent who I am on LinkedIn: Michael Crank All About my People | Service Driven | Creative Soul | Client Experience Manager

    Racking Up Points For Recruitment

    The other primary reason LinkedIn users are active on the platforms is for job recruitment efforts. With more than 58 million companies listed on the site and 50 million people searching for jobs on LinkedIn every week, its no surprise to find out that 87% of recruiters regularly use LinkedIn.

    In fact, a study found that 122 million people with 35.5 million having been hired by a person they connected with on the site. So its unsurprising that 95 Job applications are submitted through LinkedIn every second, and 3 people are hired every minute.

    LinkedIn saw a 6x Increase in the number of remote job postings added in the U.S. from March to December 2020, with over 300k remote positions.

    One good LinkedIn stat for recruiters is that employees sourced through the site are 40% less likely to leave the company within the first 6 months.

    According to LinkedIn, women now represent nearly 42% of the companys leadership, with those in technical leadership roles growing 79% in the last five years.

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    Building Your Linkedin Network

    To start building your LinkedIn network, you must begin accepting invitations to connect with people you know and sending out connections to professional contacts. Having an extensive network can significantly increase your exposure and help market your business, which is why growing a network of valuable connections that include other people and businesses in your industry is essential.

    When you nurture your connections and put in the work to create a valuable network, you get more targeted connections to people in your industry, which helps your business reach the people it needs to reach to increase its exposure.

    Creating a network on LinkedIn can help your business build credibility. Over 30 million businesses use LinkedIn to market, sell, and connect with other professionals in their industry, reach potential customers, and connect with other thought leaders. A dormant LinkedIn profile could cause you more harm than good. Do not miss out on potential leads and increased business exposure with a LinkedIn profile.

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