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What Are Dms On Twitter

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Popular Slide Into Dms Hashtags On Twitter

How to Search Your Twitter DMs – New Feature!

Twitter users are tweeting with variations of the “slide into DMs” expression.

The expression seems to be particularly popular for being a video platform that people can use to film their own interpretations of what “sliding” really means to themhowever slick, ungraceful, or hilarious that may be. The great thing about trends like these is that they’re so open-ended, inspired social content creators can get really creative and use them to apply to almost anything. And that only adds to the virality!

Check out the following hashtag links to see what people are tweeting for this trend.

Good News For Brands And Businesses Who Use Twitter For Customer Service: You Can Now Find Dms By Searching For Keywords

Twitter announced that is giving users a long-requested feature the ability to search your direct message inbox by keyword.

The search feature is rolling out now to all Twitter users . Sadly, I dont have it yet, but I know many people already have access to it.

How Twitter DM keyword search works. Just as youd expect of any platform in 2022. Visit your inbox, click on the search bar, and start typing in your keywords.

Until now, you could only search DMs for people and groups. Now youll see a third option, Messages. Twitter will highlight any messages that contain that keyword, including conversations where the keyword is used multiple times.

Heres the tweet where Twitter Support showed off via a GIF what it looks like if you search for restaurant:

We know youve been waiting for the option to search your DMsNow you can use the search bar in your inbox to find specific messages using keywords and names.

Legitimate Reasons For Mass Dms

If you just want to send out DMs to everyone periodically to remind them of your website, youre pushing the definition of legitimate. People are aware of your site, thats why they followed you. If you want to send DMs to people who dont follow you, youre out of luck. The feature exists, but its disabled by default and most people dont want to turn it on for exactly the reason you might think.

On the more legitimate side, though, there are a few good reasons you might want to mass DM your followers.

  • Youre launching a new product or service and want to make an announcement in a way youre sure your followers will see.
  • Youre giving away something to followers only so you dont want to publicly broadcast it on another social media site or try to get people to fill out a form.
  • You want to send a Twitter drip campaign when someone follows you, similar to the way you can send a drip campaign to new email subscribers.
  • Youre trying to create a Twitter newsletter that provides a good amount of value without forcing people into an actual mailing list or a third party service.

Twitter does not, however, natively support the ability to send mass DMs. Even if they implicitly allow the practice, they reserve the right to suspend anyone who is reported enough for sending out spam. They want to make sure youre actually providing a good amount of value in your links and messages when you send them out they dont want spammers on the platform.

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Twitter Dms For Customer Support

The Sprout Social Index, Edition XVII: Accelerate found that social media is consumers preferred channel of choice for customer service inquiries and sharing feedback about a product or service. So its important that your brand or business knows how to handle customer service requests on all social media platforms.

Often, a Twitter user might tag or mention your account with an issue or message you directly. When they mention your brand in a public tweet, we recommend acknowledging that tweet publicly with a quick message asking the user to send you a DM. Along with prompting a follow-up message from that customer, this makes it clear to other followers that youre addressing this issue privately and not ignoring the Tweet. Once in the DM, you can ask them for more information that will help resolve their issue.

Hey, Marji! We’re happy to help. Can you shoot us a DM with the email associated with your account so we can escalate this with our team?

Sprout Social

In some cases, a follower might be asking a question that you think could be beneficial to your entire timeline, and responding to that Tweet publicly can also potentially answer that question for other followers.

Hello, please use this link for steps to troubleshoot a blank screen appearing while using your Xbox One console.

Xbox Support

After the customer service interaction is over, you can send a follow-up DM to gather feedback on the customers experience.

Create Direct Message Buttons And Use Chatbots

Twitter Launches Sharing Public Tweets in Direct Messages

Chatbots on Twitter enable brands to communicate on a one-on-one level, create meaningful connections with consumers, save time, and drive sales – at a large scale. Automated customer engagements through chatbots help brands to nurture leads while reducing customer service costs.

In fact, Twitter DMs can be leveraged to create a chatbot that allows brands to deliver personalized product recommendations at scale, just as was done by Samsung. Samsung used the Direct Message Card to run an ad campaign that targeted people interested in movies, TV, video games, and sports to let people start chatting with the bot in a single click. Their chatbots then provided their customers with personalized product recommendations through DMs.

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While anyone can create DM buttons with Twitter’s API, they are most useful for brands looking to improve their customer service or increase engagement. This feature, being quite helpful, requires your account settings set to “Receive Direct Messages from Anyone.”

You then need to include a link in your Tweet that directs users towards your DM. When Twitter direct messages are configured through the use of such Conversation Buttons, it becomes one of the best ways to promote your brand’s chatbot in direct messages to a broad Twitter audience.

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Enhance Twitter Dm Conversations With Chatbots

Twitter users who are coming to your brand with a customer service question or concern may not always know what to expect when they open up a DM conversation. You can make the experience more inviting by using chatbots to help steer conversations in a friendly way.

Welcome messages greet new followers via Direct Message and are a great way to make a stellar first impression and raise brand awareness. Using Sprouts Bot Builder, you can automate this process by setting up a Twitter Bot that automatically sends a welcome message to customers as soon as they open a Direct Message chat. Assign the chatbot specific rules and permissions and it will send pre-determined messages to followers who meet the criteria.

Beyond welcoming them with a simple hello try to add value within that initial message. This message can shape your future relationship, so make it something memorable. A few ways to make this message more engaging are to ask them a question, include a link to a recent blog post or video or send them a special offer.

When new followers feel like theyre not just another face in the crowd, theyre more likely to engage with your brand and begin the relationship with a positive interaction.

Taking A Twitter Conversation From Public To Private

If youre running a Twitter account for a business, make sure that your Twitter Direct Message settings allow anyone to message you, even if you are not mutual followers. Do this by navigating to Settings and privacy. Under the Privacy and safety tab, scroll down to the Direct Messages area and select the box that allows you to receive Direct Messages from anyone. This can ultimately help you in the long run, when customers want to go straight to the source rather than Tweeting out publicly.

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How Do I Send A Dm

Use the following steps to compose a DM:

  • On the Twitter home page, in the left rail, select Messages.

  • On the Messages page, at the top of the screen, select the New message icon.

    Alternatively, you can navigate to the person’s profile and select the New message icon at the top of the screen.

  • A New message window appears. Type the name of the person you want to send the DM to, then select Next.

  • A messaging window appears. If you’ve already corresponded with the person and haven’t deleted the messages, you’ll see them in the window. In the messaging field, type your message, then select the Send icon. The message appears in the messaging window.

  • If the recipient responds, their message will also appear in the messaging window, similar to a texting exchange.

  • How To Send A Twitter Dm

    How to Allow DMs on Twitter

    If youve never sent a direct message on Twitter before, you might be wondering exactly how to do so. There are a few different methods, so well walk you through each.

    First, you can create a new message right from the Messages tab at the bottom right corner of your screen. Click the icon with the envelope and a plus sign to start a new message.

    From here, youll be able to choose from users youve messaged recently or search Twitter to find a specific user.

    Another option is if you find a tweet that you want to share with someone. At the bottom of the tweet, click the Share icon to find the option to Send via Direct Message.

    From here, youll pull from the same list to findor search forthe user you want to send the tweet to.

    And the last option is to head directly to the person you want to messages Twitter profile. The option wont appear on everyones inbox due to their message settings. Some users set it so that only people they follow can DM them while others allow anyone to DM them.

    If youre able to message the user, youll see the envelope icon at the top of their profile:


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    How Do You Dm Someone On Twitter That Doesnt Follow You

    Some Twitter users will have their settings for anyone to DM them turned on, so you can still DM them. However, if they have their direct message settings toggled so that only people they follow can DM them, you can send them a public tweet mentioning what youd like to talk about and ask them to DM you or ask them to follow you so that you can DM them.

    To Send A Direct Message Via The Web

    To manage a group conversation:

    • From within a group conversation, click on the information icon to access the conversation settings:
    • From within the Group info page, click the more icon to access the drop-down menu. You can choose to Edit group name, Upload new photo, View photo, or Remove photo.Note: The option to view and remove the photo will be available only if a group message photo is uploaded.
  • Under Notifications, you can select to:
  • Click Snooze notifications to snooze notifications for 1 hour, 8 hours, 1 week, or Forever.
  • Click Snooze mentions to control whether you will receive notifications when you are mentioned in a group conversation. Please note that, unless this feature is enabled, you will receive notifications when you are directly mentioned in a conversation, even if you have enabled the Snooze conversation feature. Additionally, you must be a participant in a group conversation to receive mention notifications for that conversation.
  • To report the group conversation, click Report conversation.
  • To remove yourself from the group conversation, click Leave conversation.
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    Use Dm Prompts In Tweets

    Customer service conversations often initiate with public Tweets and then transition to a private channel. Twitter has made this transition as easy as a single click. A business can now add a DM deep-link to their Tweets that automatically displays a “Send a private message” link to send the brand a DM quickly and easily.

    According to Twitter, businesses who use this feature end up receiving an average of 30% more often DM as compared to those who simply ask users in the Tweet text to send them a DM.

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    Include Photos Gifs And Videos

    Twitter Is Tweaking Its Direct Message Features for Businesses  Adweek

    When Twitter provides you the option to include photos, videos, and GIFs in your DM, why not use it to the best of your advantage. Sharing a helpful photo, video, or GIF can make it very easy for your customers to understand how to resolve a problem.

    The best accounts on Twitter create engaging visual content to educate and help their customers through Tweets. Once created, this type of content can be repurposed for Twitter direct messages too.

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    How To Receive And Reply Twitter Direct Messages

    By default, the Twitter integration allows you to receive and answer Twitter Direct Messages and Tweets you’re mentioned in, and to Send new tweets from the channel.

    If you’re interested in receiving Twitter DMs only:

  • if you haven’t done it yet.
  • Go to your settings page and click “Edit” next to your Twitter account.
  • In the options, select “Receive Direct Messages only”.
  • You’re done! From now, every DM you’ll receive in Twitter is posted in the channel, from where you can answer it.

    How To Share A Tweet In A Group Message

    While public tweets are great places to have conversations, they’re also a great place to find conversation starters, writes Kamdar in his blog post. He urges users to “spark conversations and support your points of view by sharing tweets from your timeline, even if they’re from people who aren’t part of the direct message.”

    Here’s how to share tweets with a group.

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    How To Mass Dm Your Followers On Twitter

    Mass direct messages on Twitter is a bit of a controversial subject. The practice has been on the rise ever since Twitter removed the character limit on direct messages in August of last year. This makes DMs more flexible and allows businesses to use them in a number of different ways.

    The problem is, mass mailing has a suspicious resemblance to spam if youre not careful with the way youre doing it. If it were completely free-rein, Twitter inboxes would very quickly come to resemble spam email inboxes.

    Fair warning: a lot of this article might get your hopes up before I cruelly dash them. Im not a fan of mass DMing, and with good reason its used for spam far, far more often than its ever used for anything legitimate. There are strict limits on DMing on Twitter, so youre going to be fighting a wall the whole way.

    Why Send A Dm

    How to Close DM in Twitter (How to Close DMs on Twitter App)

    You might send a DM if you want to connect with someone one-on-one but don’t know their email address or any other way to reach them, or if you know they spend a lot of time on Twitter and are likely to see a message there before anywhere else. You would use a DM rather than a tweet if the communication isn’t appropriate for public consumption . Some Twitter users like to send a DM to every new follower, with a welcoming message.

    Another use for DMs is sharing tweets that you might not want to put onto your timeline with a retweet. You can use DMs to share tweets with up to 20 other accounts separately, or in a group. To do so, tap the icon under a tweet and select Send via Direct Message.

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    How To Search For Dms On Twitter

    Twitter has rolled out a DM search feature that lets users search their inbox for specific messages. It is available on both Android and iOS.

    now lets users search their DMs for specific messages. Before the new update, the DM search feature could only sift through peoples names or the names of group chats, but now, users can type specific keywords into the search bar to see the list of messages that include specific words or phrases.

    Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms in the world, and one that often rolls out new features for its app and website. Last month, the company made pinned DMs available to all users on Android, iOS, and the web. The feature was earlier available only to Twitter Blue users. Late last year, Twitter also introduced other new features to its app, including the ability to DM a tweet to up to 20 people.


    We know youve been waiting for the option to search your DMsNow you can use the search bar in your inbox to find specific messages using keywords and names.

    Twitter Support

    Can You Unsend A Dm On Twitter What Actually Happens When You Delete Dms

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    We’ve all sent a DM that we might regret sending later. Perhaps in the heat of the moment, you sent the writer of your favorite TV show a rage-filled DM about the series finale only to wake up and regret it the next day. Unfortunately, there’s no way to unsend a direct message on Twitter now XResearch source. You can, however, delete it from your side of the conversation the other person will still see it though). This wikiHow article will teach you how you can delete DMs for yourself using a web browser as well as the mobile app.

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