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Is Twitter Blocked In China

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What Isnt Blocked In China In 2022

Facebook Twitter and YouTube BLOCKED in China

Theres a lot of confusion and mis-information when it comes to censorship in China.

Which websites and apps arent blocked in China?

Part of this has to do with the fluid nature of Chinas internet .

Another reason for the confusion, though, is that some websites continue to share outdated or outright wrong information.

Heres a quick list of the websites and apps that ARENT blocked in China even though you might be told otherwise.

  • Netflix/Hulu/Disney+: Technically, streaming sites like Netflix, Hulu and Disney+ are not blocked by China. The websites are accessible, but since the content hasnt been licensed in China, youll still run into a Sorry, our service hasnt come to this country yet message. This is something known as geoblocking content and there are ways to still stream Netflix in China.
  • Banking: Thankfully, you dont need to worry about not being able to log into your bank account online. To date, no western banks have had their websites blocked in China.
  • iMessage & FaceTime: Despite a tenuous relationship with China, Apple has been able to maintain and open iMessage platform for all its iPhone users. In theory, this is more secure than using WeChat, but who knows for sure.

Internet Access In China

As opposed to what some people think, accessing the Internet in China is very easy.

In the main cities, you can find a free Wi-Fi network on practically every corner, and the majority of cafés, bars, hotels, airports and restaurants offer free Internet for their customers.

If you need to always be connected, you can buy a SIM card with a data plan in China. However, if youre going to be in China for a short time, I recommend purchasing the SIM card before leaving to avoid complications.

For more information, you can read our complete guide on prepaid SIM cards for China.

Keep in mind that many foreign telephone companies dont offer roaming in China, and if they do offer it, the price per Mb tends to be very high. So, if you want to use this option, we recommend that you check with your carrier first.

List Of Websites Blocked In Mainland China

Many domain names are blocked in the People’s Republic of China under the country’s Internet censorship policy, which prevents users from accessing certain websites from within the country.

This is a list of the most notable such blocked websites in the country. This page does not apply to Chinese territories that adhere to the policy of one country, two systems .

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Why Twitter Is Banned In China

China’s determination to control and regulate content its citizens consume saw Twitter banned more than a decade ago.

In 2009, , as well as other external media sites such as Google, Facebook, WhatsApp and YouTube.

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Many countries place tabs on social media around the time of elections or when there is public outrage against current events, according to research by Surfshark, but China also has other motives for banning Twitter.

, garnered widespread reactions from democratic politicians and human rights groups around the world, especially due to his business ties with China and how this might influence the billionaire’s decisions surrounding free speech on the platform.

In China, users of the Twitter-like Weibo social media platform expressed mixed feelings about the announcement.

Some lauded it as a step forward for freedom of speech, while others described it as a display of Western capitalism where the rich get to control too much.

While China officially banned all foreign social media platforms in 2009, there is renewed interest in how the country might leverage its business ties with Musk’s Tesla to influence how it is positioned and perceived on Twitter by a larger audience.

Here’s a look at why China has caged

A Generation Grows Up In China Without Google Facebook Or Twitter

WhatsApp is getting blocked in China
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HONG KONG Wei Dilong, 18, who lives in the southern Chinese city of Liuzhou, likes basketball, hip-hop music and Hollywood superhero movies. He plans to study chemistry in Canada when he goes to college in 2020.

Mr. Wei is typical of Chinese teenagers in another way, too: He has never heard of Google or Twitter. He once heard of Facebook, though. It is maybe like Baidu? he asked one recent afternoon, referring to Chinas dominant search engine.

A generation of Chinese is coming of age with an internet that is distinctively different from the rest of the web. Over the past decade, China has blocked Google, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, as well as thousands of other foreign websites, including The New York Times and Chinese Wikipedia. A plethora of Chinese websites emerged to serve the same functions though they came with a heavy dose of censorship.

Now the implications of growing up with this different internet system are starting to play out. Many young people in China have little idea what Google, Twitter or Facebook are, creating a gulf with the rest of the world. And, accustomed to the homegrown apps and online services, many appear uninterested in knowing what has been censored online, allowing Beijing to build an alternative value system that competes with Western liberal democracy.

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Blocked Websites In China: Highlights And Latest News

VPNs continue to provide access to websites blocked in China

VPNs continue to be the best way to get around the Great Firewall of China. Nonetheless, last year, many VPNs stopped working or their services were affected substantially.

In this article, which is updated monthly, you can see which VPNs continue to work in China.

LinkedIn will stop working in China at the end of 2021

In October 2021, Microsoft announced its intent to due to difficulties in adapting to local data protection legislation. However, the platform will be replaced with a local version of LinkedIn that will continue to allow employers and job seekers to connect with one another.

Zoom is partially blocked in China

In August 2020, Zoom released a local version for users in China. The international version is blocked. Individual users can join meetings but cannot organize them. Premium users have to subscribe through the local partner to be able to create meetings.

WhatsApp and other popular messaging apps dont work in China

Since September 2017, WhatsApp has been almost completely blocked in China. Currently, without using a VPN, you cant send or receive voice messages, videos, images or any other type of files.

Text messages can sometimes get around the restrictions, but they can arrive hours late.

Other popular messaging apps, like Messenger, Telegram, Snapchat and Line, are also blocked.

Skype continues to work in China

VPN apps for Apple are not blocked in China

TikTok is blocked in China

Building An Audience With Viral Content

Chinas officials have built followings on Twitter by adeptly blending strategic messaging with content meant to connect with and attract Western audiences. Taking a cue from their Russian counterparts, Chinas most effective messengers on Twitter have proven skillful at capturing audience share through viral content, mixing Beijing-friendly messaging with meant to attract followers, from viral memes to panda videos. Chinas diplomats have also demonstrated an understanding that Twitter engagement is driven by provocation, not diplomacy. Almost all of the most engaged with tweets from Chinese embassies and representatives over the past six months feature confrontational or conspiratorial content, and their most followed accounts are the most combative.

This new, more aggressive approach seems to be paying dividends. Chinas diplomatic accounts on Twitter have nearly doubled their follower totals since March 2020, when they began their more antagonistic coronavirus messaging. And Chinas two most followed government officials, Foreign Ministry spokespeople Zhao Lijian and Hua Chunying , have seen a 42% and 121% increase in followers since March 2020, respectively. This represents a remarkable growth in followers. By way of comparison, Russias top two government accounts, the official Kremlin account and Ministry of Foreign Affairs account , saw a 1% and 0.4% increase over the same period.

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Which Accounts Currently Have A Label

Currently, labels appear on relevant Twitter accounts from China, France, Russia, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, Germany, Italy, Japan, Cuba, Ecuador, Egypt, Honduras, Indonesia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Serbia, Spain, Thailand, Turkey, and the United Arab Emirates that are:

  • Government accounts heavily engaged in geopolitics and diplomacy
  • State-affiliated media entities
  • Individuals, such as editors or high-profile journalists, associated with state-affiliated media entities

This policy will be expanded to include additional countries in the future.

Additionally, labels will distinguish between individual government accounts and institutional government accounts.

Is It True That All Vpn Access Has Been Blocked

Twitter Temporarily Blocks Amul After ‘Exit The Dragon? Topical About China

This information, published by Bloomberg in 2017 and originating from an unknown source, was quite doubtful at the time and was quickly debunked by the Chinese Ministry of Industry.

China indeed started a campaign to limit VPN use in 2017, which reached its peak in 2018, but it was mainly focused on companies with headquarters in China, such as GreenVPN. Despite one-time attacks, this campaign was not extended to all VPNs, probably for two main reasons: technically speaking, its difficult to be able to block access to the global network, and because this could severely affect the Chinese economy .

In 2017 and 2018, many VPNs stopped working or their performance was seriously affected. During the following years, periodic campaigns of increased restrictions have taken place, reducing the functionality of many VPNs. However, some well-known VPN services continue to work well, and its unlikely that they will stop working. These types of campaigns have become common over the years, especially around important political or social events .

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Is Twitter Blocked In China

Yes, Twitter is blocked in China. Anyone who attempts to access the Twitter website will immediately see an error page. The apps feed will not refresh and new tweets cannot be posted.

Twitter was first blocked in China in 2009. This was preceded by a number of riots in the western capital of the Xinjiang province, Urumqi. Minority Muslim activists reportedly used Twitter and Facebook to communicate and organize the riots. The presumption is that the Chinese government was trying to block these sites due to their ease of use in spreading political and social commentary that is in direct contradiction to the Communist government.

Tip: to unblock Twitter, or any other site blocked in China, you will need a VPN. There are hundreds of VPNs but most wont work. Luckily, we maintain a list of VPNs that work in China!

Since the initial block in 2009, China has maintained that block status for the social media platform. Chinese authorities cannot control the content produced on Twitter, making it a danger to the ideals of the Communist Party. It is unlikely that the website will be unblocked any time in the future.

How To Access Twitter In China

Twitter is blocked in China, but a Virtual Private Network can provide access if youre visiting the country for tourism or work.

Unfortunately, the majority of VPN websites are also blocked in China. To ensure continued access to your Twitter account, your best option is to while youre outside of Chinas borders.

While you should exercise caution if you decide to use a VPN with Twitter within Chinas borders, you likely wont be prosecuted for doing so. The common practice is that China fights VPNs and Twitter by technologically blocking the services, and not by chasing after foreigners who use them.

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What You Need To Know

So whats the problem with using these tools? Well, there are a few problems, but the most important one is that the sites that are and arent blocked are constantly changing. Whether this is because some official has changed their mind about whats allowed, or because some shadowy algorithm has given the green light on a web page, is unclear.

The upshot is that the only way to find out for sure whether a site is accessible from the Peoples Republic is to go there and check for yourself.

How A Vpn Works In China

Websites blocked in China (140+) and how to accessing them

A VPN encrypts your internet traffic and reroutes it through its own global server network. This also keeps your personal data safe at all times from any spying third parties. However, remember that the protection of a VPN doesnt give you license to commit illegal acts .

Ideally, look for a server located close to China to reduce the latency time the physical distance a signal has to travel from your computer to the server youre using to access the Internet. Once youve picked a server, you can connect and begin keying in websites you want to visit.

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How To Access Twitter From China

With an average of over 200 million daily active users worldwide, the popular social media platform can be accessed in China only in the Hainan region. This decision is correlated with the Chinese governments wish to attract more tourists to the area.

For users who travel to China in other areas than Hainan, there is only one option for accessing Twitter.

Having a VPN for China.

Using a VPN is not against the law in China, therefore millions of users still get around the internet censorship program and manage to access many websites and apps that are normally blocked in China.


List Of Websites And Apps Blocked In China For 2022

June 1, 2022 By Josh Summers

What websites are blocked in China in 2022 This is a question that gets asked a lot, particularly among people who are planning to travel or move to China. It helps knowing what to expect, which is why Id like to give you a comprehensive list of blocked websites in China.

Starting in the late 1990s, China began monitoring and censoring the internet within its borders. That first decade of internet censorship flew mostly under the radar.

Everything changed in 2009.

For a number of different reasons, and due to a number of different incidents, the Chinese government began to feel threatened by the free access to information for its citizens, particularly with western social media platforms.

> I used to have a Blogspot blog in China. < what?>

> Email was sent freely through Gmail in China. < gasp!>

> I even read the Wall Street Journal in China. < the horror!>

Not anymore.

In order to do any of these things, I am now forced to use a VPN .

So as you plan your travels, your move or a business trip to China, its good to have an understanding of the blocked websites in China as well as the blocked apps in China.

Below, Id like to walk you through the list, followed by my personal tips from having survived and done business in China all these years.

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Accessing Twitter In China Step

  • Find a VPN that works in China: Not all VPNs work in China, and many have very poor performance. Before choosing a VPN, make sure that it has been recently tested in China.
  • : Once youve chosen a VPN, we recommend that you download the software and app before going to China, because once youre in China, this can be difficult. Remember that Google Play is blocked in China, and on the iOS App Market, you cant download any VPN apps.
  • Purchase the VPN service: The majority of the websites for VPN services popular in China are also blocked. Because of this, its a good idea to purchase the VPN before traveling to avoid complications.
  • Check with the technical department regarding the configuration recommended for China: Connecting your VPN in China can be difficult at times, so its a good idea to check with the technical department of your VPN regarding the recommended configuration for China.
  • Find Internet access: As we mention in the following paragraph, its relatively easy to connect to the global Internet in China.
  • Connect the VPN with the recommended configuration: Once you have Internet access, connect your VPN with the configuration that its technical department gave you. Sometimes, the VPN can take a few minutes to connect, but if it gives you a lot of problems, check with your provider.
  • Open Twitter
  • Tweet!
  • If youre already in China and you dont yet have a VPN, you can read our guide on .

    How To Know If A Website Is Blocked In China

    Gravitas: blocked in China

    The list published in this article is not exhaustive. Keep in mind that the situation is constantly changing: a website thats blocked today could work tomorrow and vice versa a website that works today could stop working in twenty minutes.

    To check whether a given website is blocked, you can just enter the URL into one of the numerous tools like the ones offered by Comparitech, guru99 or the Greatfire Analyzer.

    Besides, some websites are partially blocked, some go on and off and others, despite not being blocked, are so slow that they are practically unusable. The classic example is video calls on Skype: the connection is often so slow that youll want to skip the call.

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    How To Access Blocked Websites In China

    If youre not already aware, there are ways to access websites and apps that are blocked in China. Its a technology known as a Virtual Private Network, or VPN for short.

    Pretty much any expat who has lived in China for more than 6 months uses a VPN on a daily basis. Ive used them for almost 10 years.

    In short, a VPN works by encrypting your connection to a server in another country . When you access the internet, you see it as if you were in that country that doesnt have censorship, as opposed to China.

    Theyre easy to use and contrary to what you might think, theyre not technically illegal for foreign expats or travelers to use.

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