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Is Linkedin Profinder Worth It

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Does Linkedin Profinder Work

How Do I Join LinkedIn ProFinder?

Lets state the obvious, first: LinkedIn ProFinder is just one of many marketing strategies you can use to find clients.

Letters of introduction, query letters, in-person networking, social media marketing, and even cold calling, for example, still work.

If you want to move up, earn more, and make a full-time living as a freelancer, youll need to spend a chunk of time marketing consistently.

Want to know if LinkedIn ProFinder can help you land more freelance clients? Heres what you need to know:

Best Linkedin Profile Writing Services 2021 Us + Ca

Find My Profession

We have provided an in-depth review of the best LinkedIn profile writing services. Review our advertising disclosure.

is the fastest growing business-focused social media site in the world.

Did you know that over ? Equally shocking is the fact that more than 70% off employers use social media to screen candidates before hiring?

Whether you are applying to jobs or networking, your LinkedIn profile can either make or break you.

It’s not surprising that there are more than 300 LinkedIn profile writing services in the United States alone.

To help, our research team has taken the time to identify the best LinkedIn services.

Whom Can You Hire With Linkedin Profinder

ProFinder specializes in a few freelancer categories, however. These include graphic designers, marketers, developers, and what they call “other services.”

Their team of freelance graphic designers specializes in logos, graphics, and web content. The marketers they offer focus on social media, SEO, and digital content. If you need a developer, you can find one for web content, software development, or applications.

Otherwise, you can also find help with career coaching, graphic design, accounting, or even freelance writing. They further subdivide categories into things like real estate, business consulting, IT services, and much more.

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How Does Linkedin Profinder Work

The freelancer registers with Profinder. All you need is a .

LinkedIn Profinder vets the freelancer via their profile. What does it look for? A profile photo, a background photo, LinkedIn Pulse articles, recommendations, and relevant experience related to the services you want to provide.

LinkedIn Profinder notifies the freelancer by email of incoming project requests that match their areas of expertise. Profinder states that it also attempts to evenly distribute proposal requests among pros in order to give everyone an opportunity. It allows the freelancer to log on and see all the requests, not just those they received by email.

The requests are brief in format, and include a location, time frame, and short description.

The freelancer reviews the proposal request and, if it looks like a good fit, sends an initial proposal. The proposal is a fillable form that includes a fee amount, a phone number and a text field where you can write your proposal.

LinkedIn Profinder emails a notification that your proposal has been received. Then its up to the requesting prospect to follow up. If they dont, you will hear nothing more.

Freelancers can choose not to respond to a request.

The prospective client receives up to 5 proposals with links to the freelancers LinkedIn profiles, and pursues what they think are good fits. Its also notable that the proposal request expires in 24 hours.

Linkedin Profinder Costs For Freelancers

guest blog post is linkedin profinder worth the

If youre a freelancer looking for clients, LinkedIn ProFinder is free initially. You can submit up to ten proposals at no charge. This is possible because they want you to get a feel for the service and see if it actually does help you find clients.

Once youve submitted ten proposals, if youd like to keep using the marketplace, youll need to upgrade your LinkedIn account to Premium. As I mentioned in this is not an insignificant amount. At $59.99 per month, youll end up paying $719.88 per year to use the service. If you pay for a year in advance, youll save about 25% , but its still pretty hefty. That price point is why they let you test drive the system before asking you to commit to a fee.

However, this fee gets you more than just the ability to submit proposals and find clients through ProFinder.

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The Competition: Linkedin Profinder Vs Zipjob

We found our resume writer from LinkedIn ProFinder to be more amenable to meeting our needs than the writer for ZipJob. With our ProFinder writer, we had a nice phone conversation, followed by a delivery of our product two days later than promised. The writer from ZipJob was not as flexible. They delivered our resume on the last day of the deadline.

The most important component of a resume writing service is the quality of the resume they write, and ZipJob came out ahead in this regard, despite producing a six-line Summary containing multiple clichés. ProFinders writer delivered a Summary that was four lines long with no clichés. ZipJobs writer formatted a Skills area that was dense and harder to read than ProFinders however, it listed more industry-related skills.

Experience is the resumes most important section, so we weighed it heaviest when comparing the resumes we received from all the writing services we reviewed. While our ZipJob writer didnt include a job summary, they did add more value to our candidates resume than ProFinders writer by writing more descriptive accomplishments and duties. Although we were more impressed with ProFinders Education and Training sections, we couldnt get past the lack of effort they put into the Experience section. In the end, we found the quality of our resume from ZipJob to be narrowly superior to LinkedIn ProFinder.

Resume Writer Was Attentive but Not Stellar

Who Should Use Alternative Platforms

Any honest review of LinkedIn Learning would be incomplete without introducing other options. This section explains who should use different eLearning platforms to get the most bang for their buck.

  • Those with a passing or amateur interest in a subject should opt for free courses. There are many platforms providing excellent content without requiring a subscription.
  • People who want to take traditional academic courses, for example in history or literature, are better off using other platforms like Coursera or Edx.
  • Those who want to learn creative skills like photography, animation, or graphic design should check out Skillshare.
  • People who want to learn tech skills, especially coding, machine learning, or data science should consider Udemy or DataCamp.
  • Those who want to learn coding have many options, but you should consider Coursera or Codecademy for free courses, and perhaps Udemy for advanced paid courses.
  • People who want to learn SEO should check out the amazing content online from big names like Ahrefs, Neil Patel, , and Backlinko that you should use them for a foundational understanding of search engine optimization.

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Linkedin Profinder Costs For Businesses

Small businesses and individuals who are looking for outside help are in luck. It is completely free to submit project requests. It doesnt matter what kind of professional you need to hire, or how many. According to LinkedIn ProFinder Support in early 2018, the service is completely free for anyone whos looking to post a project and hire an independent professional via the platform.

What Is A Linkedin Profile Writing Service

How to Get Approved on LinkedIn ProFinder?

A LinkedIn profile writing service is an increasingly popular option for job seekers to become more marketable during their job search.

With over 70% of employers checking social media to screen candidates, its no wonder LinkedIn profile writers are in such demand.

A LinkedIn profile writing service is essentially a resume makeover, but for your LinkedIn.

Most people who offer LinkedIn profile makeovers also offer resume writing as a service.

A good LinkedIn profile writing service will ensure that your LinkedIn profile attracts the right recruiters, uses appropriate keywords, and represents you in the best light possible.

In most cases, the best deals for LinkedIn makeovers can be found when you bundle your LinkedIn profile with a brand new resume.

For example, Find My Profession charges $649 for a LinkedIn makeover alone. However, when you bundle this with a resume, the LinkedIn profile service comes out to only $200 .

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Is Linkedins New Freelance Marketplace Worth The Effort

Platforms for connecting potential workers with clients are not a new idea. Between TaskRabbit, Amazons Mechanical Turk, and even the now-ubiquitous Uber, technology has facilitated an explosion of so-calledservice networkingthough not without controversy. While some see the platforms as increasing choice and easing payment for both client and worker, many claim they drive down market prices and skirt regulations meant to protect laborers.

In mid-October, LinkedIn decided to get in on the action. The famous online networking tool launched a pilot version of ProFinder, its new platform for connecting freelancers with clients that leverages LinkedIns already massive network of worker profiles.

We are exploring how we can help connect freelance professionals with consumers looking for design, writing and editing, or accounting services on LinkedIn, a LinkedIn spokesperson told me. For the moment, the test has been limited to the Bay Area.

I was skeptical. In my experience, online job marketplaces come down to survival of the cheapest. Visit Fiverr, UpWork, Craiglist, Guru, and youll find plenty of freelancers willing to write articles, design logos, and edit your work for less than the price of a Starbucks frappuccino.

However, Id never know unless I tried.

How Linkedin Profinder Works

Whether you’re looking to have a new logo designed or want an update to your website, the platform was developed to connect you to the right freelancer.

To use it, you answer some questions about whatever service you need. Next, ProFinder will put you in contact with freelance professionals in your network who are local to you and vetted for their experience.

Then, you can expect to get up to five proposals from those freelancers. The proposals will be free, including pricing information, and have a personalized message. Plus, you’ll get access to the freelancer’s LinkedIn profile to see if they have the experience you’re looking for.

ProFinder claims that if you have trouble picking which freelancer is right for you, then they have a concierge team to help you make your decision.

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What Is Linkedin Profinder

LinkedIn ProFinder is a marketplace for business owners looking for local freelancers. The service is good for business owners because it cuts short the time they usually spend to find the right person for a specific project.

Its also an opportunity for freelancers because it gives them a platform to connect with local employers. Since LinkedIn ProFinder matches clients with providers based on their LinkedIn profiles, both can be assured of receiving the best match.

But how exactly does LinkedIn ProFinder work? In this comprehensive guide, well review LinkedIn ProFinder and how to use it. Lets dive in.

Return On Your Investment

The Ultimate LinkedIn Guide to find High

I used ProFinder for a month during the free trial, and then signed up for the service. The results were moderate. I entered several proposals, and managed to land two of them. Both were with companies I probably would not have landed any other way. One was $1100, while the other was a $600 gig and went pretty quickly.

So is it worth it? Well, a $1700 return on a $60 a month investment is not too bad, but it will take more time and development to see if this is a viable long-term solution. If I get even a $600 one-off gig with a company per month, the investment will pay for itself, and the potential for ongoing contracts is worth pursuing.

Is LinkedIn ProFinder worth it? It depends. Where do you live? What freelance services do you offer? What are you spending on marketing in other areas?

The long term viability of LinkedIn ProFinder is still up in the air for me. But it is easy to submit proposals, and so far the time and money Ive spent has not outweighed the benefits. It never hurts to try it for a month for free.

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Profinder: What Freelance Writers Say

If you want to get the most out of LinkedIn ProFinder to grow your freelance writing business, theres a lot more to it than sitting around waiting for leads to come in.

It requires solid negotiation skills. You need to be persistent. You need to develop an eye for reasonable jobs. And just because you get a lead through LinkedIn ProFinder doesnt mean that person will pay pro rates.

To find out what its like to use LinkedIn ProFinder gig, we got real-world reports from two writers about their experience using this lead generation tool.

How Freelancers Can Find Clients On Linkedin Profinder

If your application is successful, youll get an acceptance letter in your inbox. Unlike other freelance jobs platforms where you can search for projects, you need to be invited to apply. Heres how it works:

When the employer submits a project, LinkedIn ProFinders algorithm looks into its database and notifies freelancers based on the following criteria:

  • Location. The freelancer should be geographically close to the employer. If there are not enough people within the specified area, the radius is expanded.
  • Services offered. The freelancers expertise must match the project requirements.
  • Matching profile keywords.
  • Completeness of profile. The more complete the freelancers profile, the better.

Notifications are sent to qualified freelancers using a drip model. In other words, ProFinder will continue to notify freelancers fitting the criteria until five proposals are received or 48 hours pass, whichever comes first.

If you get a notification, you will have to compete with four other freelancers for the gig by writing a professional email and a proposal that stands out. Here are some of the things you need to include and ways to set yourself apart:

Submit your proposal by clicking on the Submit button in the email notification, or by clicking View in your Client Requests folder. The client will contact you directly if you win the bid.

Remember, you can submit ten proposals for free, so take advantage of them.

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Land More Work With Linkedin Profinder

If youre looking for another way to connect with LinkedIn prospects, then ProFinder might just be a great addition to your other forms of marketing. Check it out on LinkedIn, take advantage of the free 10 free proposals you can submit, and see what happens.

Have you used LinkedIn ProFinder to land freelance writing clients? Lets discuss on my page.

Kaitlin Morrison is a freelance healthcare and finance writer in Moses Lake, Wash. You can find her online at

Are Great Clients Using Profinder To Find Freelancers

Linkedin Services (Profinder’s new look) – #Linkedin Masterminds Episode 64

Most clients using ProFinder to find freelancers80% are small businesses , reports Elaine Pofeldt in

Thats not good for freelance writers, editors, designers, and other creative professionals. Large businesses are usually the best clients for usbecause they:

  • Understand the value of freelancers
  • Are willing to pay us what were worth
  • Have an ongoing need for freelancers.

The wood cabinet-maker was a small business owner, as were all of the other project requests Ive gotten through ProFinder.

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Linkedin Profinder Mega Guide To A Freelance Marketplace

If you are a business or individual with a business project to get done, find freelance pros without charge on LinkedIn Profinder.

If you are a freelancer or consultant, find good clients.

Start here ==> for an . This post will give you the overview of LinkedIns freelance marketplace service.

Learn whether LinkedIn ProFinder is free and about any ProFinder cost to businesses or freelancers. See also details about its Free Trial.

Improve Your Linkedin Profile

Before you can start cashing in on LinkedIn Profinder leads, you need to beef up your LinkedIn presence.

Your profile is the primary way LinkedIn Profinder is going to recommend you to potential clients looking for a writer.

Here are some things to consider to improve your LinkedIn profile:

  • Whats your niche?
  • What industries do you want to work in and write for?
  • Are you connected with people in the niche industry you write for?
  • Does your profile showcase relevant writing samples related to your niche?
  • Have you updated your skills and experience to stand out as the writer in your niche?
  • Does your profile include testimonials or recommendations from your clients?

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Keep The Conversation Going

Over 10,000 of us are having daily conversations over in our and we’d love to see you there. Join us!

Adam Franklin is the author of Web Marketing That Works and he helps people win high-value clients via . His free marketing templates and ‘Bluewire News’ emails are received by 40,000 professionals worldwide. Connect on .

S To Get Started On Linkedin Profinder

Is LinkedInâs New Freelance Marketplace Worth the Effort?

Whether youre an employer or a freelancer, you need a LinkedIn account before you can use ProFinder. If youre not signed in to a LinkedIn account, youll be directed to sign in. If you dont have an account yet, click Join Now.

Input your email address, create a password, and enter your first and last name:

Unlike other social media channels, you should always use your legal name on LinkedIn. On the next page, youll be directed to enter your current role and recent work history:

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Linkedins Profinder Puts The Free In Freelance

by Sara Plott | Strategy

LinkedIn recently launched a freelance-for-hire service theyve dubbed ProFinder. The service matches people looking for a service or product with a qualified freelance professional.

LinkedIns search function links the client to the best freelance option based on categories, keywords, search terms, connections, and physical location, if its pertinent.

As of now the ProFinder service is 100% free for both the searcher and those wanting-to-be-searched.

Its free, but if you would like to be featured in certain categories pull out the plastic. Yes, being featured will cost you, but prominent placement on LinkedIn may be just what your freelance shop needs.

For the cost free and the exposure 420 million members in 200 countries ProFinder is probably worth looking into.

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