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Is Google Account Same As Gmail

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Basics Of Email And Gmail

How to Change Your Gmail Password | Change Google Account Password

Email refers to the whole process of exchanging electronic messages over the web where the mails not only carry text but also many different multimedia content including images, graphics, and videos. Gmail is just an email service offered by Google and its one of the most popular email clients in the world followed by other services such as Yahoo mail, Outlook, Rediffmail, WebMail, and more.

Choice Of Username For The Mailbox

Think carefully if you want to remain anonymous or on the contrary highlight your identity . In the latter case, try the format firstname.lastname even if it is probably already used

If Google says the address is already taken, try adding a word associated with you, it will help you find a free address without having to add lots of numbers.

Should You Use Gmail Or Google Workspace

The answer to that questions depends entirely on your use case. Gmail was designed explicitly for personal use. Although its certainly one of the best free email services on the market today with a wide range of additional features, it lacks many of the capabilities that would make it appropriate for business use.

Google Workspace, on the other hand, was developed with enterprises in mind. Google Workspace provides businesses with custom domains for email address, group email addresses, a full suite of workplace productivity and collaboration apps, 24/7 support, enterprise-level resource ownership and administrative controls.

These last two items are especially important from a business perspective: Any time an employee leaves a company, their access to company files and data must be immediately rescinded in order to prevent them from potentially sharing sensitive information. Google Workplace makes it easy to do so by granting administrative users the ability to change individual account credentials, essentially locking former employees out of their company-provided Google Accounts.

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Gmail Vs G Suite Control And Admin Differences

Gmailas Gmail is designed for more personal use than business use, youre in full control of the admin.

G Suite as mentioned earlier, G Suite is designed for businesses, so the accounts are centrally managed by the control admin. Email addresses are created for each member of your team, and the admin retain full control over how these are used. This covers every aspect of the account right up to the password level. As a business owner, its essential to keep control of the data for your business.

Can I Use Gmail Without A Google Account

How to recover your Gmail account when youâve forgotten your Email ID ...

Yes, you can. SINGAPORE Good news: You can now use Gmail without owning a Gmail account. Starting Thursday , Google will allow users to log in with their Yahoo Mail or Hotmail/ may refer to:, a URL used by Microsoft for their and OneDrive products. Windows Live, a discontinued brand name for a set of services and software products from Microsoft. Windows Live Personalized Experience, a web portal formerly known as wiki Wikipedia accounts.

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The Googlemailcom Domain: For Two Countries

Alternatively, is for Gmail users of a particular country where Gmail, as a trademark, was already taken. Those countries originally were Germany, the Russian Federation, and Poland. In each case, the Gmail trademark was unavailable, so Google was forced to use googlemail and therefore instead.

In Poland, the Gmail trademark domain is owned by a Polish poet group, Grupa Mlodych Artystów iLiteratówwhich is abbreviated GMAiL. In the Russian Federation, the trademark is owned by a Russian mail redirect service, So, with the Gmail trademark already taken, users there were assigned an email address of the format: .

As of 2012, the situation with Germany was straightened out and new users to Gmail there get assigned a domain. People who signed up for Gmail prior to this switch have the option to switch to using as well. In order to do that, they would go to the Accounts tab under Settings. The good thing about this changeif you havent already done itis that Gmail will smartly update everything, so that there will be no disruption in receiving emails. For example, if someone emails you to your old address, it will automatically arrive at your inbox.

In fact, and point to the same mailbox. You can test this out right now by sending an email to yourself by taking your normal email address and using the domain. Youll get the email instantly, proving that these domains are the same.

S To Setup A Google Account With An Already Existing Email

Robert Williams |October 31, 2016

Be honest: how many email accounts do you have? Now actually be honest: How many email accounts do you use? If your answer is one to both questions, congratulations! You win at the internet! If it took you a while to count, please read on.

Logging in to tools is a major reason why many of us have multiple email accounts. Things like Google Analytics, Search Console, Google My Business, Google +, and Bing Webmaster tools all require emails registered with either Google or Microsoft to gain access. Nobody has time to keep track of all of this .

Im about to share with you a step by step guide on how you can clean up your logins and use a single email account with these tools. Its as simple as setting up an already existing email account with Google. Theres a very similar process to setting up a Microsoft account with a non-Microsoft email that Ill cover in a different blog someday.

I highly, highly, highly recommend that you create/dedicate an email on your companys domain name rather than using a free Hotmail, yahoo or inbox account. If you dont have an email on your firms domain give us a call so we can help.

Please note: if your firms email is hosted through G Suite , then youre already registered with Google! If your firms email is hosted through Exchange or Office 365, then youre already registered with Microsoft!

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Alternate Google Account Email Addresses

A Google Account consists of:

  • Google account email address : it cannot be changed
  • Recovery email address : optional, it helps to reinforce security. This is where Google contacts you if there is unusual activity on your account or if you have access issues. to set your recovery email address.
  • Contact email address : Google will send you information about most of the products you use with this account. This is not necessarily a Gmail address. to find your contact address or add a new one.
  • Secondary email addresses : these are email addresses that you can use to log into your account, in addition to the primary address. They can also be used to contact you if you lose access to your account. to view them or add a secondary address.
  • About me profile email addresses: addresses that you can share with others in different Google products such as Drive or Photos.

Whats The Difference Between A Free Gmail Account And A Google Workspace Account

The difference between Google Account, Gmail and Workspace (GSuite)

Free Gmail accounts provide a basic collection of Google services, and a low amount of online storage.

accounts have higher storage limits, and online document tools, often meaning that you can save money on other services you have been paying for, such as Office Tools, Digital Drive tools, Communication and Calendar tools.

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Folders And Labels: Outlook Makes It Easy By Using Both

  • Uses labels and separate folders.

  • Supports categories for more organization options.

  • Counterintuitive labeling system.

Folders vs. labels are the most significant difference between and Gmail. Unlike Gmail’s counterintuitive labeling system, uses both labels and .

Because uses categories instead of labels, it’s possible to tag email messages with multiple categories and save those emails in different folders, which is ideal for searching and retrieving messages later.

Microsoft nailed it with this dual-feature offering. For many users, this is enough for them to switch from Gmail to

Google Mail In Poland

In Poland, a group of poets abbreviated their name Grupa Mlodych Artystów i Literatów as for their website, causing problems for Google in using the Gmail name. However, as of today, media monitoring services say the Polish website is no longer available. Finally, Gmail is active in Poland.

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Composing Email: Gmail Allows More Space

  • Compose window can be as big as you want.

  • You can make the Compose window a separate window.

One failing in is that the compose window, where you write emails, is small. You can adjust the size slightly, but it can be hard to compose emails if you embed pictures or want a distraction-free interface.

The Gmail compose window, in contrast, can be as large as you want it to be. It’s small when you select Compose, but you can select Full-screen to make it larger. You can also make it a separate window by holding the Shiftkey and selecting Compose, limiting distractions.

Summary Of Email Verses Gmail

The Gmail Security Gap: Few People Use Two

Email is a general term used to describe the whole process of sending and receiving electronic messages over a secured communication network called the internet, whereas Gmail is one of the many email clients owned by Google used to exchange digital messages either over the web or through third party applications using POP and IMAP protocols. Both may sound similar but they are distinct terms used differently. Email is nothing but a means of communication whereas Gmail is a platform through which Email can be sent or received.

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What Do I Do If I Cant Access My Gmail Account

If youre having trouble logging into your Google account because you cant remember your email address, go to Googles Find My Email page and follow the prompts. Youll need to be able to provide the full name associated with your account, as well as the phone number or the recovery email address associated with it.Oct 7, 2020

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Abbreviation Of Email And Gmail

Email is short for electronic mail which refers to the digital messages exchanged over a communication network within electronic devices such as laptop, smartphone, etc. Email refers to the whole process to sending and receiving electronic messages via the internet, whereas Gmail is one of the many Email service providers or you can say Email clients.

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Gmail Vs G Suite Cost Differences

Gmailone of the most significant advantages of Gmail is that its free. Thats also true when you have a Google account. The services are limited, but free.

G Suite G Suite is a paid service, and ownership of the account lies with the person who created it or is given admin rights. Because of this, G Suite is essentially the paid version of Gmail and Google accounts, but with access to a few more business tools.

Google recently made changes to its pricing system, and at the time of writing, these are the US prices:

  • Business Starter $6/month per user
  • Business Standard $12/month per user
  • Business Plus $18/month per user
  • Enterprise for the Enterprise pricing, you need to contact their sales team

Its Business Not Personal

What is the difference between Google, Gmail and Workspace (GSuite)

But lastly, if you have a business, with several Google Workspace users, and one of them leaves, you still have access to the email, and ultimate control of the account. With free Gmail / Google accounts, you do not. The free accounts are issued to individuals. Google Workspace accounts are issued to businesses, with the users held within them.

The Google Workspace account belongs to the business. A Gmail account belongs to the user. Big difference if that user is an employee of your company.

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Second Address In The Same Account Or Disposable/temporary Gmail Address

The trick that follows is not so well known, and yet it is very practical!

You can create as many secondary addresses as you want, in the same Gmail account, without having to configure anything anywhere. In the form field, just use the + sign which is used to make an alias .

If your Gmail address is then you can give the address +holidays to whoever you want, you will receive emails.

You can create as many aliases as you want. As many Gmail addresses as needed. For every child, every activity, every event, etc. Even disposable !

Even better: you can create filters in Gmail to automatically sort messages based on alias.

So you dont need to go through the creation of an address on Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo or other free messaging.

Google Mail In United Kingdom

A year after launch, Gmail was forced to rebrand itself as Google Mail in United Kingdom when Independent International Investment Research claimed it had already been using the name Gmail for its web mail applications for two years. The London based firm originally requested a settlement fee that Google refused to pay as it was considered exorbitant. After five years of dispute, and a large payment to IIIR, Google was finally able to use Gmail as a trademark in 2010. One software engineer estimated the change would save 60 million keystrokes a day because gmail is 50% shorter than googlemail. Unfortunately, this made less news than the press T-Mobile throttling received.

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The Phone Number Associated With The Gmail Account

As you have noticed, Google requires a phone number to finalize the creation of your account.

  • its good because it helps secure the account, especially with 2-factor authentication
  • but its less good if you want to remain discreet and not give everything to Google

A trick is to provide a number during the registration phase, but after indicating the code received by SMS, you can delete the phone number before finalizing the creation of the account.

This number can be that of a third party, or even yours but which you will then delete.

Tip: There are more pros than cons to giving your real number. Indeed, the consequences of hacking your Gmail mailbox are often serious. You might as well use all possible means to protect your account, especially since it doesnt just concern Gmail but all the Google services you will use.

Features In Email And Gmail

How to Create a Gmail Account on your Phone or PC

Email is just a general term to describe electronic mail its just a means of digital message transmission over a communication network such as the internet. Gmail is the most popular Email client that is packed with additional features such as inbuilt virus protection, spam filtering, scheduling, Email reminder, Recurring Emails, and more.

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Why Reset Your Gmail Password

Gmail provides a huge amount of storage space for your emails, so it’s very rare that you’ll ever need to delete anything. Handy if you need to find something you received years ago, but not so great if your account is compromised.

Your Gmail account is probably a treasure trove for personal and financial information, with nuggets of valuable data cached in your inbox, archived messages and sent folder. Bank account details, scanned passports and birth certificates, addresses and phone numbers it’s all there for the taking.

If you’ve any reason to suspect that your account details may have been published, or it’s been a long time since you last updated them, reset your Gmail password as soon as possible to protect yourself.

User Experience: The Outlookcom Ui Is Cleaner

  • Send messages in rich or plain text.

  • Can view one email at a time, if desired.

  • Gmail UI can seem cluttered with fewer customization options.

Both and Gmail can compose email messages in either plain text or rich text. If you choose rich text, you can format messages with bold, italic, and underlined text. You can select font color, insert tables, add hyperlinks, indent text, and make lists. These options appear on a single line in the compose menu. sets itself apart with its clean UI. supports tabs, which enable you to open email messages in separate tabs within one page. This feature makes it easy to track which emails you need to look at again without marking those messages as unread.

The immersive reader feature in helps you focus on one email and nothing else. Right-click or Control-click a message, and then select View> Show in immersive reader. The email fills the whole page and blocks everything else to help you concentrate. There’s also an option to have read the text to you, describe each word, and more.

In comparison, the Gmail UI can seem cluttered and offers fewer options for customization, though it has been redesigned for a more streamlined look than in its early days.

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Gmail Vs Google Mail There Is A Difference

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You see, the trademark Gmail was already registered in a couple of countries specifically Russia, Germany, and Poland.

This meant that Google could not use Gmail branding in these locations. Google also initially launched Gmail as Google Mail in the UK too.

It was only in 2010 that Google Mail became Gmail in the UK.

In 2004, however, Google needed a workaround for Russia, Germany, and Poland,

This meant it didnt have to pay to license Gmail from the IP owners.

Thrifty as ever, Google opted to create with Google Mail, so Gmail accounts in Germany, Poland, and Russia got, while the rest of the world got

In Poland, the Gmail trademark domain is owned by a Polish poet group, Grupa Mlodych Artystów i Literatówwhich is abbreviated GMAiL. In the Russian Federation, the trademark is owned by a Russian mail redirect service, So, with the Gmail trademark already taken, users there were assigned an email address of the format: .


As of 2012, Google managed to resolve the issue in Germany, so German Google Mail users could switch to Gmail if they wanted to.

You dont need to, of course, as Google set up Gmail so that and emails both point to the same address, so it doesnt matter which you have.

Emails sent to will go to the same address as

You can even add a dot inside your Gmail or Google Mail email address , for instance and it will still send it to

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