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Is Advertising On Linkedin Effective

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Layer Your Targeting Options

How to Create Effective LinkedIn Ads by Yourself (Guide)

As we saw earlier, theres no shortage of LinkedIn advertising targeting options. As a digital marketer, you should be thrilled about thismore targeting options means more valuable opportunities! Allow me to explain.

No matter which digital advertising platform youre looking at, the whole point of targeting options is to enable advertisers to reach the people most likely to become their customers. LinkedIn, of course, is no exception. The closer you can get to reaching your ideal customer, the less money youll waste on impressions and clicks from users who present no value to your business. Layering multiple LinkedIn targeting options is the only way to do this.

Lets say youre using LinkedIn advertising to promote a software solution that helps small restaurants optimize their online presence. If targeting users who work in the food service industry is the only parameter you set, youre going to waste a ton of money. Alternatively, if you layer a variety of parameters in order to target owners of small restaurants, youd drive substantially better results!

A word of warning: Dont layer your LinkedIn advertising targeting options too much. If you go too far, youll target an extremely narrow audience and miss some valuable opportunities.

Choose Your Target Audience

First, you must choose a location, and then you have the option of adding job title, company name, industry type and personal or professional interests.

If its your first campaign, a target audience of at least 50,000 for Sponsored Content and Text Ads. For Message Ads, 15,000 is best.

You also have the option of connecting with people you already know through Matched Audiences. You can do this by retargeting people whove visited your website or uploading a list of email contacts.

Learn more about Matched Audiences here:

Post Useful And Engaging Content

LinkedIn is a professional network where people from different industries come to learn about the happenings in their industry and join relevant discussions.;Contrary to popular belief, it is much more than just a job portal. A lot of people spend time reading valuable content on LinkedIn, posted by other experts in their field.

What does that mean for you? This provides you with a unique opportunity to establish yourself as an industry thought leader and build your own following. You can do that by writing about trending industry topics and giving your unique viewpoint on it.;

Here are some useful ideas on what kind of content works on LinkedIn:

  • Blog posts on current and trending topics that provide actionable insights to your target audience.
  • Another popular type of content on LinkedIn is industry research. You can provide statistics or other information on whats happening in the industry.
  • You can also share the latest industry news as that is something a lot of your audience might be interested in.
  • Listicles work well on LinkedIn just like they do on any other platform. People like it when you make a specific promise and then deliver on it.
  • You can also use this platform to tell your followers whats happening with your company. Whether there is a new product launch or an event that is about to happen, you can share it all with your professional network.

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Follow Best Practices For Sponsored Content

Video ads are one form of Sponsored Content on LinkedIn. Make the most of your campaigns with tips for creating effective ads. Be descriptive about the video in the ad headline and text. This will help your audience understand your message. Feature a clear CTA , so your audience knows how to act on their interest. Be specific with ad targeting, but not so specific that you narrow your audience. Choose location and two other targeting criteria to start, and follow;ad targeting best practices. Get more;Sponsored Content tips;to maximize results from your video ad campaign.

Determining If Linkedin Ads Are A Good Fit

LinkedIn Ad Examples for Inspiration

First things first, LinkedIn prospects are not necessarily sales-ready. By this I mean that they are not necessarily looking for your product or service, but they may be interested in it once educated via content .

With LinkedIn ads, you are targeting users in hopes that they are interested in what you have to offer or are at least near interested in having a conversation with you.;

LinkedIn ads are what we call disruptive marketing, and unlike Google, where you can spend your advertising dollars on user intent , you are placing yourself into a LinkedIn member’s newsfeed without them asking for it.

The analogy I like to use is a cabby looking for a fair vs. a chauffeur looking for their customer. The cabby is trying to get the attention of anyone walking by who might need a ride , while the chauffeur is looking for a specific customer .

This leads to the next important question: can your product or service withstand the longer, more nurturing-focused sales cycle that characterizes LinkedIn ads?

Based on LinkedIns higher cost-per-click, companies with smaller deal sizes or smaller margins will have trouble seeing a positive return on investment.

You will want a large enough deal size in the end to help offset your upfront cost to ensure a return on your ad spend.

SAAS companies, software solutions, technology companies, and other B2B companies with larger deal sizes often find the most success with LinkedIn ads.

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Carefully Select The Content You Share Based On The Type Of Ad You’re Creating

As mentioned earlier, you’ll want to determine what content you’re sharing with audience members based on the type of ad you’re creating. Refer to your customer segments here to help you effectively tailor content to those audience members and where they are in the customer journey when working through this step.;

As a recap, along with examples of the content you may include:;

  • Sponsored content: Single image ads, video ads, carousel ads, and event ads; ideal for highly-engaged audiences in the LinkedIn Newsfeed.;
  • Sponsored messaging: Conversation Ads, Message Ads; ideal for engaging audience members in LinkedIn Messaging.;
  • Lead generation forms: Lead generation forms; ideal for creating pre-filled forms for LinkedIn ads.
  • Text and dynamic ads: Text ads, spotlight ads, follower ads; ideal for running ads in the LinkedIn right rail.

Linkedin Advertising Targeting Options

This is where LinkedIn advertising;gets exciting. The targeting on this social platform is better than most. Its regularly updated and thorough, because professionals like to brag about all of their promotions and achievements. Members contribute their own job titles, company names, seniority, professional interests, and more. With over 500 million members consisting of 73 million senior-level influencers and 45 million decision makers, its extremely likely your LinkedIn ads;are;going to land in front of the right eyeballs.

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Linkedin Clicks Are Expensive

Itâs true that in most Linkedin ads accounts, the cost per click is outrageous. Almost to a degree where it is not justifiable from a business perspective.

The highest cost per click I have seen so far? 98,73â¬.

But this doesnât have to be the case for you.

In this guide, Iâll explain how to lower your CPCâs to a degree where it actually makes sense to run Linkedin ads. If you want to take your skills to the next level, is perfect for you.

The Verdict On Linkedin Ads

How to Run Successful LinkedIn Ads [Guide]

Think of LinkedIn as the premium option.

If you have enough cash to pay for the higher CPC, and if you have products and services that can create a positive ROAS, LinkedIn ads are likely worth the investment.

Conversions are key.

In addition to ROAS, keep a close eye on your conversion rates. If the goal of your campaign is to get people to download your whitepaper, make sure to responsibly report and recognize the key performance indicators of your campaigns every month.

However, if the higher price tag and business-minded audiences dont seem like the right fit for your products or services, proceed with caution, and consider a more ubiquitous way of investing your ad money: Google and/or Facebook advertising.

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How Does Linkedin Targeting Work

helps you run a successful advertising campaign that’s because when you target the right people, it leads to greater engagement and more conversions.

With LinkedIn, the process of selecting the audience you’re going to target works the same way, no matter which type of ad you select.

When establishing who it is you’re going to target, LinkedIn provides over 20 different audience attributes and targeting categories that you can select from examples include company name, company size, member groups, member interests, member schools, job title, job seniority, and skills.

Linkedin Programmatic Display Ads

LinkedIn joined the fray of programmatic offerings, which is great news for B2B advertisers who rarely have good options for targeting. With these display ads, you can target the largest professional audience based on intent or personas but more on LinkedIn advertising targeting options later. In terms of ad creative, its your run-of-the-mill display ads. Marketers can choose their preferred demand-side platform or trading desk and buy inventory through open or private auctions.

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Plan Video Content Based On Your Objective

Content is at the heart of a successful video ad campaign keep it concise, visually compelling, and focus on the storytelling to drive your point home. Identify your objective before creating content, so that your video aligns with the type of success you want to drive. Here are key content types for each objective.For brand awareness and consideration: ; Position yourself as a thought leader ; Tell your brand story ; Share stories of customer successFor conversion: Show a quick demo of your product Give a sneak peek of your webinar; ; Preview your event; Get inspiration and how-to tips for;creating powerful video content.

You Cant Generate Leads On Linkedin

LinkedIn Ad Examples for Inspiration

When I walk into companies asking how many leads and sales they are getting from LinkedIn Campaigns, I almost always get the same answers:

  • We donât run Linkedin lead generation campaigns because they donât work.
  • We tried them before but nobody seems to convert.
  • Our agency is only running traffic campaigns.
  • Our goal is not to generate leads but âbrand awarenessâ, whatever that may mean.

As shown in the screenshot above. It is perfectly possible to gather leads on LinkedIn, you just have to understand the dynamics of the platform.

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A Guide To Do Effective Content Marketing On Linkedin

Don’t always try to sell, instead be helpful by sharing your unique piece of knowledge with your target audience


LinkedIn marketing today is one of the most effective gimmicks to reach the target audience and one of the best places to meet professionals and connect with them.

The wider your network, the better are your prospects for reaching out to the target audience. With the growing content marketing trend on LinkedIn, people consider it as the finest platforms for sourcing professionally relevant content. No doubt, with such a targeted content format, LinkedIn surpassed Twitter for content marketing; and became a hub for promoting every kind of business related content.

LinkedIn serves as an essential platform for marketers to promote their products, but the question that is put forth is whether every kind of content gets the desired visibility or not.

To be honest, it is not always possible to get the exposure you want with the content, but if you are active enough on LinkedIn, you can target the audience of your choice and reach them quickly.

Content Marketing Planning Framework for LinkedIn

While content marketing primarily rides on the pillars of producing content that might resonate with the audience beyond your target audience, content marketing on LinkedIn works heavily on making content that helps you attract relevant industry stakeholders.

Organizations looking forward to getting most out of content on LinkedIn should consider the following steps:

Tips For Building An Effective Linkedin B2b Marketing Strategy

Businesses move from liking to leading when they look beyond social media to see how social technologies drive real business value. From marketing and sales to product and service innovation, social is changing the way people connect and the way organizations succeed-IBM

A question frequently asked by participants in our digital marketing certificate program is How do you use LinkedIn to build high-value B2B leads? We believe that this is a question that requires a detailed response. It is not a question that can be answered in one or two sentences.

With over 630 million users in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is one of the most powerful platforms for B2B marketing and lead generation. B2B marketers know better than to overlook LinkedIn in their marketing plan. Thats because 46% of social traffic to B2B company websites come from LinkedIn. Moreover, LinkedIn lead conversion rates are 3 times higher than any other ad network, including Google and Facebook. But the biggest reason is that LinkedIn has more decisionmakers than any other platform. LinkedIn has the power to open doors for B2B marketers in ways that would have been impossible 10 years ago.

In this blog post, our digital marketing certificate program advisors share with you 7 tips for building an effective LinkedIn B2B Marketing strategy.

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What Are Linkedin Sponsored Content Ads

Sponsored Content allows you to promote posts on your Company Page to a targeted audience on LinkedIn. These native advertisements sit in the LinkedIn feed alongside content that LinkedIn members have curated for themselves.

You can use Sponsored Content to amplify your promotions, SlideShare presentations, blog or video content, etc.

Whats more, Sponsored Content allows you to pay-per-click or per-thousand-impressions .

If youd like to know more, check out LinkedIns advertising specifications and guidelines for Sponsored Content.

Why Use LinkedIn Sponsored Content Ads?

Unlike other LinkedIn ads that are displayed at the top of the page or in the sidebar, the strength of Sponsored Content comes from its native placement inside your audiences newsfeed.

This is prime real estate for marketers.

Youre also able to use larger images and more text to entice users to click on your Linkedin ad.

Do you have a content marketing strategy in place?

Because 74 percent of B2B buyers ultimately work with the companies that provide them with useful content first.

Furthermore, 7 out of 10 professionals describe LinkedIn as a trustworthy source of professional content.

One of the best LinkedIn Sponsored Content examples is from Highfive. The video conference software company launched multiple content campaigns targeting different audiences. They increased click-through rates by 131 percent and achieved a 10x boost in organic impressions on LinkedIn compared to other social channels.

How To Choose The Right Linkedin Ad Type

How To Effectively Use Linkedin Ads For Lead Generation

There are a ton of LinkedIn ad options. So, which one should you use?;

Well, the answer will depend on your needs, budget, and expertise.

Without a deep look at your company, no one can tell you which LinkedIn ad type to choose. The best way to make the right decision is to look at each ad type in more detail.

Lucky for you, thats exactly what well do next.

Sponsored content

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Highlight The Solution To Users Problems Like Sensor Tower

When we shop, were looking to solve an existing problem. When you build LinkedIn ads, you can attract consumer attention by creating a direct ad that highlights a solution to your audiences problem.

Want an illustration of this tactic? Check out this ad from Sensor Tower.

Sensor Tower knows what its audience wantsand what its audience wants is metrics. In this ad, the company specifically solves that problem for users seeking education app performance data.

To replicate this in your LinkedIn ads, identify your audiences driving need, then build a campaign that solves that specific problem.

Awesome Linkedin Content Strategy Examples

LinkedIn is home to 40 million B2B decision-makers and 61 million senior-level influencers. The platform also is Fortune 500 companies social media channel of choice.

Logic follows that if your organization operates in the B2B space, you need not only a defined content marketing program but a distinct LinkedIn marketing strategy. Rather than allocating spend toward other social platforms like Twitter or Facebook, lay your chips where you know theyre most likely to be cashed in: LinkedIn.

Were diving into several examples of B2B brands excelling at LinkedIn marketing to illustrate what lessons you might apply toward your marketing efforts.

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Use Linkedin Tools To Your Firms Advantage

LinkedIn regularly creates valuable tools that can make your firms ads even more potent. Some of their latest and greatest tools that can make your 2021 campaigns your best yet include:

  • Audience Expansion: this tool helps you discover new audiences that correlate to your targets, increasing brand awareness and helping to generate new leads.
  • Audience Network: goes beyond LinkedIn to help you learn more about your target audiences online habits and interests.
  • Lead Gen Forms: enables you to further refine your advertising target audience through LinkedIn profile data that members submit.
  • Campaign Manager: the platform that serves as an optimizing tool. It measures and displays the growth of all your LinkedIn advertisements in one spot.

LinkedIn understands its value as a B2B marketer. Even more importantly, it actively ensures it stays at the top of the pack as social media advertiser for B2B companies. Just like how your firm strives to develop a trusting, lasting, and fruitful relationship with clients, so LinkedIn strives to do so with your firm.

Top 31 Effective Linkedin Groups In The Healthcare Marketing Sector

Best LinkedIn Ad Examples for Inspiration in 2019 ...

Everything has shifted to online platforms in the existing conditions of the covid-19 pandemic. People have diverted their focus from offline services to online. Social media is one of the most attractive and influential marketing tools employed by several businesses such as Linkedin groups for more incredible growth and development. Numerous social media platforms are presently used to shine in the technological world for social media marketing and other advertising tools.

Speaking of businesses, LinkedIn has proven to be the top business-serious social media platform. It is a platform that provides all the necessary data, information, and details about business which is accurate and informative. It could prove to be one of the best and influential marketing ideas.

Incredible Features of LinkedIn;

LinkedIn has proven to be the third most prominent social media site presently. It has approximately 225 million users, which keeps on growing along with more than 1.2 million groups. It is an excellent platform for the collaboration and grouping of people with similar ideas, interests, and professions to share thoughts and ideologies. It is also a great platform to search for any job and find answers to your questions.;

LinkedIn has been proven effective in building up business contacts and establishing healthy relations between distinct industries. It has various other features that could not be listed in a few words, but we have tried to mention many.

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