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How To View Sensitive Content On Twitter

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How Do I See Sensitive Content On The Twitter App

How to See Sensitive Media Content on Twitter (Easy)

To see sensitive content on the Twitter app, you need to turn on the Display media that may contain sensitive content setting.

This can be done via the Content you see setting.

However, you can only find this setting if youre using the web version of Twitter.

You wont be able to find it if youre using the Twitter app on a mobile device.

Select Content You See

Your Twitter activity > Content you see.

Once youre on the Privacy and safety page, youll see a ton of settings and options.

There are three section headingsYour Twitter activity, Data sharing, and off-Twitter activity, and Learn more about privacy on Twitter.

Under Your Twitter activity, select the Content you see option.

The Content you see option allows you to decide what you see on Twitter based on your preferences like topics and interests.

It also has the option where you can turn on or turn off sensitive content.

Congrats, youve successfully navigated to your content settings!

Now, all that youre left with is turning off the sensitive content setting on Twitter.

Whats Better Twitter Or Instagram

Instagram will allow you to create great content quickly and easily, while Twitter is great for engaging with your audience and even providing Customer Support. But the sheer volume of users and high levels of engagement on Instagram make it the best Social Media platform currently to promote your brand!.

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How To Turn Off Safe Mode On Tumblr From Your Desktop

  • Open the browser
  • Go to Tumblr and log in
  • Wait till you get redirected to the Dashboard
  • From Settings, go to the Filtering section and you can find a Safe Mode switch that would be turned on by default
  • Switch it off by clicking on the gray button
  • Go ahead and click on an NSFW content
  • It will redirect you to an NSFW blog and a Safe Mode Warning will eventually pop up
  • Below the warning, click on Go to my dashboard
  • Youll get to see the NSFW blog option on the right side of your Dashboard
  • The blog will open in a new browser
  • Though the procedure of viewing the NSFW content is quite a lengthy affair and seems quite complicated, the end results might bring you happiness and satisfaction.

How To See Sensitive Content On Twitter Iphone And Web

How to hide or view sensitive content on Twitter?

You can also turn off the Sensitive Content warning on tweets from your iPhone and Web. Note that the Twitter app for iPhone does not contain this option.

Step 1: On any browser, log in to your Twitter account. For iPhone, tap on your profile avatar in the upper left corner, and from the menu that pops up, select Setting and Privacy. For Desktop, go to the three-dotted More options icon on the navigation bar on the left and click on Settings and privacy.

Step 2: Select the Privacy and safety settings from the menu.

Step 3: Now, select Content you see and check the box beside the Display media that may contain sensitive content option. After that go to Search Setting and uncheck thehide sensitive content box.

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Why Should You Mark Your Tweets As Sensitive Media

Appropriately marking that you post sensitive media is a way to create a users-safe environment for everyone.

Twitter asks all its users to label potentially sensitive media on their platform. If you dont mark media you tweet as containing material thats potentially sensitive, two things may happen:

  • Twitter has automated techniques to identify if you regularly post potentially sensitive content, so they label accounts automatically.
  • If you fail to mention that you make tweets containing material that may contain sensitive content, Twitter will permanently adjust your account setting.
  • If you repeatedly upload media with potentially sensitive content, all your future posts will be automatically labeled, and, in the case of a live video, it will be permanently deleted.

How To View Sensitive Content While Browsing

While browsing through the uncharted waters of Twitter, you may come across posts that are sensitive in nature with the sensitive content warning slapped on top. Twitter also informs that the content it is hiding might be disturbing for you. If you feel confident about being unaffected by the content, you can choose to view it in its true form. Tap on View content to reveal the content.


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How To Turn Off Sensitive Content On Twitter

You can find pretty much anything you want on the Twitter website: people who post informative content regularly, users that promote kids content, and, also, potentially sensitive content.

Theres room for everyone on the Twitter app. In fact, if we compare Twitters media policy with Facebooks , then it is safe to say that Twitter rules are a lot more permissive.

Nonetheless, some users would want to receive a sensitive content warning when they see what they consider sensitive tweets, and other users dont mind seeing adult accounts on their timelines.

Thats why today, we will show you how to turn off sensitive content on Twitter so you can feel free to choose your own account settings. Read further to get more information about:

  • How to hide sensitive content on your Twitter account
  • The importance of marking a tweet as containing material with potentially sensitive media
  • How to get rid of the warning message that appears when you try to see violent or adult accounts.

Jump to specific section:

On Twitter Web Or Desktop App

How To Change Sensitive Media Settings On Twitter – View Sensitive Content On OR Off
  • Open your browser and head to Log in with your account if not already.
  • In the sidebar menu, click on More.
  • Then, select Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety.
  • Now, click on Content you see.
  • On this page, check the box for Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content.
  • Doing so will disable the sensitive content warning on the Twitter web.

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    How To Skip The Sensitive Content Warning

    You disable the Sensitive Content warning from Twitters privacy settings. Youll also find these options in the same place in the Android app, but theyre not available in the and iPad. If you change the setting on the web, however, the Twitter iPhone and iPad apps will show you sensitive content without any warnings.

    To disable the warning, head to the and click the More button on the left side of the screen thats represented by three dots in a circle.

    Next, select the Settings and Privacy option from the pop-up menu.

    Choose Privacy and Safety from the list of options on the left and then select Content You See.

    Near the top of the screen, check the box next to the Display Media That May Contain Sensitive Content to disable the warning for tweets.

    Instagram Introduces A Setting To Control Sensitive Content In

    Jul 20, 2021 According to Facebook, the new Sensitive Content Control setting will let you see more or less of some types of sensitive content, which may

    Why cant I see sensitive content on twitter app? You cant see sensitive content on Twitter because the setting for Display media that may

    Safety Ensure Display media that may contain sensitive content is unticked to ensure your child doesnt see inappropriate content.

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    Allow Media With Sensitive Content In Twitter Searches

  • Open Twitter web on your PC.
  • Click on Settings and privacy > Privacy and safety > Content you see.
  • Select Search Settings.
  • Here, uncheck the box for Hide Sensitive Content.
  • You can follow the same steps in the Twitter mobile app on your Android phone. That said, the setting is currently unavailable on iOS.

    How To View Sensitive Content On Twitter

    How to hide or view sensitive content on Twitter?

    Thanks to the grandeur of Twitter, millions of its users are regularly exposed to a variety of content text, image, and video alike. Its easy to get lost in the dynamic and ever-changing pixels of the social network, especially because Twitter is one of the most liberal and easygoing services out there. Lenient as Twitter may be, it still restricts some images and videos, hoping to save you from the horrors of the internet.

    However, if the kiddy gloves do not work for you, theres the option of disabling all of it and have it your way. And today, thats exactly what were focusing on. So, without further ado, lets check out how you could view sensitive content on Twitter.

  • On Android and iPhone
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    What If I Dont Change My Media Settings And Post Sensitive Media

    If one of your Tweets containing media is reported as sensitive, it will be sent to Twitter for review. If we find that the media wasnât marked as being potentially sensitive at the time of the upload:

    • We may label the media as being potentially sensitive, or in the case of live video, remove the content entirely.
    • We may also change your account setting to so that future posts are marked accordingly.

    You will be able to change your media settings on your account settings page, though this image and any other images that have been labeled will remain marked as potentially sensitive.

    If you repeatedly upload media that is mislabeled, we may:

    • Label your media as having potentially sensitive content.
    • Permanently adjust your account setting to so that your future posts have a warning message users must click through before viewing your media.

    Twitter may also use automated techniques to detect and label potentially sensitive media, and to detect and label accounts that frequently tweet potentially sensitive media.

    Turn Off Sensitive Content Warning On Twitter

  • Wrapping Up
  • People often post images and videos on Twitter to show whats happening around the globe. Sometimes, this media may involve sensitive topics, including violent and adult content.

    Many people prefer avoiding such content, so Twitter marks them with a sensitive content label. It wraps the images and videos under a warning message that needs to be acknowledged before viewing the media. The same appears on the profile posting the content.

    However, if youre comfortable with viewing sensitive content in your feed, you can easily avoid the This Tweet might include sensitive content warning on Twitter. Below is how to turn it off, be it on the Twiter mobile app or web.

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    Remove Sensitive Content Warning From Your Tweets

    Twitter may mark the media you upload as sensitive content based on its media policy for these types of content. If you want to stop Twitter from doing so, you can disable the settings of your tweets.

    Heres how you can remove the sensitive content warnings from your Tweets.

    On Twitter application

    • Open the Twitter application on your device.
    • Go to Settings and Privacy by clicking on profile menu icon.
    • Here, Select Privacy and Safety.
    • Scroll down, and you will see a safety menu.
    • Turn off the toggle for .

    On Twitter Web

    • Open on any browser.
    • Click on the More option at the sidebar.
    • Select Settings and Privacy.
    • Go to Privacy and Safety.
    • Now, select the Your Tweets option.
    • Here, uncheck the .

    Note: If you regularly post sensitive content, keep the toggle enabled. If you dont enable it, Twitter may permanently disable the option from your account.

    So, these are the ways by which you can remove the potentially sensitive content warning and sensitive content label from your Tweets as well.

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    How To See Sensitive Content On Twitter Part 2

    How To Turn Off Twitter Sensitive Content Setting

    This second and final part on how to see sensitive content on Twitter is related to tags. Here, you are letting Twitter display content that is tagged as sensitive. So, any media post that mentions mature, sensitive tags will also be displayed on your feed after these steps have been executed:

    1. Follow steps 1-3 from part 1 above.

    2. Tap on Content preferences.

    3. And then select Search settings.

    4. Make sure the Hide Sensitive Content feature is deselected.

    Furthermore, next time you carry out a search related to any topic, sensitive content posted under that topic will also show up in your search results.

    And thats all there is to it. After completing these steps, you need to go back to your Twitter homepage and refresh. The next time any sensitive content is posted on Twitter, it will be displayed on your feed.

    If refreshing the app does not work, simply log out then log back in. That should solve it.

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    How To See Sensitive Content On Twitter Part 1

    This initial part on how to see sensitive content on Twitter is related to giving Twitter direct access to display sensitive content on your feed. To do so:

    1. Launch the Twitter app.

    2. Tap on menu icon from top-left corner.

    3. Select Settings and privacy.

    4. Tap on Privacy and safety from Settings page.

    5. Make sure toggle for Display sensitive content is turned on.

    How To Skip The Twitter Sensitive Content Warning In Android App

    In Android app, you can disable the Sensitive Content warning from the app to view sensitive content without any warnings in your feed as well as in searches.

    Step 1: Go to the navigation menu icon on the top-left corner and tap on Settings and Privacy.

    Step 2: Go to your Privacy and safety settings from the drop-down menu.

    Step 3: Under the Safety category, you would see an option Display media that may contain sensitive content. Slide the bar beside it to the right. Now you would be able to see sensitive tweets without any warnings.

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    How Do You Get Sensitive Content On Twitter On Computer

    For Desktop, go to the three-dotted More options icon on the navigation bar on the left and click on Settings and privacy. Step 2: Select the Privacy and safety settings from the menu. Step 3: Now, select Content you see and check the box beside the Display media that may contain sensitive content option.

    Twitter Tests Optional One

    view sensitive content twitter

    Twitter is testing a feature that allows people to append one-time content warnings to images and videos they share through the platform. The company announced the test on Tuesday, noting its available to some of you. If you have access to the feature, youll see a new flag icon in the image editing interface, which you can access by tapping on the three dots icon that appears at the bottom right of a photo when you add one to a tweet. In its current iteration, you can add warnings for nudity, violence and otherwise sensitive content.

    People use Twitter to discuss whats happening in the world, which sometimes means sharing unsettling or sensitive content. Were testing an option for some of you to add one-time warnings to photos and videos you Tweet out, to help those who might want the warning.

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    How To Turn Off This Tweet Might Include Sensitive Content On Twitter

    To turn off This Tweet might include sensitive content on Twitter, you need to log in to Twitter on a browser, navigate to Settings and privacy, select Privacy and safety, select Content you see, and tick the box for sensitive content.

    Its important to note that you can only change the sensitive content setting on the web version of Twitter.

    If youre using the Twitter app, you wont be able to see the This Tweet might include sensitive content setting as it is not on there.

    This includes using the Twitter app on both the iPhone and Android devices.

    In other words, you have two optionslogging into Twitter on a mobile browser or on a desktop.

    Either way, youll be able to turn off the sensitive content error as long as its on the web version of Twitter.

    Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can turn off This Tweet might include sensitive content on Twitter

    More On Displaying Sensitive Content On Twitter

    Opting out of the hidden sensitive content feature doesnt affect how you view other tagged posts. Your search preferences will remain untouched, so will the suggested posts content that Twitter fills your feed and search pages with every now and then.

    Lastly, none of your contacts will be notified of you making this change.

    As far as sensitive content itself is concerned, even delicate topics and/or debates like those pertaining to race, color, religion and the kind might be tagged under sensitive content on Twitter. It is, after all, one of the leading active platforms for such communications taking place online.

    The method for displaying sensitive content is pretty much the same for Twitters desktop version.

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    Why Was Safe Mode Promoted

    A major part of Tumblr consisted of the NSFW content, that is, Not Suitable For Work content. From pictures to artworks and even creative memes and GIFs everything was available for this particular genre. What made it different from the other genres, was the fact that all the contents were 18+, and had no restrictions to roam around in the social media.

    Eventually, such 18+ contents didnt fit well with advertisers point of view, and finally, in 2021, Tumblr decided to put an end to the complete genre. Soon after, the social media site came up with a Safe Mode to filter out the NSFW contents from the other contents on the particular site.

    According to the reports, the Safe Mode is turned on by default on Tumblr. However, when there is a will theres a way. What we mean by this is you can get rid of the Safe Mode in some easy steps. Scroll down below to know, HOW?

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