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How To View Saved Posts On Linkedin

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Company Pages On Linkedin

How to Save Posts on LinkedIn

If you dont have a company page on .

Posting content to your LinkedIn company page is the same as on a personal page you still have 3,000 characters available, and you can also post video and images.

Take the time to get creative with your company page and understand your primary goals for your page.

On LinkedIn particularly, some business use their page primarily for talent acquisition and hiring, rather than marketing.

How To Find Saved Posts On Linkedin 5 Ways

Illustration by Natasha Remarchuk from Ouch!

While using , you might have saved jobs, posts, or articles that you planned to check later.

But, when you check for these saved posts later, it might become difficult to find these saved posts.

In this guide, we will show you a few methods to find the saved posts on .

How To Save And Find Saved Posts On Linkedin To Read Later

LinkedIn is a place for people to find bigger networks, more professional friends, and countless valuable content. And that’s why there is a ‘Posts section’ or feed on LinkedIn.

‘Posts’ on LinkedIn are basic status updates. One way to get the most out of LinkedIn is to find useful links, articles, content, or posts relevant to read from professionals on LinkedIn.

But honestly, we’ve all gone through the phase where we scrolled through our LinkedIn homepage feed to see articles we wanted to read and thought we’d read about it later, and we often can’t find it again. Very annoying!

The good news isapart from searchingyou can also save posts that you have found for later reading. LinkedIn does listen to feedback sometimes, and theyve created an option to save posts so you can easily find them later.

LinkedIn also has done a pretty good job of making this helpful feature available to users who want to use their computer instead of phones to read lengthy articles in a long time online.

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What Data Do You Get

With this third party tool, you can visualize all stats that are provided by LinkedIn.

â Impressions on your Posts

â All Reactions & Likes

â The Amount of User Comments

â Historical data of all metrics listed above

â The Engagement Rate

â People viewing your content by, city, job and company

inlytics is perfect for people that want to brand themselves on LinkedIn. Also, recruiters, freelancers, businesses, influencers, and individuals use this tool to get smarter insights.

If you want to check out inlytics you are in good company. Get your free account here.

Ask An Engaging Question

LinkedIn: Here

Who doesn’t like a good question?

This can be asking your audience their opinion about something, how they think your industry’s future will be like, etc.

This is a great way to start conversations in your comment section.

And then, you can respond with your own 2 cents to show off your thought leadership.

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Linkedin Saved Jobs On Iphone App

  • On the iPhone LinkedIn app, you can save jobs on LinkedIn from the job details page.

To access saved jobs Linkedin:

  • Tap the Jobs icon, the one that looks like a suitcase on your LinkedIn mobile app
  • Tap the Saved Jobs button right under the search bar
  • On the Jobs tab, tap the job you want to open

To unsave a job on LinkedIn app:

  • Here lies the only difference between the Linked In saved jobs function on Android and iOS. While the latters More icon appears as three vertically aligned dots, the one on iOS appear as three horizontal dots. From there, the functions remain the same. Simply tap on the More icon and tap Unsave This Job from the menu.

How To Download Linkedin Video

Liza Brown

Over the course of the last decade, video has become by far the most popular type of content on social media. Even though photos and text still attract a significant amount of attention online, the video content averages better engagement rates on all popular social networks. For instance, LinkedIn native videos are five times more likely to start a discussion than any other type of content shared on this social network. This is just one of the reasons why a growing number of LinkedIn users choose to post videos on their profiles. Read on, if you would like to find out how you can download any LinkedIn video to your computer, an iPhone or an Android device.

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How To View Saved Posts On The Linkedin Mobile App

Follow the below sets to find saved posts and jobs on .

Open LinkedIn app on your mobile.

Select View Profile.

Scroll down and select My items

On the new page, you can see Saved Posts and My Jobs.

Go back to the previous page.

If you want to see the saved posts, click on Saved Posts to see the saved posts.

Managing Saved Jobs On Linkedin

LinkedIn Tutorial – How to Save Posts to View Later

With an increasing number of recruiters and HR managers using LinkedIn to find new talent, it’s your online resume, which is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Once you have built a rock-solid profile, i.e., a good summary, relevant sections filled out, and a professional picture, it’s essential to know how you can leverage LinkedIn and the various tools it offers to manage your career.

One such tool is that little option neatly cornered beside the Apply button on any job opening. Maybe you are perusing the job listings but don’t have time in your hands at that very moment to click on “Apply” and write a sparkling application.

LinkedIn conveniently provides that “Save” button to come back to positions of interest when searching for jobs.

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Option : Calendar View In Hootsuite Planner

For a more comprehensive view of your scheduled LinkedIn posts, including how they fit into your overall social media posting schedule, use the Hootsuite Planner.

  • From the Hootsuite dashboard, click the Publisher icon and select the Planner tab at the top.
  • Select the Week or Month view and use the arrows or the date selection box to move through your content calendar.
  • You will see all of your scheduled content for all of your social media accounts. If you want to see only your LinkedIn posts, click Social Accounts at the top left of the screen and select the LinkedIn pages and/or profile you want to view, then click Apply.

  • Click on any post to edit it, including changing the scheduled time or deleting the post entirely. You can also choose to move the post to drafts if you decide youre not ready to commit to it yet but you want to save it for later.

    Bonus:Download a free guide that shows the 11 tactics Hootsuites social media team used to grow their LinkedIn audience from 0 to 278,000 followers.

  • Heres a quick video with more information about how to use Hootsuite Publisher:

    Where Are The Drafts Of Your Linkedin Posts

    If you ever saved the draft of your LinkedIn articles, you would know that finding them is really hard. I have to keep remind myself on how to get it there.

    For those don’t know it yet, you can click on “Write an article” on the main profile page first,

    You will need then click on Publishing menu on the upper left hand to find the hidden “Drafts”.

    You can actually go directly to this URL , if you remember it. But, who is still remembering URL those days?

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    How To Save A Linkedin Post So You Can Read It Later

    We have all done it, scrolled through the LinkedIn home page feed spotted an article we want to read and thought ace I will read that later . Only to not be able to find it when we look later grr very annoying.

    LinkedIn sometimes listens to feedback and they have created the option to save a post so that you can find it later. It is a simple process and works well across both mobile and desktop experience.

    Firstly, saving a post is really simple as you can see below. Look at a post you want to keep click the three grey dots top right and then select Save:

    Ok so, having saved it, where do you go to get it back and read it? Well there are two options. On the mobile click on the small image of your face to look at your own profile and under the dashboard section you will see Saved items and within there are the items you want to read. See below:

    The desktop and laptop experience are much easier to access. From the LinkedIn homepage you will see saved items just under your small profile picture and statistics on the left-hand side. See below:

    Our view on this is that it is great, weve all seen a post we want to get back and read later as were sometimes running around, and this is a simple solution to that problem.

    Give it a go and have a play within your own LinkedIn account.

    1 May 2020

    How To Find Saved Posts And Articles On Linkedin

    Yes, You Can Find a Job on LinkedIn

    It’s a quick, simple process and works great across mobile and desktop devices. This feature has been around for some time, and now you have the facility to find saved posts and articles easily on LinkedIn.

    To view and open saved posts on the desktop is super easy. You simply have to click the Saved items’ icon on the left rail of your LinkedIn homepage.

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    Upload Your Bulk Post File

  • From the Hootsuite dashboard, go to Publisher and then click the Content tab in the top menu. Click Bulk Composer under Content Sources.
  • Click Select file to upload, choose your file, and click Open. Choose the LinkedIn profile or page you want to post to and click Review posts.
  • Correct any flagged errors and click Schedule all posts.
  • For more details, check out our full blog post on using the Hootsuite bulk composer.

    Faqs On Saved Jobs On Linkedin

    I want to share a job announcement I saved with my friend.

    When you enter the saved jobs page, you will see three dots on the applications right top corner. After clicking that, click the Copy Link button. Then, you can share the link with whoever you want.

    I want to remove the job announcement on my saved jobs page. How can I do that?

    You should click the three dots as in the previous answer. There is a button named Unsave. Click it then the job announcement will be removed.

    Is there a way to get notifications for the jobs I search for?

    Of course. LinkedIn offers that you can create job alerts for your interests. First, you should search for a job. Decide your filters, then click the search button. Now, you need to click the Job Alerts button on the top of the page. There will be an option that says, Create Search Alert. This is the part that you should state how often do you want to get notified. After you complete these steps, click the Save button.

    How can I view the jobs for which I applied?

    When you clicked the Jobs button, you will see an Applied Jobs button if you applied for a job. This is the page that you can view the jobs you applied for. If you want to do any more action, click the three dots.

    Can I reapply for a job?

    There is no feature in LinkedIn as reapplying for a job or changing your information for an applied job. If you want to make some changes, you may connect with the employer about your issues.

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    How To Schedule Linkedin Posts And Save 80% More Time

    Want to save time and maximize your reach on LinkedIn?

    With a whopping 740 million users, LinkedIn has proven to be one of the most essential social media networks for businesses .

    But posting daily on LinkedIn isn’t easy especially if you have work to do throughout the day.

    And yet you still need to reach your followers and potential customers on LinkedIn!

    So what’s the solution?

    Simple: you need to schedule your LinkedIn posts!

    Can Anyone See My Saved Jobs On Linkedin

    How to save articles and posts on LinkedIn

    Your saved jobs on LinkedIn are completely private. You can feel free to save as many jobs as youd like knowing that your boss, manager, or colleagues cant see saved jobs activity.

    But, be sure to be safe if you want all your LinkedIn activity on the down-low. For example, who you connect with . So heres how to keep your LinkedIn activity private.

  • Find Settings & Privacy.
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    How To Automate Linkedin Posts With Later

    Later is a social media management tool that allows you to in advance, for free.

    It allows you to batch prep all of your posts in one focused, productive session.

    All you need to do is create a free Later account and connect your LinkedIn profile to start scheduling your content whether they’re text only, images, or video posts.

    Plus, Laters are full of handy time-saving hacks. For example, you can quickly crop your images to the perfect aspect ratio for LinkedIn, or create saved caption templates to save your most commonly used hashtags.

    You can also use Later to plan and schedule content to your other social media channels at the same time including , , , , and TikTok. It’s a great way to save time and increase your efficiency.

    Schedule and publish your LinkedIn posts with Later today available on all new free and paid plans.

    Can You Save And Un

    Yes, you can easily save and un-save your posts on LinkedIn. Prior to this, we looked into the steps to view saved posts on LinkedIn but some people might still be interested to learn how to save and un-save posts on LinkedIn. Since this is not an option that is shown directly on the posts like Like, and , you can go through the steps below to save posts on your dashboard.

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    How To Effectively Archive Your Linkedin Posts

    Finance & Accounting Professional | Bridging the Gap Between Finance, Operations and Management | CPA | MBA

    If you publish long-form posts on LinkedIn like I do, you have probably written pieces on a variety of topics, many of which lack the same meaning today as when they were originally published. Some may have been spur of the moment venting, or some may have been about a certain event which is long gone and no longer relevant. Unless you’ve done any housekeeping , your library, or “author card” as it is called by LinkedIn, probably sends mixed signals to many who review your collective works, potentially scaring off would-be clients, recruiters or employers.

    At least a year ago, I asked LinkedIn if they could add an archiving function to their publishing platform, whereby a user could tag a piece as archived, which would not delete the piece, but simply remove it from public visibility, putting it in a separate place , while retaining the engagement history . You will be shocked to hear, that never happened.

    So the time has come that I don’t want to wait any longer. I have “found” a way to archive my posts which is nearly as good having the functionality built in to LinkedIn. I write the word “found” in quotes because it was never really lost – I just happened to think about it long enough that the solution occurred to me. I’m sure that it would also occur to you, if you thought about it for about five minutes. But who has time for that?

    How To Find Saved Jobs On Linkedin From Laptop Pc And Mac

    Saving Posts and Articles on LinkedIn

    You can either download the LinkedIn app from the google play store or open it from the devices browser. After opening the play store, you type LinkedIn to show you various downloading options suitable for your device. You can choose the one as per your requirement. Then, follow the steps of downloading and open the app by logging in to it.

    If you are using a browser to access Linkedin, then follow these instructions. After logging into your profile either from the app or browser, you need to follow the same steps below from step 2.

    Step 1: Firstly, you need to open your browser and type Linkedin. You will find a link to the Linkedin site. Open that site.

    Step 2: It will ask you to log into your account. You need to enter your email ID associated with your Linkedin profile along with the password.

    Step 3: After logging in, you will see six options at the top right of the screen. You need to click on the third icon that appears like this one, and this option is to see available jobs.

    Step 4: After opening jobs, you will see a few more options such as My jobs, job alerts, salary, interview preparation, and resume builder at the top left corner just below the icon of Linkedin. You need to click on My jobs.

    Step 5: After opening my jobs, you will see two more options under my jobs, including saved and applied. If you click on save, you can see the jobs you have saved. Similarly, if you click on apply, you will find the jobs you have already applied for.

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