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How To View Linkedin Connections

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What Are Linkedin 2nd And 3rd Connections

How to See Someone’s Connections on LinkedIn

Because LinkedIn is a professional social network, you dont have friends there, you have professionalconnections. And your LinkedIn connections can be of three degrees 1st, 2nd, and 3rd.

People in the 1st degree connections are the ones you are, lets say, friends with. Either youve sent them an invitation to connect and they accepted it or youve accepted their invitation to connect. You can easily get in touch with them by sending a direct message on LinkedIn. What is more important: you can view their contact details and get their email addresses.

Connections of the 2nd degree on LinkedIn are the people who are in connection with the ones who are in connection with you a friend of my friend situation. And they can easily become your connections of the 1st degree if you click the Connect button. Unfortunately, until you do that, you can neither communicate with them nor see their contact details. However, if you upgrade your LinkedIn plan, you can message them.

3rd degree connections are the people who are connected to your 2nd connections. The access is the same: no messages and contact information available.

All in all, you can get in touch and get the email addresses of only the 1st degree connections on LinkedIn. So how can you find the LinkedIn contact emails of your 2nd and 3rd connections? This is where and Linked Helper come in.

Search On Linkedin To See Mutual Connections Anonymously

Follow the below steps to see mutual connections on without them knowing.

Visit LinkedIn.

Enter the persons name with whom you want to find the mutual connection.

Now you can see the list of people.

Below these peoples names, you can see the number of mutual connections or shared connections with you as well.

Personalize Connection Requests On Linkedin Mobile App

One of the most important, and easiest, LinkedIn tips I can share is to personalize every connection request that you send out.

I get it, LinkedIn makes it very easy to accidentally send the default connection request, especially within the mobile app. You have to consciously avoid sending the default invitation and take a moment to write a personalized connection request.

This one LinkedIn tip will often be the difference between someone clicking “Accept” or “Ignore” in response to your connection request. If someone clicks “Ignore”, they’ll also have the option to select I dont know this person.

WARNING: After as little as five people clicking I dont know this person, your account could be restricted.

To send a personal connection request on your mobile device, go to the profile of the person you wish to connect with and click the three dots to the far right of “Connect”.

This will open up a new window which will give you the opportunity to personalize your invite. You simply choose the relevant option, then submit your personalized connection request .

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How To Find New Connections

When you are new to LinkedIn or have a small network it is actually hard to grow your connections. This is because unless a person is within 3 degrees of connection to you, you have limited access to view or interact with those people.

Below are some tips to help get started with building your network on LinkedIn. Even if you have an established network on Linkedin You may find some new tricks you have not tried.

Starting LinkedIn Connection Tactics

Upload Email Lists on LinkedIn – Connect LinkedIn to your email provider or upload your lists to find people you know that are on the platform or to invite new users to join and connect with you.

Found here:

LinkedIn Group Members – When you join a group you now get a “free pass” to connect with any member no matter the degree of connection. Not only this, but you can also directly message any member of a group you are in.

Found here: , then click “See All”

Mid-Level Linkedin Connection Tactics

LinkedIn Search – LinkedIn search used to be a starting tactic but in recent years LinkedIn has limited search results in order to give more relevance to their Sales Navigator tool. You can still do quite a bit with the search tool to find relevant people to connect with.

Found here: Top left when logged in. Once searching use filters to narrow.

Found here:

Advanced Linkedin Connection Tactics

Found here:

Found Here:

How The Gdpr Affects Linkedins Data Processing Agreement

The Hidden LinkedIn Feature You Need To Know About

So just what is the GDPR?

The EUs General Data Protection Regulation or GDPR is an extremely comprehensive data protection law, which will provide European LinkedIn members with greater privacy and data rights.

LinkedIn’s bringing its products and services into compliance with the GDPR, and will be updating their customer agreements to reflect GDPR requirements as well as changes to the LinkedIn Sales Solutions products, which will take effect later in the year.

The changes will include notifications for how data is used in the Sales Solutions products before user on-boarding, the ability to export or delete user data will be available for entire contracts or on a by-seat basis, and administrators will be able to request export or deletion of their user data via a clearly documented request process.

For more detailed information, visit the or the .

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The Different Degrees Of Connections On Linkedin What Do They Mean

Picture yourself using LinkedIn and effortlessly getting consistent, high-value sales. If you want to make this happen, you need to know the different types of LinkedIn connections.

Understanding how they differ can help you determine which types of relationships to build. That way, you can generate a consistent stream of leads for your company.

Keep reading to learn more.

Connecting With New People

One of the best ways to get more sales is to get more LinkedIn connections. You can start with people who are currently second- or third-degree connections.

That way, youll be able to mention the person you both know to help build trust. You can also follow people or use groups to slowly build relationships on the platform.

Ideally, you would connect with people that you can have a mutually beneficial relationship with. Of course, you want to connect with your ideal customers to make sales easier.

However, think about how you can benefit the other person. Maybe your product or service will help them solve a problem, or you can offer some other benefit.

If you cant connect with someone because youve already sent 100 connections that week, you can . One way to connect is to send InMail, assuming the other person has an open profile.

You can also use groups and events to communicate with more people. After creating a group or event, you can invite people from other groups youve joined so that you can target the right audience.

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How Do I Make A Connection On Linkedin

LinkedIn is an extremely important network for building a professional network. When you join LinkedIn, you can start connecting with your contacts right away.

You can reach out to people in your industry and prevent them from being labelled as a cold lead. LinkedIn is constantly making changes, so staying connected with the people that matter to your business is key.

When you first join LinkedIn, people recommend you to their network. This is an important way to build your professional network and give potential clients a chance to see what work you have done in the past.

In order to rise in your career, its essential to make sure you are not missing out on any opportunities that are available on LinkedIn, so always be active on the social network.

I would strongly recommend you establish a LinkedIn profile if you havent done so already. Your LinkedIn profile is where youll create your first connections for your professional network.

You need to make sure you are as up-to-date with this as possible, as your employer will be looking at your LinkedIn profile and will use it as a reference point in hiring decisions.

Internal Linkedin Profile Privacy Settings

How to make connections | LinkedIn

For logged-in users, you can only change the appearance of these two features:

Your last name

  • Everyone will be able to see your last name.
  • Tim Q.
  • Only the first initial of your last name will be displayed for anyone who is not a connection.
  • Your connections will continue to see your full first and last name.
  • Anyone interested in connecting with you can still find you by using your first and last name.
  • Your profile photo

    • Only first-degree connections: LinkedIn members who are directly connected to you.
    • Your network: Your connections, up to three degrees away from you.
    • All LinkedIn members
    • Public: All LinkedIn members on or off LinkedIn. Your content could be visible in search results .

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    How To See Mutual Connections On Linkedin

    Illustration by Icons 8 from Ouch!

    Wondering how to see mutual connections on LinkedIn? Yes, you are at the right place to learn about finding mutual connections on LinkedIn.

    We will guide you through the following methods to see mutual connections on LinkedIn.

    We will discuss each of these in detail below.

    Say Hello To Friends Of Friends Utilise Your 2nd Degree Connections

    Lets go back to that party for a moment . Youve seen someone over the other side of the room that you REALLY want to talk to. They may be your ideal customer or perhaps they work in a space where they can introduce you to lots of other relevant people. How are you going to get to talk to them?

    You can go up to them and start chatting. Thats one approach but it can be risky. First impressions are SO important that if you fluff it up, that could be the end before its the beginning if you see what I mean.

    The other option is to have a look around and see if there is someone that you know who could introduce you to said person. Quick room scan and, yes! So you head over to your connection, ask them to introduce you. Sorted.

    You can do the same on LinkedIn!

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    Bonus Linkedin Network Content

    While some of you no doubt know about LinkedIns InMaps, I am quite sure many people dont. As such, I thought I would share that you can get a very cool visualization of your LinkedIn network by going here:

    Unless, of course, you have a large LinkedIn network, in which case, you will only see this:

    How To Preview Your Linkedin Profile As A Logged

    A better way to browse your LinkedIn connections

    If you only created a second LinkedIn account, disconnect it from your original account.

    If you create a second and third LinkedIn account, disconnect the third account from your original and second account.

    In either case, you can now see your profile as a logged-in user outside of your network.

    Due to LinkedIn’s restrictions for free accounts, you cannot search for yourself via LinkedIn search. Instead, you have to enter or copy the URL of your original LinkedIn account into the browser address bar.

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    What Do Other People See When They View Your Linkedin Profile

    LinkedIn offers a variety of profile privacy settings that affect what other people can see when visiting your profile.

    In this article, I walk you through the different options on how to limit the visibility of specific information in your profile and show you how you can view your profile as someone else.

    How To View Pending Connections In Linkedin

    LinkedIn is a great tool for professionals looking to build their business and personal networks. One of the best ways to establish your brand and grow your network is by keeping a close eye on the invitations you send out or receive.

    Although LinkedIn always sends you a notification whenever someone sends you a connection request or accepts your invitation, these notifications are often bundled with other types of alerts in the notification area. As such, you may not notice them.

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    How To Find Out How Many Linkedin Connections You Have

    Lets Talk About You

    1:1 Coaching is the fastest path to job search success!

    Why does it matter how many LinkedIn connections you have? Because when it comes to your network, bigger is better.

    If you dont know how many people are in your LinkedIn network, Mary Cummins posted instructions for .

    If Im not part of your network, connect with me today:


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    How To View Linkedin Profiles Anonymously

    View Your Own Connections on LinkedIn

    It makes sense that you may want to view someones LinkedIn profile anonymously. Unfortunately, it isnt possible to browse someones profile in full private mode without becoming a premium member. If you have a basic free account, however, you can still browse in semi-private mode. This means your profile characteristics such as job title, company, school and industry will still be shown to the member you are viewing. However, with no further information than that.

    To update or change your browsing mode, simply head to the Me icon in the top right-hand corner again and click on Settings & Privacy. Click on Visibility, then locate Profile viewing options within the Visibility of your profile & network section. Here, youll have different options of browsing mode to choose from.

    Between other social network websites like Facebook and Twitter, LinkedIn is the top site for making business connections. LinkedIn can be used for a variety of different reasons, whether you are looking for new employment or not. If you are looking to expand your professional network or explore new career options, it would certainly be worth doing further research into how to generate your profile properly and how to use LinkedIn as a successful marketing tool.

    In the meantime, you now know how to view your LinkedIn profile as someone others see it: perhaps one of the most important first steps of using LinkedIn to your advantage.

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    How Do I See All My Linkedin Connections

    You can view all your LinkedIn connections by logging into your LinkedIn account and going to the “My Network” tab. From there, you will see a list of everyone you are connected with on LinkedIn. If you want to view someone’s profile who is not in your immediate network, you can click on the “See all” link at the top of the page. This will take you to a page where you can search for specific people or companies. You can also view your connection’s list of mutual contacts. To do this, go to the profile of someone in your network and scroll down to the “Mutual Connections” section. Here, you will be able to see a list of people who are also connected with that person.

    How To View Full Profiles Of Your 3rd Degree Linkedin Network

    Just a short while ago when logged in and searching withing LinkedIn.

    At the time of the article, I had not been affected, and I kept checking daily to see if and when I would be.

    Alas, the time has come I can no longer view full profiles of 3rd degree LinkedIn connections with my free account when I am searching within LinkedIn.

    Well, I take that back.

    Although I no longer enjoy automatically being treated to full profiles of 3rd degree connections while searching LinkedIn with my free account, here are 4 ways in which I can view a full profile of my 3rd degree connections:

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    The Fast Way To Get Your First 500 Connections On Linkedin

    We dont know why LinkedIn have decided that 500 connections is the magic number, but it is! Maybe they got the idea from Fortune 500? Who knows?

    When you join LinkedIn and youre building up your network, whenever you get a new connection, the number of your connections is displayed on your profile. Until, that is, you reach the magic number of 500 connections.

    When you have 500 connections, you enter the big league on LinkedIn and you can hang out in the same camp as all the pros! Reaching 500 connections on LinkedIn is a bit of a rite of passage because of the way LinkedIn display the amount of connections you have.

    When you have reached 500 connections, your profile will simply tell visitors to your profile that you now have 500+ connections! You could have 500 or 15,000 connections , and your profile would still say that you have 500+ connections. Crazy but true.

    So you see, it is quite important to get to that magic number quite quickly.

    The other reason for building your connections is to enable you to increase the reach of your posts. The more connections you have the more people are likely to see your content. So the faster you can build your connections, the faster your authority on LinkedIn will grow. Right? Weeeeell

    As a newbie to LinkedIn or as someone who hasnt been spending much time on LinkedIn, what is the fasted way to 500 and still connect with relevant folk?


    How To Find Connections

    How to Export your LinkedIn Connections to Excel

    To start building your network of connections, go under the Contacts menu and select ‘Add Connections’. Here, you will have four ways to connect with people. First, you can enter your email address, import your desktop email application contacts, or enter a list of email addresses.

    This will bring up everyone on LinkedIn whose email addresses you have in your address book. You can select everyone in the list or only the people you want to add to your network and add them as connections.

    Next, you can select the Colleagues tab. This will search LinkedIn for members who work at the same companies you have listed on your profile.

    You can go through the list, check people that you want to connect with, enter a personal note, and send your invitations to connect.

    You can also find university classmates by going to the ‘Alumni’ tab and selecting a school that you have listed on your profile. This will show you other LinkedIn members who have also attended the same school during the same time period. What is interesting about the results of this search is that you can see a graphical breakdown of where people live now, where they work, and what they do.

    You can then click on specific locations, companies, and occupations to narrow down classmates and then invite them to connect.

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