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How To View Contacts In Gmail

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Finding Your Contacts In The New Gmail

how to see contacts in gmail app and in desktop

Googles recent revamp of its mail service has moved a few old features to new places, but you dont have to look far.

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Q. Im trying to find my contacts list in the new Gmail. Where is it hidden?

A. Googles recent revamp of its Gmail service for desktop web browsers moves a few things around. In the previous version, you could switch to the contacts list by clicking the Gmail menu on the left side of the page, but that method no longer works once you update to the refreshed Gmail.

You can now get to the contacts page by clicking the Apps icon in the upper right corner of the Gmail inbox. When you click the Apps icon, which is a square made up of nine smaller squares, it unfolds to reveal a panel of icons for other Google programs and services, including Google Photos, Google News and YouTube.

If you do not immediately see the Contacts icon in the window, scroll through the panel until you find it. You can drag the Contacts icon to the top of the collection to find it more easily in the future, and can rearrange the other icons around it as you wish. Click the Contacts icon to open your address book.

As before, you can always get to your Google contacts list by going directly to in your browser.

How To Find Your Contacts In Gmail

Your Gmail account is a good place to store your contacts. Anyone in your contact list is immediately available on all your devices. You can even save additional information like their birthdays and physical addresses. If you are wondering how to retrieve all this valuable information from your Gmail account, then you are in the right place.

This step-by-step guide will show you the methods you can use to find your contacts in Gmail. Irrespective of the device you are using to access your contact list, we will show you how to find the information you need.

How To Find Your Contacts In Gmail On An Android

The fastest way to find your contacts in Gmail on your Android would be through the Contacts app. By default, Google will save your contacts here from all your Google accounts. This guide will show you how to use the App to find your contacts.

  • Launch your Google Contact app.
  • A list of the accounts holding contact information will be displayed.
  • To view contacts from a specific account, click on the account icon in the top right corner and select the appropriate one.
  • Search for the contact. You can use the contacts name, email, or phone number to do this.
  • Alternatively, you can use the webmail client to find your contacts in Gmail. Heres how to do that.

  • Head over to Gmail from your browser.
  • In the upper right corner of the page, press the nine-dot Google Apps button.
  • Move to Contacts in the dropdown menu displayed.
  • Contacts stored on Google will now be available for viewing.
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    How Do You Delete Contacts From Your Gmail Contact List

    Keeping old and outdated contact information only adds to the clutter of your contacts list.

    Heres how you can delete old contact information and keep your contacts page updated:

    Step 1

    Open Gmail Contacts.

    Step 2

    Hover over the contact you want to delete and click on the three dots that appear on the right.

    Step 3

    From the drop-down menu that appears, click on Delete.

    When the confirmation window pops up, click on Delete again.

    Note: If you want to delete multiple contacts at once, select contacts by clicking on their display pictures. Then, choose delete from the three dots on the top.

    Check Your Frequently Contacted Tab In Google Contacts

    How to view and find Contacts in new Gmail

    The main screen of your Google Contacts may be empty, but that doesnt mean Google hasnt stored any info about the people you communicate with.

    Take a look at your Frequently Contacted tab. This is where Google stores contact info for all the people you email regularly but havent formally saved as contacts.

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    How To View Google Contacts On Mobile

    If you own an Android mobile, you can add your Google account to it, and go to the Sync option in the settings area, we will find the sync option for different accounts, including Google.

    When you tap on Google, you will be able to see different services from Google, one of them would be Contacts, make sure Contacts is synced.

    Once the sync option is ON, you will be able to see all your contacts from Gmail/Google in the Contacts app of your Mobile.

    If you use Google contacts to sync your contacts from your mobile phone, it will be easier for you to recover your contacts in case your phone gets lost or stolen.

    And while we are at it, I would recommend you , it makes super easy to search mobile phones, are have your media files safe in case your phone gets lost or stolen.

    Add A Contact From A Received Email

    If youve ever received an email from the person you want to save as a contact, you can add that person to your contacts list without manually entering their details. This is because Gmail already has their name and email address.

    To add a contact to Gmail in this scenario, first, launch the Gmail site in your web browser on your Windows, Mac, Chromebook, or Linux computer. Log in to your Gmail account if you havent already done so.

    When Gmail loads, find and open the email from the person you want to add to your contacts. On the email window, hover your cursor over the name of the email sender to let Gmail open a menu.

    From the menu that opens, select More Info.

    Gmail will open a new contacts pane to the right of the email interface. In the top-right corner of this pane, click Add to Contacts to add the contact to your Gmail.

    Gmail will add your selected contact to your account and display an Added message at the bottom of the pane.

    If youd like to quickly edit the newly added contact, click Edit Contact in the top-right corner of the contacts pane. This will open the Google Contacts site in a new tab of your web browser where you can edit your contact.

    And thats how you quickly add someone as a contact to your Gmail account!

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    How To Add Remove And Edit Contact Info On Google Contacts

    If you just started using Google Contacts and found it useful, you may need to manage some contact information. You can add, remove and edit contact info from your PC. Here are the steps to do so.

    To add a new contact to your list, follow these steps.

  • Open up Google Contacts from your browser.
  • Click on Create Contact and choose Create a Contact or CreateMultipleContacts.
  • Fill out all the information and click on Save.
  • To remove a contact from your list, follow these steps.

  • Open Google Contacts.
  • Select a Contact and click on the 3-dots icon.
  • Select Delete and press Move to Trash.
  • Note:

    If you want to edit a contact, hover your mouse over the contact and click on the Edit icon.

    How To Find Your Gmail Contacts List

    How to Find Your Contacts List in Gmail

    On this page

    Your contacts list is one of the most important elements in Gmail. Everyone of your recipients details can be found in your Gmail contacts list, saving you time in having to memorize each email address for when you need to get in touch.

    The Gmail address book is the best way to become much more efficient with the way you send and receive emails. Knowing how to reorganize your contact list into easy to manage and more efficient email groups is the next step after that to making your experience with Gmail as quick and as convenient as possible. In this guide, youll learn everything you need to find your Google contacts lists and to create email groups for faster results.

    Heres what youll learn in this extensive guide:

    Ready to find out more? Lets get started!

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    How To Find Contacts In The New Gmail

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    The new Gmail started rolling out last week, and its awesome. But many people are asking the same question: where did Contacts go?

    The previous version of Gmail, now called Classic Gmail, had a drop-down at the top-left for quick access to Contacts and Tasks.

    The new design adds Tasks to the new right side panel, which makes sense. But where is Contacts?

    The short answer is that there is no quick link anymore. You can add one yourself, though, by using the little-used app drawer at the top right. You know what Im talking aboutthis thing:

    You should find Contacts down here for sure.

    You can click and drag to re-arrange icons in the drawer, so drag the Contacts icon to wherever it makes sense for you.

    Now, you can quickly access Contacts by opening the app drawer, and then clicking the Contacts button.

    How To Find Your Gmail Contacts On Desktop

    1. Open Gmail on your Mac or PC in a web browser.

    2. Click the Google apps button at the top-right, next to your account icon.

    3. Click Contacts.

    4. Contacts will now launch, and you can use it to add, find, edit, and manage your contacts.

    The first time you look for the Contacts app, you might need to scroll down to find it. By default, the Contacts app is stored in the seventh row. If you use Contacts frequently, you might want to click and drag it closer to the top of the list.

    Quick tip: There’s also a Contacts app available for Android, which you can download from the Google Play Store. If you’re an iPhone user, though, you need to open Gmail in a web browser on your phone following the steps outlined for desktop.

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    How To Edit Or Delete A Google Contact In The Web Client

    • Open the Contacts interface.
    • Find and open your target contact. This will give you an overview of all the data saved for this contact.
    • To delete the contact, click the three-dot menu icon in the top right and select Delete. Youll have to confirm by clicking Delete again.
    • To edit the contact, click the edit button in the top right. Here, you can also choose to star the contact.
    • Make your changes and click Save in the top right when youre done. To exit without making or saving changes, click the X in the top left.

    Note that you can organize contacts by adding labels. To manage a contacts label, click the label icon under its name. This is a great tool to keep track of distinct groups of people, such as family, work contacts, hobbies, etc. Unfortunately, you cant change your access labels in the Android Contacts app.

    B The Google Homepage Method

    Destructive Testing

    You can access your contacts from your Google homepage as well. However, you must be signed in to your Google account for this to work.

    Here are the steps to access your contacts list from the Google homepage:

    Step 1

    Go to the Google homepage and click on the Google Apps icon on the upper right corner.

    The Google Apps drop-down menu will appear.

    Step 2

    Click on the Contacts icon.

    Step 3

    And voila! Youll be in your Google Contacts page.

    You can also access your contacts directly by heading to or using the Contacts app for Android devices.And thats everything you need to know about accessing your Google contacts list!

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    Where Are My Contacts In Gmail Find And Access Them Fast

    If you’re still getting used to the new Gmail, you might be wondering where your contacts went. Fear not – they’re easy to find once you know where to look.

    In this step-by-step guide, we’ll go over:

    • How to get into Gmail and find your contacts
    • How to add new contacts
    • How to manage your contacts
    • How to import and export your contacts

    So let’s get started.

    How To Create New Contacts

    If you don’t yet have any contacts, or want to add new contacts, this is also the place for you.

    You can create a new contact in a couple ways. The first way to create a contact, which you’ll use if you haven’t yet emailed the person you want to add, is by clicking the “create contact” button:

    When you create a new contact with that button, it’ll ask you for some info to complete the contact entry. You can fill out as much or as little as you like – a name and email are usually quite helpful.

    Then click “save,” and there you go! New contact created.

    But there is another, super easy way to create a contact – if you already have an email from the person. Simply hover your cursor over the email address in your inbox, and wait for the box to pop up, like below:

    Then, click on “add to contacts” and voilà – you’ll be taken to that same create contact screen .

    If you’ve already added that person to your contacts, you’ll see “Edit Contact” instead of “Add to Contacts.”

    Note: after you’ve added some new contacts this way, you might have to refresh your browser for those contacts to show up.

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    How To Add And Edit Contacts In Gmail

    There are many different ways to access your Google Contacts list. Heres a look at all the ways possible from your Gmail account.

    Gmail is one of the most popular cloud-based email services in use in the world today. This is true for a lot of reasons, not the least of which is that its easy to organize your email, email threading makes following conversations easy, and filters let you handle incoming emails more conveniently.

    But one area where Gmail still falls short is with managing your contacts. It isnt that the Contacts app isnt useful. Its just that its so hard to find.

    How To Find Your Contacts In Gmail For Mobile

    How To Find Contacts in Gmail | Gmail Contacts

    Google Contacts is not available on Apple devices, but you can use it on your Android. On some androids, though, you have to download the Google Contacts app.

    To access contacts in Gmail, follow these steps on your Android.

  • Open the Gmail app on your phone.
  • Swipe from the left-side to open the Slide menu.
  • Scroll down and tap on Contacts under Google Apps. If you dont have the Google Contacts app, it will prompt you to install it on Google Playstore.
  • Select a contact option to view your contacts.
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    How To Find Gmail Contacts In The Webmail Client

    In the webmail interface, you can open the Contacts interface from the Google apps menu, accessible via the 3×3 dot button in the top right.

    You can also find the Contacts app in the panel on the right-hand side.

    • If you cant see the panel, click the arrowhead button in the bottom right to expand it.
    • When you click the Contacts icon in the side panel, your contacts will load in the sidebar.
    • To switch to a full Contacts interface, click the expand icon, and your Contacts will open in a new tab.
    • As with the mobile app, you can search for any piece of information stored with your contacts, such as email address, birth date, job title, etc.
    • In the desktop interface, you can also filter your contacts by the labels you created.

    What Are Contacts In Gmail

    The contacts folder contains a list of contacts. These contacts are similar to contacts on our mobile phone. It is also defined as the Gmail address book that contains a list of contacts, which are often called as Google Contacts.

    As soon we open the contacts icon, a new window consisting of a list of contacts appears. Our mobile device contacts will also be added to the contacts list if we have registered with the same email-id on our mobile.

    The steps are listed below:

  • Open the Gmail account and login using the Gmail ID and password.We can directly use the URL: .
  • On the Home page of your account, click on the Google apps icon present on the top-right corner of the display.It is shown below:
  • A drop-box will appear, which contains the list of all Google apps, as shown below:
  • Click on the ‘Contacts’ icon, as shown above.
  • A new window will appear that contains the list of all contacts, as shown in below image:
  • Note: Here, we have used the same email-id to login on our mobile and computer. Therefore, the list is also showing mobile contacts. If we use a different email-id, we will only get contacts saved from our computer.

  • Here, we can easily find our contacts.To create a new contact,
  • Click on the ‘Create Contact’ button present on the top-left corner of the display, as shown below:
  • A small drop-box will appear, as shown below:We can select either ‘Create a contact‘ option to create a single contact or ‘Create multiple Contacts‘ to create more than one contact.
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    Frequently Contacted And Duplicates

    First, you can see the people you email the most frequently, under the “frequently contacted” tab on the left sidebar menu.

    Next, you can check for any duplicate contacts in the “duplicates” tab. Gmail will clean up duplicates for you, so they don’t clutter up your contacts list, but you can find those duplicates here.

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