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How To Video Call On Whatsapp Desktop

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How Can I Make Whatsapp Video Call On Pc

How to make WhatsApp video call on desktop (2021)

If youâre a Windows user, you can again use Bluestacks to emulate an Android machine on your PC and run Whatsapp easily. However, there are several other emulators for Windows that are comparatively more reliable than Bluestacks. After testing different tools, weâve found out that LD Player is the smoothest and fastest Android emulator for Windows. While the majority of users use LD Player to play games, you can also use it to make a Whatsapp video call on a computer. LD Player will be a suitable option for users who have already used Bluestacks and want to switch to a lighter Android emulator for PC.

If youâre one of them, install LD Player and follow the below-mentioned instructions to make Whatsapp video calls on a PC/laptop.

Step 1 – After LD Player is successfully installed, launch the application and set it up by following the same procedure youâll follow to set up a brand new Android smartphone.

Step 2 – From its main screen, launch Google Play Store and install Whatsapp.

Step 3 – Again, set up Whatsapp using your registered mobile number and open a specific conversation. Just click the âVideoâ icon to start your Whatsapp video on a Windows PC.

So, thatâs how you can make a Whatsapp video call on the computer and save time while being in the middle of an important conversation.

Whatsapp Web Video Calls With Whatsapp Desktop

Those who use WhatsApp Web have to unfortunately live without the practical video calls available in Messenger. However, WhatsApp Desktop has offered the video call function since March 2021.


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For Now Whatsapps Desktop Apps Dont Support Group Calls

WhatsApp now lets you make voice and video calls on its desktop app

  • WhatsApp has added voice and video call support to its desktop app.
  • The feature works only for one-to-one WhatsApp calls.

WhatsApp now lets you make or receive voice and video calls on its desktop app for Windows and Mac. The feature was earlier being rolled out for select users only, but now it is available for everyone in India. It will be useful for those who use WhatsApp desktop every day for work or personal purposes.

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How To Use Video Calling On Whatsapp For Windows Phone

At this point, you just have to start WhatsApp, select the tab chat o favorite of the application and press on the name of the person you want to video call .

So he clicks on the icon of the handset located at the top right, choose the option video call from the menu that pops up and the call will start instantly.

WhatsApp for Windows Phone also offers an option to reduce data consumption during 3G / 4G calls. The option is primarily intended for audio calls, but hopefully it will soon affect video calls as well.

To activate data saving in WhatsApp for Windows Phone, press the button which is located at the bottom of the main screen of the application, go to settings> chats and calls and move up ON the lever relative to Reduced data consumption.

Does Whatsapp Record Calls


One of the most commonly asked questions by WhatsApp users is “does WhatsApp record calls?” Since WhatsApp is used widely for audio and video calls, users look for the options to record these calls for future reference.

If you too have been looking for this query, you will be disappointed to know that there is no default way of recording a video call in WhatsApp. The WhatsApp application does not have or support any built-in feature where the calls can be recorded.

So, if you are looking for solutions to record WhatsApp calls, there are several third-party tools and apps available. You can choose to record the WhatsApp calls on your mobile phone or using the web browser and depending on the device, the software or the app can be selected.

Below we have shortlisted the best ways of recording the calls for your Windows/Mac, iPhone, and Android.

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Making Whatsapp Desktop Video Calls

There are a few minimum requirements for desktop users to make video calls, the most obvious of which, of course, are having a webcam, microphone, audio output, and internet connection. Users must grant permission for WhatsApp Desktop to access their microphone and camera, as well as be running the 64-bit version of Windows 10 or macOS 10.13 at least.

To make a video call on WhatsApp Desktop, users just need to pull up an existing chat with a contact or begin a new one and then click the Video icon. Assuming the recipient of the call answers, users have the options of muting their microphone and turning off their camera during the call. It’s also possible to switch a call between voice and video format while it is ongoing. Receiving a video call, meanwhile, is much the same as receiving a voice call, with users able to accept, reject, or ignore them as they see fit. It’s made clear that it is a video call being received, though, so that recipients aren’t caught off guard.

How To Switch Between A Voice Call And Video Call Using Whatsapp Desktop

During a voice call with a contact, you can ask to switch to a video call, like you can with Apple’s FaceTime for example.

To switch between a voice call and a video call using WhatsApp desktop, follow the steps below:

These are the absolute best iPhone apps available right now, from productivity apps to apps for traveling, reading, listening to music, and more.

  • Follow the steps above to start a voice call with a contact
  • During the call, hover over the Camera icon
  • The contact you are talking to will then get the option to select OK or Switch to change the call to video, or Cancel to decline
  • If they select OK or Switch, the voice call will switch over to video
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    Can You Use The Desktop Client Without Linking Your Device

    No, WhatsApp doesnt allow you to operate the desktop version as a standalone application, not for the first time at least. Since the mobile app is still the mind of the entire ecosystem, you must first connect the two systems before you consider making calls from the desktop client. Thankfully, the linking procedure is pretty straightforward and can be completed in a few seconds.

    What You Need To Make A Voice Or Video Call On Whatsapp Desktop

    How to do Video call on WhatsApp Desktop

    To make or receive a voice or video call using WhatsApp desktop, you will need the following:

    • The latest version of the WhatsApp desktop app
    • An audio and microphone output device
    • A camera for video calls
    • An active internet connection on your phone and computer. Your phone needs to be online to establish the call, but the call won’t go through your phone.
    • Grant permission to WhatsApp desktop to access your computer’s microphone and camera.

    It’s worth noting that WhatsApp Desktop calling is only supported on MacOS 10.13 and newer, and Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 and newer.

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    Can You Multitask On A Whatsapp Video Call

    WhatsApp doesn’t limit you to your call when you are in a video chat. Instead, you can multitask while in a WhatsApp call. Here’s what you can do:

    • Minimize the video window. When in a WhatsApp call, tap the back button . The video call will continue, but the video will be minimized into a small picture-in-picture video window in the corner of the screen.
    • Move the video window around. After you minimize the video window, you can drag it around anywhere along the edge of either side of the screen.
    • Do something else in WhatsApp. If you like, you can open other WhatsApp tabs. You can have a text chat while video calling, for example.
    • Use a different app on your phone. You can start another app and continue to have a video chat in a small window.
    • Return to a full screen video chat. To make the video go full-screen again just tap the video window.

    How To Make Whatsapp Calls On A Pc

    Here’s how to make WhatsApp calls on the desktop.

  • First, install WhatsApp’s desktop app for Windows or Mac.
  • Use your phone to scan the QR code on your computer.
  • Your WhatsApp account will open on the screen.
  • Now open a chat and click the voice call icon or the video call icon at the top right corner.
  • A WhatsApp call will be placed directly from the desktop.
  • WhatsApp’s desktop voice and video calling feature work in the same way as it does on the Android or iOS app. It is also said to be end-to-end encrypted. For more tutorials, visit our How To section.

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    Can You Call Someone Through The Whatsapp Web Client

    For those unaware, WhatsApp has a fully capable web-only client. Dubbed as WhatsApp Web, the client can easily be accessed from any web browser and allows you to send rich-text messages, media files, and more. Unfortunately, at the point of writing, WhatsApp Web does not support video or regular calling. We believe its due to the minimum system requirements that it demands to support video or audio calling, which the Web client doesnt impose.

    Bonus Tip: How To Backup Whatsapp To Pc

    How to Make WhatsApp Video Calls on Desktop: A Complete Guide [2019]

    WhatsApp messages or media often take up a lot of space in your phone’s storage. If you’re depressed with the insufficient storage issue and wonder how to free up storage on your phone, then you’re recommended to backup WhatsApp to PC and there’s always a better way to get the job done.

    With Tenorshare iCareFone Transfer, a tool designed for WhatsApp transfer, backup and restore, you can easily back up your WhatsApp data to your Win or Mac and restore the WhatsApp backup on your Android or iPhone. Here’s how to backup WhatsApp to PC for storage optimization and space saving.

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    How To Make A Voice Call

    • Youll need an active internet connection on your computer and phone.
    • WhatsApp needs access to your computers microphone.
    • Youll need to have an audio output device and microphone connected to your computer for calls.


  • Open the individual chat with the contact youd like to call.
  • Click the Voice call icon.
  • End call

    • Accept to accept the call.
    • to decline the call.
    • Ignore or x to ignore the call.


  • Hover over the Camera icon during the call.
  • Click the Camera icon.
  • The voice call will switch to a video call if your contact accepts the switch.
  • Can I Use Whatsapp On Windows 10/11

    The official WhatsApp App is finally available for Windows desktop, meaning Windows 10/11 users can now use WhatsApp on Windows desktop without having to open a web browser.

    While WhatsApp for Windows 10/11 desktop is excellent news for billions of PC users out there, the fact is that the WhatsApp for Windows desktop is nothing but an improved version of WhatsApp Web.

    Although, the WhatsApp for Windows desktop program is fast and responsive, unlike the WhatsApp for Web, you still need to have an active internet connection for your PC to send and receive messages/photos/videos/audios on your Windows desktop.

    How do I get the WhatsApp App on Windows 10?

    It is important to note that WhatsApp was initially available for 64-bit or x64 type of Windows only. Thankfully, the team behind WhatsApp released installers for 32-bit and 64-bit a few months ago.

    Hence, to get the WhatsApp App on Windows 10, you can now install WhatsApp desktop on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows operating systems. Follow the steps below to install the WhatsApp application:

  • Visit the page of the WhatsApp website and click the for the Windows button to download the setup file.
  • Double-click on the installer file to install it.
  • Once installed, launch WhatsApp on your PC to see the following screen with a QR code.
  • Launch the WhatsApp app on your phone, and make sure that your smartphone is connected to the internet.
  • Does WhatsApp Web have video calls?

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    How To Make Whatsapp Video Call On Pc

    To make WhatsApp video call on PC, follow the steps below.

    Step 1: Install WhatsApp Desktop app for Windows or Mac as mentioned above. Step 2: Scan QR code on the PC from your phone to sign in. Step 3: Once your WhatsApp account opens on the desktop, open a chat and click on the video call icon at the top right corner. Step 4: You can choose a contact and make a WhatsApp video call on your PC.

    Do keep in mind that there are some minimal requirements to make WhatsApp video calls on PC. These include an audio output device and microphone, an external or inbuilt webcam and an active internet connection.

    How To Video Call On Whatsapp For Iphone

    How To Video Call On WhatsApp Web

    To enjoy video calling, you need to have the latest version of WhatsApp installed on your iPhone. So open theApp Store , select the card Updates located at the bottom right and locate the WhatsApp icon.

    Now, if next to the WhatsApp icon there is the button Update, press on the latter and wait a few seconds for the latest version of the app to be downloaded to your iPhone. If, on the other hand, there is a button open, the version of WhatsApp installed on your “iPhone by” is already the most recent and therefore you can go directly to the action.

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    How To Make A Call On A Computer

    Here is how you can make calls on the WhatsApp desktop app.

  • Install WhatsApps desktop app for Windows or Mac.
  • Scan the QR code from your phone on your computer.
  • Your WhatsApp account will show on the computer screen.
  • Open any chat, click the phone icon at the top right corner.
  • WhatsApps desktop voice and video call feature work in the same way as it works on mobile apps. It must also be mentioned that all calls are end-to-end encrypted.

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    Whatsapp Desktop Video Call Not Working: Common Causes & How To Fix It

    Been trying to make a call on your WhatsApp desktop app but its not coming through? check out these common causes and fixes.

    • Internet connection issues: Ensure your computer and phone are connected to the internet, and you have a strong internet connection.
    • Update WhatsApp to the latest version available because outdated Whatsapp can cause this issue also.
    • Ensure that your device supports desktop calls. Desktop calling is available on Windows 10 64-bit version 1903 and newer and macOS 10.13 and newer.
    • Make sure you have an active connected microphone, camera, and speakers.
    • Troubleshoot your microphone and speakers through your computers sound settings.
    • Use a headset for the best audio. Using a separate external microphone and speaker devices might cause echo.
    • Ensure youve granted permission for WhatsApp to access your microphone and camera.

    The above resolutions might fix WhatsApp video call not working for many users. However, if more fixes are required, check out our guide on WhatsApp video calls on PC Windows 10/11 not working on the web.

    Also, you can read about how to maximize the use of the Opera browser for your Whatsapp web video call 2022.

    Further, to fix WhatsApp issues on Windows 10/11, you can read our detailed troubleshooting guide here.

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  • Click Start Scan to find Windows issues that could be causing PC problems.
  • Click Repair All to fix issues with Patented Technologies .
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    What Are The Prerequisites For Whatsapp Calling On Your Computer

    WhatsApp calling is available on PC, we all know that by now, but there are a couple of things to keep in mind before we proceed. To download and run the WhatsApp desktop client successfully, your PC must run Windows 10 64bit operating system version 1903 and newer. 32bit Windows 10 systems are not supported. Support for Windows 11 has not been officially declared, but we believe Windows 11 systems would also be supported.

    Mac users, on the other hand, need to have at least version 10.13. A newer build wont hurt.

    If your PC or Mac doesnt meet these requirements, you wont be able to video call through the native desktop application. Coming to hardware requirements, youll, of course, need a microphone to conduct audio calls and a webcam for video calls.

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    How To Make Voice And Video Calls On Whatsapp On Pc

    How to Make WhatsApp Video Calls on Desktop: A Complete Guide [2019]

    WhatsApp is arguably the most popular messenger application on the planet. The Facebook-owned service manages to put new users on its database every day and successfully keep them glued to their screens. Theres hardly anyone who hasnt at least tried to get into the WhatsApp ecosystem.

    What started as a mobile-only app for messaging has evolved into an all-in-one cross-platform communication application, and all clients are becoming just as competent as the other. Not only can you send rich text from your desktop and web client, but you can also call audio and video your friends and family without leaving your workspace.

    Today, well check out how WhatsApp calling works on a PC, give you a detailed step-by-step guide.

  • Are group calls supported on WhatsApp desktop?
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