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How To Use Whatsapp Web

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Use Whatsapp Web Through A Browser

How to Use WhatsApp Web In Hindi
  • Start your computer and go to
  • Open WhatsApp on your phone and click on the three-dot button and select WhatsApp web.
  • You will now have the option of scanning the QR code that you can see on the computer screen.

  • Focus the phones camera on the computers screen and scan the code.
  • This will launch WhatsApp in the browser.
  • WhatsApp will remain active till it is logged out from the phone or the computer.
  • You can log out from the devices by going to the web menu and choosing log out from the devices.
  • From the PC, you can log out by clicking the three-dot button present on the top of the screen and choosing log out.

How To Use Whatsapp On Your Windows Pc Or Laptop

To run WhatsApp on your Windows computer, follow the steps below:

  • Go to the official web app login page, and you’ll be taken to a QR code on the screen.
  • Open the WhatsApp QR scanner on your phone and scan the QR code on your PC.
  • You’ll PC will be logged in into your WhatsApp account in a few seconds.
  • So you want to use WhatsApp on your Windows PC? If thats the case, keep readingyouve come to the right place for the solution.

    With more than two billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world. Its no surprise, then, that with such soaring popularity with peoplea lot of whom tend to be computer workerssome would want to use it on your PC as well. And why not? Theres no point in constantly picking up your phone to check the beeping notifications, when you can simply open it up on your desktop. So lets get started.

    How To Use Whatsapp: A Step

    WhatsApp boasts more than 2 billion users worldwide, but if you dont live in one of the countries where its popular, you may have never used it. Its in 2014 turned some heads , but it still offers a number of advantages over its competitors. If those two reasons arent enough to convince you to learn how to use WhatsApp today, perhaps the fact that its completely free of charge will seal the deal.

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    If youre new to the party, the worlds most popular chat app can be a bit overwhelming. To help you get started, we put together this beginners guide to how to use WhatsApp, from installing the app to chatting with friends and family in groups. Lets get started!

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    Configuring App And Profile Settings

    The three-dot menu above your list of contacts is where you can access various settings. Click ‘Profile’ to change your profile picture, or change your name or other details.

    You can also use the menu to access your starred messages or archived chats as well as to change app settings. For instance, you can change what the app should notify you about, change the background colour for chats, and choose whether WhatsApp Desktop should launch when you start your computer which is a great idea.

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    How To Use Whatsapp Web Without Your Phone Online

    How to use WhatsApp Web on your PC

    If you ever want to check your WhatsApp chats and send messages from your PC, the best option is to go with the WhatsApp Web. You can connect WhatsApp from your phone to the PC. This allows you to use your WhatsApp from PC when phone is online. Thats a catch, your phone must be online. But how do you use WhatsApp Web when your phone is offline? Thats what we are about to find out here.

    Lets check out how you can use WhatsApp Web without phone being online.

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    Schedule Whatsapp Messages Broadcast Using Whatsapp Api

    You can schedule bulk WhatsApp messages from your WhatsApp Business account to up to 100K recipients in a single broadcast campaign.You simply need to use WATIs broadcast feature to launch or schedule a bulk WhatsApp message campaign.

    Step 1: On the WATI Dashboard, navigate to the Broadcasts tab.

    Step 2: Click on the New Broadcast button on the top-right side.

    Step 3: Add the broadcast name, choose the template and choose the time when you want to send the message. Click on Next.

    Step 4: Choose from a list of your contacts or upload your list of contacts. Click on Add Broadcast.

    Note: You can upload your contacts or you can import them directly from your CRM.

    Step 5: Set the date & time and launch the campaign.

    Read A Complete Guide On WhatsApp broadcast or watch the video above to learn all about the WhatsApp broadcast campaigns using WATI.

    How To Check Status On Whatsapp Web

    Though WhatsApp Web does not support the facility to upload status, you can still check the status uploads from your WhatsApp contact. For that, you have to click on the circle icon in the top right corner.You can then check the status from there. You can even check the Your Status that you have posted from your smartphone.

    Protect Your Online Privacy With Surfshark

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    Whatsapp Scheduler: How To Schedule Whatsapp Messages

    • May 31, 2022

    With 2 billion+ active users, WhatsApp is the most widely used communication app. WhatsApp allows you to share text messages, multi-media, location & now money.With all these useful features, you may want to schedule a WhatsApp message for wishing someone their birthday or remind your friends about some events.Or if youre a business, you may want to schedule payment reminders on the last day of subscriptions or cart reminders to your customers WhatsApp. Scheduling WhatsApp messages is a very important task for you as it drives engagement and sales.So two types of users want to schedule WhatsApp messages-1. WhatsApp UsersLets understand how to schedule WhatsApp messages on each WhatsApp platform.

    How To Use Whatsapp From A Computer

    Whatsapp Web New Features Link a Device | How To Use Whatsapp Web

    There’s a free web client that makes it possible to access WhatsApp on a computer from a web browser. There’s also a standalone WhatsApp desktop client for Windows and Mac.

    If you don’t have the mobile app, download it on your phone before setting up WhatsApp on your computer. Once you’ve done that, visit WhatsApp Web, or download the desktop program from the page. In the desktop version, select the download link that corresponds with your computer operating system .

    Once opened, the process for setting up the WhatsApp desktop program and web client interface is the same:

  • Open WhatsApp on your phone.

  • Tap the Chats tab, then tap the three vertical dots to open a drop-down menu.

  • Tap WhatsApp Web.

  • Scan the QR Code on the desktop or web client with your phone’s camera.

  • The WhatsApp client opens immediately and shows the messages you have on your phone. Close WhatsApp on your phone and use it from your computer.

  • Your phone must remain connected to the internet while you use the WhatsApp web client. The application syncs directly with your mobile device, so a Wi-Fi connection is necessary to avoid data charges.

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    Use Whatsapp Web Without Phone Online

    WhatsApp Web now lets you link devices so that you can actually use fully-fledged WhatsApp from your PC too. This means once you sign in to WhatsApp Web, you will be able to access your chats and messages whether your phone is on or off, online or offline.

    As of the moment, WhatsApp Web without phone is available for both Android and iPhone users. Follow the steps to use WhasApp in multiple devices without even keeping your phone online.

    On your WhatsApp app, tap on the three-dots menu icon and select Linked Devices option.

    From the next screen, you will find an option Multi-device Beta. Tap on it to continue.

    Since the WhatsApp multi-device option is in beta, you will be asked to join WhatsApp Beta program. Tap on Join Beta and then Continue to proceed.

    Noww, get back to the Linked Device window and tap LINK A DEVICE button.

    Then, as usual, open in your PC browser and scan the QR code using the WhatsApp.

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    Once you log in to the WhasApp Web on your computer after enabling the Multi-device in WhatsApp, you no longer need your phone online everytime. If you just want to keep your phones cellular data off, you can do it and still check your WhatsApp chats from the PC.

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    How To Use Whatsapp Web On An Ipad

    Step 1: Enter, click the Share button in Safari, which has an icon with a square and an upward arrow, and you have it at the top right. If you use another browser, look for its options button.

    Step 2: Press the Share button, your browser will open a menu in which you can choose to share the link with certain apps, and just below there are other icons with options. In this second row, you have to click on the Desktop Version button that will appear with a monitor icon.

    Step 3: After activated the mode, the WhatsApp Web will stop identifying your device. If you don’t, go back to

    When you enter the website you will now see it in normal mode, and a QR code will be shown to link WhatsApp Web to the WhatsApp of your mobile. You’ll have to make the process as fast as you can because the QR code expires if you’re late, and you’ll have to refresh it to generate a new one.

    Step 4: Open the WhatsApp of your mobile, and after clicking on its options button click on the WhatsApp Web option.

    Step 5: Scan the QR code on your tablet’s website immediately

    Step 6: The website will automatically identify you and load WhatsApp. From now on, you can use the application from your iPad via your browser. In the meantime, if you enter the WhatsApp Web section of your mobile phone, you will now see the sessions you have started on different computers.

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    How To Use Whatsapp Web: A Step By Step Guide

    WhatsApp is one of the most popular and widely used messaging platforms today. Most of us might have got tired of typing and replying to messages on the mobile app. To deal with this issue and to encourage users to actively use the service more, the product team came with a brilliant browser-based client known as WhatsApp Web in 2015.

    WhatsApp launched the Web version in January 2015 through an announcement made by Founder Jan Koum on his Facebook page:

    Our web client is simply an extension of your phone: the web browser mirrors conversations and messages from your mobile devicethis means all of your messages still live on your phone.

    What Makes Whatsapp Web Special

    How to Use WhatsApp Web on Edge in Windows 10

    So why should you use WhatsApp Web when its more limited than the phone? Because of the keyboard, of course.

    If you want to engage in long conversations with someone, its easier to type using a keyboard. In fact, WhatsApp Web also works with WhatsApp Business, and youll be glad that you can take care of multiple customers through it.

    You can use keyboard shortcuts too. The most useful two to remember are Ctrl + Shift + to go to the next chat.

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    How To Use Whatsapp Business For Pc: Windows Desktop App

    If you prefer to have your browser and WhatsApp Business App separated, then use the WhatsApp Business Desktop App. Follow the steps below to start using WhatsApp Business on your Desktop.

    1. Go to Microsoft Store and download WhatsApp Desktop. Then, open the desktop app. A QR code will be displayed on your screen. It will look similar to the WhatsApp Business Web login.

    2. Open the WhatsApp Business Application on your phone, go to Linked Devices and click on Link a Device.

    3. Use your phone to scan the QR code displayed on your desktop screen. Once your account is connected, the WhatsApp chat interface will be displayed on your desktop app and you can start using WhatsApp Business on the desktop app.

    Can It Be Used On Multiple Devices

    The short and simple answer is NO, not really. Fortunately, there is a workaround. Its not perfect, though. You wont be able to access and use the same WhatsApp account on two devices simultaneously.

    However, it will allow you to access the same account on two devices, separately, via your browser.

    Heres how you do it:

    • Open the browser app on your second phone and visit
    • Open up the Settings menu, tap the three dots in the top-right corner, and switch over to Desktop View. This will take you to a webpage with a QR code.
    • Launch WhatsApp on your first phone and head to Settings.
    • Scan the QR code from your second phone with your first phone.
    • Voila! You should now be able to use WhatsApp on both phones.

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    How To Use Whatsapp For Android 12

    For Android 12, here are the steps to follow after opening the WhatsApp website on your computer:

    Step 1: On Android phones, launch WhatsApp and select the three dots at the upper right from the Chat pane.

    Step 2: Select Linked devices and then select Link a device.

    Step 3: Hold your phone up to the QR code on your computer to pair it.

    Step 4: Your smartphone account is now linked to the web version of the app.

    Step 5: From there you can send and receive messages from your computers desktop browser.

    Whatsapp Web: How To Download All Media

    How to use WA Web Plus for Whatsapp Web

    Unlike the mobile version of WhatsApp, it is not possible to download all media on WhatsApp Web. While WhatsApp Web does allow you to download photos, videos and audio files, there’s no option to download these files all at once. Instead, to download media on WhatsApp Web, you’ll have to click on each and every file and download them individually.

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    Use Whatsapp Web With Your Phone Offline

    It’s easy to use WhatsApp on the web, desktop, or Portal without your phone. There are two ways to do this:

  • Just update WhatsApp on your mobile device by searching for WhatsApp on the App Store or Google Play Store. If prompted, tap Update. Then log back in on your linked devices.
  • If the above option doesn’t work for you, you need to join the multi-device beta. At the time of writing, you should be to find this feature in the Linked Devices section of your WhatsApp mobile app. Join the beta, then log back in on your linked devices.
  • Henceforth, even with your phone off or disconnected from the internet, you can now use WhatsApp Web or the desktop app on multiple devices at once.

    Although your experience may be different, WhatsApp mentions some limitations to the update. For instance:

    • You can’t create or view broadcast lists on linked devices.
    • Link preview doesn’t work on WhatsApp web.
    • You may experience difficulty calling or texting people who use an old version of WhatsApp.

    Whatsapp Web: How To Edit Profile

    To edit your personal details such as your name, profile photo and about in WhatsApp Web, follow these steps:

  • Open WhatsApp Web on your computer’s browser or open the desktop app.
  • Click your profile icon at the top. To change your profile photo from your computer, click on your profile photo if you have set one already > click on Upload photo or Take photo depending on your choice.
  • Below your profile picture, you can see your name. Click the pencil icon to edit.
  • Similarly, below your name you’ll see About. Click the pencil icon to edit.
  • Unfortunately, you don’t have the option to post WhatsApp Status. However, you can still check your contact’s status stories. To do that click on the Status icon, next to your profile picture > now click on any contact to view their status.
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    Sending Pictures And Files

    You’re not limited to just text in your messages WhatsApp Desktop also lets you send files. Click the paperclip icon at the upper right of a chat, and you can choose between different types of attachment. The ‘Photos & Videos’ icon lets you add files you’ve already got stored on your hard drive, but you can also use the camera button to take new shots. You also have the option of sending documents or contact information from the attachment menu.

    Learning Whats Up With Whatsapp

    How To Use Whatsapp On Web Browser

    If you like talking to people on WhatsApp but are not a big fan of mobile keyboards, you dont have to be stuck on your phone all the time. Now you know how to put WhatsApp on your PC, whether its via the official desktop app or the Web.

    Want to have some fun with WhatsApp? Check out our WhatsApp sticker guide. We can also help you out if WhatsApp isnt working for you.

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