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How To Use Twitter Effectively

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Choose Your Twitter Username

How to Use Twitter Effectively: How to Read, Write, Delete and Favorite Tweets

You may have noticed that Twitter never asked you about your username. That’s because it automatically creates one based on your name. You can see your Twitter username preceded by the symbol beneath your name next to your profile picture in the lower-left corner of the screen.

If you like what Twitter gave you by default, great! There’s nothing you need to do. Otherwise, changing your username isn’t hard.

  • From your home screen, select More.

  • Choose Settings and privacy from the menu.

  • Select Account information. Twitter asks you to confirm your password to process. Enter it and select Confirm.

  • Select your Username.

  • Enter your new username without the @. If it’s available, the box around it stays blue. Select Save to make the change official.

  • Check Out The Competition

    Isnt doing a great job its own reward? Well, sure. But admit it you also want to leave your rivals in the dust.

    So dont forget to review the Twitter accounts for your industry competitors. Analyzing their social media can help you refine your own, by revealing weaknesses or gaps in their strategy, and ways that you can distinguish yourself.

    Weve got a free, customizable template for conducting a competitive analysis.

    Understand How To Use #hashtags

    Twitter is the birthplace of the all-important social media hashtag. Make sure you use this resource to your advantage. Hashtags group your content into categories and make your brand easier to find online. Twitters research discovered that tweets with hashtags improve engagement by 50% for brands.

    While there are many different ways to boost your hashtag strategy on Twitter, here are a few basic tips to follow:

    • Use a hashtag tracking tool to follow your hashtags and ensure youre engaging with everyone who is.
    • Dont use too many hashtags in each post. Twitter recommends using no more than a couple of hashtags per tweet.
    • Dont use spaces in hashtags. #Social Media would reference #Social and separate the media part. Make sure everything links together. Avoid using punctuation too!
    • Find trending hashtags on Twitter. On your left-hand sidebar beneath your Twitter profile, youll see a list of the top trending tags related to your profile. Use those to inspire your initial tags.

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    Post More Visual Contents

    Visual contents are getting more worth it helps to raise engagement on social media. The research study shows that more than 80% of people love to watch video content on Twitter.

    They like to see more visual parts from the account they follow. You can go for live videos on Twitter to obtain more interaction.

    What Is Twitter Spaces

    How to use Twitter as Marketing tool Effectively

    Twitter Spaces is a live audio conversation feature within the Twitter app that allows users with more than 600 followers to create audio chat rooms as hosts or join them as speakers or listeners.

    You can call it a podcast, which is live and open for all to join.

    Spaces work as another medium for people to put out their thoughts and knowledge, just as they were doing with tweets, in live audio discussions. The live factor makes Spaces raw, unfiltered yet manageable, inclusive, and accessible to all.

    Simply put, Twitter Spaces is a great place to have conversations and bounce ideas off with like-minded people. It can be an excellent place for marketers to give product demos, solve customer problems, and discuss the company roadmap.

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    Create A Personal Profile

    Setting up your profile is the first step in using Twitter as a starter.

    People will know who you are and what kind of stuff they can anticipate from you if you do it this way.

    Youll need:

    • A handle: The part of your Twitter handle that appears after the @ symbol must be unique to your account. A maximum number of characters: 15.
    • A name: In every Tweet, your Twitter name will appear above your handle as an interchangeable identification. Your handle, a brand hashtag, a slogan, and so on can all have the same name. Its entirely up to you! 4 minimum 50 characters maximum
    • A profile picture: The recommended profile image size is 400×400 pixels.
    • A cover photo: Cover photographs should have a resolution of 1500×500 pixels.
    • Brief Bio: a brief yet straightforward overview of who you are and what you do The maximum number of characters is 160.
    • Website link: if any or you can use your other social links

    Because your handle, profile image, and cover photo all represent your brand, its critical that they be high-resolution and truly reflect who you are.

    Similarly, your bio will be your first chance to convey the tale of your company or personality, so make the most of it.

    If youre a brand, your Twitter handle and name maybe your company name, and your profile image could be your logo.

    If youre an influencer or content provider, you may use a headshot or a high-resolution photo of yourself, whatever best suits your unique brand identity.

    How To Use Twitter For Business: A Practical Guide

    Learn how to use Twitter to successfully promote your business and build an engaged community.

    Since its launch in 2006, Twitter has gone from a punchline about sharing what you ate for lunch with the world to an unavoidable part of online communication.

    And Twitters reach is only growing. In Q3 of 2020, Twitter boasted 187 million monetizable daily active users, a 29% increase over the previous year.

    In this post, youll learn how to make Twitter work for your business. Well cover the basics to get you set up and more advanced tips to optimize your investment in your Twitter presence.

    Bonus:Download the free 30-day plan to grow your Twitter following fast, a daily workbook that will help you establish a Twitter marketing routine and track your growth, so you can show your boss real results after one month.

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    Become Fluent In Twitter Terminology

    Retweets, Quote Tweets, Mentionsthese are all words youll need to know in order to succeed on the app.

    Understanding Twitters features and how its users communicate can help you engage with and generate content for the network more effectively.

    Note: Twitter Lingo also means Twitter jargons

    Need a refresher on our Twitter lingo? Check out our glossary.

    Twitter Support May 11, 2018

    Here are a few keywords to remember:

    • Hashtag: Any word or phrase preceded by the # sign . When you click on a hashtag, all Tweets with that term will appear.

    From the above screenshot, was added to the tweet. That becomes the hashtag

    • Bookmarks: This feature allows you to store Tweets to a timeline for easy access at any time.
    • Trends: A Trend is a topic or hashtag that has been found to be one of the most popular on Twitter at the time by an algorithm. Trends may be customized according on your area and the people you follow.
    • Mention: A mention is when you reference other accounts in your Tweet by adding their handle. In your Notifications area, youll also be able to see all Tweets that mention you.

    this pain goes straight to our brothers in Naija

    FlexGermain Online

    the tweet above-mentioned, in the post.

    • Retweet: This is a technique to show your followers Tweets from other accounts. You may Retweet other accounts to share news, resources, and other useful information. You may even Retweet your own Tweets to bring an earlier one back to life.

    Why Use Twitter For Business

    How to Effectively Use Twitter Video for Marketing

    In an increasingly crowded social media landscape, there are many reasons to make Twitter a part of your organizations social media plan.

    Advertising on Twitter is especially attractive because the platform punches above its weight in terms of reach. The total number of people going on Twitter every month is nearly three times larger than the number of registered users.

    This means that youre not just reaching Twitter users when you tweet. Youre also reaching a wider audience of non-members who also read Twitter.

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    Find Your Brands Voice

    Twitter is littered with the graves of accounts that didnt think before tweeting. It pays to take some time to plan your brands voice on the platform.

    Dont be like Milkshake Duck think before you tweet.

    Having a consistent voice on social media makes it easier to connect with your audience. It also helps your brand stand out among the businesses fighting a share of the 1.9 billion hours that users spend on Twitter each month.

    How To Build Your Twitter Followers

    Now you’ve set up and customised your Twitter page, youre ready to have fun making friends on your personal account or reach potential customers for your business. To gain a larger Twitter following, so you can make the most of the platform, try these ideas for upping your follower count.

    Interact with other users

    Change your Twitter activity from passive to conversational. By interacting with people and responding to as many relevant tweets as you can, you could gain followers.

    Browse trending hashtags for interesting tweets and reply with thoughtful comments. This could inspire people to check out your profile. Plus, you’re more likely to be followed by people when you’re seen to retweet or reply to others.

    Tweet frequently

    Twitter moves fast. Try to keep up by tweeting, as often as you can, about subjects that interest you and your followers. This way, your tweets will have a better chance of being seen at the top of hashtag lists and your followers’ homepage walls. If you’re serious about upping your Twitter game and follower count, why not create a content calendar and plan ahead of time?

    Post visual content

    Twitter is a visual platform. To get the best engagement and increase your follower count, consider how to make your tweets as eye-catching as possible. Striking image or, even better, slogans on an eye-catching placards, are powerful ways to enhance tweets.

    Use hashtags

    Grow your audience from outside Twitter

    Make public lists

    Get verified

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    Consider Using Twitter For Business

    Since there is such a large number of users on Twitter, making your business known on the platform can be a valuable growth-focused strategy.

    If you spend time engaging with those who follow your account and creating content they enjoy, theyll reward you by bringing engagement to your Twitter profile and becoming loyal followers.

    Originally published Nov 30, 2020 7:00:00 AM, updated March 24 2021


    The Big Bag Of Tips & Tricks For Using Twitter Effectively

    How To Use Twitter Lists More Effectively

    I am not going to go into all the how to set up an account stuff because it is all very straightforward. Anybody can click on a signup link and fill out the form. Twitter practically holds your hand in this regard.

    So we are going to skip ahead past all that and assume you already have your account set up.

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    Retweeting Other People’s Posts

  • 1Open the Home feed. Click the Home tab in the upper-left side of Twitter to do so.
  • 2Find a post you want to retweet. Scroll down through the Home feed until you find a tweet you want to add to your profile.
  • 3 It’s a rectangle made of two arrows below the tweet. A pop-up menu will appear.
  • 4Add a comment if you like. If you want to add your own take the the tweet, click the “Add a comment…” text box above the tweet, then type in th comment before proceeding.
  • 5Click Retweet. It’s below the original tweet in the pop-up menu. Doing so posts the tweet to your profile page.Advertisement
  • Define Metrics And Kpis

    Its vital that you measure your Twitter engagement regarding its effect on your business goals. Think of these as KPIs that help monitor performance toward reaching your goals.

    Here are some metrics and KPIs to consider:

    • Follower growth. How many new followers you get every day, week, or month
    • Follower engagement. How many followers interact with your tweets
    • Reach. How many users like or retweet your posts
    • Traffic. How many people visit your site from Twitter
    • Conversions. How many users sign up for your service or buy your product.

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    What Makes Twitter Unique

    Before we discuss how to use Twitter we should understand what makes Twitter unique. I touched on this already, but I want to re-emphasize it. I think it bears repeating. Understanding and learning how to use Twitter properly starts here. Twitter is unique and offers users the opportunity to connect meaningfully with anyone, anywhere with ease.

    What differentiates Twitter from other social networks:

    • Its one of the only open social networks: Twitter lets you talk and connect with anyone, anywhere. You dont need to follow or send any requests to chat with someone and view their content.
    • Its instant and captures whats happening in real-time: Twitter gives you insight into whats happening now in the world. With hashtags like #breaking and other trending hashtags, youll always keep a finger on the pulse.
    • It encourages you to be thoughtful: Twitter limits you to 280 character posts, forcing you to be thoughtful and creative. The platform also relies mainly on text posts which changes how you interact online.
    • Open API perfect for entrepreneurs: Twitter is one of the only social networks with an open API which is simple to use, stable and well-documented. Without the limitations other social networks impose, developers are free to use Twitter for with almost no restrictions. Heres more on how entrepreneurs can get the most out of Twitter.

    How To Use Twitter For Beginners

    How To Effectively Use Twitter

    Twitter, launched in 2006, is a microblogging social media site where users create short-form content, known as tweets, to share with others. Users who have an account can post their own tweets and interact with others.

    Unlike other social media platforms, Twitter is often where breaking news is shared by individual users, rather than notable businesses. Users take to their personal accounts and tweet about their experiences, like when a 5.9 earthquake struck Virginia in 2011. It was first reported by individuals on Twitter who sent out 40,000 tweets related to the incident, all in less than a minute.

    Twitter is also known for being the home of countless viral memes, like one from Carter Wilkerson in 2017. He asked Wendys, a fast-food chain, how he could use the power of Twitter to get free nuggets for a year.

    He didnt meet their 18 million retweet requirement, but they granted his request after achieving 3 million. Wilkerson has since used his Twitter experiment as an example of social sharing engagement for his marketing course. Others have since used this format, like this user, who asked The New York Mets to let her take prom photos on their baseball field if she reached 500,000 retweets.

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    How To Create A Twitter Marketing Strategy

    You should always approach social media with a plan of action, and Twitter is no different. Understanding how the platform works and how it fits in your overall social media strategy is the key to success.

    So where do you start when creating your Twitter marketing strategy? Weve outlined the components of a successful foundation below.

    Publish At Right Time

    Twitter receives more than 350,000 tweets each minute. Imagine how hard it is to get engagement from your audience. Actually, the trick is simple if you know when to post and your active audience time, then your post will be engaged automatically.

    Some of the best time and worst time,

    • During weekends especially on Friday, you will work for you because Friday evening people will be almost free. More relaxed to spend their time on social media.
    • Mornings hours 9 am to 10 am you can consider. After 12, people will be in their lunch hours. Avoid posting on Sunday morning.

    Tips to Gain Engagement

    • Tweet often at different times to find your audience time. Maintain an equal gap between each time. Experiment with different times on each day. Suppose you want to get greater engagement then tweet per post.
    • Make use of Twitter analytics to know audience timing and interest.
    • Once you find peoples time, be consistent, and provide interesting and attractive content. You can schedule your tweet with a gap to make your audience get connected with your brand.

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    Use Twitter Ads To Promote Your Content

    Twitters 353 million users are a big part of what makes it an attractive platform for brands. But the volume of content posted to Twitter every day can also mean that your brands Tweets get lost in the fray.

    is the answer to this problem. You can promote anything from a single Tweet to an entire account.

    With no minimum budget, theres a Twitter advertising option that will help any brand get noticed.

    Why Should Marketers Use Twitter

    Twitter Best Practices: How to Use Twitter Effectively ~ Make Twitter ...

    Twitter can be a strong platform for marketers, once you know how to use it.

    Discover trends

    You can first use the platform to discover whats happening around you. Brands need to stay up to date with world news, trends, and customer interests. So, Twitter is the perfect place to see these things as they evolve and take note of how your brand fits within this evolving landscape. For example, if you are a retail brand and youre looking for inspiration or insight on what your customers love, Twitters a great place to find out what people are interested in, from celebrities to colors to services, so you can target your tweets accordingly.

    Manage the brand

    You can use Twitter to manage your brands reputation. Twitter is a place where people share all their feelings. So, its a good place to keep track of what the sentiment is around your brand, and manage any negative commentary before it spirals out of control and becomes a social media crisis.

    People love to talk, and on Twitter you can find out how they talk about your brands. You can curate the tweets around your brand in order to assess the global sentiments and reputation you have, and use it to give a direction to your next marketing choices.

    Increase awareness

    Provide customer service

    Research competition

    Connect with others

    Once you understand how to effectively use Twitter, the platform can help you to promote your brand and increase your reach across multiple social media platforms.


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