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How To Use Pinterest To Drive Traffic To Your Website

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Pin Consistently Pin A Lot

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Website or Blog in 2020 – My 300,000/mo pv Strategy
  • Gael Breton in the comments to Jim Dillons recommended pinning to every group board twice a day.
  • Kevan Lee in his , based on Buffers experience, said they pinned 5 to 10 times a day.
  • And Courtney Seiter claims that up to 30 pins per day work well.

I started with 7 pins per day but quickly accelerated to 3035.

Pin To Relevant Boards

As soon as your fresh pins is launched, Pinterest recommends adding it to the most relevant board to help their search engine get a better understanding of what the pin is about as it enters the Pinterest eco system. It will be reading the following:

  • Pin title.
  • URL.
  • Board title and description.

In a natural way, you then want to pin the new pin to other relevant boards but schedule this over time, dont spam your boards with the same pins!

Theres no magic number to how many times you can re-pin to other relevant boards as long as it is natural. However, over old so dont go wild and waste your time when you could be creating new pins for the same post or older articles on your site which are coming back into season.

New pins could mean:

  • Change of font and colours.
  • New images or a change to an image such as zoomed in.
  • Fresh text overlay or call outs.

If you batch create your pins or use the 300 pin template pack it shouldnt be too exhaustive!

Optimize Your Profile For Location

For instance, if I am looking for photographers for my wedding in upstate Texas. Specifically, Tyler. A profile that includes Tyler, Texas, and portfolios of photographers will more likely show up in results for me.

If you only list out what you do in your profile but not where you do it, youre not getting in front of your target potential prospects. This will ultimately lead to lesser leads.

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Select Or Create Your Pin Image

Choosing the image for your blog post pin is the most important decision you make. A good image encourages people to share your post.

There is no right or wrong choice. You want an image that is eye-catching and related to your blog post content. You want to invite people to click through the pin to visit your blog. The best image should clearly identify your blog post content to Pinterest users.

Choose The Best Blog Posts To Pin

How to Explode Your Website Traffic this 2020 Using Pinterest

You dont need to pin every blog post on Pinterest. Youll get better results if you .

This means you need to do a little .

Its easy to do research on Pinterest, and you dont need an account to get started. Pinterest has a search feature that lets you find one or more keywords throughout the site.

  • Pins that contain the search term in the description
  • Boards that contain the search terms in the title or description
  • People who have the search terms in their profile

Tip: Pinterest never returns a list of every possible match. You should try each search several times to see how the results change.

For each blog post you consider pinning:

Make a list of the search words and most common words found in the pin descriptions. You want to consider using these terms in your pin description as well.

After spending a little time , youre ready to start using it to drive traffic to your blog.

Tip: As you do your research, why dont you start following some of the people who are actively pinning on related blog post topics? Its a great way to make a connection to people who may be interested in your blog.

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Design Pins That Win: Best Practices To Keep In Mind

If youre not a designer, you may be wondering how you will create Pin-worthy graphics to capture attention. Adobe Spark makes it super easy to create great content for Pinterest, even if youre not a trained designer. Start from thousands of templates and easily modify the content to make it your own. Keep these design tips in mind when creating visuals for your Pinterest page.

  • Use large type that is easy to read. Be explicit in your headline or use the curiosity gap to compel clicks. Either way, you want to make sure your Pin grabs attention.
  • To get you started, we are including some of our Adobe Spark templates for you to remix and modify to fit your brand. Weve set them up using basic design principles and optimized them for Pinterest.

    Create A Seasonal Campaign

    Holidays and special events can have a profound effect on human behavior. For example, Black Friday brings out the buyer in all of us, which is why lots of brands look for ways to piggyback on this day to drive up sales.

    Since the new year is just around the corner, people are interested in starting the year on the right track by making resolutions.

    For people vowing to get organized, Taylor Flannery launched the 52 Week Organized Home Challenge by the end of 2011.

    Not only was she able to generate thousands referral traffic visitors, but she was able to drive 25,000 blog subscribers in two months, which is even better!

    Key takeaways: Keep in mind that Pinterest was fairly new when the image went viral. Replicating the same campaign now will be much more difficult due to competition. However, coming up with the right campaign for the right season could still help boost your referral traffic. It would even be better if your niche is popular since you can reach out to more people with your campaign.

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    Discovery Of The Week

    When I was at Social Media Marketing World, I was introduced to a brand-new product called .

    You can put in any Twitter ID or hashtag and it will run a detailed analysis. For example, we put in #SMMW13. Youll be shocked at the analysis it came up with.

    Listen to the show to learn more and let us know how this works for you.

    Creating An Account That Attracts Followers


    At first, it might seem a bit complex, but I promise that its fairly simple.

    You start by creating an account, just like you would on any other social network.

    When other users visit your profile, theyll see something like this:

    Your profile is composed of 5 main areas:

  • Your logo If your logo is very plain, you might want to create a custom image instead.
  • Your brand name It should reflect your business, but you could also use a personal account with your name.
  • Your website URL
  • A description A one- or two-line description that explains what you do.
  • Boards These boards act as silos for the content you share on Pinterest . You should create a board for each category of images you plan to share .
  • Setting up your account: To start with, go to Pinterest, and sign up for a new account. Youll want to select continue as a business on the first screen :

    Then, fill out the fields as usual:

    If at any point you want to change your profile, you can do so by navigating to your profile and clicking Edit Profile in the top right corner:

    Like I mentioned before, there is only one type of content on Pinterest pins.

    A pin always consists of an image. It also typically has a description, which can also include hashtags.

    As you can see in the pin above, you can either pin it to share it or you can like it.

    Users see a variety of pins all at once as small versions. They can click on those to see their full versions.

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    How To Join Group Boards

    It is very easy to join group boards. The following video will show you how I find group boards and join them using Pinterest, Twitter and Pin Groupie.

    Its important to be joining quality group boards. How do you tell this? A good follow number is one way. A better way is how many repins pins are getting on average. You can use Tailwind to see statistics on all your group boards. I like looking at the average number of repins per pin to determine if it is a worthwhile group board or not.

    Use Analytics Data To Find Under

    If you are open up the dashboard.

    Got to Behaviour > Site Content > Landing Pages and then hit the Sessions column to order from low to high.

    Youll get something like this:

    Finding underperforming pages in Google Analytics

    Now youll be able to see pages that are getting the lowest amount of traffic.

    From here, see if they are missing anything your top-performing pages have. Try to improve these underperforming pages so every page on your site is bringing in traffic. Another tool to gather more insightful data would be Google Search Console, specifically its Performance tab.

    Of course, you can also do the opposite too:

    Filter Analytics and Search Console to show your highest performing pages and see if you can make them even better.

    While you are in Google Analytics, you should

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    What About Group Boards

    Your own boards are the ones you set up at the start of this guide with keywords in the description.

    Group boards are thematic boards with a number of members.

    Recently, Pinterest specialists have stated that Pinterest prefers that you pin to your own boards over groups boards as group boards have become dumping grounds with low engagement. If you invest in Tailwind and manually assess the virality which is repins divided by the pins for the last seven days you will see that the virality is low for most group boards.

    If you want to give group boards a try regardless, here is how to gain access.

    • Look out for callouts or use the search function in Facebook groups.
    • Use Pingroupie to find group boards looking for pinners.
    • Wait to be invited, it will happen!
    • Aim for boards with lots of followers, but not as many pinners.

    Once you are in, you will want to analyse their worth by:

    • Checking to see how quickly the pins are added.
    • How many users are actively pinning.
    • Quality of pins.

    When I pinned to group boards, I kept a spreadsheet with all the board names and pins I pinned to them.

    Create A Tailwind Account

    Drive Traffic With Pinterest (How To Use Pinterest To ...

    Ready to drive traffic to your site on autopilot? Tailwind is the key to making all of this a reality!

    Note that I am NOT an affiliate or associated with this app in any way, but I am a huge fan because this is what brings this strategy all together!

    The most amazing part of this app is that it can run continuously AND optimize posting times for you. It is also where you will find Tailwind Tribes to share your content to groups for wider reach.

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    Follow Technical Seo Best Practices

    Technical SEO is the process of optimizing your site for Googles crawlers.

    It is an important step in getting traffic to your site. If Google cant find, crawl, and index your site, you wont rank. No ranking = no organic search traffic.

    It is called technical SEO because it is less about the content of your site and more about the infrastructure.

    Technical SEO can be a big topic. But in terms of getting the best practices down, here are the things you want to do:

    • Specify a preferred domain

    This is by no means an exhaustive list. But if you can tick off everything above, you are on the right track for a healthy site.

    Use Tailwind To Automate Your Pins

    If youre unfamiliar with Tailwind, check it out here. Its the most important tool out of all of these tips because it allows you to automate your content with a loop. Once you pin an image from your site it gets added into your Pinterest feed and may end up getting missed by a big portion of your audience. By using the Tailwind smart loop you can ensure that your content is continued to be seen. Find out more about Tailwind its smart loop here.

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    Why Am I Qualified To Teach You How To Drive Traffic To Your Blog

    Over the past 6+ years, Ive gone from fumbling around with learning how to start a blog to now bringing in over 4.4 Million readers to this blog in the last year alone.

    I say this not to brag, but to show you I actually know what Im talking about here. And to prove that Ive been putting my traffic driving and blog promotion strategies to use right herewith overwhelming success.

    Because when it comes to learning how to drive traffic to your website, there are literally millions of articles out there stating theyre the bestmany of them written by people who claim to be expert marketers with a secret formula .

    Well, Ive done the actual work. Ive experimented. Ive tested. Ive failed. Ive learned. Ive succeeded when it comes to learning how to drive traffic to your blog.

    Sharing In Facebook Groups

    How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Blog post website

    Try to find groups on Facebook that are super topically relevant to your nicheand join the ones that have a lot of engaged members who appear to be within your target audience. Like on Reddit though, youll want to focus on engaging with the community by liking and commenting on others posts and building up a rapport for weeks before ever promoting your own content and trying to use the group to drive traffic to your blog. Group moderators are well-versed in spotting members who are there to shamelessly self-promote.

    The good news though, is that the people are already there for consuming content related to their niche , so if your blog can genuinely help them, youre bound to find a receptive audienceand once youve learned how to drive traffic to your website from groups, its a perfect opportunity to get targeted subscribers to take the next step and join your email list. Offer a free piece of content in return for their email address, ask them to sign up for your newsletter, or leverage live chat software to engage with them directly on the page.

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    Make Sure Your Site Is Fast

    Weve touched on this a bit already, but how fast your site loads does affect SEO.

    Page speed is a direct ranking factor, and can also affect rankings indirectly via increased bounce rate.

    Mobile page speed benchmarks

    Page speed is important for users. Think about: if a web page is loading slowly for you, what do you do? Do you wait for it to load or do you go somewhere else?

    Chances are you leave.

    Faster loading pages are more efficient for keeping people on your site. And Google knows this too. Thats why way back in 2010 they announced that page speed counts as a ranking factor for SEO.

    John Mueller of Google says to make sure web pages load for users in less than 2-3 secs:

    John Muellers advice for fast loading pages

    When it comes to speeding up your site, there are a few things you can do to boost performance like compress images, use a lightweight WordPress theme and have a good hosting setup able to deliver high performances.

    If you want to geek out on page speed, weve plenty of resources to browse through:

      Enhance Serp Appearance With Schema

      Also known as structured data, Schema is a markup easily read by search engines.

      It makes it easier for search engine crawlers to find and index your page. Because it gives search engine bots more information about your site, your site can get rich site snippets .

      If youre featuring reviews on your site, you could score rich snippets like the one below:

      An example of schema showing in Google

      Weve actually got a more detailed guide on how to add schema markup to a WordPress site.

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      New: Use Article Pins

      Article Pins were announced just a few weeks ago. They are similar to Pinterests other newish Rich Pins, such as Product Pins, Recipe Pins and Movie Pins.

      The Article Pins share more data than a regular Pin it button. When theyre Pinned, they automatically include information such as headline, author, story summary, and link. They can even include a logo and byline image.

      For driving traffic to your blog site these Pins will add an incredible boost. According to Tech Crunch, early adopters have been using the Article Pins to great success. They report that Buzz Feed, for example, now boasts Pinterest as their top traffic referrer.

      You need to apply to Pinterest in order to add Rich Pins to your site. Before you do, you have to have a blog site that meets the Rich Pin requirements, and you need to add particular metatag data to your site. Read the site for more details.


      Here is an example, from Tech Crunch, of how the Article Pins look, when they are Pinned on Pinterest. Notice the added summary at the bottom of the Pin. The idea is that the additional information will make the blog Pin more intriguing, and generate more click throughs to their blog._

      Article Pins are an exciting new development for publishers and bloggers. Im looking forward to analyzing more results from the early adopters. If youre one – let me know your successes in the comments, below!

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