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How To Use Pinterest For Shopify

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Lean On Strong Storytelling And Keep It Flexible

How to Advertise on Pinterest for your Shopify Store

Are you telling compelling stories about your product, your brand, your industry? Does your content provide value to your target audience? Before you add any campaign into your marketing calendar, check in to ensure that your audience will benefit from what youre putting out into the world.

Events will pop up, product launches will get delayed, and pop-culture trends will emerge. A rigid marketing calendar leaves little room to engage or react to any of these timely things. While calendars help you plan, one thats set in stone can actually slow you down.

Seed Your Products To Grow Brand Awareness And Leads

Create eye-catching Lifestyle images of your products

When it comes to a great idea, people know it when they see it. Make sure your images inspire to act. Create remarkable visuals in vertical format. Lifestyle images that show your product being used work best. You need to get noticed to get clicks!

Add keyword-rich pin titles & descriptions

Pin daily

Pin “fresh” content every day. Fresh Pins are defined by Pinterest as images or videos that haven’t been seen before. Find out more about fresh content.

My favourite Pinterest scheduler is Tailwind. It enables you to post pins automatically at times when your audience is most active. Try it out for free for 1 month!

Re: How To Use Html To Add Video

I think this post will help you solve the problem

Elias here with Shopify Support. Thank you for reaching out.

This is a great question. May I ask why you dont want to use YouTube?

Embedded players, like YouTube or Vimeo, are able to use special parameters for solving some of your concerns. YouTube has some really cool IFrame Player API parameters that can remove their branding, enable autoplay, or set custom frame sizes. This also works really well with Shopifys Video section in the storefront editor.

Another option is to utilize a third-party file hosting and embed the video to your theme using the Custom HTML section in the storefront editor or edit the theme files using custom coding. The Files section located under the Settings has a file size limit of 20MB, which may be a limitation if your video is too long. Since this level of custom coding is not supported by our Theme Support team and if you have limited knowledge of HTML, CSS, Javascript, or Liquid I recommend working with Shopify Experts. Shopify Experts are experienced with type of custom coding and can help embed your video to your theme.

I hope this provides a couple options for you to explore. If you have any more questions regarding this topic, feel free to reply to this thread and Id be happy to help.

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Tip : Add Multiple Pins Per Product

You want to make sure that your product has the best chance to be highlighted as well as something that people have a good impression of so that theyre enticed to click through and go to your store to complete the purchase.

When it comes to creating and uploading pins, there are two different types of pins that you can create as a product seller.

Tip : Tag Your Product In The Pin

Lessons Of Partnership Marketing From The Shopify

So, when people tap on the pin and do a close-up they are able to see the product attached with the pin as well as the details. I recommend tagging your products in your text as well as your blog posts so that people who are checking out all of the different content that you have in your profile also have an idea of what products are related to it.

For example, if you have a blog on your Shopify store that you also use to build awareness for your product and youre posting pins that are related to those blog posts, you can also add your products to each of these blog posts which are relevant to that particular pin.

Get 60% off hosting for your blog or website on HostGator.

In case youre wondering, I have in-depth product pins training within my program Pinfluencer Academy. So if youre looking to take your Pinterest marketing skills to the next level, you can check out Pinfluencer Academy.

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How Do Promoted Pins Work

Promoted Pins run on an auction system, like many other pay-per-click systems. Advertisers select a Promoted Pin, choose an objective they want to accomplish, and enter targeting criteria. Theyll place bids on having their ads shown to their target audience, and those who bid the most could win the placement.

Promoted Pins can work in two different ways, which we touched on above.

This interest is typically gauged based on past behavior on the platform, including the Pins they’ve saved, though advertisers can target specific users based on things like email lists or recent site visits.

If someone is searching for handmade vase and you happen to sell those, your ad could actually appear in their search results.

As you can imagine, this option lets you promote your products to users who are intentionally seeking them out.

How Do You Set Goals For A Marketing Calendar

Begin the process of creating a marketing calendar with a specific set of end goals. What exactly, as a business, are you trying to accomplish?

Alex Greifeld, an ecommerce expert who has worked in the industry since 2011, recommends starting with the big picture rather than tactically. Essentially, establish what meal you want to make for dinner rather than starting on step three of the recipe.

A lot of digital marketers and eCom practitioners skip right from a vague objective to tactics. We start the year with a sales target and then write up a list of optimizations or new technology that we think will get us there, writes Alex in a recent installment of the No Best Practices newsletter. A general rule of thumbif your strategy could be applied interchangeably to any business, its not actually a strategy.

A few questions you should ask yourself:

  • Who am I partnering with?
  • What promotions or events are already scheduled?
  • Which campaigns are fixed and which ones can be moved around?
  • Where can I leave space for new opportunities that pop up?
  • What central messaging do I need to repeat?

Before we get started Do you have a marketing strategy for your business? Learn more about establishing a marketing strategy: The 5-Step Marketing Strategy to Grow Your Business

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Make The Most Out Of Your Description

Your Pins image will be what catches the users eye, but the description adds a lot of context. It really explains to users what the Pin is and why they should click, so it can make all the difference.

Lets look at an example. The Promoted Pin below from Society6 tells users they have TONS of throw pillows to choose from. Okay. Are they great quality? Quirky styles? Essential to me having that Pinterest-worthy living room? This ad doesnt really make me want to click, even if Id searched for throw pillows.

This Promoted Pin from Kohls, however, has the type of content that pinners love. Its offering value, using the context of how to pick the perfect pillows in order to promote some of their pillows great qualities and show off a few styles. Their description capitalizes on this, saying, Throw pillows are a fun way to incorporate a little style, and the image shows users how. This is a great way to maximize your description.

Create A Regular Logo Setting

How to use Shopify + Pinterest Integration? Selling on Pinterest | Pinterest for Ecommerce (2020)

Many themes will already have a logo setting within a header section which allows your clients to select a logo from the theme editor. This will be the case if youre using the Slate starter theme, or customizing an existing theme.

However, if youre building a theme from scratch or working on an older theme, its possible you may need to add a regular, desktop logo setting to the header section. The easiest way to to see if your theme has an existing logo setting is to check what header settings exist in the theme editor:

You should see something similar to the above, where you can select an image that appears on your header, and can enable resizing on the image.

If your theme doesnt have this setting, you can add the settings to the header.liquid file within the schema settings, which would appear like this:

Once the section settings are created, you can add the markup and set up the Liquid objects that correspond to the section settings. For this example Ill be working with the Slate starter theme markup, but the basic process should apply to all themes.

You can find the full header file on the Slate starter theme GitHub repo, but the crucial part of the section is the markup below:

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Get Started With Reels To Increase Your Shopify Store Reach On Instagram

We hope this guide helps you get started with Instagram Reel and allows you to leverage this content format to grow your Instagram following and acquire new shoppers for your Shopify store.

With Instagrams growing user base, its important for Shopify stores to keep an eye out for new features and use them from the get-go. Instagram favours new users of their features and boosts their profile for new audiences as well as their existing follower base. By using new features as they are released, you can get the Instagram algorithm to favour you.

But the point here is a little different. Considering how popular Instagram Reels is in your audience, we think its the right time to tap in!

Want to learn more about using Instagram to sell more? Dont forget to check out these guides:

Edit The Markup Of Headerliquid

Now that weve created new section settings for the mobile logo, well need to create corresponding HTML elements and Liquid objects. Within the header.liquid file well need to locate where the markup for the logo images are.

This would start with an if statement and should appear something like this:

On the Slate starter theme, this code is:

Similarly with how we duplicated the section settings, well copy this entire if statement and paste it right below the original code. Once there are two instances of logo markup, we can adjust the second by adding the new IDs we created in place of the existing IDs.

In the second instance, wherever we see section.settings.logo, we will replace it with section.settings.mobile_logo, and wherever we see section.settings.logo_max_width, we will replace it with section.settings.mobile_logo_max_width. Once this is set up, this area of the header.liquid should look like this:

The last change we need to make to the header.liquid file is to wrap each instance of the logo markup in containers with IDs that reference either desktop or mobile. The original markup should be assigned < div ID=desktop> , while the second should be < div ID=mobile>

Once this is set up, it will look like this:

4: Add CSS to hide logos

At this point, if we navigated to the theme editor, we would find two different image pickers that display two logos on the header. The final step here is to hide logos depending on the screen size, using CSS.

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Endorsements From Trusted Experts

Influencer marketing can be a tricky type of social proof to create. Paid-for partnerships arent always considered as authentic as peer-driven proof, but they can still be effectiveespecially if theyre genuine.

Content from influencers and industry experts that is shared publicly still counts as an endorsement. Micro-influencers, such as industry bloggers and complementary businesses within your niche, may have an influence that overlaps with your target audience, and these endorsements can ring true as long as the posts dont read like a sales pitch.

Using Liquid To Add Previous And Next Article Buttons

Tips For Using The Pinterest Channel With Your Shopify ...

When buyers are reading your clients blog articles, they may want to continue reading similar articles, and reducing the barrier to accessing these will improve the usability of their online store. A setting for optional previous and next article buttons gives users another level of navigation, and allows them to easily browse more blog articles.

Thankfully the blog Liquid object has existing attributes that return the URLs of older or newer blog articles. We can link these object attributes to buttons on the article page, and use section settings to create an option to display the buttons.

The first step here would be to create the buttons and include the link to the previous and next blog articles. In this case, Ive added the container with the buttons and linked Liquid objects to my article-template.liquid section file, just above where the social sharing buttons are located. A basic container for these could look like:

You can see here that we have two link elements that are pointing to our Liquid objects, blog.previous_article and blog.next_article. These return the URLs for older and newer blog articles. These link elements have a class of btn. You can set up your own styling for this class, or add your own, in your themes stylesheet.

Once youve styled these elements to look and feel how youd like, they could appear on the article page like this:


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What Kind Of Topics Should Your Content Cover

Its absolutely vital to figure out what your target audience wants to learn about and generate content theyre likely to click on, engage, and share. For example, if your Shopify store sells festival clothing, you can share everything from ecologically friendly festival fashion tips to, say, surviving your first Burning Man.

Some of the most popular content for videos, blog posts, and e-books include tutorials, do-it-yourself guides, trick and tips, etc.

Pro Tip: Pinterest only allows you to pin the same image four times per month, but that doesnt mean you cant promote the same blog post, video, or any other form of content more often than that. All you need to do is create a different image for each pin, since theres no problem with linking a pin to the same URL multiple times.

Use multiple pins to promote the same blog post as many times as youd like.

Use multiple pins to promote the same blog post as many times as youd like.

How many pins should you post? Check out our guide to pin frequency and limits to learn more.

Facebook Reviews By Omega

Already have some social proof on Facebook and want to leverage that for your site? Facebook Reviews by Omega allows you to display your Facebook reviews and ratings on your Shopify store, making it hyper-visible to users who are unfamiliar with your brand, bridging the gap between off-site and on-site social proof.

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Tip : Make Your Profile Discoverable On Search

Pinterest contrary to popular belief is not just a social media platform but is also a search engine where people are always looking for cool ideas, products, and services to shop for. This is why when you optimize your profile to be discovered on search then you give your business and your brand the best chance to stand out and be visible.

How To Use Shopify: A 12

Sell On Pinterest With Shopify (Complete Guides 2021)

In this Shopify tutorial for beginners, we’re going to cover all the key steps needed to get your business rockin’ and rollin’ we’re going to cover how to:

  • Sign up for Shopify’s free 14-day trial
  • Get acquainted with the dashboard
  • Customize your website’s theme
  • Get your site ready to go live
  • Pick a plan and make your store public
  • Customize your site’s functionality with Shopify apps
  • Take it slow and move through this Shopify manual one step at a time. Okay, ready? Let’s go.

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    Become A Verified Merchant

    To become a verified merchant, youll need:

    Robert Johnson, founder of Sawinery, a one-stop shop for all things woodworking, recommends becoming a verified merchant. Aside from receiving a shiny blue badge that makes your business look credible and legit, youll get a Shop tab in your profile to house products.

    The program is free to join. Apply to become a verified merchant here.

    Add An Addtocart Event

    After you install the base code, you can optionally add different events to gather additional data. You can add the AddToCart event to track when people add products to their shopping carts.

    Note: With some Shopify themes and widgets, you will not be able to add an AddToCart event.

  • From your Shopify admin, click Online Store, then click Themes.

  • In the current theme youre using, click Actions and Edit code.

  • Under Templates look for code files named product.liquid, or product-template.liquid, or product-form.liquid and open it. This may vary depending on the theme you have installed, but its most common to see add to cart button code in the products.liquid file or equivalent.

  • Search the file for addtocart in the code file.

  • Place the following code within the ending caret of the < button> or < input> element

    onclick="pintrk "
  • Click Save in the top-right corner.

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    Benefits Of Creating Instagram Reels On Your Profile

    Instagram has positioned Reels as a discovery content, which viewers can swipe through and watch. The platform shows your Reels to consumers whose browsing history and preferences match the kind of content you create. This way, your visibility to new and relevant audiences is high, allowing you to acquire them as followers.

    For example, if you have been liking posts on home decor, youre going to start seeing a lot of Reels from brands that sell home decor, getting you to discover their products!

    Using this interactive video format, you can create your content right within the app, no extra software or equipment needed. You can make use of the filters and effects to transform a simple idea into a killer visual.

    Many brands use Reels to tell stories and build a connection with new viewers so that they want to learn more about the brand. Whats more, Instagram is promoting Reels more, showing them on the newsfeed and even creating a dedicated page where consumers can scroll through them.

    As an online store, you need to start creating Reels right away to reach new audiences easily. Instagrams Reel creation tools make it easier for anyone to get started with this format. With the range of filters, effects, and transitions available, you can create a fun Reel in no time!

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