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How To Upload Video On Pinterest

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A Few Final Tips Before You Start Pinning

How to add videos to Pinterest (2021)
  • Keep the creative simple. Using too much lifestyle imagery and abstract designs can dilute your branding and make it harder for other pinners to recognize your products.;
  • Choose your thumbnail wisely. Make sure to put your logo on every pin or thumbnail that you make, but avoid putting it in the lower right corner itll get covered up by Pinterests icons.;
  • Keep text on your Pins concise and scannable. Remember to add text-overlays to both your video and still image Pins as needed. Its better for a sound-free mobile experience.;
  • Dont forget to optimize! Make sure your Pins fit the text specs that Pinterest recommends. Use clear titles and descriptions, and dont forget to include keywords that make it super clear what youre promoting, selling, or dreaming about.;;

Ready to need to take your Pinning to the next level? Its time to get creative and share your brand with the world. Pinners are just waiting to be inspired by you.

Here Are Those Specs:

File type: .mp4 or .movMax size: 2GBLength: Min 4 sec up to 30 minutesResolution: Minimum 240ppiFrame rate: Minimum of 25fpsRecommended aspect ratio: Square or vertical Recommended length: 6-20 sec. video length

Now, about that recommended aspect ratio.

#PERK The 9:16 aspect ratio also works for Instagram.

Now Im wonderingcan I promote my horizontal video pin with autoplay? Ill have to check on that. If youre curious, you can advertise your video pin foreal with an active campaign. See more on that in the next step.

Side note: This 360-degree tripod mount makes it easy to switch between vertical and horizontal mode on your smartphone:

Tip #5: Set Your Video Pins Up Seo For Success

Just like images, Video Pins should have clear titles, descriptions, and hashtags to help improve their discoverability in search results!

Categorizing Video Pins with tags will make them easier to find which means more views for your content!

TIP: If you want more in-depth Pinterest SEO tips, check out Laters .

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How To Schedule Video Pins With Later

With Later, you can:

  • Expertly plan Pins with our visual Content Calendar
  • Easily crop photos and videos, and trim videos to the desired length
  • Create custom descriptions, use saved captions, or add emojis

To get started, go to your Later dashboard, select your video from the media library, and drag-and-drop it onto your content calendar to schedule!

The content calendar will give you a quick overview of your scheduled Pins and help you maintain the right aesthetic for your boards.

When youre ready to format, youll see that Laters native editing allows you to choose from four different sizing options:

  • Freeform: Choose a custom crop size
  • Square: 1:1 aspect ratio
  • Portrait: 4.5 aspect ratio
  • Landscape: 16.9 aspect ratio

You can also trim the beginning or end of your video. Theres no limit to the amount you can trim, but remember videos need to be at least 4 seconds long.

Add a caption and a link drive traffic to your website, and keep your followers engaged by adding the perfect description for your Pin. Now youre ready to hit save and schedule your video Pin with Later!

Once you save your post, Later will submit your Pin for approval for you. When your Pin has been approved, youll see an Approved tag right there in the calendar post.

Need more help with scheduling videos to Pinterest? Check out our help guide here.

Work Backward From Your End Goal


The big question with video pins is, Where do you want to drive traffic?

? Want more website traffic? Upload the video to Pinterest and link to a post or page that is relevant to the video. I recommend linking to a blog post with the embedded video. This is called repurposing and is a powerful way to leverage content youre already creating to boost traffic to blog posts, landing pages, sales pages, and more. High five!

? If you want to grow your YouTube channel, select Save from site and enter the YouTube link. You can also upload the video to Pinterest first, then edit the pin and add the link.

? If you want to , no problem. Pin the Instagram post to Pinterest. Make sure you update the pin description with Pinterest-perfect keywords and hashtags .

#PROTIP Claim your YouTube channel and Instagram account to ensure that all video pins from these platforms are attributed to you. Youll also gain access to Pinterest stats on any video pin you save from these accounts .

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How To Design A Pin Image

The simplest way to make a pin image is by using a free tool like Canva. There are many premade Pinterest templates that you can use to design your own pins.

Once, you get familiar with Canva, you can actually start experimenting with new fonts and elements to design a more unique pin image. There is a vast variety of images for free and paid users. You can do a lot even with a free account. Or, upgrade to enjoy premium fonts, images, templates, and so many elements. You can use my link to get 30 days free trial.

As your design is ready, you can simply download the image and save it on your desktop.;

Easy tips for Pin design

With over 32k followers on pinterest, I have designed hundreds of pin designs for promoting my own content on Pinterest.;If you are , you can definitely get my latest content too.

Here are some quick tips for Pin design;

  • Use a high quality, relevant and attractive image for your pin
  • Use a combination of fonts thats clear and readable. Use text that is big and bold. It should be easily read by mobile users.
  • Make your pin image size vertical. The 2 recommended sizes are 600px X 900 px and 1000px X 1500px.

Well, if you dont want to spend time creating pins for your blog post, you can get my most affordable that only costs $18 with code smbpins20. You can use 1 template to create multiple Pins.

Pin Planner Can Help With Your Video Strategy

Make planning and scheduling your video easier with Pin Planner. Pin Planner is PLANOLYs go-to platform that makes planning and organizing your Pinterest content simple. On Pin Planner, you can upload, schedule, and publish static and video Pins to Pinterest. Plus, the visual library makes it easier than ever to organize and plan your Pins.;

Shout out to our campaigns feature, a paid feature that lets you bulk schedule Pins and manage hundreds of images and videos across multiple Pinterest boards – giving you an ever-present voice on Pinterest. If we havent inspired you yet, our content marketing team tested this feature and discovered they scheduled content 5 times faster with campaigns. Thats a lot of time saved!;

How to Upload & Schedule Pins on Pin Planner

Web dashboard

How to Upload Videos When Scheduling Campaigns on Pin Planner

Web dashboard

Track Video Pin Analytics On Pin Planner;

Observe and track your video Pins performance right in Pin Planner. We have an entire section dedicated to analytics. Navigate to the analyze tab and find these two top metrics to get insight into your video metrics:

  • Average Watch Time The average time people watched your video. This also includes people who rewatch your video within the same day.
  • Video Views The total number of times people viewed a close-up version of your video Pin for your board.
  • A Few Things to Note About Video Pins for Pin Planner

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    Pin Fresh Content Consistently

    One of the best ways to keep pinners engaged is to create new content for them to browse through on a regular basis.

    The images need to catch peoples eye, and the blog posts that they link to need to be helpful as well.

    Bottom line: if you want to grow your audience, you need to create content that solves problems and fills needs .

    Make The Perfect Thumbnail

    How to upload a video to Pinterest

    When you upload a Video Pin, Pinterest also prompts you to upload a thumbnail image for the Video Pin. The only limit to your thumbnail is its aspect ratio: it needs to be the exact same as your video. Other than that, your thumbnail is a canvas that you’re free to create in any way you want. But if you want some help getting started, here are some tips.

    If you don’t upload a custom Video Pin thumbnail, Pinterest will default to the first frame of the video. Make one using this free Video Pin thumbnail maker.

    When designing the Video Pin thumbnail, consider how to make it on-brand, visually consistent, and clickworthy.

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    Tip #4: Remove The Need For Audio

    This makes adding text overlays and captions to your Video Pins all the more important. Make sure your audience understands the message, even without sound.

    This helps your video be viewable to a larger audience and be more inclusive overall!

    Subtitles, text overlays, and text intro and outro slides are all great ways to make your video content easy to follow without audio, which is also a great way to make your content more inclusive for the hearing impaired community.

    Tip #6: Stick To The Recommended Video Pin Specs

    • 1:1: square
    • 9:16, 4:5, 2:3: vertical
    • 16:9: horizontal


    Aside from dimensions, here are a few other Video Pin specs to follow:

    • File type: .mp4, .mov or .m4v
    • File size: 2GB max
    • Encoding: H.264 or H.265
    • Length: 4-15 seconds, but your video can go up to 15 minutes
    • Title: Up to 100 characters. If you dont have a Video Pin title, your description will show in the Home Feed
    • Description: Up to 500 characters. The first 50-60 characters are likely to show up in the feed

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    Repurposing Instagram And Facebook Stories As Video Pins

    Simply head to your Stories and tap the three-dot ellipsis button in the bottom-right corner

    Next, either tap Save video on Facebook or Save on Instagram, which will save your video as an MP4 to your camera roll.

    NOTE: If your video has any interactive stickers or swipe-up CTAs, they wont be clickable on Pinterest.

    If your video does have stickers or swipe-up CTAs, there are plenty of video editing apps that can help remove them before you upload.

    Find out how to do this with the InShot app in our blog post.;

    Tips For Your Pin Design:

    How To Add A Video To Pinterest

    1. Use a big, bold font thats easy to see on mobile devices.

    2. Make sure you use a vertical image size. 1000 x 1500 seems to be the sweet spot.

    3. Include your website address somewhere on the pin. It helps with branding and also creates a watermark to help protect your work for theft.

    If you dont want to create your own pins, you can hire someone to design them for you or purchase ready-made templates like these.

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    Inspire But Give Them A Reason To Click

    If youve ever found infographics to be fantastic for engagement but lousy for traffic generation , youve may have come to this invaluable realization:

    If you give everything away in your Pin, whether its an infographic or a video, you leave people no reason to click through to your site.

    The finished product below makes me want to make one myself, but unless Im a quick study, Im not going to be able to do it just by watching the video. So, Im going to have to click through to the site!

    You could also offer a discount for some of the items you use in your video which is only available on your site.

    First Who Can Upload Video Pins

    If you want to squeeze the juice out of any pin, youll need a business account. Video pins are no different here. Make sure you switch to a business account to access the video upload option.

    You can still save your favorite videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and TED, but theyll only play if you view them close up.

    Note: You may not need to create a billing profile. If you follow the steps below and see a video option when you create a new pin, youre all set. If you dont see that option, go ahead and set up a billing profile and enter a credit card. The good news is, you wont need to set up an ad campaign or pay for organic video pins. A billing profile is simply a requirement to upload videos.

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    Option 2 Embedding A Video On Your Blog

    PROS: This way youre driving traffic to your website, so you have a higher chance of converting your reader to an email subscriber. This is more ideal because you want to take your audience through a sales funnel, so you can sell your products and services.

    CONS: Videos on your site will take up more bandwidth and your website will take longer to load.;

    What Are Video Pins And Who Can Use Them

    How to Upload Videos on Pinterest (2021)

    Pinterest started implementing its video player in mid-2016, allowing business accounts to upload videos of any length to help draw users to their brand. In mid-2019, Pinterest announced at VidCon that brands with a Business Profile can now upload videos directly to Pinterest rather than importing them from other platforms like YouTube or Vimeo.

    Video Pins work just like any other pin. The publisher can add a title that appears on users feeds, descriptions that give users more information, and outbound links to your personal or business website. When a user clicks on your Pin, they’ll open the viewer with more information about your Pin below the title.

    Since Pinterest only ;allows business accounts to post videos, youll need to have one set up before you can start showcasing your video content. Opening a free business account involves claiming your website; check out Pinterest’s set of instructions in their help center.

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    Tip #2: Add Text Overlay

    Another way to grab a viewers attention is to add a text overlay to your Video Pin!

    Text overlays help Pins stand out, add context, and work to enhance your overall message.

    After you upload your Pin, you can move the selector left or right to select a thumbnail to use as your video cover photo. Youll have to include your text overlay in your video somewhere, preferably at the beginning or end!


    You dont need to be a video editing pro to make stunning, professional content. There are tons of apps out there that anyone can use to add text, edit, and create video Pins.

    Canva is an , so its a great tool for creating engaging content quickly. They offer hundreds of Pinterest video templates to choose from, and they even have a built-in video maker and editor with easy drag-and-drop tools.

    For extra branding points, upload your own fonts to Canva to add on-brand text overlays!

    How To Make The Perfect Video Pins For Your Business:

    I’ll go through the 5 main things you should keep in mind in order to make the most of your video content on Pinterest. Every Pinterest audience responds differently, so some experimentation is necessary to develop your own brand’s best practices, but here are the most important things to you need to know to get started:

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    Know All Your Options And Restrictions

    To know what you should do, you need to know what you can do. Here are the required specifications and restrictions of Pinterest’s video posts:

  • Your video must be an mp4, mov, or m4v file type. Kapwing’s videos always export mp4 files, which are recommended by Pinterest.
  • Video pins must be under 2GB in size and under 15 minutes long. This shouldn’t be an issue, especially since video pins work best if they’re more concise around 20 seconds is optimal.
  • Pinterest supports all of the most common aspect ratios, but there are a couple restrictions you should know about. While you can use horizontal or square videos, vertical videos give you more space on users’ feeds. The tallest aspect ratio you can use is 1:2, and your video can be no taller than 1560 pixels. Pinterest recommends a 2:3 aspect ratio as standard, but 9:16 may be a more convenient option, since it’s standard for vertical video recordings, Instagram content, and many phone screens.
  • Your video post isn’t just a video, either. It also needs to include:

  • A title, no more than 100 characters long, the first 30 of which are shown in users’ feeds.
  • A description, up to 500 characters long, the first 50 of which will be shown in users’ feeds. Users will also have to click to expand descriptions over 200 characters long.
  • A link to your site, which should direct users to a relevant page, rather than just your homepage.
  • A thumbnail, which needs to have the exact same aspect ratio as your video.
  • Option 3 Sending A Pinner To A Video On Youtube

    How to Upload Photos on Pinterest (with Pictures)

    PROS: Perfect for you if you dont have a blog or website and prefer to use YouTube to grow your community.

    CONS: Youre driving traffic away from your blog and to YouTube instead. People can get distracted by other videos on YouTube and youve lost a potential email subscriber and customer.

    If you want a step-by-step guide on growing your email list with Pinterest, is your new best friend.;In this course I show you how to exponentially grow your website traffic and email list, using my secret weapon: Pinterest.;

    People are loving it so far!;

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