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How To Upload Resume In Linkedin Mobile App

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Add Your Resume To Linkedin For Easy Apply Applications

How To Upload Resume In LinkedIn Profile Mobile App Desktop | NY2021

In addition to uploading your resume to your profile, you can save several resumes on LinkedIn to quickly attach your resume when you apply for a job. This is useful if you have multiple career or keyword targets to list on your resume.

Even though some jobs don’t require a resume, we recommend you use both your LinkedIn profile and resume when applying to jobs.

How To Post A Story On Your Linkedin Profile Using The Mobile App

  • You can post a LinkedIn story to your profile as a temporary post similar to Instagram stories or Twitter fleets.
  • To post LinkedIn stories, tap the “Your story” button in the stories section at the top of your mobile app, or tap “Share a story” in the Post menu.
  • To create your story, you can combine a photo or video with text and stickers, then tap “Share story.”

Like any social network, offers several ways to post news, commentary, and other kinds of content for your followers to read and engage with.

In addition to traditional posts, LinkedIn now allows you to create a Story. Similar to Instagram stories, these are temporary posts that only exist for 24 hours. After one day, they simply disappear from your profile.

How To Build Your Linkedin Resume

If your current resume gives out too much information for the job you want to apply for, you have the option to leave out that information. One of the options you see when you download your LinkedIn profile as a PDF is the option to build your resume. Whats helpful about this option is that you can decide what part of your LinkedIn resume you want to leave out.

Once you click on Build a Resume, youll be able to choose from two options. You can create your new resume from your LinkedIn profile, or you can upload one. Lets go with building your resume from your profile. The on-screen instructions will start by asking you to enter your desired job title. You cant enter any title youll need to choose from the suggested job title youll see.

On the next page, youll see that youve ended up on the resume creation tool screen. When you see something you want to change, simply look for the pencil icon and edit. For example, to change the name of the resume, click on the pencil icon to the right of the current name.

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Save Your Resume To Your Phone

Tap on the resume file you want to save. It should open on your phone.

Now, tap on your phone’s share icon. The picture and location will vary by phone type, but here are some common icons to look for:

Source: Fast Company

You’ll have several options here, including saving your resume, emailing it, sending it as a text, and so on. If you have a word processor on your phone you should also be able to send it there.

Resume Vs Linkedin Profile

How To Upload Resume In Linkedin Mobile App

You may be tempted to upload your resume to LinkedIn and call it a day. But LinkedIn serves a completely different function than your resume.

Your resume is a formal history of your professional life that includes work experience, education, accomplishments, skills, and other sections depending on your format and experience level.

Its perfectly okay to include a hyperlink to , so recruiters and hiring managers can peruse if theyre curious enough about you.

Your LinkedIn profile, on the other hand, is a little less formal. Its a networking platform, so youre still self-promoting, but in a more casual way. Use that to your advantage by letting your personality shine throughout your LinkedIn profile.

Hiring managers and recruiters want to see what youre interested in , and LinkedIn is a great place to find out what actually makes you tick as a professional. , and youll have no reason at all to throw a picture of your generic resume on there.

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Additional Tips For Uploading Your Resume

You can also use the following tips to guide you when using Indeed to showcase your resume:

  • Be sure to fill out all sections. Filling out all resume sections can ensure you are showcasing your most relevant experience and credentials.

  • Take the skill assessments. Indeed offers various skill assessments that you can take to showcase your skills on your profile. You can elect to make your scores public or keep them private.

  • Consider publicizing your resume. Select the ‘public’ setting so recruiters and hiring managers can view your resume.

  • Use Indeed’s resume maker: You can also use the resume maker to make multiple resumes tailored for each specific job you apply to and download each one to your device for future job applications.

  • Keep a master resume: Keep a master, or general resume, as a default to showcase your most relevant and applicable skills and qualifications.

Uploading your resume to Indeed offers a streamlined and efficient way to tailor your expertise to the jobs you apply to, and it can be extremely beneficial for quickly applying to jobs online as soon as you see the positions you are interested in.

How To Add Or Update Your Resume On Linkedin

Have it ready to go, just in case

LinkedIn is one of the largest professional networks and one of the best job search sites. While its main purpose is connecting recruiters and people searching for jobs, you can also use it to track someone down or to find out whos looking for you online.

If youre using this network to find a new job, you might run across some issues, like how to add or update your resume on LinkedIn. Although, the question you should ask yourself first is whether you should be uploading your resume on LinkedIn at all.

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Create A Free Account On Indeed

After uploading your file and entering your email address to get started, you will continue the account creation process by creating a password and confirming your email address with Indeed. Once you have created your account, you can then use the resume editor to revise your resume according to Indeed’s template.

Save Your Profile In Resume Format

How to upload resume in LinkedIn app

This is probably the most common way of getting a resume from LinkedIn. Its also the fastest.

As soon as you click the button to get your resume, your browser immediately starts working towards it. Youll be asked to either download it or open it so you can see how it looks like first.

Also note that you can use this method to download other LinkedIn users resumes. All you have to do is navigate to their profiles and follow the same steps.

Heres how you go about it.

Go to your LinkedIn homepage and click the Me icon at the top and select View profile.

On your introduction card, which is the top part of your profile, click the More button and selectSave to PDF.

Immediately upon selecting the option, a pop-up window will appear asking you whether you would like to open the resume or download it.

If all you want to do is take a look at it and gauge its suitability, then you can choose to open it. Youll be able to view but not edit it.

If youve checked it our before and are satisfied with it, then select the download option. Having an offline copy also allows you to print it in case you need a physical one.

We have written many articles on LinkedIn and you can check them out on our Cleverism blog. You can start by reading .

When using this method to get a resume from LinkedIn, there are some things to keep in mind:

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Please Add An Unlimited Word Count

I love LinkedIn, but would like to see an unlimited word count. There are so many times that I have a post that exceeds the allotted word count and its frustrating. I could condense what i need to say most times, but sometimes I need to be able to say more than what LinkedIn allows. If the post is good, people will read it. If not, they dont have to read it and can just scroll on past. Im sure if you took a poll from other LinkedIn users, you would find that most of them would agree that LinkedIn needs an unlimited word count. Dont limit it solely for the purpose of making sure peoples posts are shorter. Give people the opportunity to add as much as they need to their posts. Sometimes you need to be able to add more to your post to properly say what you need to say because tightening your word count doesnt always cut it.

How To View Linkedin Resume Used For Job Application

When youre looking for a job, you indeed apply to several jobs at a time. But, when you start to get tired, you might make the mistake of using the wrong resume for a particular job. If youre not sure what resume you used for a specific application, theres a way you can check. To do this, youll need to go to the list of Applied Jobs.

Once youre there, click on the job you think you submitted the wrong resume for. At the bottom right of the card, you can see which resume you submitted. You can also see the date of when you applied for that job.

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Can Employers See My Resume On Linkedin

LinkedIn users, including employers, are able to see your resume if you have it uploaded to your profile page.

However, if you are applying for a specific job through and upload your resume during the application process, it will only be visible to that specific employer.

55 Job Applications are Submitted to LinkedIn Every Second. –

How To Add Your Resume To Your Linkedin Profile

How To Upload Resume To LinkedIn

Since LinkedIn removed the old Import resume feature, sharing resumes on ones LinkedIn profile is much less common.

If you want to do it, though, you can still can:

1. Go to your profile.

2. Scroll down until you see a subsection titled Featured.

It will say something like: Showcase your work by featuring your best posts, documents, media, and websites. Then therell be the link Add featured. Click it.

3. Upload your resume.

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How To Download A Resume From Linkedin

While your LinkedIn resume isnt a one-size-fits-all solution for your job search, this little-known secret from LinkedIn can come in handy when youre in a pinch. Download your resume from LinkedIn using these steps:

Step 1: Click the image of your profile picture in the upper right of the header to return to your profile. You can only download your resume directly from your profile.

Step 2: Click the white More button below your job title. This will prompt a dropdown menu with the options Share Profile and Save to PDF.

Step 3: Select Save to PDF from the dropdown menu to download a PDF version of your resume. A pop up or download dialogue of some kind will appear on the lower part of your screen depending on your browser and operating system. Click on that pop up or go to your Downloads folder to open the document.

Note: If you dont see a pop up and nothing is downloaded, make sure pop ups are not blocked in your browser settings.

Use Your Resume To Fill Out Your Linkedin Profile

Finally, you can opt to use your LinkedIn as a standalone part of your job search. You don’t need to upload your resume if you already have all the important information on your LinkedIn!

Your LinkedIn has many of the same sections as your resume: a summary, work experience, skills, education, certifications, and volunteer experience. If your LinkedIn is complete, you don’t need to upload your resume as well.

You should still use a resume to apply for a job, though.

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Can You Leave A Bad Review On Linkedin

No one leaves negative recommendations on LinkedIn as far as I know and if someone tried to leave you a negative recommendation you wouldnt have to publish it on your profile but plenty of people have sub-par recommendations on their profiles anyway.

Can you delete recommendations on LinkedIn?

You can choose to hide or unhide a recommendation youve given to, or received from another member on your profile. You can also request a revision of a recommendation youve received, revise a recommendation youve given, or delete a recommendation youve given.

Follow The Steps For Creating Your Resume

How to upload resume in LinkedIn app (STEP BY STEP)

After creating your account, continue through Indeed’s prompts to enter the information you want on your resume. You will need to enter basic information like your name and contact details, work experience, education and skills. Once you have completed these steps, your resume will be ready to view.

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Have You Ever Been On Your Smartphone And Wished You Had A Current Version Of Your Resume At Your Fingertips

There’s a good chance you already have access to a recent version of your resume–but you might not realize it! LinkedIn has a little-known option to download up to four versions of your resume right from the mobile app.

LinkedIn already offers a few options to create or access a resume document. The most common way of downloading your resume from LinkedIn is to navigate to your profile and save it as a PDF.

However, there are three limitations here:

  • You can only do this from a desktop computer.

  • The PDF is likely going to be much longer than a resume should be. A resume should be one or two pages, while a comprehensive LinkedIn profile can easily be four or five pages.

  • You can’t edit the PDF, which is a key part to finding a job fast.

  • You also can’t download a featured . You can view it or take a screenshot, but you can’t download, edit, or export your resume from LinkedIn this way.

    Download Your Resume And Select A Style

    Finally, Indeed also enables you to download your resume straight from your Indeed account. All you have to do is scroll to the bottom of your profile page and click the ‘resume’ option to view your resume. Once there, you can click the ‘download resume’ button and a dialog box will open and prompt you to choose a style. Indeed offers several styles for downloading your resume. Simply choose your favorite style and download it to your device.

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    How To Refine Your Job Search In The Indeed Mobile App

    This is Indeeds job search results window, and here, Indeed provides you further ability to refine your search.

    Simply click on Options near the windows top corner.

    As you can see, by clicking Options, youll get the opportunity to refine your search as well as change the sorting method.

    Like other mobile apps, Indeed offers the job seeker the ability to save noteworthy jobs. Although its worth mentioning in order to save jobs in the Indeed app, an Indeed profile is mandatory.

    However, assuming youve created an Indeed profile, to save a job, simply click on the star next to the job you want to save. And to go one step further, to look up a saved job, simply click on My Jobs at the top of the search window. This will take you to a window that looks like the one to the left.

    Click now on Back so that you once more see the list of jobs from your previous search.

    Now, what if you would like to know a little more about one particularly interesting job.

    Well, its pretty easy to find out a little more about it.

    Just click on the arrow to the right of the job. This will lead you to a window similar to the left:

    As you can see, youre given a brief summary of the job here. And, if you scroll to the bottom of the window, youre also given several other options: first, you can email the job to a friend second, you can actually apply for the job.

    A quick note to remember: not every job in the Indeed app will provide you the opportunity to apply to the job through the app.

    Format And Edit Your Resume

    How To Upload Resume On Linkedin Mobile App

    Once your resume is entered into the system, you can rework each section and tailor it to the job you want to apply to. Indeed’s resume format can sometimes separate sections, so make sure that everything is situated in the appropriate resume sections. Go ahead and proofread your resume at this point.

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    Can I Create A Resume On Linkedin

    Yes, there is an option to create a LinkedIn resume right within their platform. Referring back to step 1 of how to upload your resume, you can click on the button that says more instead of add profile section and then select the option to build a resume. LinkedIn will use the information you already have saved in your profile sections or let you begin from scratch or edit to build an updated resume.

    You can save several different versions and the applications can be downloaded in PDF format that passes the ATS scan. A LinkedIn url for your profile is also automatically included to make that information readily accessible to the employer.

    Upload A Resume To Linkedin As Featured Media

    LinkedIn allows users to upload articles, links, and files to their profile. If you want employers to read your resume when they find you on LinkedIn, you should upload a resume under your name and headline as Featured Media.

    Heres how to upload your resume to your LinkedIn profile:

    Step 1: Go to your profile.

    Step 2: Click the Add profile section button, and expand the Featured tab.

    Step 3: Select Media and choose the resume file you want to upload from your computer.

    Although you can post a resume on your LinkedIn profile, we dont recommend uploading your resume here for two reasons.

    First, depending on your privacy settings, your resume is available for anyone on LinkedIn to view and download. Its important to be careful when sharing personal information, such as your name and address.

    Second, LinkedIn already shows your work history. Recruiters can see your resume by looking at your profile an additional file isnt needed.

    You should get recruiters to notice you on LinkedIn by regularly updating your work history and being active on the platform, not by adding your resume to your LinkedIn profile.

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