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How To Upload Longer Videos On Twitter

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How To Post Long Videos On Twitter

How to Upload Longer Videos to Twitter – Video Creating Tips in 60 Seconds.

Actually, you can post videos longer than 140 seconds on Twitter, but the video you upload should be:

  • MP4 or MOV
  • 512MB or less , 1GB or less
  • Up to 10 minutes
  • Fill in your credit card details.
  • Once done, go to the top menu bar, choose “Creatives” > “Videos”.
  • Compose the video tweet.
  • Preview and publish your long video on Twitter.
  • Why Do We Choose Leawo Video Converter

    There are quite a dozens of reasons for you to choose Leawo Video Converter to convert longer videos before you could upload longer videos to Twitter. The below 3 reasons are the main ones for you:

    1.Internal video splitter: The internal video editor of Leawo Video Converter enables you to split longer videos into several clips and you could get what you want only. Therefore, you could get the wanted 140s clip for uploading to Twitter.

    2.Wide support of output profile: Leawo Video Converter supports hundreds of video formats as output, including the ones that Twitter accept, like MP4. Therefore, you could convert any video file for Twitter.

    3.Profile parameter adjuster: You could adjust video and audio parameters of selected output profile like video codec, video bit rate, aspect ratio, frame rate, audio codec, sample rate, channel, etc. This would be perfect for Twitter video converting, since you could change the parameters according to the requirements of Twitter, so as to let output profile meet Twitter exactly.

    There are still many other reasons for you to choose Leawo Video Converter, like its 2D to 3D converter feature, subtitle selecting and adding feature, batch conversion, etc. It would be extremely easy for you to upload longer videos to Twitter with the help of Leawo Video Converter.

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    How To Upload Twitter Videos On Pc Or Mac

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to upload and attach a video from your computer to a new Tweet, using a desktop internet browser.

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    Video Formats Supported On Twitter

    The mobile app supports MP4 and MOV video files. A web-based upload, however, needs to be an MP4 in H264 format with AAC audio. This is the most common format for recording and distributing video content online.

    If your file is the wrong type, explore the internet for helpful and free online file converters for all your needs. For video formatting, the likes of Online-Convert or FileZigZag are your best bet.

    Get The Best Mp4 To Mov Video Converter:

    How to upload longer video on WhatsApp Status 2020 ...
    • Easily compress long video for Twitter. You can customize video size as needed.
    • You can reduce file size, change resolution, bitrate, encode, and output format of the video in a hassle-free way.
    • Compress a wide range of video formats like MP4, MOV, AVI, FLV, MKV, MTS and other 150 formats.
    • Apart from compression, it helps in converting the video file in 90x faster speed.
    • It is the securest tool to compress the files and gives the output without compromising the quality.
    • More than compression, you can use it to convert, edit, burn video, and even download online videos from YouTube, Twitter, Vimeo, Facebook, Vevo, etc.
    • You can compress videos whether you use Mac or Windows computer.

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    Twitter’s Video Length Limit

    Twitter has a maximum video length of two minutes and 20 seconds long. Once again, the app will let you trim a longer file as part of the upload process.

    If you do have lots of footage to share with your followers, the best solution is to upload it in small snippets. Maybe, pick out the 2-minute highlights and turn them into weekly fun episodes.

    How To Post A Long Video On Instagram: Feed Live Igtv

    Instagram has supported video content for a long time now, but they still don’t give you nearly as many options as other platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

    TL DR Use the Instagram Studio to trim your videos into shorter sections and upload them all in one Instagram post.

    One of the biggest restrictions on Instagram video content is the length of videos you’re able to post. Since no videos longer than 60 seconds in length can be posted to your main Instagram feed, you can’t share anything longer than a TikTok with your followers. I’ll show you how to share up to 10 minutes of video in a single post.

    You two options to post videos longer than 60 seconds on Instagram:

    Option 1: Cut your video into shorter clips

    Option 2: Upload to IGTV

    Which option should you choose, and what works best for Instagram? Lets take a look.

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    How To Upload Long Videos On Twitter

    Ever wondered how you can upload videos longer than 2 minutes and 20 seconds on Twitter? Twitter limits the length of videos posted on the site, to 140 seconds. So, you might have this long video that you want to share, and because of that restriction be compelled to either tweet just part of the video, or tweet the video in pieces. But there is a way to go around this limitation and share a video of up to 10 minutes in length. The secret is using Twitter Media Studio.

    In the article

    What About Twitter Carousel Ads

    How to Upload Longer Videos in Twitter

    Use a carousel to tell a multi-part story about your brand, promote a sale, or drive awareness to your website. On Twitter, unlike and , you only have six slides to work with on a Twitter carousel, so choose your imagery and creative wisely.

    • You can include videos or images in your carousel slides, anywhere from 2-6 slides.
    • Use a single aspect ratio throughout your carousel. 91:1 or 1:1 is recommended for image assets.

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    Using Twitter Video Dashboard

    Step 1. Log into Twitter, click More,and choose Twitter Ads.

    Step 2. Under the Creatives option, click Videos.

    Step 3. Click a grey button that tells upload your first video, and upload your video.

    Step 4. Click the blue compose button, presenting 2 options: main Tweet body with 116 characters, much longer than the standard Tweet, and choose the second one. And you can also edit your video like adding a title.

    Step 5. Click the Save button and preview your video tweet.

    Step 6. Click Publish after your editing is finished.

    What Are The Video Specs For Twitter

    • MIN RESOLUTION: 32 x 32
    • MAX RESOLUTION: 1920 x 1200
    • MAX FRAME RATE: 40 fps
    • MAX BITRATE: 25 Mbps
    • MAX TIME: 2 min 20 sec

    Unfortunately, slow motion isnt really compatible within the Twitter app as its fastest frame rate is 40 fps.

    But, if you create a slow-motion video outside the app at a higher frame rate and then upload the video to Twitter, it should display correctly.

    Getting the specs right simply requires a little attention to detail before you record or export, but does not require an expert.

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    Uploading Video Made Elsewhere

    Here is the method for sharing a tightly-produced commercial spot or branded content that isn’t a simple cell phone video.

    If you’re using Twitters video upload feature:

    A voice to talk you through the simple posting to Twitter process

    It is important to know that Twitter users who saw branded content video uploads were 28% more likely to make a purchase than your everyday web user.

    How To Cut Compress Or Convert Videos For Uploading To Twitter

    Facebook allows users to upload videos in comments

    To prepare videos for uploading to Twitter, you can adopt EaseFab Video Converter for help. This program is a totally clean, fast and multi-function video software tool with video editing tool box and video converter built in. It can help you fast encode/re-encode almost all common and uncommon video formats like MKV, VOB, MKV, AVI, MP4, HEVC, MOV, M3U8, etc. to Twitter compatible MP4 while keeping excellent output quality.

    Moreover, you can easily adjust the resolutions, bit rates, codecs, etc. of the output video to reduce the final file size. And its built-in video editor allows you to trim video length, cut off unwanted parts, add movie water, adjust video effect, etc. to touch up your videos for successfully uploading to Twitter. What’s more, you can even add external .srt, .ass, .ssa subtitles to your video to makeyour videos accessible to a larger audience.

    To begin with, you need to download and install EaseFab Video Converter Windows or Mac version on your computer. The guide below takes the Windows version for an example. Mac version has the same process.

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    How To Add Videos Longer Than 30 Seconds To Twitter

    Whether or not you use it, Twitter is an excellent tool for promoting your business. You can seek out new clients and customers, keep up-to-date with what your competitors are doing, keep in touch with your existing clients and customers, and promote your services.

    One of the newer features of Twitter is the ability to upload video, which you can use for a variety of different purposes and can do directly from your smartphone. It doesnt seem that long ago that people would use Vine for their videos, and share them via Twitter. Since Twitter launched its own video upload facility, however, Vines use has diminished considerably.

    Of course, the one issue with using Twitter to host your videos is that Twitter is limited to videos of a maximum of 30 seconds in length, or 512MB whichever comes first. This means youre not able to upload longer videos, or better quality videos. The only way to do that is to upload them to YouTube and share them via Twitter.

    Or is it?

    In actual fact, there is a way you can upload much longer videos to Twitter. By using Twitter Ads, you can upload videos of up to 10 minutes in length, with an unlimited file size although you dont go over 1GB.

    Now, I know what youre thinking. You dont want to have pay Twitter to host your videos. Thats just the thing, you dont have to. You dont have to pay for any sponsored tweets, or pay to promote your Twitter account you just need to have an ad account.

    Or you can see the actual tweet here:

    Now That I Have Twitter Blue How Do I Undo A Tweet

    Once you have Twitter Blue, you can immediately begin to undo original tweets, replies, threads, quote tweets and poll tweets. After firing off a tweet, you’ll automatically be redirected to your posted tweet, with the opportunity to Send Now — or permanently post the tweet — or Undo, which gives you 20 seconds to go back and make any edits, such as fix grammatical mistakes, tag someone or simply get rid of an embarrassing tweet.

    You can customize how Undo Tweet works. In your Profile menu, go into Twitter Blue and tap Undo Tweet. Here you can toggle on and off how it works for different types of tweets and change the amount of time you have to undo a tweet .

    With Undo Tweet, you have up to 60 seconds to preview and make changes to your Tweet before its public

    Twitter Blue

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    Watching Live Videos On Twitter

    You can watch live video from Moments, the Explore tab, trends, or Tweets from an account that has gone live.

    You can also watch live programming from Twitter on Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV. Xbox and Android TV users can enjoy Twitter by launching their web browser and going to

    When watching a live video or replay, you can share the broadcast via Tweet, Direct Message, or by copying the link. You have the option to share the entire broadcast or the broadcast starting at a specific point of your choice.

    How to share a live broadcast or replay:

  • From the live video or replay full screen mode, click or tap the icon
  • Click or tap or to Tweet, Direct Message, or copy the link of a full live video or replay from the beginning.
  • Click or tap to Tweet, Direct Message, or copy the link of a live video or replay starting at a point chosen using the selection bar.
  • You may encounter issues while watching live videos. Generally, watching from a strong network connection, and/or trying a different network or browser is recommended. Additionally, closing out of the app or browser, and reopening can help. For best results, use an up-to-date app or browser version. If you continue to experience problems with live video, please let us know.Skip forward or backward

    While watching a video, you can double tap your screen to quickly move back and forth.

    How to skip in a video:

  • To move ahead 5 seconds, double tap on the outer right side of the video screen.
  • Caption Twitter Video With An Srt File

    How To Upload Longer Videos to Twitter – Step By Step

    Most people dont use social media with the sound on, so adding captions to your videos can keep viewers interested in your content. With captions, viewers can still follow what youre saying by reading the captions. Captions also make your videos accessible to users who have a hearing disability.

    To caption your videos, you need to create an SRT file with the text that appears as your video plays. Rev is a great site for creating your SRT file and charges $1 per minute.

    You add an SRT file to a Twitter video after you upload the video to Twitter Media Studio. From the Media Detail menu, select Subtitles and then SRT File. From there, you select the Upload option to upload the SRT file saved to your computer.

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    Twitter Video Limit: How To Upload Longer Videos On Twitter

    By Cora| Follow | Last Updated September 15, 2021

    • Reddit

    Summary :

    Twitter is a microblogging and a social networking service on which you can easily entertain yourself like watching or uploading videos and also can reach different persons like some celebrities, experts, and other users. As for twitter video limit, are you upset about such troubles? If yes, the following post will give you an answer.

    Quick Navigation :

    Firstly, lets learn something about twitter video limit.

    Online Video Trimming For Twitter Uploading:

  • Browse this website:

  • Drop the video from Twitter into the page and wait for it to be analyzed.

  • Make a mark on the timeline with the marker. To delete unneeded bits, set the starting and finishing points so that the time is less than 2 minutes and 2 seconds.

  • To encode the video, click “Save” in the lower right corner.

  • Save your cut video to your computer’s hard drive.

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    Upload Video To Twitter Media Studio

    When you have access to Twitter Media Studio, you start using it by visiting the main Media Studio library, where you see all of your previously uploaded media content and have the option to upload new videos.

    Twitter Media Studio has its own video upload specifications. In Media Studio, you can upload a MOV or MP4 video file thats up to 1GB. For landscape videos, Twitter recommends a resolution of 1280 x 720. For square video, the best resolution is 720 x 720. Video length is typically limited to 2 minutes, 20 seconds .

    Twitter Media Studio lets you upload several videos at once. Simply click the Upload option in the upper right and select the videos you want to upload from your computer hard drive. After you make a selection, the upload begins automatically.

    If you see a message that says your upload failed, make sure your video file is 1GB or less. If an error message says your video is too long, you probably need to shorten it to 2 minutes, 20 seconds or less. To edit your video size or length, you can use most of the popular video editing programs.

    Rules To Remember When Uploading Videos To Twitter


    While Twitter is a great way to share videos with followers, there are rules for uploads that you need to keep in mind.

    Twitter is a powerful networking tool, but there are limits to what you can do. In terms of uploading videos, the task comes with a set of technical rules that stem from the platforms principle of sharing short-form content.

    You cant just record endless footage and share it as it is. So take a look at the rules below and keep them in mind next time you plan a visually rich tweet.

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    Upload Longer Videos On Twitter Using Twitter Media Studio

    Wait, what is Twitter media studio?

    The media studio is a platform provided by Twitter to upload media files, manage them and even monetize them.

    But, thats not even all.

    You can edit the metadatas. you can add subtitles and even set a schedule for a media file to be shared on Twitter.

    The best part is that it is completely free to use.

    With media studio, you can upload videos as large as 1 GB instead of the normal 512 MB.

    Dont get it twisted yet.

    Most people are still limited to 2:20 , though some partners are allowed to upload videos up to 10 minutes.

    So, what if you are not allowed? Well, its easy.

    According to Twitter on their support page:

    If you would be like to be allowlisted for upload > 2:20 minute video uploads , reach out to your Twitter account manager.

    How to Login to Media Studio And Use

    Heres what you should know.

  • First, make sure you are logged in to your Twitter account
  • Go to the Twitter Media studio website by .
  • Click on the Upload button at the top-right corner of the page.
  • Select all the files you want to upload from your phone/computer.
  • I cant find Media Studio Login Page

    Well, if you cant find a place to login, thats a minor issue.

    Follow the procedures below.

    • First, head over to Twitter Ads website.
    • You can do that by clicking on More button on your Twitter account.

    Then, click on Twitter Ads.

    • After the Twitter Ads website opens, click on Creatives tab at the top of the screen. Click Media and you will be taken to Media studio dashboard.

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