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How To Upload Igtv On Instagram

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How To Create An Igtv Channel

How to Upload an IGTV Video on Instagram (2022)

It used to be that if you wanted to upload a video onto IGTV you needed to create an IGTV Channel. However, Instagram has since done away with that feature.

All you need to create an IGTV account now is an Instagram account. Your account allows you to upload videos onto IGTV via the Instagram app or the IGTV app.

If youre reading this, theres a good chance you already have an Instagram account. If you dont, thats okay! Heres the directions straight from Instagram on how to create an account.

Seconds Minimum And 10 Minutes Maximum Video Length

The minimum video length required by IGTV is 15 seconds. On the other hand, the maximum video duration can go up to 10 minutes. Be careful with the length of your video if you want to get it uploaded successfully to your IGTV. One thing to be noted here is that verified accounts are eligible to upload videos up to 1-hour duration.

Instagram Video Format: What It Is And How To Upload Videos

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By Clàudia Martínez, on 14 March 2022

Instagram has reorganized the videos in its app to offer a simpler experience. Instagram TV has been replaced with Instagram video, which merges in-feed videos with IGTV. Despite this change, the options to upload videos to Stories and create Reels are still available.

In this post, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the new Instagram video format and how you can add incorporate Instagram videos into your digital marketing strategy.

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Should I Make Igtv Videos Or Instagram Reels

Like every social media update and newly added feature, the hardest part is learning what the heck these new features do. Now that youre an expert in whats what though youre faced with a new dilemma, do I post IGTV content or Reel content?

The short answer is to go with your gut and have fun with it. The long answer really comes down to the Why.

Why are you creating content? If its short and fun clips that show off your business or personality, then youre likely going to want to focus on creating Reels that focus on bite-sized stories. If youre looking to tell a story, naturally IGTV would be the perfect outlet to channel your story over several episodes.

As you work through the trial and errors of being a content creator, try testing out content with your Stories. This will allow you to have a non-permanent avenue to gather feedback on your videos and refine your content to be its best. If youre interested in more ways to get started, here are some content creator tips we found to set you in the right direction:

Steps for creating more engaging videos on Tik Tok by We recommend stealing ideas like these to use in creating new and engaging Instagram Reel content

For us and our video production clients, were going to focus on taking content weve already shot in the typical landscape and reformat it to fit nicely in the vertical format.

If youre looking to take advantage of Instagram TV, reach out to us today.

Igtv Never Really Took Off

How To Upload IGTV Videos On Instagram

Instagram launched IGTV in 2018 in the hopes that it would become the mobile equivalent of YouTube.

However, the longer format never quite took off, especially with TikTok launching just two months later in the US. TikTok’s short-form video content was more favored by social media users.

Instagram then focused its efforts on competing with TikTok with its short video format feature, .

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How To Make An Igtv Video

When it comes to making an IGTV video, the sky is really the limit. There is no camera within the IGTV app, and you cant use the Instagram app camera to shoot an IGTV video. So you have to first shoot the video by using your iPhone camera.

Because IGTV is in a vertical, full-screen format, its better to shoot your videos vertically, as well. However, horizontal videos can be uploaded to the platform.

Its also a requirement that videos uploaded are at least between 1 and 15 minutes long. As previously stated, they can be as long as 60 minutes.

How To Upload Videos To Igtv Step #: Upload A Video To Your Channel

With your IGTV channel set up, its time to upload your first video!

Start by navigating to your channel by tapping on your avatar from the main screen.

Next, tap the + icon in the top-right corner to add a video to your channel.

Youll then be prompted to upload a video from your camera roll. As we mentioned in our Ultimate Guide to IGTV, IGTV now supports both vertical and horizontal videos, so feel free to test out both!

In terms of specs, Instagram recommends that vertical IGTV videos should have an aspect ratio of 9:16, while horizontal videos should be 16:9.

IGTV videos can also be up to an hour long, so keep that in mind when creating your content!

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Premier Your Video To Increase Views And Retention

When filming your video, how can you bring people into the process? Show BTS on your stories and share any funny bloopers from the production of your IGTV video. Think of these hacks like you’re premiering a film. To create excitement, show a 30-sec preview of the video. This is the perfect time to use the countdown sticker when sharing on stories.

What Is Igtv: How To Use Igtv

How to Upload an IGTV Video on Instagram

IGTV or Instagram TV allows users to create long-form videos and the videos do not go away after 24 hours in contrast to your videos or stories posted as . This increases the level of what people post and also allows a full screen and vertical upload of videos . Unlike YouTube, where the user has to search for a video, IGTV starts playing videos the second the application opens .

However, this doesnt mean that you cannot browse within IGTV. IGTV also includes an on-demand function to return from where you left the video that you have stopped viewing.

Please note that each IGTV stream has an Instagram profile link to it. That means, your IGTV channel is open to all Instagram followers. Think about Instagram and IGTV such as Facebook Messenger and Facebook. Although they are two distinct software that can operate independently, they coexist and make the whole system complete.

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More Ways To Watch And Explore Video Content

The Video tab houses all video content, except for Reels, helping you find videos from your favorite creators a lot easier.

But it also means you can browse through content from other creators that you may not be following, but that you may enjoy. This will help you find new creators to follow and new content for inspiration.

Your in-feed videos can be as long as 60 minutes, and users don’t have to leave the main app to view them, as was the case with IGTV. Tap anywhere on a video to view it in full-screen mode. Previously, this action muted the audio.

Instagram also makes it easier to track how your overall content is doing by showing you insights for both your posts and videos in one view.

How To Post A Long Video On Instagram: Feed Live Igtv

Instagram has supported video content for a long time now, but they still don’t give you nearly as many options as other platforms like YouTube or Facebook.

TL DR Use the Instagram Studio to trim your videos into shorter sections and upload them all in one Instagram post.

One of the biggest restrictions on Instagram video content is the length of videos you’re able to post. Since no videos longer than 60 seconds in length can be posted to your main Instagram feed, you can’t share anything longer than a TikTok with your followers. I’ll show you how to share up to 10 minutes of video in a single post.

You two options to post videos longer than 60 seconds on Instagram:

Option 1: Cut your video into shorter clips

Option 2: Upload to Instagram Video

Which option should you choose, and what works best for Instagram? Lets take a look.

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How Do I Make An Igtv Video

There are several ways to make an IGTV video. Suppose you have the Instagram app, head to the Creation menu on the bottom middle of the screen. From here, tap on a file from your gallery and select Long fullscreenideo when youre about to upload it.

You can then set a cover among the screenshots inside the clip, or upload a JPG or PNG image as a custom cover.

You can also customize the description, title, and series grouping of the video. An important feature of IGTV is its ability to post a preview. Because there are considerably fewer people actively looking for IGTV videos than standard posts, a preview will post a short clip of the video to your primary Instagram feed, along with its corresponding description. Users will then be moved to IGTV to finish it. If your Facebook account is linked to your Instagram, you can also directly upload your video from here to Facebook Watch.

You can also do the same process from the web version of Instagram by heading to your profile and selecting the IGTV tab. From here, click Upload A Video, then follow the same process as above. The maximum length for videos uploaded from mobile is 15 minutes, while the maximum length of videos uploaded from the web version is 60 minutes.

To have an optimal upload, that videos uploaded to IGTV meet the following specifications:

  • MP4 format
  • 9:16 aspect ratio for vertical videos, 16:9 for horizontal videos
  • Minimum resolution of 720p

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What Is Instagram Tv And How Do You Use It

Instagram announces IGTV, a hub for long

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Instagram TV is a recent entry in the growing video-streaming space. What is it, and how does it differ from other online video platforms? Find out here.

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Adding Titles And Captions To Videos Help With Viewer Retention

If youre looking to increase retention on your IGTV videos, adding titles and captions throughout the video is a quick fix. Since most people view mobile video content on the go, providing captions in your videos make your videos accessible to those watching on mute. InShot is my go-to tool for editing videos and adding text.

How Long Can Igtv Videos Be

If you are unsure about the length of these videos or any other specs, this list will help you out.

  • Video length:
  • At least one minute long
  • Max. 15 minutes when uploading on mobile
  • Max. 1 hour when uploading on the web
  • Video format: MP4
  • Min. frame rate: 30 FPS
  • Video size
  • Max. file size for the videos 10 minutes long or less: 650 MB
  • Max file size for the videos up to 60 minutes: 3.6 GB
  • Cover photo size: 420px by 654ph or 1:1.55 ratio
  • Dont forget: Cover photo cannot be edited once you upload it. Make sure it is perfect before you do so.

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    How To Post A Video On Instagram Feed

    Posting videos on Instagram feed is similar to how we upload photos. You can upload a video on Instagram from your gallery or camera roll or record a video within the app and post it immediately.

    Heres how to post a video on Instagram feed from your gallery or camera roll

    Step 1: Launch the Instagram app on your phone. Go to your profile page and click on the Plus sign on the upper right side of the profile.

    Step 2: From the drop-down list of options, choose Post.

    Step 3: Youll find an option Recents that shows all recent images and videos. Tap the drop-down menu, and youll see different media albums such as favorites, WhatsApp, and much more.

    Step 4: Go to the videos folder and choose the video you wish to upload.

    Here, many users wonder why the video is getting cropped. This is because the video is not in square format. To avoid your video from getting cut, you can tap on the arrow icon to adjust the video frame. Then click on the Next option.

    Step 5: Just like you get different filter options when posting a photo, you get to apply filters to your videos as well.

    Instagram offers options such as Trim and Cover. Trim allows you to trim the video, whereas, the Cover option enables you to choose the cover picture for your video, which appears on the feed.

    Step 6: Write a compelling caption. You can also tag people and add a location. Also, dont forget to add hashtags for better reach.

    Step 4: Once youre done recording, post your video.

    Creating A Horizontal Video From A Mobile Device With Gopro Splice

    How to Use IGTV – Upload to Instagram TV (INSTAGRAM IGTV Update 2018)

    iPhone users can easily create landscape videos for their IGTV channels with GoProâs Splice app. You can and you wonât have to make any in-app purchases after you install Splice on your device.

    Keep in mind that it is better to complete all other editing tasks before you start reformatting your video. Simply create a new project, select the video youâd like to share on your IGTV channel, and tap on the Add button. A new window will load, where you will be asked if you want to add music to your video, so if your video already has a soundtrack you can skip this step.

    The app will then take you to the Project Settings window and you should just tap on the Format option and change it from Portrait to Landscape. Optionally, you can switch off the Outro option that is enabled by default or you can change the background color. Tap on the Done button, when ready, and proceed to export your video. Even though Splice offers the option to export videos directly to Instagram, you wonât be able to upload the video to your IGTV channel. So just save the video to your camera roll, and use the Instagram or IGTV app to upload the file to IGTV.

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    Ways To Use Igtv For Your Brand

    There are various ways to use IGTV videos to promote your brand. Here we list down 8 ways you can use IGTV videos for your brand. But before we get into it, heres a little tip. Making IGTV videos is now super easy with InVideos online editor. Get access to 1000s of different templates and create your own, super fun IGTV videos with ease. All you need to do?

    Sign up or log in to your InVideo account, here. Next, you need to select the Pre-made Template Option and the aspect ratio you want your video to be in. For IGTV, your video must be in the 9:16 aspect ratio. Once done, youll see various templates. Select the template that works best for you and customise it. Thats it! Heres a quick tutorial that you can check out to find out more on how you can use InVideos templates.

    Showcase products or services:

    The easiest way to start using IGTV is to show the world what you do. With the extended time limit, brands can show viewers the benefits and features of their products. Brands can use this kind of video when launching new products, or just share information about their product range. This is a great way to build trust and positive perception amongst consumers. If you are starting out on IGTV, introducing your products and their benefits can be a good way to begin. For example, Pottery Barn shares information about their products through IGTV videos on home improvement ideas.

    Answer consumer queries or FAQs

    Create tutorial videos or DIYs

    Do customer review videos

    Set An Appealing Cover Image

    Cover Image is an imperative part of IGTV videos. Cover images should be alluring and appealing enough to compel users, or even non-followers, to click on the post while scrolling through your IGTV channel. You dont have to necessarily use a snap from the video for the cover image. You can upload an entirely different cover image for your post as long as it is interesting and relevant to your video content.

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    How To Post A Video On Instagram Story

    last for 24 hours and theyre a fun way to engage with your followers. You can post a pre-recorded video or record a video within the app and upload it to the Instagram story.

    How to post a video on Instagram story from your phone gallery

    Step 1: Open the Instagram app and click on the Your Story icon on the upper left side of the home page.

    Step 2: Tap on the Plus icon on the lower left side of the screen to select a video from the gallery. To avoid scrolling, you can choose the Videos folder from the drop-down menu by selecting the arrow icon.

    Step 3: Make your story interactive by adding creative elements like GIFs, stickers, text, and much more. You can do this by tapping on the Smile icon on the upper side of the screen. Select the Aa icon for text, and to scribble anything, select the Scribble icon besides the Aa icon.

    Step 4: You can now even add music. Click on the music icon, search and choose a song.

    Adjust which part of the song you want to add by scrolling the bar below on the screen. Choose how your music icon should look by tapping on the options and later move it freely to a desired location.

    Step 5: Once youve finished editing, tap on the arrow and share your story for everyone to view, or just share it with your close friends, or individually send it to anyone from the list.

    How to Post a Video on Instagram story by recording a video within the app

    Step 3: Start recording a video by pressing on the white circle at the bottom of the screen.

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