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How To Unprivate Your Twitter

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Can You See Protected Tweets Methods That Still Work

How to Unprivate Your Twitter Account

And now, hes gone protected on twitter. Is there any way for me to see his protected tweets, though? Thats what my friend texted me after breaking up with her boyfriend. To answer her question properly, I had to do some researchwhich led to writing this article. So, if you, too, are wondering how to get access to those safeguarded data, keep reading.

Let Me Be Clear and Honest. I did quite a technical research on this topic. I looked up Quora, Reddit, But heres the truth: There are no magical ways to see protected tweets in 2020. The rules are as same as they were before on Twitter or ay other social media platform. You need the users permission. Thats it. However, I got you 1+2, almost-ethical ways you can try to have access to such profiles.

: I do not approve of those who try these methods.

How To Make Your Twitter Account Private From The Android App

Changing your account privacy settings from an Android app is very similar to changing them from an iOS app. The steps are also pretty similar. To switch your Twitter profile to a private account, the steps are:

  • Open the Twitter application.
  • To the right of the Twitter search bar at the top of your screen, press the gear symbol to open your account settings page.
  • From the drop-down option next to your login, select Privacy and safety.
  • Adjust the slider next to Protect your Tweets so it becomes green, indicating that the feature has been activated and your tweets have been protected.
  • Once youve completed the steps, hit Done. Youll need to enter your Twitter password.
  • As mentioned before, when it comes to followers that you had before changing the privacy setting, they can still see your tweets. On the other hand, you can remove accounts from your following list if you wish your tweets to be kept private from specific accounts.

    When You Want Only Your Followers To See Your Tweets

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    • Tweet

    is an open platform with many users who enjoy gathering followers and sharing their thoughts with anyone who wants to hear them. If you’re more private, however, you can choose to protect your tweets, which means that only your followers can see your account information and what you post on Twitter. Here’s how to make your Twitter private.

    When you first create your Twitter account, your tweets are public by default, and anyone can follow you. If you protect your tweets, you’ll need to individually approve follow requests.

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    When You Make Your Disqus Activity Private The Following Restrictions Are Added To Your Account:

    • Your comment history and activity will only be viewable by you.

    • Existing users who are currently following your account will no longer be able see your activity via your profile or daily digest emails.

    • Disqus users will no longer be able to follow your account.

    • Existing followers will still show in your stats, but they will not be able to view your activity.

    Functions Of Locking Twitter Accounts And Turning It Private

    How To Make Your Twitter Account Public

    Before I explain how to lock a Twitter account, I want to share a little about some of the functions and benefits of this feature. Because I happen to have been using this account lock feature for quite a while.

    Some of the functions and benefits that you can get, such as:

    • Account data is more secure
    • Limiting followers can only confirm known people
    • Avoid mentions or tags from unknown accounts
    • Account activity cannot be seen by just anyone, only known followers

    More or less these are some of the functions and benefits that I feel. So in my opinion, this feature is perfect for those of you who dont like social media activities to be open or publicly shared.

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    How Do You Review A Follow Request On A Private Twitter Account

    After protecting your tweets, youll need to manually approve new followers on your account.

    Theyll appear on your notifications tab, but if you miss them, theyll appear as pending Follower requests.

    Heres how to find them:

    • Step 1:
    • On mobile click on your profile icon.
    • On PC, tap on the three dots .
  • Step 2: On both devices, youll see Follower requests. Click it.
  • Step 3: Approve the new follower requests that you want.
  • Requests left pending can be approved at any time.

    However, a Twitter user can revoke the request whenever they like.

    And you cant program requests to be accepted automatically.

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    Can People See If You Tweet From A Private Account

    If they follow you, then yes!

    A private means only your followers can see your posts. People who dont follow you wont have access to your Twitter feed, posts or future updates.

    However, if you use any authorized third-party tool to manage your Twitter account, it may have the access to see your Tweets.

    Why Switching to a Private Twitter Account is Relevant For Brands?

    Not just individuals, switching to a private Twitter account is relevant for brands also.

    When you restrict your tweets, your followers will feel the posts youre sharing are customized just for them. And people love personalized content.

    Dont just take our words even the numbers say so:

    • According to a study, 87% of consumers stated that personally relevant branded content influences how they perceive a brand.
    • 72% of consumers reported they only engage with personalized content.

    Also, a private Twitter account can create a real sense of FOMO! It can make users curious about your account.

    For example, if youre tweeting about a new product feature or launching something new, everyone would be curious to get a first look. And, this curiosity will give users a reason to send the follow request.

    Lastly, by going private, you can qualify your followers. You can connect with followers who are genuinely interested in your brand.

    Also, having a small group of followers can help you get honest feedback and opinion about your products or services.

    How To Protect And Unprotect Your Tweets

    How To Unprivate Your Twitter Account

    When you sign up for Twitter, you can choose to keep your Tweets public or protect your Tweets. Read more about the difference between public and protected Tweets.

    In the top menu, tap your profile photo, then tap Settings and privacy.

    Tap Privacy and safety.

    Under Audience and tagging, and next to Protect your Tweets, drag the slider to turn on.

    In the top menu, you will either see a navigation menu icon or your profile icon. Tap whichever icon you have and select Settings and privacy.

    Under Audience and tagging, and next to Protect your Tweets, check the box.

    Click or tap on the more icon.

    Go to your Settings and privacy.

    Go to Audience and tagging, and next to Protect your Tweets, check the box.

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    How To Make A Twitter Account Private

    You like to tweet and use Twitter, but you dont want anybody to see your profile and tweets. Fortunately, there is a solution switch to a private Twitter account. When you have a private account, only the people that follow you can see what you like, tweet, or follow you on Twitter.

    But how do you switch to a private account? The process is pretty similar to switching to a private profile on other social media networks. You can find the necessary steps to do so in this article.

    What Does The Lock Mean On Twitter

    It means that the account is protected. Protected accounts are private.

    You can do this by searching the option Protect My Tweets.

    But youll need to have your password to log in and approve the change.

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    Karen is a senior technical writer and copywriter here at GrowFollowing. Her area of expertize are social media apps and new media.

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    How To Make Your Twitter Account Private In 2021

    Whatever you post on Twitter is simply peoples business! More than 206 million active users on Twitter to view, like, and retweet your tweets 24×7.

    Now the thing is, not everyone is comfortable sharing their thoughts or content with the world. Perhaps youre a private person and want to share tweets with just family and friends.

    So, what can you do?

    Well, you can switch your public to private.

    A private Twitter account gives you privacy. You can decide who sees your tweets, follows, and followers. With a private account, only your followers will be able to see your past and future tweets.

    But how can you make your Twitter account private?

    Thankfully, switching to a private Twitter account isnt a difficult task. All you need to do is, follow the steps weve mentioned in this article.

    But, before discussing the steps, lets answer some common FAQs related to private Twitter account:

    How Can I Unprotect My Tweets

    How To Make Your Twitter Account Public

    To unprotect your Tweets, just follow the already mentioned steps to get to the privacy setting. Uncheck the option next to Protect my Tweets if youre using a web browser. Toggle the slider next to Protect your Tweets off in the Twitter for iOS and Twitter for Android applications to prevent your tweets from being protected.

    Its important to check your current follower requests prior to making your Twitter posts public. Any requests that are left unanswered will not be automatically approved. If you leave a pending request, those accounts will be required to request to follow you once again.

    Please keep in mind that unprotecting your Tweets will result in any previously protected Tweets becoming publicly available.

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    How To Set Your Twitter Profile Off Of Private On An Iphone

    Twitter’s privacy controls give you the power to determine who can and cannot see your tweets. This feature, accessed via the Twitter security panel, is not available for editing in the official Twitter app for iPhone. However, visiting Twitter through the iPhone’s Safari browser allows for a quick workaround that will enable you to adjust your privacy options just as you would from your PC or OS X Web browser.


    Tap the Safari icon to open the iPhone’s Web browser.


    Navigate to Twitter and log in to your account. Touch the Me tab to open your profile.


    Touch the gear icon to open the Account pane. Tap Settings, and then touch Edit next to Account and Privacy.


    Uncheck the box next to Protect my tweets. Enter your Twitter password in the open box.


    Tap Save to apply your privacy setting changes.


    Revealing A Hidden Twitter Account

    To make your hidden Twitter account public again, click the gear icon, select Settings, select Security and Privacy, deselect the Protect My Tweets option and then click Save Changes. Manually reversing your decision and changing to a public account from a private one makes all tweets publicly accessible and searchable again through Twitter and search engines. All restrictions are also removed. As a result, Twitter users can reply to and retweet your tweets at any time, as well as copy them to other websites.


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    How To Make Your Twitter Account To Private Mode

    In general, if you have just created a Twitter account, it will be publicly listed. So that other Twitter users can see your account, even though they havent followed it.

    For those of you who like to maintain privacy, Twitter provides an account lock feature that can be used. This is so that your account cannot be seen by other users unless the user is following you.

    The problem here, maybe you are confused about activating the account lock feature, especially if you are new to Twitter. Therefore, I want to share How to Make Your Twitter Account to Private Mode. Please just check the following article.

    How To Change Twitter Privacy Settings In A Web Browser

    How To Unprivate Your Twitter Account

    1. Open the website in a web browser and log into your account if needed.

    2. Click the three-dot More menu button on the left side of the page.

    3. Click Settings and privacy.

    4. In the Settings list, click Privacy and safety and then Audience and tagging.

    5. Click Protected Tweets.

    6. Turn on Protect your Tweets by clicking the checkbox and then, in the popup, confirm you want to do this by clicking Protect. Now your tweets will only be visible to your followers.

    7. Click . If you want anyone to be able to tag you in a photo, swipe the button to the right. Then choose whether you want Anyone can tag you or Only people you follow can tag you.

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    What Will Change When Switching To A Private Twitter Account

    Ensure that you understand the implications of keeping your Twitter account and tweets private before making the decision to do so. When you choose to keep your tweets private, other users will have to request to follow you, and you will have to confirm all requests before they will be accepted.

    Only followers who have been approved will be able to see your tweets. Other users will not be able to retweet your messages unless they follow you. Moreover, only searches done on Twitter by your approved followers will return results for your tweets since they will not appear in any Google searches at all.

    Anything you tweeted when your account was open to the public will now be hidden and will only be visible or searchable by your approved followers, as opposed to the general public. Finally, to share permanent links to your tweets with your authorized followers, you must first have them approve your account.

    Ask Others To Send In Message

    If you still cannot get in contact with the person who has protected their Twitter account, try finding out an alternate way of getting in contact. If they have friends or family that are following them on Twitter, they may be able to help you ask a question or two.

    Also, consider asking specific questions about their life and something they would tweet about themselves instead of the generic message mentioned above.

    This could be a good way to get in contact with your friend without asking them directly and risking getting blocked by them instead.

    If you still cannot find a way to ask your questions, consider following another one of their friends who may be able to pass along a good question for you.

    If all else fails, consider and searching for a word or phrase that your friend may have used in the past.

    This may be risky because someone could see what you are doing and if it is something they dont want to share with others they will likely block you immediately, but its worth trying before asking their friends for help.

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    Pros And Cons Of Private Accounts

    When you make a Twitter account private, your past and future tweets on Twitter are hidden from everyone except for followers given approval to see them. The tweets are also hidden from Internet search engines. Past public tweets can still be found online if someone copied any of them to a different website. Your public profile page continue to exist as well, but only displays your profile thumbnail, profile image, username, bio, location and tweet stats. Your followers can read your tweets, but cannot retweet them. Additionally, tweeted replies to non-followers go unseen.

    Other Ways To See Protected Tweets

    How To Unprivate Twitter Account : As you know, none of the social ...

    There are some other not-so-moral techniques to uncover protected twitter accounts. Here are 2 of them:

    • Ask for a Friends Help

    Talk to someone whos already following them. See if they can share some info about the tweets. And well, the most corrupted way would be asking them to take screenshots for you. Or hand you their accountwhich I highly disapprove of.

    • Create a New Account

    You can always have an accepted your follow request chance with a new profile. Creating one is not time-consuming. But if you want to make the odds to be in your favor, create a legit one. Add a profile picture, write a bio, and perhaps share a couple of tweets before sending the request.

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    How To Change Your Privacy Settings On Twitter

    is a great way to “join the conversation.” As a part of the global Twitter community, you can tweet your thoughts on topics from serious to the mundane. By default, all tweets are public, which means anyone with a Twitter account can see everything you post.

    If you want more privacy, you can change your Twitter settings so only people who follow you can see what you write this is called Protected Tweets. Because you get to personally approve followers, that gives you substantial control over who can see your tweets.

    Quick tip: If you turn on protected tweets, you need to approve all new followers before they can officially follow you and see your tweets.

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