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How To Unmute Someone On Facebook Messenger

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How To Mute Someone On Messenger

How to Mute and Unmute Facebook Messenger Group Chat

The mute option is easily available in each conversation itself. You can just go ahead tap the info icon at the top right and then hit that Mute button. You can do this step by step, here is the procedure:

  • Go to Messenger and open a chat.
  • Tap the info icon at the top right little icon.
  • Under the profile, name tap the Mute option.
  • Select the duration and tap OK.
  • That is you have successfully mute a conversation.
  • There a few options you can choose from. For example, you can mute the convo for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 24 hours, and until you turn it back on. So now the choice yours to choose from. Now there are two cases, if you want to completely get rid of someones chat notifications then select the option until I turn it back on.

    But if if it is your office time or just wanna ignore someone for a couple of hours or minutes then dont choose the option until I turn it back on. Instead of that choose either 15 minutes or up to 24 hours.

    That is it you have stopped getting future notifications for that specific person or conversation. But remember that the chat or that conversation is still available in your main chat list on the Messenger home screen.

    Bonus Tip: Kindly keep in mind that there is no such list on Messenger. So that you can get there and unmute that conversation. For that, you must keep the person in mind or note it down on your phones notepad app.

    How To Unhide Messages From Archived Chats By Searching For It

    If you ignored or archived someones chat, then it wont show in the Hidden Chats option we covered above. But getting them back is easy. To unarchive a chat, all you have to do is search for the name of the person and send them any message on the chat to unhide it. You can do this on Facebooks website and app, as well as Messenger website and app.

    In the guide below, we are using the Messenger website. Go to Then in the Search Messenger field, type the name of the person you wish to bring back the ignored chat of.

    Once you search the name, it will show you the names of the people matching the query. Click on the chat you wish to unhide the messages of. You can read the messages now.

    But if you want to bring back the chat permanently in your Chat List, then you can send them any message on this chat.

    How To Unhide Message Requests On Messengercom On Pc

    To restore an ignored conversation on Messenger Web, youll need to dive into the Spam folder. To access Spam and move an ignored conversation out of it, youll first have to go to, click on your profile picture, and go to Message requests.

    Now, click on See spam.

    Finally, locate the chat you want to restore and send a reply. A simple reply would move the conversation back to the regular Chats folder.

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    What Happens When You Mute Conversation On Messenger

    As its name, upon muting someone you stop getting future notification updates from a specific chat or person. The person will know but the chat is still visible in your main chat list on FB Messenger. On the main chat list, the muted conversation will have a silent bell icon on it. That way, you can find out what convos you have muted.

    Messenger Unignore On Ios Devices

    Facebook Messenger Mute vs Ignore: Know the Difference
    • Open the messenger application on an iOS device and go to the profile option located on your screen’s left side at the top.
    • Next, you will see ‘Message Requests’ below the Active Status option.
    • Again, tap on the Spam option and open the particular conversation you want to unmute on the Facebook messenger.
    • The contact will be unignored when you send a message to him/her.

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    What Is The Difference Between Archiving And Ignoring

    Before you start archiving or ignoring conversations, we believe its important to know the distinction.

    The former archiving is a much lighter process and doesnt necessarily protect you from spammers or irrelevant conversations. Even if you archive a message, you would still be notified when a new message pushes through. So, its only useful if you dont want to see a conversation on your Messenger dashboard. For all other purposes, its hardly useful.

    Ignoring, on the other hand, takes care of serial texters a lot more effectively. By moving the chat to the Spam folder, it makes sure youre not notified of any new messages. You can, however, safely go back to an ignored conversation to read messages without letting the sender know.

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    How To Unhide Messages On Messenger

    As mentioned, Facebook has allowed Messenger to have its own identity, which has led to the inception of its very own website, This is the perfect place to chat and video call, devoid of the distractions of Facebooks decorated news feed.

    If youve hidden someone on Messenger Web, and want to see them back on your regular chat list, the solution is rather simple, as given below. However, you cant unhide someone on the Messenger app you will have to use the Messenger website to unhide any chats you hid earlier.

    First, visit and then log in to your Messenger account. Now, tap on the gear icon at the top of the page and go to Hidden chats.

    Here, youll see a list of chats youve hidden over the years. Now, click on the conversation you want to restore and simply reply to them even a . would do. Once you do, the chat is immediately moved out from the Hidden chats section and restored into regular Chats.


    Hiding works differently on the Messenger app and Facebook Web. Neither Facebook Web nor the Messenger app gives you the option of hiding a chat like Here, the desired results are attained through one of the two methods: Archive, and Ignore.

    Cant find the chat in the Hidden Chats list, look below for the fix.

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    How Do You Know If Someone Has Turned Off Chat For You On Facebook

    If a member doesnt show up on your Chat list with a green dot beside his name, she is unavailable to chat. If that member is presently engaging in other types of Facebook activity, you may see evidence in the form of News Feed stories, or ticker updates. This may be a sign that youve been blocked on Facebook Chat.

    Messenger Unignore On Personal Computers

    How to Mute and Unmute Someone or Conversations on Messenger
    • Log into your account
    • On the toolbar, you will find two sections of the icons
    • On the other side of the segregating line, the middle one of the icons is the messenger icon.
    • Once inside the messenger option, there are two tabs. One is the Recent tab, and the other one is Message Requests.
    • Choose the second option
    • Now click on the ‘See Filtered Messages’ option
    • Here you will find all the contacts that you have ignored. To unignore them, you have to click on the chat. Send them a message, and you are good to go.
    • They will receive the message and the notification that you both can chat and video call.
    • Their conversation will all the unignored contacts will appear in the standard chat list.

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    Does Someone Know If You Mute Them On Messenger

    The short answer No they will never that you have muted that person on Messenger. According to Facebook, it is completely private if you mute or ignore someone, they will never know, unless you get into that chat and read those messages. But the only thing they will notice is that you have read those messages, not that you have muted them.

    I really hope you are getting my point. That is what makes Facebook and Messenger so unique. I love FB Messenger because of such features. Anyway, now let us get to the procedure for how to unmute conversations on Messenger.

    How To Know If Someone Has Muted You On Messenger

    Messenger is very convenient for social media platforms such as Facebook or WhatsApp. To have a communication link to friends and correspondents, users can send messages for certain reasons. The social links are important to the activities of every individual. But what if you are trying to message someone and you end up thinking that someone has muted you on messenger?

    The user can opt not to receive the messages from anyone that they deem inappropriate. Many groups on social media have lengthy chats that fill the inbox of the messenger account. Muting the users of no benefit is possible. Facebook messenger has developed many features on messenger to mute anyone.

    Messenger has many uses and it is also a very common application to use. However, there are shortcomings associated with the use of messenger to communicate. In most cases, the messages sent to a user can be deemed inappropriate.

    There could be any motivation behind why someone has muted you on messenger. It could either be the consequence of some argument you may be having with somebody or because of some reason which may be offending to you. This could likewise be the explanation why you are muted on messenger or if you are having bad days in your relationship with your partner, just saying.


    The message can be sent and the other person doesnt open it but it was delivered.

    Turning it on means that the messages sent to the messenger will not to show any notification.


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    How Do You Unmute

    On iOS and Android mobile devices, you can mute or unmute your microphone even when you are not in Circuit or your device is locked. You need just to tap the microphone icon in the active call notification that is shown in your devices notification center and lock screen. 120 people found this useful.

    Can You Tell If Someone Is Looking At Your Messenger

    How to Unmute Stories on Facebook for iPhone and Android

    Whether you like it or not, Facebooks chat app Messenger will let you know when someone has read your note. Its super obvious when youre using the desktop version of the product youll even see exactly what time your friend checked out your missive but a bit more subtle if youre using the app.

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    Mute And Unmute Group Chat On Messenger

    Facebook Messenger also allows you mute and unmute a group chat/conversation. You can do so easily by following these easy steps:

    To mute a group chat on Messenger: Open that group chat, and tap the info icon at the top right corner. Now tap on the Bell Mute icon under the name of the group. You will see a popup to Mute this chat for 15 minutes, 1 hour, 8, and 24 hours or until you turn it back on. Chose an option and tap OK. That is how you can easily mute a group chat on Facebook Messenger.

    To Unmute a group on Messenger: Open the Messenger app and go to that group conversation. Now tap the info icon at the top right. Tap the Unmute Bell icon under the name of the group. That is it all, this is how easily you can unmute a group chat or conversation on Facebook Messenger.

    How To Unhide Messages On Messenger App And Website

    Facebook Messenger, as we all know, is Facebooks standalone messaging service, which has created its own identity over the last few years. However, its newfound identity has also created confusion in some key areas, and today, were going to tackle one such issue the act of unhiding a message on Messenger.

    So, if you are dying to read the messages you had hidden, archived, or ignored, be sure to follow the guide below. You will need to unhide the chat that you hid earlier, or unhide the ignored/archived chats, or unhide ignored message requests, as relevant to your case.

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    How To Unignore/unmute Someone On Messenger/facebook

    • Login to your messenger app on your device
    • At the bottom section, you will see the option of Active People. Click on that
    • Go to the chat of the person that you want to ignore
    • Tap and long-press on the chat, and you will see many options appearing
    • Go to the Ignore Chat option
    • A confirmation message will appear to check if you want to ignore
    • Tap Ignore again, and the chat will be muted

    Can I Call Someone Who Muted Me On Messenger

    How To Mute or Unmute A Person On Facebook Messenger 2020 || Mute A Specific Chat on Fb Messenger

    If I muted our conversation in Facebook messenger, will I still be able to receive his calls? The only other way to stop your friends from calling you is to remove the messaging app and the F.B app completely from your phone, or disable notifications for Facebook in notification settings in your device settings.

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    How To Unhide Message Requests On Facebookcom On Pc, too, gives you the option of ignoring a person. However, the messages, these time are moved to Filtered Requests instead of the spam folder. To move a message out of the Filtered Requests space, first, log in to Facebook then, click on the chat icon and hit Message requests.

    On the next screen, click on See filtered requests.

    Here, youll see the conversations youre currently ignoring. Simply open a chat and send a message to restore it to the regular chats folder.

    How To Unmute Someone On Messenger

    You can easily go ahead and unmute someone with ease. Just get into the Messenger app, then tap the info icon available at the top right, and then hit that unmute button under the persons name. Here is how to do it step by step:

  • Open your Messenger app.
  • Go to the Chat with that person.
  • Now tap the info icon there at the top right corner.
  • Tap the Unmute button under the persons name.
  • Great, you have successfully unmuted that person on Messenger.
  • That is exactly how you can unmute a specific chat on the Messenger application. If you dont remember the name of the person to unmute, then try to find a chat with a silent bell icon in the main chat list. After that, you can go ahead and repeat the steps to enable chat notification for that person.

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    Disable Do Not Disturb

    Do Not Disturb is a setting that can make or break notifications on your phone. Whether you are using an Android or iOS device, both platforms have similar features you need to check out.

    Android Users:

    There are two ways to check if you have enabled Do Not Disturb or DND on your Android phone or not. The first method is relatively more straightforward than the second one as it requires multiple steps to follow.

    Most phone models have a one-tap Do Not Disturb enable/disable button in the notification menu. It appears when you swipe down the status bar. If you can find the respective option, and it is enabled, tap on it to disable Do Not Disturb.

    Secondly, you can find the option in the Settings app. As different ROMs have this option in different places, it is better to search for do not disturb in the Settings app. Following that, use the associated option to disable this functionality.

    iOS or iPhone users:

    On your iPhone, you can check out two different Do Not Disturb settings. The first one is included in the Messenger app, and the second one can be found in the Settings app . To get started, open the Messenger app, tap on your profile picture, select Notifications & sounds and toggle the Do Not Disturb button.

    As said earlier, the second one is included in the Settings app. Open the Settings app and go to the Do Not Disturb menu. Once you are in, toggle the Do Not Disturb button to disable this feature.

    How To Unhide Message Requests On The Messenger App On Iphone And Android

    Facebook Messenger Mute vs Ignore: Know the Difference

    On Android, your ignored messages are sent straight to the Spam folder. To restore, first, fire up Messenger, tap on your profile picture at the top-left corner of the app, and go to Message requests.

    Now, head over to the Spam tab and tap on the conversation you want to restore.

    Then, simply reply to their text and the message would be moved out of the Spam folder.

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    What Does Muting Do And How To Unmute Someone

    Muting doesnt make a conversation disappear, per se, but it still is an effective tool against annoying texters. If you mute a user, you will not be notified of every text they send. They will still pop up on your Messenger dashboard, but itll definitely become easier to ignore them.

    Muted a conversation by mistake or want to hear from them again? Follow these steps to unmute a conversation.

    Verify Phone Notification Settings

    Whether you are using Android or iOS, both platforms offer some tweaks to manage notifications for a specific app like Messenger. Although Android has more settings than iOS, you can follow the steps according to your device.

    Android Users:

    Open the Settings app and go to Apps & notifications > Select Messenger > tap on the Notifications option. It opens up a bunch of settings that you have to verify like:

    • All Notifications notifications
    • Location sharing on
    • Chat heads active

    You have to make sure all these settings are turned on. If not, toggle the respective buttons.

    iOS or iPhone Users:

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