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How To Unlink Facebook From Instagram On Iphone

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Removing An Account From A Single Login

How To Unlink Facebook From Instagram iPhone
  • 1Open the Instagram app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. If you have two Instagram accounts liked to the same login, you can easily separate them so you can log into each account separately.XResearch source Linked accounts are not the same thing as having two different accounts signed in for easy switching between the two. If you have two accounts that you switch between and just want to log out of one of them, see Logging Out of a Second Account instead.
  • Instagram no longer allows you to link two accounts together on a single login. If you unlink your accounts, the change will be permanent.XResearch source
  • 2Tap your profile photo or the outline of a person. You’ll see one of these two icons at the bottom-right. This takes you to your profile.Advertisement
  • 3Tap the three-line menu . This is at the top-right corner.
  • 4Tap Settings. It’s at the top of the menu.
  • 5Tap Add or Switch Accounts. You’ll only see this if you have two accounts linked together.
  • 6Tap the three horizontal dots on the account you want to remove . A menu will expand.
  • 7Tap Remove on the menu. Once you remove the account, the two accounts will no longer be linked to the same login information. Advertisement
  • How To Unlink Instagram Accounts

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    Instagram is now a part of Facebook. It means that both the desktop and mobile versions are redundant and that people are using Instagram almost exclusively on their phones.

    And sometimes, you may ask yourself . We will illustrate to you in some way in this article. Lets read on!

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    Why Should You Keep Your Instagram And Facebook Accounts Separate

    Unlinking your Instagram accounts from Facebook can help give you a fresh start.

    It allows you to focus on finding new interests discovering the highlights of new places in your life.

    You can interact with other people without the fear that Facebook is trying to get in the way by suggesting friends from Facebook who isnt necessarily relevant to what youre doing at that moment.

    You may have been getting those annoying notifications on Facebook that tell you, ______ is on Instagram, but all you need to do is unlink your Instagram profile from your Facebook account.

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    How Many Accounts Can I Have On Instagram

    Its good to know your limitations so that you dont end up having all your been suspended. Once you exceed the maximum limit, Instagram will recognize you as a spammer and can ban all your accounts.

    Officially, youre only able to create not more than 5 five Instagram accounts using the App, and you can switch between these accounts without using any third-party tool out there.

    There are tools and apps out there that allow operating more than five Instagram accounts, tools like Social Media Pro can do this.

    But Ill say that its a risky method because Instagram can track your IP address and once they identify youre operating more than five accounts, they can terminate all the accounts youre accessing with the same IP address.

    If you must exceed the limit, youll have to make sure you have a different IP address for all your accounts.

    The Ip address should be unique for each set of accounts which will be used every time you log into the accounts.

    Using a different IP address each time youre accessing your Instagram account can lead to account suspension. Keep this in mind otherwise you can lose your accounts on the go.

    How To Unlink Two Instagram Accounts

    How to Unlink Facebook From Instagram (Personal &  Business ...

    Once you unlink Instagram accounts, you can’t link them again. Instagram doesn’t allow users to log into multiple accounts with a single login anymore.

    1. Open the Instagram app on your iPhone or Android and head to your profile page.

    2. Tap the three lines in the top-right corner, and then select Settings.

    3. Tap Login Info.

    Important: If you don’t see the Login Info option, it means that your accounts aren’t linked you’re likely just logged into both on the same phone. To fix this, you’ll just need to log out of the account you want to get rid of.

    4. Tap the three dots next to the account you want to unlink, and then tap Remove.

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    Having The Right Privacy Settings

    With the way things are going on Instagram, stalking is inevitable especially if youre successful. The best strategy is to make your personal account private so that only closed associates can interact with you with such an account.

    On the other hand, if youre running a business especially if you have a successful brand, you dont want to take your business profiles private.

    You want to reach as much audience as you can for your business, thats the reason why you open a profile for your brand. You can see that creating multiple accounts will allow setting the privacy they deserve.

    S To Unlink Instagram Accounts And Facebook

    Connect your Facebook and Instagram accounts to switch between platforms, identify Instagram friends you can connect with someone on Facebook, as well as post Instagram Stories as Facebook ones.

    Keep your social media activity separate by unlinking your accounts if privacy is an issue for you or if you want to be more active on one platform in particular.

    Heres how to unlink your Facebook account from Instagram.

    Step 1: Tap your profile symbol in the lower-right corner of the Instagram app.

    Step 2: In the upper-right corner, select the Menu symbol.

    Step 3: Select Settings.

    Step 4: Select Accounts Center.

    Step 5: Select Accounts & profiles.

    Step 6: Choose the account to delete.

    Step 7: Select Remove from Accounts Center.

    Step 8: When you get the confirmation from Instagram, press the Continue button.

    Step 9: Select Remove with your username.

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    Logging Out Of A Second Account

  • 1Open the Instagram app on your Android, iPhone, or iPad. This method will help you sign out of one of your signed-in Instagram accounts. Use this method if you’re logged in to two or more Instagram accounts at the same time.
  • You can stay logged in to 5 Instagram accounts at the same time.XResearch source
  • Logging out of one of the signed-in accounts won’t permanently alter the accountit just won’t be actively signed in until you sign in again.
  • 2Tap your profile photo or the outline of a person. You’ll see one of these two icons at the bottom-right. This takes you to your profile.
  • 3Switch to the account you want to sign out from. If the account you want to sign out from is not the one that’s active, tap your username at the top and then select that account now.
  • 4Tap the three-line menu . This is at the top-right corner.
  • 5Tap Settings. It’s at the top of the menu.
  • 6Scroll down to the “Logins” area. It’s at the bottom of the Settings menu.
  • 7Tap Log Out . This signs you out of the current account. You will still be signed in any other Instagram accounts that were signed in.Advertisement
  • How To Have Two Instagram Accounts And Link On Android Or Iphone

    How to Unlink Facebook from Instagram!

    Multiple Instagram accounts can be added to the App which is installed on either your Android device iPhone. Here are the steps to do that:

    • Launch your Instagram App and head over to the profile page.
    • You now tap the Hamburger Icon and click on Settings.
    • Tap Add Account.
    • Youll now be presented to add login information for the account you want to add.
    • In order to link your Instagram account so that it will always be available when you need it without typing login information again, you should click on Set up multi-account login under Settings instead of selecting the Add Account in the previous step.
    • Once you choose the option, youll be able to link up to five accounts which is the maximum number you can add on Instagram.
    • Its important to note that once you add accounts, anyone that has access to the primary account can access the remaining accounts as well.
    • Once you add your Instagram second account and you want to add more, you need to follow the steps above.

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    Case : Don’t Have Google App On Your Iphone How To Unlink Google Photos

    If you don’t have a Google account, you can still easily unlink Google Photos. Want to know how? Check out the steps below.

    • Open Google Photos in your Chrome browser, click your Profile icon, and then “Manage your Google account”.
    • Go to the Security tab from the panel on the left of the screen, and scroll down to find “Your Devices”.
    • You will see the list of all your connected devices, choose your iPhone and sign out.

    These were the two methods that you can use to unlink your Google Photos. Just in case you want to delete your images from Google Photos but want to keep them on iPhone, check out the procedure below.

    How To Stop Sharing Instagram Posts On Facebook And Other Social Networks

    Instagram allows users to link their posts to other social media accounts including , Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr. This allows users to instantly publish their Instagram posts to every linked social account. If you wish to unlink Facebook and other social media accounts from Instagram, follow these steps:

    • Open your app and go to the Profile tab.
    • Tap on the Options menu and scroll to Settings> Linked Accounts:

    • Select the social account you’d to remove and tap on Unlink. Confirm your selection by clicking Unlink in the pop-up that follows:

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    Case : Have Google App On Your Iphone How To Unlink Google Photos

    If you have downloaded the Google App on your iPhone, then here is what you can do to disable Google Photos.

    • First, open the Google Photos app. Click the three-bar icon you can find this option at the top. After that, click the down arrow, which you will find next to your email.
    • In the second step, click the Manage Accounts option.

    • Now, click the Remove From This Device option.

    This is how you can easily unlink your account. Once you have removed the account, you wont be able to see images on Google Photos.

    How To Post To Multiple Accounts On Instagram

    How to Disconnect Instagram from Facebook (Android or ...

    Its pretty simple, you just need to switch to the account you want to make a post as mentioned above, then you start creating your posts and Stories.

    Just be careful as to avoid posting in the wrong account as stated above. When you switch to another Instagram account, you can always verify the profile photo of the account that will be displayed.

    You should use unique and different profile photos for your Instagram accounts in order to avoid mistaking the accounts for another.

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    How To Link Two Instagram Account On Pc

    Instagram doesnt support operating multiple Instagram accounts on PC. Instagram is accessed on PC through the browser and we already know that if you want to have the best experience using Instagram, you need to use the app.

    The Instagram app is capable of storing data, unlike the PC browser that has a lot of limitations.

    But if you want to operate multiple Instagram accounts on PC there is still an option, you have to use social media management platforms like Hootsuite.

    You can still use these services on your PC browser, most of them however arent free. Depending on the number of Instagram accounts you want to manage, you can choose the appropriate plan.

    Hootsuite is definitely one of the best tools you want to use for multiple Instagram management, they have been around for a while and they offer a lot of online solutions when it comes to digital marketing and social media management.

    You can still find a lot of other options that will help you manage multiple with ease on your PC.

    One thing about Hootsuite is that it doesnt only allow you to operate multiple Instagram accounts you can as well operate other social media sites like Facebook.

    You have to be careful when using third-party services to operate multiple Instagram accounts because Instagram doesnt like using other apps to access their website.

    Once Instagram detects youre using Automation, youll hardly because automation leads to a permanent ban.

    Is It Possible To Use One Email Address For All My Instagram Accounts

    That is absolutely not possible, an email address is only tied to one account. For every new Instagram account, you want to create, you have to use an email address that has not been used on Instagram account creation before.

    This however shouldnt be a problem because if youre running a business, chances are you already have a business email address where you receive customer queries, and in that case.

    This is the email address you should use for creating an for the business.

    Getting a new email address shouldnt be a problem because most email providers offer more than one email address, even the free ones like Gmail do.

    Whenever youre creating a new Instagram account, just signup for a new email address and use it, its as simple as that.

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    Why Does Google Photos Link My Iphone

    Google Photos works automatically and contains all the images that are available in your gallery. This process works when you enable the backup function from the Google Photos settings. However, to do that, you need a Google account. However, if you don’t want Google Photos linked with your account, don’t worry we have a perfect solution. There are different ways that you can try to unlink Google Photos. Continue reading to find those methods.

    Ways To Limit Interaction Between Your Instagram And Facebook Accounts

    How To Unlink Facebook From Instagram | Disconnect Facebook From Instagram

    Step 1: To maintain your connection to Facebook while limiting your contact with Instagram, go to Accounts Center and select the Menu symbol, then Settings, and Accounts Center.

    Step 2: Choose a category and your Instagram choices in the Manage Shared Experience section.

    Story and Post Sharing allows you to sync your posts from Instagram to Facebook. It will copy the text, stickers, and images from Instagram to Facebook in a shared post.

    Facebook Payment Controls is an interesting page to suggest if you consider allowing payments on your site using a social media payment option.

    Using accounts to log in lets you choose whether to share logins and gives comprehensive controlled login settings.

    Step 3: Tap the radio on the Story & Post Sharing screen to select which account you want to use.

    Then turn on each social media site and customize it by setting whatever options you think are relevant.

    Repeat this process for any other social media sites that interest you.

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    Switching Between The Connected Accounts

    Since you have connected multiple Instagram accounts, you now want to know how to switch between these accounts youve added. Here are the steps as well:

    • Open your profile page and tap your username from the top left of the screen.
    • You can now see all the accounts added on your Instagram app and you just need to tap the account you wish to switch to from the list of accounts listed for you.
    • The selected account will now open and without the need to enter login info again for that account.
    • You should do the same when you want to switch to another account as well.
    • Using multiple accounts can be confusing, you have to make sure when liking or commenting, youre using the right selected account or else youll end up adding the wrong content.

    How Do I Keep Photos On My Iphone After Deleting Them From Google Photos

    As discussed above, keeping photos on iPhone and Google Photos can be a waste of time and space. So, it is suggested to keep them in one place. Many people prefer keeping photos in iPhone instead of Google Photos but are afraid of losing images once they start deleting them from Google Photos. If you are facing the same issues, we have figured out two different ways for you. Without wasting any time, lets try them.

    Case 1: If Your Photos are Still on Your iPhone/iPad, How to Disable Google Access

    You can easily disable Google access by opening the Google Photos application. Then, click the three-dot icons click the Settings option. You will see the Backup & Sync option turn it OFF. You have successfully disabled Google access.

    Case 2: If Your Photos are not on Your iPhone/iPad, How to Recover Photos on Your iPhone

    If your important images are not on your iPhone and you want to recover them, then here are two methods that you can try to get them back. All these ways are easy and will definitely provide you good results. First, lets discuss method number one.

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    How To Unlink Instagram From Your Facebook

    If you’ve set up your Instagram so it shares content to Facebook, you can unlink them.

    1. Open the Instagram app on your phone and open your profile page.

    2. Tap the three lines in the top-right corner and select Settings.

    3. In the list that opens, tap Accounts Center.

    4. Tap your connected accounts near the top of the page, and then select either your Instagram or Facebook account.

    5. Select Remove From Accounts Center and confirm that you want to remove it.

    How To Unlink Google Photos From Iphone

    Link or Unlink Facebook account to Instagram (iPhone ...

    Since your images are available on both iPhone and Google Photos, that means you are wasting too much space. We would recommend you either keep images in Google Photos or your iPhone. If you have decided to keep images on your iPhone and want to unlink your account, here are two different techniques that you can try. Lets discuss them one by one.

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