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How To Unfriend On Linkedin

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How To Remove Connections On Linkedin On The Mobile App

How to Unfriend People on LinkedIn

Just like the desktop version of LinkedIn, the mobile app allows you to remove connections either via their profile page or the Connections page.

If you know the name of the person you want to cut ties with, you should type that name into the search bar to get to their profile. From there, tap the three dots next to their name and select “Remove Connection,” and confirm your choice by tapping “Remove Connection” one more time.

Otherwise, here’s how to get it done via the Connections page:

1. Open your LinkedIn app and log into your account, if necessary.

2. Tap the connections icon in the bottom toolbar and select “View Connections” at the top of the screen. If the top of the screen instead reads “My Communities,” tap that, and then tap “Connections” in the next menu.

Devon Delfino/Business Insider

Open your full Connections list.

3. Scroll through your connections until you find the one you want to remove – once you find that connection, tap the three dots to the right of their name and select “Remove Connection.”

Devon Delfino/Business Insider

How To Disconnect From Someone On Linkedin In 4 Easy Steps

“A healthy professional life starts with healthy relationships,” a prudent tagline on reads. But what happens when professional relationships go sour, like when you fire a problem employee or you’re no longer satisfied with a vendor’s work, and you don’t want to be associated with them on LinkedIn any more?

When a romantic relationship fall apart, it’s time to break up. When a career connection tanks, it might be wise to disconnect from them on LinkedIn. Think of cutting ties with someone on the 400 million-member social network like the professional version of ‘s “Unfriend” function.

Here’s how to remove a connection from LinkedIn’s website on a laptop or desktop computer in a few quick clicks, should the need ever arise:

1. Go to LinkedIn’s home page.2. Enter the first and last name of the person you wish to disconnect from in the search box at the top of the page. The connection’s profile will appear below the search box. Select the person’s profile.3. From the connection’s profile page, scroll down to the blue rectangle icon that reads “Send a Message” and hover your cursor over the down arrow on the right side of it.4. A drop down menu will appear. Scroll down and select “Remove connection” and you’re done.

To remove a connection from LinkedIn’s Android app, iOS app or from your mobile browser:


From The Connections Page

  • Move your cursor over My Network at the top of your homepage and select Connections.
  • Scroll down to your contacts list.
  • Click Filter by and select Connections Only.
  • Hover your cursor over the connection youd like to remove and click Remove.On the screen that appears, click Remove to confirm.

Connections you remove will no longer be 1st-degree connections and will not appear in your Contacts section.

iOS and Android

To remove a connection from the LinkedIn app for iOS, Android, or from your mobile browser:

  • Go to the profile of the member you wish to remove as a connection in the app or on the mobile website.
  • Tap the Menu icon in the top right.
  • Tap Remove connection.


  • When you remove a connection, they wont be notified.
  • After removing a connection, any recommendations or endorsements between you and that person will be withdrawn. They will not be restored if the connection is re-established.
  • Only the member who breaks the connection can reinitiate that connection.

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Blocking Someone On Linkedin

When you block someone on LinkedIn, LinkedIn doesnt notify the person.

Once you block them, you will no longer be connected with them . You can unblock them, but if you wanted to be connected again, youd have to invite them to do so.

Before you block someone, consider going into hiding first. Do this by going into your privacy settings. Then click on Profile Viewing Options and click on the circle next to Anonymous LinkedIn Member.

Once you are in this mode, go to the persons profile and click on the More button. Then select Report/Block and then click on Block plus the first name of the person.

Per LinkedIn, heres what happens when you block someone:

  • You wont be able to access each others profiles on LinkedIn.
  • You wont be able to message each other on LinkedIn.
  • You wont be able to see each others shared content.
  • LinkedIn removes any endorsements and recommendations you got from that person.
  • You wont be able to see each other under Whos Viewed Your Profile.
  • LinkedIn will stop suggesting you to each other in features such as More Suggestions for You and People Also Viewed.

Removing Connections And Blocking People On Linkedin

Two Easy Ways to Remove a LinkedIn Connection

People often ask me about removing connections and blocking people on LinkedIn.

There are many reasons for people to bring up these matters. For example, sometimes you might grow apart from people and no longer have an interest in them. So, you decide to remove them as a connection.

Or the person may be a competitor of yours. Many people choose not to connect with others who are direct competitors of theirs.

Blocking can be an option if a connection or a someone inviting you to connect comes across as too pushy and annoying.

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How To Unfriend Someone On Discord Mobile

There are times we argue and wish to stay away from our friends. Social media platforms understood this. All social media platforms have different versions of an Unfriend button.

So, how does one use the button on the mobile app of Discord?

Discord has a feature that lets you add or unfriend people. Youll have to access someones profile to unfriend them on Discord. Search for their username and tap their Discord tag to access the Remove friend button on their profile. Also, you can unfriend any Discord user via the Direct Messages section.

You dont have to endure a friendship on Discord. Continue reading this article to know how you can unfriend Discord users on Discord mobile.

How Do I Remove A Linkedin Connection Two Simples Ways

Removing a LinkedIn connection is a lot easier than IRL!

  • From your « Connections » page: On the top of your home page, click on the « Network » icon. Select « Connections » on the left rail and look for the person to delete from your list. Select the « More » icon and « Remove connection ». Confirm your decision on the pop-up window.
  • From the connections profile: From the search bar at the top of your home page, type the name of the connection youd like to remove, then go to their profile. From their introduction card, you can click « More » and select « Remove connection » on the drop-down menu.

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How To Remove A Connection On Linkedin

Now that you know the difference between blocking and removing a connection, let’s show you how to remove a connection on LinkedIn.

Here’s how to remove a connection:

  • Launch the LinkedIn app on your device and go to the profile of the connection you want to remove.
  • Tap the circled ellipsis to reveal profile options.
  • Select Remove Connection.
  • Tap Remove Connection in the confirmation prompt.
  • And that’s all there is to it! If you want to remove multiple connections, you can do so by going to your list of connections and tapping the ellipsis next to each connection you want to remove.

    Using LinkedIn web, the steps are similar: navigate to the profile, click on More, and then select Remove Connection.

    Who Should You Delete On Linkedin

    How To Disconnect From People On Linkedin Easy Tutorial

    Once you know why you should delete people off LinkedIn, the next question is who to delete? Weve narrowed down the types of people youll find on LinkedIn that you dont really need to be connected with.

    1. People you dont know

    So you might have got their auto-generated welcome message in your inbox, but thats the only time youve heard from them. If you dont actually know this person, and arent using them for networking purposes, then its time to consider why you have them added.

    2. People you are not comfortable contacting

    The whole point of LinkedIn is to network with your connections. If youre not comfortable sending them a message, then thats a pretty big sign that you dont need them in your network.

    3. People with extreme views

    Sometimes people post extreme or controversial views online that you may not agree with. This could potentially reflect poorly on you, as you think their character is good enough to connect with. If you wouldnt want to be associated with them in real life, dont connect with them online either.

    4. Contacts youre not associated with in real life

    So maybe you went to high school or university together. Maybe you used to work together. Whatever the reason is, sometimes you fall out with people or stop contacting them. They may not be complete randoms you dont know, but they add little value if you arent talking. If youve stopped associating with someone in real life, delete them off LinkedIn as well.

    5. People who dont contact you

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    Why Should You Keep Connections Data Inside Leaddelta

    You might be reluctant to delete your connections altogether with their data, but theres a reason not to do that. You can use their data in two different ways.

    Sometimes its just not the right time to be connected to someone , but in the future, you might be looking for a specific person that fits their profile. Luckily if you kept their data inside LeadDelta you will be able to see their information and if they fit the profile you are looking for you can just reconnect with them and start a conversation.

    The other huge reason to keep connections inside LeadDelta is that you can export all your connections from LeadDelta and get connection details in CSV format. This feature allows you to remove connections from both LinkedIn and LeadDelta while still preserving relevant information you might need further down the line .

    Search The Jarvee Knowledge Base

    • The Linkedin Unfriend Tool

    Social media platforms have different ways of labeling your relationships with different users, you can be friends, follower or followings. On Linkedin, you can expand your network by establishing a connection with a person.

    Having a lot of connections may be good but there may come a time that youll change your interests and start finding the posts on your feed no longer relevant.

    One way to avoid seeing irrelevant stuff on your feed by sorting out your connections. Of course, you can manually remove the connection but its time-consuming. Jarvee can help you with tidying up your connections with ease through its Linkedin Unfriend tool.

    Good to know:

    • The connections you removed will not appear in your Contacts anymore.
    • The person will not be notified when the connection is removed.
    • Upon removing the connection or unfriending the user, any recommendations and endorsements between you and the other person will be removed, and will not be restored even if you connect back with them.

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    The Difference Between Blocking And Removing A Connection

    Before we get into how to remove a connection, it’s important to understand the difference between blocking and removing a connection.

    When you block someone, they will no longer be able to see your profile or contact you. is a good idea if that person is spamming you or if you want to cut off all communication with that person.

    When you remove a connection, the other person will still be able to see your profile and contact you, but you will no longer see their content in your feed. Removing a connection is a good idea if you don’t find the connection useful, or you want to limit the amount of content you see from that person, but you don’t want to cut off communication entirely.

    Delete Connections From My Network Connections View

    How to uninstall Unfriend Monitor Adware

    How to delete connections on LinkedIn if you already have a list of people you want to remove as a LinkedIn connection or you want to scroll through your LinkedIn connections and decide who to remove? This option is for you!

    If you navigate to the My Network tab, you will see how many connections you have on the top left corner. Pressing on that number will land you on the Connections view that appears below:

    You have the ability here to search for connections by either first name, last name, or the default recently added.

    For every connection you will see a Message button to the right followed by three dots. Pressing the three dots will provide you the magical Remove Connection button.

    Removing a LinkedIn connection through either of the above two methods will yield the same result.

    The beauty of understanding how to delete connections on LinkedIn is that:

  • Your contact will not be informed that you removed them from your connections.
  • Should your disconnected connection wish to invite you to connect again, even after you remove them as a connection, they will get an error message saying something to the effect that This user cannot be invited at this time. If they contact you directly about this be prepared to explain .
  • You can re-invite the person you disconnected from, in which case the connection will be fully restored as if you never removed them.
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    Remove A Linkedin Connection Without Them Knowing

    You might want to get rid of some LinkedIn connections that you found to be pesky. If you dont want to be forthright with it and want to get discreetly rid of them, weve got your back. The process is pretty simple and a lot smarter because who wants to explain to people why you removed them, isnt it? So, lets get right into it.

    • Step 1: To begin with, click on the My Network option on the top of your profile. You will find it in the header menu.
    • Step 2: You will come to a page where you will find a list of Manage my network with a few options under it. Find Connections in that list and click on it. You will see all your connections in a new list.
    • Step 3: Now, all you need to do is find the person you want to remove from your connections list. Instead of scrolling through and finding the person manually, you can also opt for the search option to see the connection you want to remove.

    You can also choose to sort or filter your connections list to find the connection you want to remove by clicking on Search with filters next to the Search box.

    • Step 4: Once you find the person you want to remove, drag your cursor to the 3 dots to the right of the Message button, and youll find a Remove connection link. Click on that link.

    The above confirmation dialog box will also inform you that the connection will not be notified by LinkedIn.

    Should You Remove Or Block Connections

    As we mentioned earlier, it all depends on why you want to remove the connection. If you just want to get rid of someone because they’re annoying, then blocking might be the best option. However, if you simply want to stop seeing content for business reasons , then removing them as a connection is probably the better option.

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    How To Remove Linkedin Connections In Bulk With Leaddelta

    LeadDelta is a simple yet highly effective LinkedIn connection manager that allows you to have a clearer, more straightforward overview of your network. It helps you organize your connections with the help of features such as adding custom tags and notes and removing unwanted connections in bulk.

    By simply adding the LeadDelta extension to your browser, you will get a CRM-like overview of your entire network. From there, you can easily find old connections that are not active anymore and use LeadDelta tags to mark them as inactive. Once you do that for up to 20 connections, just go and remove connections in bulk.

    Lets take a look at how to delete LinkedIn connections with LeadDelta.

    Unfollow Connections In Bulk On Linkedin With An Extension

    How to Remove Connections on Linkedin – Delete Connections on linkedin

    There are several tools in the market to mass unfollow your contacts on LinkedIn. Here, we will explain how to use the Superpowers for LinkedIn extension. This tool allows you to unfollow connections in bulk in a few clicks. You can unfollow people, out-of-network contacts, and companies, as well as ignore received invitations and withdraw the invitations youve sent. So now, lets see how to use LinkedIn Unfollower.

  • After a few seconds, you will see the Superpowers icon in the toolbar. This tool works directly on the Search people view, Group members view, and Sales Navigator on LinkedIn.
  • To mass unfollow connections, go to your LinkedIn and head to the following section
  • Press the option to select all the connections and then confirm
  • Superpowers for LinkedIn will start performing the action you selected. Keep in mind that this can take some minutes.
  • Wait until it finishes and thats it!
  • If you want another extension with more advanced features, you can try or Following Like .

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    Blocking Or Removing A Connection

    LinkedIn offers the alternative of blocking someone if you dont want to remove them as your connection, but whats the difference?

    When you block someone on LinkedIn, they wont have a way of contacting you on the platform or viewing your profile. On the contrary, unfriending someone doesnt prevent them from messaging you or accessing your LinkedIn profile.

    So, blocking them is the best option if you want to get rid of someone trying to spam you or you dont want to hear from them.

    However, if you want to unfriend a connection that you no longer want to have, removing the connection is the best option.

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