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How To Unfollow On Linkedin

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To Maintain Your Reputation

How to unfollow people and companies on LinkedIn

Many recruiters and HR professionals use LinkedIn to look for potential employees. When you connect with them, they can also see other people in your network. It can potentially damage your reputation if there is someone questionable in your connection list. You can put your prospective employment or business opportunity at risk just because of one dubious connection. In such a case, it is a good idea to double-check your connections and remove contacts on LinkedIn that you think can risk your reputation. Sometimes, removing a connection on LinkedIn can be a blessing in disguise for you.

Linkedin Choices: Accept Change Or Unfollow

There are at least three things that you can do to end your frustration with the annoying things that some of your connections are doing on LinkedIn.

One thing you can do is to break the connection. When you break your connection, you lose access to the connections in this persons network. You lose their persons first-degree connections and on a larger scale, you lose the persons second-degree connections. These people no longer show up in your news feed. They no longer show up in the list of automatic invitation connections among the people you might know.

A second thing that you can do is to criticize your connection for annoying you. In this case, you risk damaging a relationship that might be valuable to you later on.

A third option is to unfollow a connection. The person will still be your connection. The process is simple. Go to the persons profile, find the send button, click the down arrow, and click view recent activity. You will land on the persons updates. This is a very cool page. You can not only follow and unfollow people. You can see how many total contacts they actually have!

Remember your options. Use those options to expand your network and build your relationships.

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What Happens When You Remove Someone On Linkedin

Three things to note before removing a connection from your LinkedIn Network

  • When you remove a connection, they will NOT be notified.
  • Once removed, any recommendations or endorsements between you and that person will be withdrawn. They will NOT be restored if the connection is re-established.
  • Only the LinkedIn member who removes the connection can reinitiate that connection.
  • There is another option instead of removing them, however

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    Unfollowed People Wont Generate Notifications

    When you unfollow someone, you wont receive notifications from them when they engage with your content, even if they tag you.

    So, beware of inadvertently ignoring people .

    Unfollowed people if they start improving their content. These follow/unfollow choices neednt be permanent. People change and you can change your mind.

    Why Mass Unfollow On Linkedin

    How Do You Unfollow Someone Without Viewing Their Profile?

    LinkedIn is completely different from other social media platforms. It is solely designed for professionals. for networking Purpose.

    It is believed to be an excellent platform for networking people from your industry, engage with other business, generate leads and much more.

    However, sometimes opening up LinkedIn, then having an irrelevant post from tons of people feels second-rated. Then unfollowing them one by one to clean up your feed, Feels like climbing the Everest. Right?

    I can completely relate to it. I was into this exact situation until I found the best solution.

    Luckily, I figured out the solution. That is Exact Im going to share today with you.

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    Following And Removing People From Your Linkedin Network

    To get the most out of your LinkedIns network, it is vital to know how the site functions and how you can use it for business or career growth. Following and removing people from your LinkedIn network is one such subject that we will discuss in this article. If you wondering how to message to all your future connections, suggest you to safe time and message people automatically. Use Octopus CRM to send messages in bulk.

    Why Follow A Linkedin Member Instead Of Connecting

    There are some cases where its a better option to follow a LinkedIn member instead of connecting, such as:

    • If youre interested in the posts and articles a LinkedIn profile shares but they arent a personal or professional contact
    • If you want to connect with a public figure, brand, or a LinkedIn member with high privacy but there are no Connection options available

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    How To Connect With People On Linkedin Network

    Connecting on LinkedIn works in the same way as adding friends on Facebook. The other person will have to accept your connect request for both of you to be part of each others LinkedIn network.

    Adding people on LinkedIn is a two-way action, where both parties are ready to connect with mutual agreement. Remember that when you connect with someone on LinkedIn, you follow them by default. It means you get full visibility of their profile . If you are connected on LinkedIn, you will be able to message them, see their posts, updates, and even shares.

    How Can I View My Linkedin Followers

    How to BLOCK & UNFOLLOW others on LinkedIn

    Heres how you can view your LinkedIn followers and even follow them back:

    Step # 1: Visiting Your Profile

    Step # 2: Finding the Manage Followers Option

    Find the Your Activity button on your LinkedIn profile. Next, click on the Manage followers button to access a list of your followers.

    Step # 3: Learning More about a Follower

    If a LinkedIn followers profile catches your attention, you can tap on their name to preview their profile.

    You may even choose the View Profile button or select the +Follow option to follow them. You may even follow a LinkedIn member directly by tapping on the +Follow button.

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    Heres How To Add People On Linkedin To Expand Your Professional Reach:

    Step 1: Select My network at the top of the screen.

    Step 2: You will see a list of people that have something common with your profile, such as education, experience, and field. These people will come under the people you may know section.

    Step 3: From the list, choose the person you want to connect with and click on the Connect icon. This will send them a connect request.

    Step 4: If you know someone you want to connect with, but they are not in your people you may know list, you can simply search their name and send them a connect request.

    Step 5: In any case, the other person will have to approve your connect request for both of you to get access to each others profile and information.

    Linkedin: How To Unfollow A Connection

    It is helpful to know how to unfollow a connection.

    Do some of your connections annoy you with the things that they post on LinkedIn? Does it annoy you that some of you connections post political opinions or that other connections post puzzles or brain teasers. Do you have connections who spam the news feed with post after another?

    Even worse, do you find that people who arent your connections are fulling your news feed with their post?

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    How To Follow And Unfollow People On Linkedin: Using The App

    You can follow and unfollow LinkedIn members using the app. Here is how.

    To follow people on LinkedIn using the app:

    • Go to the profile page of the person you want to follow

    To unfollow people on LinkedIn using the app:

    • When you see a post from the person you wish to unfollow, click on More and then click Unfollow
    • Or, you can visit the profile page of the person you want to unfollow and click Unfollow.

    Here is something to point out you can unfollow your connections as well. Just follow the steps we have mentioned here. If you decide to unfollow some of your connections, you will stay connected on LinkedIn, but you wont see a persons posts in your feed any longer.


    Go To Your Network And See The People You Follow


    This method works better on browser, so well recommend you to use a computer.

  • You will find the My Network button in the menu bar. Click that, and it will take you to another page where you will see your connections, your followers, people youre following, other people you may want to connect with, groups or public figures you may want to subscribe to, etc.
  • Youll find the people you follow in the People I Follow tab, so go to that tab.
  • Now, do you see the Following text under the persons name? That indicates that you are indeed following them. If you want to unfollow someone, click on the Following button. Do that to everyone you want to unfollow.
  • Suppose someone is posting content that violates LinkedIns rules. In that case, you may want to report their account instead of unfollowing them so that LinkedIn can take action to prevent that person from causing more harm both to the platform and to other LinkedIn users. Learn more about that here.

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    Easy Steps For Mass Unfollowing On Linkedin

    Team Building | Creative Campaigns | Online & LIVE quiz show

    Unfollow each individual one at a time?!

    Thats not a valid use of anyones time. So here is a quick approach to solving the problem and unfollowing everybody. Go the page that shows who you are following and run code in the browser’s developer console. It will go and click the unfollow button for you.

  • Login to LinkedIn
  • Scroll a little
  • Open developer console
  • In the Console view, paste: var buttons = $, interval = setInterval }, 1000)
  • Then press Enter
  • Reload the page, and repeat the process, until the Following count drops down and the page says Follow Fresh Perspectives
  • Re-follow key people
  • Cant Unfollow Someone On Linkedin

    There are cases when you cant unfollow someone on LinkedIn. If youre experiencing the same issue, its probably because there is an issue with your internet connection. If this is the case, you can check if your device is connected to the internet and try doing the steps again.

    Furthermore, its also possible that youre not logged in to your account thats why you cant unfollow someone. So, its essential to log in first before you do the steps above to prevent issues about unfollowing. However, if you still cant do the action after troubleshooting your internet and logging into your account, you can contact LinkedIn support for further assistance.

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    Following Vs Connecting With Linkedin Members

    Popularly used social media platforms like Instagram, Twitter, etc., allow users to follow an account. LinkedIn works differently and enables users to follow and connect with members.

    This way, you can follow industry leaders and members while making valuable connections. But the real question is, who do I connect with and follow? Make the right decision by learning the differences and similarities between LinkedIn followers and connections:

    How Can I Check The Number Of My Followers

    How to find out who unfollowed you on LinkedIn | Find unfollowers LinkedIn

    LinkedIn notifies you every time you acquire a new follower. But you can check the number of followers you have by:

    • Selecting the Me dropdown menu located at the right-hand corner of your profile picture
    • Choose the Posts and Activity option
    • On the Activities page, you can view your follower count
    • You may click on the Followers button to check your most recent followers

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    To Reduce Clutter On Your Homepage

    Have you come across those people who share memes and things that add no value? Some people use LinkedIn for fun, just like they use Facebook or Instagram. They do not realize that the LinkedIn Network is a valuable business platform for those looking to hire and those who want to get hired. If you have people in your connections who post things that are not helpful to you or your professional growth, its best to disconnect LinkedIn connection with them.

    Mass Unfollow Connections On Linkedin With A Script

    There are two ways to mass unfollow your LinkedIn connections with a script.

    • Soft: It will unfollow people who are visible on your screen
    • Hard: To unfollow all your connections

    Considering how risky the hard approach is, we recommend using the soft method. Lets have a look at each alternative.

    Soft unfollow

    With this method, you will unfollow only the connections that are visible on your screen.

  • First, log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Right-click anywhere on the screen, and click Inspect.
  • Then, go to the Console view and paste the following code:var c = document.querySelectorAll for If that code gives you an error, try using this one:
    const buttons =   for  setTimeout =>, i * 1000)
  • Press Enter. You will see that you have unfollowed all the connections on the screen.
  • Then, scroll down until you see connections that youre still following and repeat the process.
  • Hard unfollow

    Be aware that with this method, you will unfollow all your connections. Please note that we do NOT recommend using this approach. The soft unfollow method is safer and less aggressive so we encourage you to use that one. But if you want to go ahead and unfollow all your LinkedIn connections in bulk, simply follow these steps.

  • Log in to your LinkedIn account.
  • Go to the contacts page or follow this URL: .
  • Right-click anywhere on the screen, and click Inspect.
  • Press Enter. After a few moments, you will see that you have unfollowed all your connections on LinkedIn.
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    Does Unfollowing Someone Remove Your Connection With Them

    Note that unfollowing someone from LinkedIn isnt the same as removing that person from your connections. Youre removing them from your feed because their posts arent relevant to you, they post too much, or they are talking nonsense.

    If you want to sever your ties with that person for some reason:

  • Go to their LinkedIn profile
  • Click Remove Connection instead of Unfollow under the More button.
  • That cant be undone, so make sure that you want to remove them as a connection before you click that. If you wish to reconnect with that person on LinkedIn in the future, you will have to invite them again, and you may be asked why you removed them in the first place.

    You can also block a LinkedIn user if you think thats necessary. You can find the Report/Block option under Remove Connection.

    How To Unfollow Everyone On Linkedin

    LinkedIn: Here

    Disclaimer: This method is only available for Chrome Desktop Users. Do Proceed on your own Risk

    This method unfollows connections visible on the screen. All you need to do:

    Step 1: Visit this page on LinkedIn

    Step 2: Press CTRL+Shift+ I. Switch to the Console tab.

    Step 3: Copy And Paste this script to the console tab and press enter:

    function isHidden TotalUnfollowed = 0 var LoadingAnimation = document.getElementsByClassName var CatchLoadingAnimation = setInterval /* YES BUTTON */if) document.querySelectorAll.onclick = function }, 1000) ScrollToBottom = setInterval , 15) function CheckPageEnd  else setTimeout , 7.5*1000) }CheckPageEnd }/* STOP BUTTON */if) document.querySelectorAll.onclick = function  /* END: RUN AFTER PAGE LOAD COMPLETE */}}, 1000) 

    This method will do the mass unfollow on LinkedIn and help you keep your contact list clean.

    I hope this method works for you. Yeah, Now you can start rebuilding your feed from the beginning.

    If you have tried any of these methods to mass unfollow your LinkedIn connections? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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    Mass Unfollow Linkedin Connections

    The article will be updated often. Bookmark this page to keep track of the LinkedIn unfollow script.

    Can I bulk unfollow people on LinkedIn?

    Not officially. But Ive just compiled a neat method to mass unfollow LinkedIn connections. Its free, no signup required.


    LinkedIn is great. But their reaction/feed algorithm is cluttered. I don’t expect LinkedIn to behave like Facebook. So I decided to mass unfollow my LinkedIn connections and only follow the key-people. I found a new script while browsing public repositories on GitHub. Ive tested it on Chrome, and Ill share it here.

    Search The Jarvee Knowledge Base

    • The Linkedin Unfollow Tool

    Each social networks have certain limits and we dont have other options but to respect them. And as you may know, Linkedin members are limited to following up to 5,000 people who arent their connections. Hence, if youve hit that limit you will not be able to follow more users unless you start unfollowing to make room for new follows.

    Even if you have not reached the maximum number of followings yet, but you want to start unfollowing to balance your total followings and followers for added credibility, the Jarvee Unfollow tool can readily do the task for you.

    The Jarvee Instagram Unfollow tool allows you to automatically unfollow those users that you followed. Through this tool, you can unfollow users who did not follow you back after a prescribed period of time.

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    Following People On Linkedin Network

    Once you have made an , its time to take your first step to be a part of the LinkedIn community. Being a part of the network means that you can now follow and connect with people, explore career or business opportunities, and do personal branding. There are two ways to network with or add people on LinkedIn Connect and Follow.

    Following on LinkedIn will enable you to see the articles and posts shared by the people on your homepage without connecting with them. Most people leave their Follow option open, so they can have a larger audience and reach.

    LinkedIn following is a one-way action, meaning that you will see updates posted by the person you follow, but they wont see your posts unless they follow you back. However, you wouldnt see posts that are not shared publicly. LinkedIn users can use privacy options to decide who can see their posts and status updates. Also, youre free to follow a company and even a topic on LinkedIn.

    Heres how you can follow people on LinkedIn:

    Step 1: Head over to the profile of the company, person, or topic you want to follow.

    Step 2: Click on the 3 dots near Connect/Message icon. This will open the menu.

    Step 3: Now press the Follow button, and youre done.

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