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How To Unfollow Everyone On Twitter

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S To Unfollow Everyones Twitter Account Manually

How to Mass Unfollow Everyone on Twitter (Free, No Downloads)

This is a basic decision when you want to delete your entire account followers. These are just some of the basic steps you can take to begin unfollowing the accounts.

  • To do this, first, click on the browser, then search on Twitter, and sign in to your account.
  • Then click on the follow button, and you can count the followed profiles by how many they are.
  • Then click the Unfollow button.

It looks so straightforward to unfollow any profile manually, but when it comes to deleting thousands of accounts, that can take your whole month. It really a time-taking process to go on a single account delete it.

How To Unfollow Everyone Using The Inspector Tool

This is the fastest way to unfollow everyone on Twitter. By using the inspector through the Google Chrome browser or Microsoft Edge it is easy. However, there is an automation code that you have to add to the browser, then put into action. Just make sure you dont follow more than 200 people each day.

Here are the steps to unfollow everyone on Twitter using the inspector tool.

How To Remove Twitter Followers On Desktop

Its nice to have followers but sometimes it is equally important to make sure you have the right followers. You can delete followers from your account if you want to organize your Twitter followers or prevent some persons from seeing your Tweets without blocking them.

Since you had to block and unblock a follower to delete them, this is referred to as soft blocking before Twitter offered a direct ability to do so.

Here is the step for you to remove Twitter followers On your Desktop.

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How To Unfollow Users From Their Account Page

Another way to unfollow on Twitter is from a user’s account page. It’s just as quick as doing so from a tweet.

  • Go to a account page for the user you want to unfollow. The URL will be

  • Hover over the Following button to the right of their profile picture.

  • The button will change to Unfollow. Click Unfollow.

  • A confirmation message appears. Click Unfollow.

  • Use A Chrome Extension To Mass Unfollow On Twitter

    Twitter Unfollow Tool

    This is the last method on this list of how to mass unfollow people on Twitter. However, it is just as effective as every other method mentioned earlier, especially when you are looking to unfollow everyone on the platform.

    It is free and provides a much quicker method to go about it. To use this:

    • First, save all your followers on a Twitter list to help remedy any mistakes that might happen when using this method.
    • On your Chrome browser, visit the Chrome web store to find the extension you want to use to unfollow people.
    • Now search for Superpowers for Twitter extension. You can just as well to take you there.
    • Click on the Add to Chrome button at the top right corner of the screen to add the extension to your extension library.
    • Once you have done that, now open your Twitter account on the browser
    • Go to your profile section and click on This will let you see a list of accounts that arent following you
    • You will see an Unfollow All button at the top of the page. Click on it, and you will unfollow all the accounts at once. If you are not able to see the Unfollow button, refresh the page.

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    Twitter Unfollow All Chrome Extension:

    Twitter Unfollow All is a chrome extension that allows you to Unfollow everyone, on Twitter at a mass level. Published by Hamlab, the extension was updated on July 22, 2020. According to the reviews on the extension, it seems to work like a charm for quite a number of users. All you have to do is download the extension from chrome extensions and install it.

    To start mass unfollowing people, take the following steps:

    1. Tap your profile icon and go to your following list.

    2. Once the following list has loaded, start the extension by clicking on it.

    3. It will automatically start unfollowing accounts, and your can stop whenever you want.

    Apart from this, there are many other Chrome extensions that you can try and use to Unfollow everyone on Twitter. But be careful, since this is a third-party extension, the publishers dont take any responsibility for things going the other way. It is better to be safe than sorry.

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    Follow Back Slowly + Engage

    Once you’re down to zero, you can breathe a sigh of relief!

    But now it’s time to start from scratch and follow back the people you actually want to follow.

    Here was my criteria.

    • Use your “Must-Follow Back” Twitter List and follow each person in the list one by one
    • Check each account you follow to see if you actually want to follow them. How active are they? Do they Tweet too much? When was the last time they tweeted? Are they too negative? Are they posting content you don’t like?
    • Keep your friend count manageable. I recommend only following up to 400 people. This is how you can keep your main feed uncluttered and valuable. Obviously, the number will depend on how active your friends are on Twitter.
    • This is optional but really helps with engagement and relationship building. Create a and mention each person as you follow them. Include how you know them and why you enjoy their content.

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    How To Unfollow On Twitter

    Are there too many tweets on your timeline? Do you want to unfollow people and pages that are just not interesting? Its easy to get a little carried away by following everyone you come across when youre a newbie on Twitter. But its essential to unfollow accounts that dont bring value, such as . So, how do you unfollow on Twitter?

    There are two ways to unfollow an account on Twitter. You can go to the users profile and click the unfollow button, or you can unfollow accounts by going through your following list and clicking on the Following button right by their names.

    Unfollowing accounts on Twitter is as easy as following them. Follow the simple steps discussed in this article and go on an unfollowing spree!

    Whitelist Twitter Accounts You Dont Wish To Unfollow:

    How to Mass Unfollow Everyone on Twitter in 2022

    There are several Twitter accounts of celebrities, politicians, and brands that you follow to stay updated, but they will most likely not follow you back.

    To ensure that you keep all your interesting profiles in your list and dont unfollow them, you can whitelist their account from the Circleboom dashboard.

    While youre selecting accounts to unfollow from the lost focus list, theres a green icon that helps you whitelist accounts. Instead of visiting the profile URL and unfollow, click on the green icon and those accounts will be whitelisted.

    You can later visit the whitelist section under the The Circle section to check your list of whitelisted accounts.

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    Can My Account Be Suspended For Unfollowing People On Twitter

    Unfortunately, the answer to this is yes. You can get into trouble with Twitter when you unfollow a lot of people at the same time. Twitter can suspend your account for it. But why will they do that, you ask? It all comes down to behavior and intent.

    On the intent side, Twitter will try to analyze what could be your reasons for doing that before deciding if you deserve a penalty.

    Twitter will want to make sure you are not trying to be smart or playing games with your followers. This happens, and its called churning followers.

    This is when you persuade a user to follow you, and you also follow them back. But after some time, you quickly go again to unfollow them. It is a game that is popular among celebrities. So if that is your intention, Twitter may ban your account for it.

    On the other hand, the way you unfollow also matters. You cannot follow hundreds of people last week, and today you are unfollowing them all and expect Twitter to see it as normal. No, it will see it as churning your followers, and that can also earn you a ban.

    Why Would I Want To Unfollow Someone

    • Typically, people unfollow other accounts when they no longer wish to see that account’s Tweets in their home timeline. You can still view them on an as-needed basis by visiting their profile, unless their Tweets are protected.
    • If you are unfollowing an account because their updates seem like spam, please read our guidelines on .

    Navigate to a Tweet from the account youâd like to unfollow.

    icon located at the top of the Tweet.

    Tap Unfollow from the selection menu.

    Navigate to a Tweet from the account youâd like to unfollow.

    icon located at the top of the Tweet.

    Tap Unfollow from the selection menu.

    Find a Tweet from the account youâd like to unfollow.

    Hover your mouse over their name.

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    Mass Unfollowing On Twitter

    If you want to mass unfollow everyone on Twitter, you need to use command line tool or a third-party service. Twitter only allows you to unfollow users one at a time. Anil Dash, blogger and entrepreneur posted instructions on his website using a tool called “t,” which is based on the Ruby programming language.

    , follow the set-up instructions, and make sure you have Ruby installed. The command to mass unfollow is:

    t followings | xargs t unfollow

    If that’s too technical, you can also use a tool called Tokimeki Unfollow, which Dash recommends. While you can’t unfollow accounts in bulk, its not as tedious as manually unfollowing on Twitter.

  • Go to the Tokimeki website and click Login with Twitter.

  • Enter your Twitter username and password, then click Sign in.

    This authorizes the app to access your account.

  • Choose your preferences: You can set the order in which you see accounts, show bios automatically, and save progress on the server. Then click Start.

  • For each account you follow, you can unfollow them, add them to a list, or keep them. You’ll be able to see the account’s most recent tweets to help you make a decision.

    Click Show bio to see the account’s Twitter bio.

  • If you accidentally click Unfollow or change your mind, click Undo otherwise, click Next.

  • Unfollow Through The Profile Page

    Beginnerâs Guide To JustUnfollow, Free Twitter Unfollow Tool

    Heres how you can unfollow an account through the profile page.

  • Open the Twitter app and make sure to log in.
  • On the users profile, click on the button that says Following.
  • A text bubble will appear tap on Unfollow.
  • There you have it in just a few simple steps, you have unfollowed a user on Twitter.

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    How To Remove Twitter Followers On Mobile

    As we have already mentioned that its nice to have followers but sometimes it is equally important to make sure you have the right followers. Unfortunately, you cannot remove Twitter followers via the mobile app. However, you can get it done via the mobile version of the site, using a web browser.

    Here is the step for you to remove Twitter followers On your Mobile

    Tap Remove This Follower

    Tap on remove this follower and then select the remove to confirm your choice.

    Pro Tip: When you remove a follower, they will not be notified by Twitter. However, they may still be able to see your te=weets and direct message you, depending on your settings. If they want to see your tweets on their timeline, they will have to refollow you.

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    Using Chrome Extension Superpowers For Twitter

    The next way to unfollow people is by using a chrome extension. This is a free extension that lets you unfollow mass on Twitter. You can only unfollow everyone at a single time using this extension. Even if you have a high number of followers, the extension will not take any time to unfollow people. You can use the extension in different web browsers like Chrome and Opera but only on PC. In order to unfollow everyone on Twitter using the extension automatically just follow these steps:

    1. Open the web store and install .

    2. Go to your Twitter web application and tap on Following.

    3. Click on Unfollow All button beside your username.

    This way you can unfollow everyone on Twitter automatically. This saves your time as it does not take a long time to unfollow people even if the number is high. However, this method is not applicable in smartphones but only on PC.

    Using Unfollow App For Twitter

    How to mass unfollow EVERYONE on Twitter in 2022 for FREE!

    The next way to unfollow people is by using a third-party application named . This is a smartphone application and is a manual method to unfollow people. You can use this application on your android as well as iOs devices. If you have a high number of followers, this method will take a lot of time and effort to unfollow. In order to unfollow everyone on Twitter using the third party application Unfollow app for Twitter just follow these steps:

    1. Open unfollow app for Twitter and login to your Twitter account.

    2. Tap on Not Following Me Back and Mutuals.

    3. After that tap on the Unfollow button by the side of each account to unfollow people.

    This way you can unfollow everyone on Twitter manually using your smartphones. However, this method can take a long time depending upon the number of people you follow.

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    How To Unfollow Everyone On Twitter Manually

    Of course, you can, people! You can easily unfollow everyone on Twitter. Social Media sites make it easy for people to unfollow any account they dont want to follow for any of their personal reasons. If you want to unfollow someone, there are a few easy steps that you have to follow:

    1. Tap on your profile icon.

    2. Click on the following list. A list of the accounts you follow will display.

    3. Tap on the unfollow option against the accounts you want to unfollow.

    Voila, it is done! You have successfully unfollowed the accounts that were messing up your beautiful timeline.

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    How To Unfollow Twitter Users Manually

    To unfollow someone from your Twitter account manually, you can do in two ways. First of all, you can type the name of the person that you want to unfollow and search for their profile. Once their profile appears, tap on it and you will see the following button. Tap on it to unfollow the account successfully from your Twitter profile.

    The next thing that you can do is to go to your profile and click on the Following tab. This method is easier when you have to unfollow more than one. You will get a list of all the followings from which you can choose the accounts to unfollow. Tap on the Following button to unfollow.

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    Save All Your Follows

    It is important to copy all your followers on your Twitter list. You can check your timeline and choose all the followers that you need in the list. There must be small accounts that you cannot afford to lose them. It is crucial to shuffle them to add all the follows. You must write down all the names that you may need to refollow.

    If you delete any of the private accounts, then you wont be able to follow them back without any permission. It is possible to pick your friends who have private profiles. You need to export the following on a spreadsheet to know whom you need to follow it back later. Now, you can delete everyone from the list.

    Using Twitter Application Manually

    App Unfollowers

    The basic way to unfollow people is by using the application itself. You do not need any third-party applications to do so. However, you can only unfollow one person at a time. If you have a high number of followers, it will take a lot of time and effort to unfollow. This method is the same in android, iPhone as well as PCs. In order to unfollow everyone on Twitter using the Twitter application manually just follow these steps:

    1. Login to Twitter and go to your profile and tap on Following.

    2. Tap on the following button by the side of each account to unfollow people.

    This way you can unfollow everyone on Twitter manually. This can take a long time depending upon the number of people you follow. There are also other automatic methods to do so.

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    How To Mass Unfollow Everyone On Twitter

    Do you want to mass unfollow on Twitter?

    Well, you can unfollow people one by one, but there is a better way that enables you to mass unfollow on Twitter. This is what we are going to cover in this .

    If you prefer to watch a video tutorial on how to mass unfollow on Twitter, check out this one:

    How To Unfollow Everyone Using Iunfollow

    Applying the iunfollow third-party app is the next method for unfollowing users. This browser-based tool for manually unfollowing users allows you to do so. That implies that you can only unfollow one user at once. It will take a lot of time and effort to unfollow you if you have a large number of followers.

    Using the third-party application unfollow, simply follow these steps to unfollow everyone on Twitter:

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    Why Its Important To Follow Back

    If youre following every single person who follows you, then chances are that theyll unfollow you especially if they dont follow back! Nobody wants an account full of spammers, so make sure to follow back your high-quality followers only!

    Follow only those people who actually want to be your follower and engage with your tweets. You can always unfollow them later on if they dont seem like a good fit for your account .

    People who follow you without any intention of following back will not really help grow your Twitter presence.

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