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How To Underline In Whatsapp

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How To Use Shortcuts For Writing In Italics Bold Strikethrough Monospace In Whatsapp On Iphone And Android

How to To Send Bold, Italic, Unserline and BIG Message in Whatsapp 2017

If you cant remember the commands, theres also an alternative: you can use the shortcuts.

  • On your Android phone: When you enter your text, tap and hold the part you want to format. In the menu, choose bold or italic. Tap on more to see the options strikethrough and monospace.
  • On your iPhone: When entering a text, tap and select the word that you want to format. In the menu, tap on B I U and choose bold, italic, strikethrough or monospace.

How do you bold and underline on WhatsApp?

For bold text on WhatsApp use an asterisk , for example: *text*. Unfortunately, there is no way to underline on WhatsApp directly. However, there are some apps that will enable you to use this function on WhatsApp.

How do you underline a word in a text message?

The process of underlining text in messages is different in every app you use. While underlining is not possible directly in WhatsApp, you can underline text messages on many other applications like Gmail or iMessage by choosing the formatting options via the BIU button and selecting the underline option.

How do you write in cursive on WhatsApp?

For cursive or italic text on WhatsApp use an underscore for example: _text_

What is the purpose of underlining text?

Usually, the purpose of underlining text is to highlight or draw attention to a specific section of the text. Also, hyperlinks are often underlined and displayed in a different color than the rest of the text.

Can I underline text in WhatsApp?

Whatsapp Text Tricks: Whatsapp Story Status

Have you tried the new WhatsApp status application? This new Status tab allows you to upload a personal story, as well as making a status with personalized fonts, functions and colors. The maximum character count for a WhatsApp statues are 250 letter and there are 5 different fonts you can choose from.

One of our favorite features about the new WhatsApp status tab is that you can add emojis, photos and GIFs.

But, how do you upload a WhatsApp status:

  • Open Watsapp app.
  • To take a photo click on the camera below it.
  • If you click on the pencil, you will see three options on the bottom left of the page.
  • And Click on the paint palette to change the color.
  • Are you looking for some good WhatsApp status ideas to port? If so, you cant miss our list of romantic Whatsapp messages for your girlfriend.

    How To Italic Text In Whatsapp

    If you want to italic your text message, place an underscore on both sides of the text:

    1. Open chat and type your message you want to send

    2. Put underscore on both sides of the text you want to italic, For example:- _techsecrets_

    3. Then send the message and that text will appear italic

    You can generate different types of italic combined formatting by using various symbols together:

    italic+ strikethrough

    Place underscore and tilde on both sides of the text you want to italic and strikethrough For example:- _~techsecrets~_

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    Underline Text In Whatsapp About

    Are you remember the old WhatsApp text status feature? Now it renamed as About. It is used to display short message or quote. WhatsApp allows us to add up to 139 characters in the about. However, this section is for displaying simple text and text format options that are not working in about. But, you can underline the text use this app.

  • Open BlueWords App and tap on the Underlined option.
  • Write your about text, and tap and hold on the text to copy it to the clipboard.
  • Now open WhatsApp and tap on the three vertical dots from the top right of the screen. After that, open the Settings.
  • Now tap on the profile picture or your name and you will see the About and Phone number option. Tap on the about status.
  • Now tap on the pencil icon or about text to change it. Delete your old about text and tap and hold on the text input field to paste the underlined about.
  • How To Underline In Whatsapp On Android

    How to Bold,Italic,Underline text in Whatsapp watch ...

    Before following the guide, we recommend that you update to the latest version of Whatsapp. Besides, underlining, there are other formatting options available like italics, bold, etc.

    One thing that you should note is that the WhatsApp underline feature is not available by default. Yes, Whatsapp automatically underlines links, dates, addresses, but you cannot choose what to underline. But, there is no need to worry as we will be providing you with a way to make things click. First of all, you need to download a third-party app called Blue words. You can get this app from the Google Play Store.

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    How To Use Strikethrough In Whatsapp

    Strikethrough is used to inform the recipient that the text with strikethrough formatting has been erased or ignored. There are two ways of using Strikethrough text using WhatsApp formatting one is by using the shortcut and the other is the WhatsApp formatting option. Here is a guide on how to use strikethrough in WhatsApp. This method is universally accepted in the Android and iOS counterparts of WhatsApp:

    • To use strikethrough in WhatsApp, you need to prefix the text with an ~ without any space between the tilde and text.
    • Then type in the text that you want to be displayed with strikethrough formatting.
    • Once you have typed out the text, you can enclose the text with another ~ , without any space between the text and the tilde that follows.
    • If these steps are followed correctly, once you send the message, they would show with strikethrough formatting at the recipients end.

    How Do I Change The Color Of An Href In Html

    It is important that both the < font> and the < /font> tags are between the < a href> and < /a> tags. The second technique would look like this: Click < a href= style=color: rgb> here< /a> to go to yahoo. The RGB numbers indicate amounts of red, green, and blue using values between 0 and 255.

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    Whatsapp: How To Send Stickers To Your Contacts

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    WhatsApp is the worlds most popular chat platform in part due to its constant innovation. The -owned mobile app offers nice touches unavailable in most of its competitors. For example, markdown characters help users emphasise certain words via italics or bold, and WhatsApp even allows users to cross out words and alter fonts.

    How To Make Underlined Text In Whatsapp With The Application

    How to Bold,Italic,Underline text in Whatsapp watch quickly

    Chat Styles

    • Open the downloaded application, and then write down some words that you want to write as a sentence underlined in whatsapp message, through the column in this application.
    • Next, find the font with the writing that has the underline.
    • After that, press the share icon, and then select the whatsapp application and specify to whom the message is sent. And later his writing will also be seen as underlined writing.

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    Tip : Change The Whatsapp Font Size

    If you are finding it hard to read your WhatsApp messages, then you can also change its font size. These are some of the most useful WhatsApp font tricks that will make your experience pleasant. To change the text size, just launch WhatsApp and go to its Settings by tapping the three-dot icon from its top and visit its Chat Settings.

    Under the Chat Settings screen, you can find different options. Here, you can tap on the âFont Sizeâ button and select between small, medium, or large size features for the text. Please note that as of now, WhatsApp only has an option to change the font size on Android devices .

    Many People Are Still Unaware Of How To Use Whatsapp Formatting Here Is A Step By Step Guide To Help You Write In Bold Italics Strikethrough In Whatsapp

    WhatsApp Messenger is one of the key players when it comes to Instant Messaging apps and clients out there on mobile operating systems. Though over the years, the app witnessed the inclusion of voice and video calling, the apps core functionality still emphasises on text messages. However, not many people know about the WhatsApp formatting options available for text messages. Here is a complete guide to writing in bold and italics, using strikethrough and other WhatsApp formatting features:

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    How To Underline Text In Iphone Whatsapp

    How to underline text in whatsapp is something that can be done with text tricks. Text tricks are special formatting codes that you can insert into your message so that they appear bold instead of grayed out. This allows you to create custom fonts that have a bolder or lighter background color than what your actual text looks like. This will make your message stand out more. Just make sure that whatever font style you use has the same formatting properties as the rest of your text.

    Note How To Update Mx Player To Its Latest Version?

    The first thing you can do is to tap and hold the text until you reach the end of it, tap the back button, and then reschedule your timer so that it doesnt happen all at once. Now, onto some other neat text tricks that work on most apps

    Note Features Of Shazam

    An underlined or strikethrough text effect can be created in most apps with either a plus or minus sign. What you have to do is create a text effect that has both these signs and place it above or below the actual content. Tap and hold down on both the plus and minus signs to bring up the formatting menu, then tap the toolbar to customize the typeface and size of the font. Its pretty much just like creating any other kind of bold text formatting.


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    How To Send Italicise Text On Whatsapp

    How To Underline Text In WhatsApp

    To italicise your message on WhatsApp, place an underscore on both sides of the text. For example, _This is a sample text to italicise a message on WhatsApp_.

    Once you enter the underscore at the end of the text you want to italicise, WhatsApp will automatically format the selected text. The output will look like: This is a sample text italicise a message on WhatsApp.

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    How To Write In Italics In Whatsapp

    Just like Bold, Italics is also used to highlight the unique and essential parts of a text. There are two ways of using Italic text using WhatsApp formatting one is by using the shortcut and the other is the WhatsApp formatting option. Here is a guide on how to write in italics in WhatsApp. This method is universally accepted in the Android and iOS counterparts of WhatsApp:

    • To write in italics in WhatsApp, you need to prefix the text with an _ without any space between the underscore and text that needs formatting
    • Then you need to type in the text that you want to format.
    • Once you have typed out the text, you can add an _ following the text, without adding a space between the text and the underscore.
    • If these steps are followed correctly, once you send the message, the text would be displayed with italics formatting at the recipients end. The underscores used for formatting would not be displayed.

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    Question: How To Underline Text On Android

  • How do I get rid of the blue link in HTML?
  • You can now italicize, underline, and bold text, as well as change the color of the text and background.

    Just highlight the text you want to change, then hit the underlined A icon up top to bring up the formatting options.

    The tools should stay open until you close them out.

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    Tip : Apply Strikethrough To Any Text

    Strikethrough is another important formatting in which we show how something has been canceled. Thankfully, applying these WhatsApp font tricks is extremely easy.Whenever you wish to apply the strikethrough effect, just enter the tilde before and after the string. In this, I had to cancel the âstrikethroughâ word so I placed it in between tilde â~â symbols.

    How Do You Underline Text In Whatsapp

    How write bold,italic,underline in Whatsapp chat

    Note: it is not possible to underline text in WhatsApp….Formatting text for Android and iPhone

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android or iPhone smartphone.
  • Open the conversation where you would like to type in bold, italics, monospace or strikethrough.
  • Enter the text you want to send.
  • Tap and hold the text to select it.
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    Whatsapp Text Trick: Changing The Font On Whatsapp

    Among the best WhatsApp text tricks is the ability to change the font style of the text. Did you know you are able to change your text into a retro type-writing text style on WhatsApp?

    The best part? You dont need to download anything! All you have to do is put the sentence in inverted single commas, three times in a row before and three times after the message, like this:

    • The inverted commas looks like this: “ `

    This symbol, on Android phones, is usually found on the symbols keyboard that appears in the app. On an iPhone, this symbol is not on the Iphone Whatsapp default and, therefore, you will have to go to the Apple Store and download a different keyboard for the app.

    • The example that you will have to write in the application will be:

    “ `Here the text you want to put“`

    For more, refer to image below.

    Format Text Inside Your Messages

    One of the ways to format your text in WhatsApp is to enclose your text with the apps predefined special characters.

    • Italic

      If you want to learn how to italicize in WhatsApp, simply add an underscore before and after your text.

      For example, to italicize name in WhatsApp, type that as _name_

      That should apply italics in WhatsApp.

    • Bold

      If you want to bold text in WhatsApp, all you need to do is add an asterisk before and after the text.

      For example, type name as *name* and name will be bold.

    • Strikethrough

      You can strikethrough text WhatsApp by simply adding a tilde on both sides of the text.

      For example, type ~name~ to strikethrough the word name.

    • Monospace

      You can monospace the text by adding three backticks before and after the text.

      For example, type “`name“` to monospace the word name.

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    How To Send Bold Underline And Strikethrough Text On Whatsapp A Practical Guide

    Here are two official and working methods for sending bold, underlined, and strikethrough text on Whatsapp or whatsapp mods like Gb Whatsapp, Yo Whatsapp or Og Whatsapp etc. I am going to share with you. Both of the methods are legal and very easy to use. So, lets begin with the first method.

  • Converting Text Format by hold method
  • This is a very easy method and almost new feature for sending bold, italic, monospace, strikethrough text on Whatsapp. You just need to follow these simple steps for sending a bold message to someone on Whatsapp.

    • Write any text on Whatsapp.
    • Hold it for a few seconds.
    • Now, some options will be popup.
    • Select any Bold, Italic, Monospace, or Strikethrough.
    • If you want to bold the text select bold and the message will be bolded.
    • You can see too before sending it.
    • Now, send the text on Whatsapp.
    • Thats all you have to do for sending Bold, Italic, Strikethrough texts on Whatsapp.

    Note: With the hold text method, you cannot underline the text of Whatsapp for underlining the text you have to follow the second method, which is a symbols-based method.

    Now, lets move to the second method of sending Bold, Italic, Underlined texts on Whatsapp.

  • Converting Text Format on Whatsapp By Symbols Method
  • How to send underline text on Whatsapp

    How To Write In Bold And Italics And Use Strikethrough Monospace Text In Whatsapp For Android And Ios

    How to Write a Bold Text in Whatsapp without any app ...
    • Select the text.
    • If you are using an Android device, you will get the WhatsApp formatting options as soon as you click on the text that you want to change the formatting for.
    • In the case of iOS devices, you will see plenty of options on selecting the text one of those options will be BIU. On choosing that option you will receive all the WhatsApp formatting options.

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    200+ Inspiring WhatsApp Status About Life

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    • Life is never easy for those who dream.
    • You change your life by changing your heart.
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    • Life is just a journey.
    • Enjoy life. …
    • Life is like an ice cream, enjoy it before it melts.
    • Life isn’t always sunshine and butterflies.

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  • Select the contact. After you launch WhatsApp, if you want to check someone’s last online presence without giving the blue ticks on their sent text, at first you have to long tap on that contact and select it.
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