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How To Turn Off Whatsapp

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Turn Off Notification Light For Whatsapp

How To Hide Online Status On WhatsApp

After you have turned off notifications for WhatsApp, if your phone comes with LED notifications turn those off for WhatsApp as well. This will ensure that you are in no way intimated about a message or call on WhatsApp.

Open WhatsApp, go to Settings, go to Notifications, pick Light and then select None.

You can also delete the WhatsApp shortcut from your home screen so as you dont see the alerts unless you open the main app page. You will keep receiving your messages but you can check them when you choose to.

How To Temporarily Disable Whatsapp On Your Phone

Are you tired of the endless stream of messages and calls, and wonder how to turn off the WhatsApp on your phone for a while? Of course, Whatsapp is a very useful and necessary program that helps save money on communication and send messages, call or share photos and videos with relatives and friends without problems, even if they are on the other side of the world, but there are situations when you need to turn off the program. A very depleted battery, an important meeting, or a banal desire to stay in silence the reasons can be different, as well as ways to temporarily turn off the messenger.


How To Turn Off Automatic Downloads On Whatsapp Web

If you are a WhatsApp Web user, it turns out that you can also turn off this automatic feature .

Actually the way to do this is also almost the same as the previous method. However, in order to avoid errors, see the steps on how to turn off the following WA download:

  • First, open Whatsapp Web and login as usual.
  • If you are already logged in , then click on the menu button and then select the settings option .
  • After that, click on the option named Media Auto-Download .
  • Now in that option, you can already set the download process so that it doesnt run automatically.
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    S To Disable Whatsapp Notifications On Android

    The below method is for Samsung Android devices. I have mentioned the steps from S9+ running on Android 8.0 Oreo so steps may vary slightly for other versions.

    • Open Settings in your Android phone.
    • Next select Notifications.
    • Here you will see all the apps listed and you can control notifications for them. Among them, you will find WhatsApp. You can either toggle the WhatsApp switch to Off or tap on it to further customize notifications.
    • If you decide to tap on WhatsApp then inside youll find options to only disable notifications for Groups or contacts. You can choose according to your requirement.

    The steps below are used in some of the Android devices to turn off WhatsApp notifications. In any case, you should set this if you dont want WhatsApp pop up notifications.

    • You have to first open the WhatsApp app.
    • Next navigate to Settings-> Notifications.
    • Now tap on Popup Notification under Message as well as Group notifications and select No popup.

    On some Android devices, you may find the WhatsApp notification by following the method below.

    • Go to the Settings of your Android phone.
    • Look for Apps and tap on it.
    • Scroll down and look for WhatsApp, tap on it.
    • Now uncheck the checkbox next to the show notifications.

    How To Stop Whatsapp Backup On Iphone And Android In Whatsapp Google Drive Icloud Or In Settings

    How to turn off WhatsApp on iPhone

    As an Amazon Associate and affiliate of other programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    With WhatsApp being the go-to messaging app for over a billion users, it becomes imperative to take care of your privacy.

    Hackers can gain unauthorized access to the WhatsApp chats in your WhatsApp backup on iCloud or Google Drive. As the backup is not encrypted, anyone with access to your iCloud or Google Drive account can read your messages.

    To prevent that from happening, all you can do is stop WhatsApp backup.

    In our tutorial, we have listed the ways showing how to stop WhatsApp backup for both Android devices and iPhones.

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    How To Turn Off Whatsapp Notifications On Android

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    This wikiHow teaches you how to disable WhatsApp notifications on an Android. You can either block all notifications from your device’s settings or only turn off some of the notification options, such as the Notification tone or Popup notifications.

    Whatsapp Chatting Gone Incognito

    Hiding your online status comes with many perks. You wont feel as pressured to respond to a message as soon as you read it. Meanwhile, scrolling the app late at night when you just want to relax doesnt make you easy prey to constant messages from your contacts, and your overall privacy levels are higher. This article has shared everything there is to know when it comes to hiding your online status on WhatsApp. Hopefully, youll be able to use some of the things youve learned.

    What are the main reasons you want to hide your online status on WhatsApp? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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    Going Invisible On Whatsapp Is Not As Easy As Toggling The Invisible Mode In Gtalk But There Are Ways We Explain

    In the good old days, when everyone was using Google Talk aka GTalk, it was easy to go invisible whenever. To seek some private moments, away from all the pings coming from friends , all you had to do was toggle the invisible mode in the Google Talk.

    Now, when the world has moved to WhatsApp, it is no longer easy to become invisible. We understand how annoying it can be with continuous pings disturbing you while you are taking your power nap or busy playing some game on your phone. Now you may think why not turn of the mobile data and be done with WhatsApp? Yes, you can. But then turning the data off will also stop some services that you want to access, such as work emails or crucial prompts from your stock broking app.

    Once you have force stopped WhatsApp, it won’t be able to connect to internet even if you have a working data connection in your phone. You won’t receive any messages. The app will be frozen. Once you are ready to come out of your hibernation and love the world again, just tap on the WhatsApp icon on the phone and open the app. It will resume its duty and messages will again start coming.

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    Way : Hide Reply Status To Appear Offline On Whatsapp

    How to Turn Off WhatsApp Camera Shutter Sound on Android / Galaxy S Phone

    Have you ever changed your mind while replying to someone? It happens a lot while communicating with someone via WhatsApp. Whenever you start typing, it will show on the others’ screen. In this way, someone will come to know that you are going to send him a reply.

    It will be a one-way move that means you can’t move back now because it will hurt the person. Do you want to hide typing status on WhatsApp and chat with anyone in your selected time frame.

    Here we list some methods to help you hide your reply status or typing status to appear offline.

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    How To Hide Your Online Status In Whatsapp

    Users are becoming more aware of how exposed their privacy is on WhatsApp. You appear online to a bunch of contacts by simply opening a message, and it can give people the false impression youre available for a chat every time you use the app. But a little trick that can help is turning off your online status in WhatsApp.

    If youve been looking for ways to hide your online status on WhatsApp, youve come to the right place. This article will offer all you need to know about this trick, whether youre accessing WhatsApp on a PC, iPhone, or Android user.

    Can I Chat While Appearing Offline In Whatsapp

    Yes! There are two handy tricks you can use to read and reply to messages on WhatsApp and still appear offline. The first is the more direct one, and it involves replying to a message via the notification panel:

    · For iPhone users, simply slide the message from your notifications panel to the left, select the view option, and reply.

    · For Android, tap the message on your notifications panel, select the Reply button, and send the message.

    · If you accidentally removed the message preview, you can pull down from your screen top to see unread notifications, hold the chat in question, and hit the Reply button.

    The second method to answering a message while appearing offline involves Airplane Mode. You turn on Airplane Mode, and it lets you read a message without appearing online. This way, your last recorded online time on WhatsApp is the one before you turned on Airplane Mode. This is a pretty cool feature, except that it prevents you from receiving new messages while its on.

    Here are detailed steps on how to perform this trick:

    1. Switch your device to Airplane Mode.

    2. Launch WhatsApp and open the chat to which you want to send a new message.

    3. Enter the message and hit the Send button.

    4. Switch off the Airplane Mode. The receiver will get your message without you appearing online.

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    Why Do You Need To Hide Your Online Status On Whatsapp

    When you are using WhatsApp and have turned on your Wi-Fi, you will get a label of online shown just under your name. This is called online status from which anyone can get an idea of whether you are available or not.

    Generally, you might have any of the following reasons that encourage hiding online status on WhatsApp:

    • Avoiding notifications or messages at specific times like while taking a rest or working.
    • Reply to people when you feel comfortable without hurting them.
    • Keep your online time secret from all your contacts.
    • You don’t want to connect to a person and want to show that you are unavailable right now.

    You may want to enjoy your life in your own space and want to get a privacy barrier even while using WhatsApp, keep reading and find how to hide WhatsApp online status.

    How To Go Invisible On Whatsapp Without Deleting The App


    WhatsApp is one of the most widely used platforms around the globe and its quite addictive and users tend to waste a lot of time on the app. However, WhatsApp doesnt provide you an option to go hidden, so you have to find alternatives for that. The best options to go invisible are to turn off notifications for WhatsApp, disabling mobile data for WhatsApp, changing the ringtone of WhatsApp, and more. So, to help you get hidden on WhatsApp, we have bought some methods and the steps to perform those methods.

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    Now You Know How To Stop Whatsapp Backup

    Everything has some pros as well as some cons, the same case goes with the WhatsApp backup feature. Sometimes, the feature can do more harm than good. Thats why we wrote this post about how to stop WhatsApp backup on various devices using multiple ways.

    WhatsApp backup is important as it helps us recover deleted messages on WhatsApp. You can even move your WhatsApp backup from one phone ecosystem to another, for example from iOS to Android.

    However, as we exchange personal and confidential information on WhatsApp, turning off backup might be a good idea when it comes to security.

    What do you think? Share your thoughts in the comments.

    What Is View Once Feature On Whatsapp

    Its a new feature of Whatsapp. If you want to share any such information with your friends which is quite confidential and once they see that message, then that message will be automatically deleted. So in such a situation, you can use the View Once feature of WhatsApp. Its a kind of self-destruct message or similar to a disappearing message.

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    Way 2 Turn Off Whatsapp Backup On Android Using Whatsapp Settings

    As we learn how to turn off WhatsApp backup on Android, open the app, and follow the steps.

  • Step 1: Tap on the three vertical dots and open Settings. Select the Chat option > Chat backup and pay attention to the Google Drive Settings.

  • Step 2: Under the settings, select the Back up to Google Drive option and choose Never to disable the feature.

  • After this, if you need to create a backup, youll have to do it manually.

    How To Turn Off Whatsapp Notifications On Ios/apple

    How to Turn Off WhatsApp Notification Sound on iPhone (iOS 14.2)?

    If you have an iPhone, don’t worry. This article will help you manage your notifications as well. iOS is just slightly different from android in its basic applications including the management of notifications and other settings. Just follow the given steps and you will be done within minutes –

    Step 1: Click on âSettings’. The application has a grey gear as well, but the iOS icon is a little different from the android one. In any case, you will be able to find it on the main screen.

    Step 2: Once you do, you will see different tabs for different functions. Scroll down until you find the one that says âNotifications’. It has a red icon and you can’t miss it. It’s the fourth tab under Bluetooth.

    Step 3: Tap on the âNotifications’ tab and search for âWhatsApp.’ The apps are arranged alphabetically and you will have to scroll down to the W section to find WhatsApp.

    Step 4: Once you do, tap on it and disable the âAllow Notifications’ toggle. This will immediately switch off any notifications from the app. That’s it, now exit the settings and continue with your work without the disturbing notifications.

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    How To Turn Off Whatsapp Web Notifications

    WhatsApp Web allows you to continue your conversations between any connected device without interruption. By default, the web-based platform will notify you any time a new message is received with a small ping. If you find these notifications to be irritating, the software offers an easy way to mute your desktop notifications.

    How To Disable Whatsapp Without Disconnecting The Internet

    The easiest way to turn off the application is to simply turn off the Internet. WhatsApp does not work without a network connection, because it cannot communicate with the server. You will not see messages and will not be able to answer calls. However, if you need the Internet for other applications to work, try one of the options below.

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    How To Stop Whatsapp Chat Backup In Progress On Android Or Iphone

    Unfortunately, the app does not have a backup feature setting that allows to stop a WhatsApp backup that is already in progress.

    But you can still do it with a simple trick. You can turn off the network connection on your device during the backup process.

    Please note that this method may leave you with a partially damaged backup that you wont be able to use for restoring WhatsApp. If your phone gets damaged, you wont be able to use this backup to recover your WhatsApp messages.

    Also, this method may affect other functions, features, and apps running on the device. For example, the auto-update of apps might be interrupted or your chat wont work anymore.

    Looking For Ways To Find A Balance Heres How You Can Get A Break From Whatsapp

    How To Secretly View Peopleâs WhatsApp Status Without ...

    WhatsApp notifications can be overwhelming sometimes

    • WhatsApp notifications can be disabled without deleting the app
    • You can disable WhatsApp notifications from your phone settings
    • You can check messages by opening the app later

    WhatsApp is probably your go-to app for instant messaging but sometimes texting on the app becomes overwhelming, so much so that you wish to take a break from it. However, it is not easy to shy away from picking up your phone when the familiar WhatsApp notification tone buzzes. The easiest way to go discreet is to turn off the internet connection to silence WhatsApp notifications so that there’s nothing that grabs your attention. But then you’d risk missing updates from other important apps, like Gmail. In this article we’ll tell you how to completely turn off WhatsApp notifications without have to uninstall the app.

    There are certain third-party applications that can restrict internet access to some apps like WhatsApp on your phone so that there are no notifications from that particular app to distract you. For example, Google Digital Wellbeing allows users to control notifications from apps and helps them restrict the use of social media applications. But some users don’t consider it to be a foolproof idea that will keep them away from using those apps. Some third-party applications may also pose a security risk and your data may get compromised.

    Alternatively, you can mute WhatsApp by tinkering with your phone’s settings.

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    Turn On Airplane Mode

    Many users find it hard to install a third-party application on their phones as they consider it a harmful effect. So, we also find some easy alternatives to help you hide your reply status or typing status from your contact.

    The very first method that is considered the best for this task is turning on phone Airplane mode.

    Here are simple steps to hide reply status on WhatsApp by turning on Airplane mode:

  • Turn on your phone Airplane mode.
  • Check messages or reply to anyone on your WhatsApp contact list and hit on ‘Send’.
  • Turn off Airplane mode. It will not show that you are online and will also hide your typing status, others can receive your message as well.
  • WhatsApp will not work when there is no internet connection, so when you are using WhatsApp and want to check all your unread messages in a stealth status, you only need to turn on this function.

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