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How To Turn Off Video Autoplay On Facebook

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Guide To Disabling Autoplay

How to Turn Off Autoplay Video in Facebook (2021)


  • Install the Safe, Free and Top Rated F.B. Purity browser extension
  • After F.B. Purity is installed, you should see an “FBP” link at the top of the Facebook page, next to the “Home” link, click it to open the FB Purity options screen.
  • Next click the “” link under the “Video Posts” heading
  • FBP will then open Facebook’s Video Settings page and should automatically turn off the Autoplay option for you
  • Thats it! No more Autoplay-ing videos! 😀

    Please click the “” button below, to share this page with your friends, that way they too will be able to Disable Autoplay-ing Videos on Facebook

  • **UPDATE** Facebook has now started auto-playing animated GIFs, even if you have the above video autoplay setting turned off. If you don’t want to see Animated Gifs autoplaying in comments, you can hide all Animated Gifs using some Custom CSS code, which is listed on the CSS page which you need to add to the CSS box on the FBP settings screen.

    Please note: If you have videos that autoplay with sound, thats a sign that your computer most likely has malware installed on it, as Facebook’s own videos do not autoplay with sound. You should run an anti-malware scanner in that case, to get rid of it. Suggested scanners are: “SuperAntiSpyware” and “Malwarebytes Antimalware

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    How To Turn Off Autoplay Videos

    Whether you want to avoid disturbing content or preserve bandwidth, here’s how to turn off autoplay videos on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Video.

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