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How To Turn Off The Active On Instagram

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Limited To The First 25 Users

How to Turn Off Active Status on Instagram to Appear Offline (SIMPLE)

The first reason why Instagram is not showing Last Active is that the status is limited to the first 25 users on your direct message list.

The Last Active status will only be shown for the first 25 users in your direct messages.

Once you scrolled past the 25th user in your direct message list, you wont be able to see the activity status of the rest.

If you scroll through your direct message list, youll notice that only the users that youve recently messaged have the Last Active status.

On the other hand, the Last Active status is not showing for the users that you havent messaged in a long time.

The Last Active status will be only shownfor the first 25 users on your direct message list.

Once youve scrolled past the 25th user, the Last Active status wont be shown anymore.

In other words, the Last Active status wont be shown for the 26th user onwards.

I did a test and found out that this theory is true.

Heres how the test went:

  • I used 4 different accounts and scrolled down each of its direct messages.
  • After the 25th user, the Last Active status is no longer shown.
  • This test confirmed the theory that Instagram has a limit to which the Last Active status will be shown, and that limit is 25 users.

    Turn Off Last Seen In Instagram

    If youd like to hide your active status on Instagram you can. Those visiting your DMs or profile will be unable to see the key indicators weve discussed by turning your active status off.

    This seems to be a mechanism to keep you from lurking and seeing what others are up to without having to reveal anything yourself. I think this is a fair system and encourages people to be as open as they can be while still offering the opportunity to be private when necessary.

    To turn off Last Seen, do this:

    What Does Active Now Mean On Instagram

    Your activity status is only available on Instagram Direct, which is the equivalent of Facebook Messenger. People cannot determine if youre online just by looking at your posts or stories.

    When you enter Direct, you can see the list of all your chats and their timestamps. If you are following a person, and the person follows you back, you can see whether or not they are online.

    You will see a green dot under their picture and the Active Now status. However, you cant get this information if a person hasnt followed you back or sent you a DM. If you can see that someone is active now, they will know the same thing about you.

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    How To Disable The Active Now Feature In Instagram

    If you want to retain some privacy on Instagram, you might be interested in disabling this feature. Doing so is fairly easy, but keep in mind that this means you wont be able to see other users activity status either.

    With that in mind, heres how to disable the Active Now feature in Instagram:

  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap on the Settings icon.
  • Select Privacy and Security .
  • Tap on Activity Status.
  • Disable Show Activity Status.
  • Once turned off, your friends will no longer be able to view your activity status, and you wont be able to see theirs.

    How To Check Who Is Online On Instagram

    How to Turn Off Instagram
  • Make sure youre running the latest version of the Instagram app.
  • Turn on your Activity status if it isnt already. To do so, go to Settings > Privacy > Activity status and turn on Show activity status.
  • Go to the Home tab and tap the Messenger icon at the top-right corner.
  • Tap the Active tab in the Direct Messages section.
  • Here you can see all the people who are active now on Instagram.
  • NOTE: The above steps are applicable to the iPhone. Unfortunately, Instagram for Android currently doesnt show the list of active users.


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    How To Hide Your Activity Status On Instagram

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    Instagram recently added a new option that allows other users to see when you were last active on the service in their direct messages. If youre not into letting everyone on the planet know what youre up to every minute of the day, you can disable it pretty easily.

    First, open the Instagram app, then jump over to your profile by tapping the last icon in the navigation bar.

    Youll need to head into the Settings menuon iOS, its a little cog icon beside the Edit profile button. On Android, tap the three buttons in the upper right corner.

    From there, just scroll down to the bottom of the Settings section until you find an option labeled Show Activity Status. Disable that joker.

    Its worth mentioning that if you choose to hide your activity status, you wont be able to see other users statuses either. I guess Instagram wants this to be a two-way street. Heh.

    How To Know If Someone Turned Off Their Activity Status On Instagram

    One way to find out if someone has turned off their activity status is to track their latest activity such as their posts and stories. Another way to find out whether theyre appearing offline is to send them a direct message and see if they read it. You can also check out their other social media and messaging accounts to see if theyre online there.

    Chances are if they are online or active on their other accounts, then theyre probably just hiding their active status on Instagram. Besides, its pretty easy to tell when someone is online on Instagram. Just go to your inbox and see if theres a green dot beside their photo.

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    But What Do These Numbers And Characters Mean

    Active 23m ago = the last online status was 23 minutes ago

    Active 1h ago = the last online status was 1 hour ago

    Active now = the user is online now

    The major point of this issue is to differentiate the last online status and the time of the last message. As shown in the image below, the Active word is not written below the users photo and the 5h statement does not display the last time of being online. But it means that the last message was exchanged 5 hours ago. In fact, its not possible to recognize the online presence of Instagram about this person. In the next section, we will tell you why some peoples information in your direct message part is displayed in this form.

    How To Turn Off Active Status In Instagram

    How To Turn Off Last Active On Instagram

    It’s a pretty straightforward process to get rid of that little green dot that lets people know when you’re in the app. Unfortunately, statuses and push notifications are enabled by default as a means of getting you to use a particular application more than you normally would.

    Here’s what you’re going to do to disable your Instagram account from letting everyone know when you’re on the platform double-tapping photos of people hitting yoga poses at some majestic looking beach:

    • Open Instagram
    • Go to your Profile, hit the Menu icon
    • Then hit Settings and scroll down to Privacy -> Activity Status
    • You’ll notice that Show Activity Status is enabled by default. Simply turn it off and voila.

    You may not be able to upload new photos or make posts on the web browser version of Instagram, but you’ll still be able to alter your personal profile settings. To do that:

    • Go to
    • Hit the Menu Icon then hit Settings
    • Then click on Privacy and Security and then click the box beside Show Activity Status so it isn’t checked

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    How To Know If Someone Has Turned Off Activity Status On Ig

    You cannot tell exactly if someones is active or offline if they have turned off their activity status on Instagram. An alternative way to find if someone is active or online is to send them a direct Direct Message. If you get an immediate reply, it indicates that they are online. You can also the persons profile and recent comments. So, there is no way to see someones online status on IG, if they have disabled it. Dont worry then cannot see yours, if they have turned off theirs.

    Turn Off Your Active Status On Your Phone

    In this paragraph, we are going to restrict ourselves to Instagrams phone application. To turn off active status on Instagram, using the official methods, please take the following steps.

  • Log in to your Instagram Application on your phone.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap on the menu icon.
  • Choose Settings.
  • On the Privacy, go to the Activity Status
  • Turn off the Show Activity Status button if it is on.
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    How To Turn Off Show Activity Status

  • Launch from your homescreen.
  • Tap on your profile in the lower right corner.
  • Tap the options icon in the upper right corner. It looks like a gear.

  • Find Show Activity Status. You might need to scroll a bit to find it.
  • Tap the button to the right of Show Activity Status to turn it off.
  • Your Show Activity Status icon should be white instead of blue, signalling that it’s off.

  • Turn Off Your Status On Your Browser


    As you may have already noticed, there are official ways to send DMs on your desktop.So, we can turn off our activities on the web version of Instagram too. To turn off your Instagram activity status online, take the following steps.

  • Log in to your on your browser.
  • Go to your profile.
  • Tap on the menu icon.
  • Choose Settings.
  • On the Privacy, go to the Activity Status
  • Uncheck the Show Activity Status box if it is checked.
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    Turn Off Activity Status

    When you scroll down towards the bottom of the page under “settings,” you will see an option for a page called “Activity Status.” Pressing on the button will reveal a switch you can turn off. The page reads: “Allow accounts you follow and anyone you message to see when you were last active on Instagram apps. When this is turned off, you won’t be able to see the activity status of other accounts.” To make it so other users cannot see when you are active on Instagram, just make sure that switch is flipped to the left.

    As with most app updates, installing this one is not just going to magically appear on your phone you have to follow a few steps to get your Instagram up-to-date. If you don’t see Activity Status popping up on your app, log into your app store and check for available updates. If you don’t see the update, that means it’s not available to you just yet. But, in the event you do see the update available for download, go ahead and update the app. Once it is up to date, you should be able to open the app and see who is active on your Instagram feed.

    Knowing what your friends are doing at any given moment because of social media is a blessing and a curse. There’s nothing wrong with setting boundaries, so be sure to know how to turn it off and on depending on what suits you best.

    How To Disable Similar Account Suggestions On Instagram Profile

    As an Amazon Associate and affiliate of other programs, I earn from qualifying purchases.

    If you havent observed the Instagram Suggested users drop-down arrow when you visit someones Instagram profile or vice versa then this article will let you know about it. Also, you will get to know how to turn off Instagram Similar Account Suggestions on your profile and at the same time stop your account from being suggested on profiles of others.

    Before starting, let us explain which drop down were talking about. Visit your Instagram profile on the app from your friends account. Now, notice a downward arrow button to the right of the Follow/Following and message button. The drop-down is shown on your Instagram profile when someone visits it. It shows similar accounts to yours to anyone who visits your profile and taps on the drop-down icon.

    Similar Account Suggestions is an Instagram feature that gives you suggestions to follow other similar accounts based on the Instagram profile you followed. It is, of course, useful as it makes sure that you follow users that are relevant to your profile or interests. Moreover, you can get additional followers and reach as it suggests your profile on other users profiles.

    However, if you dont want your account to be suggested on anyone elses Instagram profile then you can do it. This will also remove account suggestions for other users on your profile. Heres how.

  • 2 Conclusion
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    How To Temporarily Disable Your Instagram Account

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    Want to take a break from Instagram? Thats perfectly reasonable. Instead of deleting the app or your profile, try temporarily deactivating your Instagram account. When you can come back in a month, everything will be just as you left the social network.

    How To Tell If Someone Is Online On Instagram

    How to Turn off LAST ACTIVE on Instagram

    There are a few ways to see when someone’s online or active:

  • You’ll see a green dot near their username and photo in your Direct inbox.
  • You’ll see a green dot near their username and photo elsewhere on Instagram.
  • In your direct inbox, you’ll see their most recent activity status.
  • Note: Recent activity status will show as: Active 25m ago, Active yesterday, Seen, Typing, etc.

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    How To Turn Off Active Status On Instagram + A Secret Hack

    Privacy is one of the most important factors of social activities on Instagram. You may have felt the necessity of hiding your activities from others or certain others online. Especially when you intend to send Instagram DMs. There are two main ways to turn off active status on Instagram. The first one is to do this using the official method Instagram provided. And the second one is to hide your activity with your active status still on! In this article, we are going to explain thoroughly how to protect our privacy while sending direct messages to IG users.

    Here you are going to read about:

  • Final Words
  • Hide Your Activity Without Officially Turning Off Your Active Status

    In this section, we are going to teach you how you can hide your active status without actually turning it off. This has many pros. Firstly, because this method will not inform your followers that you wanted to hide your activities, and secondly because in this method you will not be deprived of watching other peoples activity status. In other words, we can read messages without being seen. For this, you will need a highly professional DM management third-party assistant. Thats why we use DMpro to achieve our goal. Using DM pro, you can manage your direct messages alongside maintaining your privacy.

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    How To Turn Off Last Active On Instagram

    Want to grow your Instagram profile?

    Dont want other people to see when was the last time you were active on Instagram?

    You can disable this feature, however, then you wont be able to see whether your friends are online on Instagram or not. If thats not an issue for you, then proceed by reading further.

    In this article you are going to learn how to turn off last active on Instagram.

    Lets get started!

    What Does Active Mean On Instagram

    How to turn off Last Active on Instagram  Last Seen

    If you love every aspect of social media, you’ve probably wondered “what does “? has been adding so many new features recently, it is getting hard to keep up! Although the app looks relatively the same as it always has, and has kept its original uses, something looks a little different with each update. Something we have noticed recently is that some direct message conversations have been marked “active” by itself or with a time stamp. We keep seeing it over and over and are wondering , aren’t you?

    Where Can I See If Someone Is Active On Instagram

    Can I Turn Off “Active” On Instagram Feature?

    For those of us avoiding Insta dm’s, you might not want other people to see when you were last active on Instagram. The good news is, you can turn off the feature that shows other users when you were last active. If you go to your settings, which you can find by tapping the wheel next to the “Edit Profile” button on your profile, you can disable this feature by scrolling down to the last item on the list under “Settings.” Slide the button to the left next to “Show Activity Status” and there ya go! No more active label on your account!

    Who Can See If I am Active On Instagram?

    With this update, it is only people who have direct messaged you that can tell if you are active on Instagram. Unlike other instant messaging apps that show when you are online or offline to all of your friends or followers, Instagram just shows the people you have recently messaged.

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