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How To Turn Off Online On Whatsapp

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How To Manually Hide Whatsapp Last Seen

How To Hide Online Status On WhatsApp

Before we focus on the apps that can enable you to read your messages on WhatsApp without giving away that you are online or that you have read the message, we will see how to do manually hide WhatsApp last seen on your iOS and Android devices. The process is quite similar and has very little differences, but we will divide it into two sections, just in case.

Hide last seen on WhatsApp on your iOS device

This goes for all iPhones, iPad, and other Apple products that support WhatsApp. Once you open it, you need to select Settings in the bottom right corner of your screen. After that, select accounts, then click on privacy and finally choose last seen. Here you can select who can see when you were online for the last time, whether you want it to stay everybody or you want to narrow it down to your contacts, or perhaps you don’t want anybody to know you have read their message. When you chose the wanted setting, simply go back to the WhatsApp and the feature will start working.

Hide last seen on WhatsApp on your Android device

Just like we said, the process is similar, except your setting icon is located in the other part of the screen. Once you have found it, open it and then go to Account –> Privacy, choose last seen option and change it the way you want it. While you’re here, you also can set who can see your profile picture and status.

How To Stop Whatsapp Chat Backup In Progress On Android Or Iphone

Unfortunately, the app does not have a backup feature setting that allows stopping a WhatsApp backup that is already in progress.

But you can still do it with a simple trick. You can turn off the network connection on your device during the backup process.

Please note that this method may leave you with a partially damaged backup that you wont be able to use for restoring WhatsApp. If your phone gets damaged, you wont be able to use this backup to recover your WhatsApp messages.

It is similar to the case when WhatsApp backup gets stuck.

Also, this method may affect other functions, features, and apps running on the device. For example, the auto-update of apps might be interrupted or your chat wont work anymore.

Learn To Hide Viewing Status On Whatsapp In 6 Steps

It is important to note that this option typically is turned on by default so that all WhatsApp users can see when was the last time you accessed the app or if youre available right now. Follow this 6 steps sequence and learn how to do this:

Step 1: First, open up WhatsApp and press on the 3 dots button, as the image shows

Step 2: In the new window, open up your settings by clicking on Settings

Step 3: In the settings screen, go to the Account option, as the image shows. Here is where all the most important configurations to your profile take place, including hiding your last seen status on WhatsApp, but not the online

Step 4: Now, select Privacy

Step 5: Among all the options found in the privacy screen, the only one that directly affects how to hide online status on WhatsApp is the Last seen. By default, it comes selected as Everyone, which means that any user in the app, whether theyre your contact, can see your online status. The app also will warn you that, should you turn this off, you wont be able to see anyone elses last seen

Step 6: Just select Nobody as the image shows and youre set. These are all the steps in our tutorial teaching you how to hide online status on WhatsApp!

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How To Appear Offline On Whatsapp

You can stop people from knowing whether you are online on WhatsApp easily. All you have to do is go to the Notifications feature that can be found in the settings of your smartphone. You have to click and activate message notifications on your smartphone before you can go and hide your online status from prying eyes on WhatsApp.

After going to settings, go to applications and pick WhatsApp app. Find notifications tab and click it on.

So, next time you get a message, it will show up on your notifications panel. You can reply straight from there without opening WhatsApp app at all. Click on drop down menu and pick ‘reply’ tab to revert to the message you have selected. It will enable you to write and send the message.

Since you did not open your app, it will not even reflect on WhatsApp Last Seen Status.

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Can Someone Hide Their Online Status On Whatsapp

WhatsAppൽ Online, typing.. OFF à´à´àµ?à´à´¾à´

Officially, WhatsApp only allows you to hide your last seen information from everyone, or at least those who are not on your contacts list. But as of now, there is no privacy option to hide your online status when youre active on WhatsApp.

That said, there are still some workarounds that may allow you to protect your online activity on WhatsApp. Well explore a few of these workarounds below.

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Hide For Whatsapp App

Install the app: Hide for Whats APP.

Accept the Read Notification and Read Contacts permissions.

Read and reply to all your WhatsApp messages through this app.

Using the app will be the same as WhatsApp.

4. How to Hide Typing stamp on WhatsApp

You can hide your Last seen, active status, but what would you do if people can still see your typing? Possibly you may not be aware of this tweak, but you can also hide typing on WhatsApp on iPhone.

There are basically two ways, the first one to achieve this:

Turn off your internet connection.

Send your message.

Instead of ticks, you will find a clock icon.

Now, turn on your Internet connection.

As soon as you turn it on, your message will be sent, and no one can see you typing.

5. Hide Online Status on iPhone Using WhatsApp ++

If you have your iPhone, you can install WhatsApp ++ on your device. You need to jailbreak your iPhone to install WhatsApp ++ that will hide your online status.

Follow the simple steps to hide online status on the iPhone:

Jailbreak your iPhone to install WhatsApp ++ into your device.

Now, download the WhatsApp ++ IPA app and install it on your iOS device.

Now tap on writing status to change anything.

WhatsApp ++ settings

Path: Go to the Settings > Privacy > Tap on Writing Status, and there you go, you can hide Typing stamp for WhatsApp on your iPhone.

Can I See Others While My Status Is Hidden In Whatsapp

In WhatsApp settings, you can tweak your online status to make it visible to everyone, only your contacts, or nobody. If you set the status to Nobody, no one will be able to see your Last Seen status, but you wont be able to see other peoples online status either.

If you choose the My Contacts setting, youll be able to see when your contacts are online, and theyll be able to see when you are as well.

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Check Their App Usage Even If Theyre Hidden

Dasta also has a feature that allows you to see how much time a specific person on your list spent online.

Just tap on the contact from the apps main dashboard, and youll be brought to a screen with an analog clock. This clock shows the last time that this person was online. The time below shows the time range in which this person was online, while the specific time below that will show the total time spent.

For instance, in the above example, you can see that the persons last time online was 16:52. He was online sometime within 16:52 to 16:54, spending a total of 43 seconds online.

Overall, Dasta is an excellent app for tracking someones online status on WhatsApp, as well as checking how much time they spent online. Its free to just try it out, but after three days, you have to pay for a $9.99 subscription or a $12.99 subscription in order to continue using it.

Note: Dasta is not a product of TechUntold. Its a third-party app available on the Google Play Store.

However, if you dont want to use a third-party app, heres another method for knowing someones online status on WhatsApp.

Hide Online Status On Iphone Using Whatsapp ++

Turn off WhatsApp but Use Internet on Mobile

If you have your iPhone you can install WhatsApp ++ on your device. Just you need to jailbreak your iPhone to install WhatsApp ++ that will hide your online status.

Follow the simple steps to hide online status on the iPhone:

  • Jailbreak your iPhone to install WhatsApp ++ into your device.
  • Now, app and install it on your iOS device.
  • Now tap on writing status to change anything.
  • Path: Go to the Settings > Privacy > Tap on Writing Status and there you go, you can hide Typing stamp for WhatsApp on your iPhone.

    The Bottom Lines:

    If you looking for a way to hide from someone totally then the primary steps are the most useful. However, if you want to show your activity as you wish then the apps might be helpful in those cases.

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    Does Online On Whatsapp Mean They Are Talking To Someone

    Does online on WhatsApp mean they are talking to someone? The online status on WhatsApp indicates that the user is currently using the app. It means that the app is running in the foreground and has an active internet connection. However, it does not necessarily mean that the user is chatting with someone.

    Turn Off Read Receipts In Whatsapp

    Whenever you open any WhatsApp Message on your phone, WhatsApp conveys this information to the sender of the Message, confirming that his/her Message has been read by you.

    This confirmation appears in the form of two blue check marks that appear on the senders phone below the sent message .

    If you do not like this default setup, you can easily Turn OFF Read Receipts in WhatsApp and prevent others from knowing whether or not you have read their Message.

    This setting works on a reciprocal basis, which means that Turning OFF Read Receipts for others, will also prevent you from receiving Read Receipts on your sent messages.

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    Hide Online Status From Whatsapp Settings

    Apart from the above methods, you can also be offline while chatting via changing last seen settings. To hide last seen in WhatsApp on Android or iPhone:

  • Go to WhatsApp Settings.
  • Click Privacy in Account.
  • Tap on Last Seen to change online status to Nobody or My Contacts.
  • You can choose Nobody to hide your status from everyone, or choose My Contacts to appear offline to only your contacts.
  • If you want to remove last seenin WhatsApp, which means that you dont share Last Seen and yon wont be able to see other peoples Last Seen.

    How To Hide Online On Whatsapp For One Person

    How to turn off your last seen in Whatsapp?

    If you want to become invisible to a particular person on WhatsApp, you have 3 tricks to do as below.

  • Firstly, you can also use blocked contacts to be invisible to someone: Go to WhatsApp Settings > Account > Privacy > Blocked Contacts. Add a contact to block, then the one will not see your online status anymore only if you unblock the contact.
  • Then, you can choose to hide your profile photo from the person: Go to Settings> Account > Privacy > Profile photo > Choose My Contacts. If the person is on your contact list, you need to remove it from the list.
  • Thirdly, you can go to Settings > Account > Privacy > Toggle off Read receipts, which enables you to be invisible to read the messages in group chats.
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    Using A Secondary Account To Hide Your Activity

    Finally, if youre absolutely worried about people being able to see your online activity on WhatsApp, your best bet is to simply switch to an alternate account, using a number you only give out to certain specific users. WhatsApp relies on your phone number to add and message contacts on the service, but the app doesnt use your standard phone numberit relies on you giving the service your phone number to activate the account. By using an alternate phone number we can disguise your accounts activity and you can keep your standard account offline while simultaneously massaging your best friends in a group chat.

    The first thing we need is an alternate phone number. Plenty of applications exist to give you new or temporary phone numbers, and our personal favorite is Google Voice. When you sign up with your Google account, youll be given a new number based on your location. Unfortunately, Google Voice can only be registered from the United States right now. There are guides online to helping you gain access to Google Voice numbers outside the United States, as well as popular alternate number services that are based around your country of origin. If youre outside the United States and do not have the ability to use VPN and IP masking to sign up for Google Voice, feel free to select your favorite secondary number service from any reputable site online.

    Got any other great ideas for protecting privacy on WhatsApp? Share them with us in the comments below!

    How To Set Up Run And Restore Original Whatsapp Data & Chats Backup To Gbwhatsapp

    Step 1: Finally you will see Dual WhatsApp on your Android smartphone.

    Step 2: Before open, run and setup GBWhatsApp we will copy or backup our original WhatsApp, data, media files and Chats to GBWhatsApp. For doing this go to file manager and find out WhatsApp folder.

    Open the WhatsApp folder and tap + hold to copy the Databases folder.

    Step 3: Now go back and find the folder name GBWhatsApp, open it and paste the copied database folder here. Please see the screenshot for more info

    Install the GBWhatsApp

    Step 4: Finally we have copied all data, chats and media files of our main WhatsApp to the GBWhatsAPP, now its time to install it.

    1. Open GBWhatsApp and tap on Agree and Continue. You will also see an option RESTORE but that will not work right now and shows cant find any backup /SDcard/ GBwhatsApp because it is the first time we are installing the GBWhatsApp.

    2. Enter your phone number which you uses in your original WhatsApp. Now tap on option COPY WHATSAPP DATA this option will copy all media files from the original WhatsApp folder to the GBWhatsapp.

    Note: If Copying media files dont work you can also directly copied the Media folder form the Original WhatsApp folder to the GB Whatsapp.

    3. Tap on the Next and continue.

    Step 5: This moded app is based on the original WhatsApp thats why all the rest steps are the same as the original one. To restore the backup in GBWhatsapp click on the restore when it shows. For more info please see the screenshots.

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    How To Turn Off Whatsapp Through Force Stop

    The easiest way to turn off receiving any WhatsApp messages or calls is by forcefully stopping the app. It will cause the app to malfunction, and it will go into an idle stage even if the internet is connected.

    To force stop your WhatsApp, you have to once again go to your Phone settings.

    • Open Phone Settings.
    • Go to Apps and access its settings.
    • Find WhatsApp among the apps.
    • The Force Stop option will be there.

    • Press the option, and WhatsApp will forcefully be closed.
    • Do not open WhatsApp after that.
    • This solution is temporary as sometimes the app can open after minutes.

    Privacy Settings: Set Last Seen To Nobody

    How to turn off Whatsapp Web notification

    The simple method to hide your Online status while chatting, follow these steps:

  • Open your WhatsApp and tap on the three-dots icon on the top right corner.
  • Now go to settings, there youve to go to and tap on Account.
  • Next, tap onto the Privacy settings and you will find the Last Seen option.
  • Now set it to nobody and your status will never show as Online upon saving the changes.
  • But, this restricts you to see the other persons last seen as well.

    Although, there is a trick to show a fake last seen

    You can either create fake last seen status or make other choices to be invisible while youre ACTUALLY online on WhatsApp.

    not showing online on WhatsApp

    It is possible that you need to trap someone by reading and replying to their messages without demonstrating a blue tick on their sent messages.

    However, there are few apps and tricks which might be helpful to appear yourself offline on WhatsApp while chatting.

    There are some ways by which you can show yourself disconnected in WhatsApp regardless of whether you are on the web.

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    Hide Typing In Whatsapp Android And Iphone

    When you are typing a message for someone, that user sees your status as typing. If you do not want this status, you can also enable airplane mode just as above. Besides, you can hide typing status on WhatsApp from Privacy. There are some third-party WhatsApp clients that you can use to chat using your actual WhatsApp account on your smartphones. These clients offer a bit more flexibility and customizations.

    • If you are on Android, you can use the GBWhatsApp app to hide your online status while chatting with someone. This app has many other features as well.
    • If you are on an iPhone, you can use the WhatsApp++ app to hide your online status.

    To remove status from WhatsApp:

    Step 1: Once installed, open the third-party app on your Android or iPhone > Verify your WhatsApp account.

    Step 2: Open WhatsApp and tap the three dots on the top-right corner > Click Privacy.

    Step 3: Find Writing Status and click it.

    Step 4: Then you can choose Hide for contacts or Hide for a group.

    Keep in mind that these apps are not fully safe to use and you should only use them as a last resort.

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