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How To Turn Off Live Notifications On Facebook

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Dog Rescued After Being Thrown Off Bridge From Moving Car In Plastic Container Police Say

How To Turn Off Live Video Notifications On Facebook

Police had to climb through brush and scale a 15-foot wall to reach the dog.

A dog is lucky to be alive after she was allegedly thrown off of a bridge from a moving car while in a plastic container.

The incident happened on Wednesday when the Orange County Sheriffs Office in Florida received a call from a local area resident who was walking her dog when she found a dog that had been abandoned near a bridge and flagged down police for help, authorities said in a statement posted on social media.

Here Is How To Turn Off Live Notifications

To ensure that you never get notified about any live video be it on your News Feed, what you have to do is choose AllOff. If you had subscribed and receive emails about these videos , you could change the settings and this way never get these boring notifications which end up crowding your email box.

Finally you can enjoy facebooking with no annoying notifications. Go enjoy while keep watching out for more news and tips from Techcrunch-Africa.

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Our enforcement section received a call from law enforcement that someone had tossed a plastic tote over a bridge from a moving vehicle, said Orange County Animal Services in a statement detailing the incident. The concerned resident had stated they thought there was a dog inside, as they could see it curled up inside from the top of the bridge.

What they found was a young female dog inside a small blue plastic tote that had been thrown away like garbage, said Orange County Animal Services. Our officer along with the deputy had to risk injury to climb down the steep embankment We’re grateful for their courage and their quick response.

The dog — who the deputy named Daisy — was miraculously unhurt from the fall and was taken in to be cared for by animal services to get prepped for adoption. The 4-year-old dog has since been adopted to a loving home, authorities said.

We will never understand why people do these cruel things to animals, but we feel fortunate that so many residents see something and say something, said animal services.

While the story may have a happy ending, Orange County Animal Services took the opportunity to warn the public about committing such atrocious acts towards animals.

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We don’t know why this happened. The location where Daisy was dumped is a short drive from the shelter, animal services said. There are literally hundreds of private rescues that would be willing to take in a sweet and gentle dog for foster or adoption. And yet someone chose instead to commit this act of cruelty.

If you see something, say something, they continued. There is no reason for animals to be treated like this. Daisy was lucky someone saw her, and contacted us immediately. If you have information about possible cruel or neglectful treatment of animals, please contact us, your local law enforcement agency, or our friends at Central Florida Crimeline.

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