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How To Trend On Twitter

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How The Twitter Algorithm Works

How to See Trending in Twitter (How to Check Trends on Twitter)

Twitters algorithm, like most social media algorithms, is all about personalization. Into Star Wars? Baby Yoda was likely all over your Twitter timeline. Follow American politics? Chances are you saw Elizabeth Warren and Kate McKinnon flip the switch.

But how exactly does the Twitter algorithm work? All social algorithms use machine learning to sort content based on different ranking signals.

Twitters ranking signals include recency, relevance, engagement, rich media, and other factors.

It adds up to a complex series of calculations based on what people have liked in the past, what people like them like, and more.

Introduce Your Brand In An Inclusive And Interactive Manner

Introduction creates the first impression, and that starts with your bio. Always ensure that your Twitter Bio is brief, concise, and has complete information about your brand.

It should give away precise details about your brand and products/services. Furthermore, dont miss out on adding your website link to your Twitter Bio.

Pictures and images make a great impact on people than mere text. Try posting pictures and GIFs on your Twitter profile rather than sticking to only text-based tweets.

Lets have a closer look at one of the most trending Twitter profilesStarbucks!

Case Study

Starbucks is known as one of the best brands using Twitter to increase brand value and consumer engagement. Their replies and tweets are just out-of-the-box.

One of their strategies includes constant retweets from other accounts to keep their page updated with new information. However, instead of merely sticking to the retweeting trend, Starbucks has also taken the consumer engagement model to another level.

How To Use Twitter Hashtags For Your Brand

The key to Twitter hashtags is to use them correctly rather than just blindly using them and hoping for the best. This is especially true for those running brand social media accounts as it requires taking a calculated approach for proper hashtag marketing.

Check out when you should use Twitter hashtags for your brand:

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Hashtag Is Your Way To Glory

Hashtags are crucial for digital marketing and promotional activities. Using trending hashtags on Twitter is one of the easiest ways to get new followers. All you have to do is look out fortrending Twitter topics and contribute from your brands perspective.

Try striking resemblance and connect the trending themes with your brands content. This just amplifies your reach to the followers of those hashtags and soon tweeters will encounter your brand while doing a relevant search.

Thats right!

But remember, dont overuse hashtags for your campaign. Usage of 1-2 hashtags is likely to get you as much as 21% higher engagement. At the same time, usage of more than two hashtags is likely to experience a drop by 17% in your engagement.

Lets have a glance at how Red Bull pulled off its campaigns with the correct usage of hashtags.

Case Study

One of the brands that made the most efficient use of hashtags is Red Bull. Instead of merely using hashtags to draw attention to their Twitter page, they started a trend that revolved around their brand.

The trend began when a Twitter user posted an image of him holding a Red Bull carefully juxtaposed to a Mini Cooper promotional car in the background. This gave the illusion of a car that the brand itself created.

Within a few months, Twitter exploded with people holding Red Bull cans cleverly to click fascinating pictures. More than 10,000 pictures were posted using the same hashtag #PutACanOnIt.

How To Remove Trends From Twitter

How to Use Trending Topics for Your Business: Twitter ...

Anna MiddletonRead more June 13, 2021

Some users like to follow trends on Twitter, while others find it irritating. Many use the platform as a source of daily news, while others are interested in other topics.

If you stopped watching TV because you arent interested in celebrities, politics, and gossip talk, it is understandable that you dont want to see these topics on Twitter either. Unfortunately, theres no option to remove Twitter trends with one simple click. Well show you what you can do instead.

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How To Disable The New Twitter Chirp Font

Not a fan of the new Twitter font? Add the following URLs to your filters list in uBlock to block the new Twitter Chirp font from loading and revert back to a default font.

Using Ublock Origin To Hide Trends On Twitter

uBlock Origin will hide trends in one browser at a time. The uBlock Origin extension is available for most browsers, but youll need to use an alternative for Safari. The method should be the same for any extension that lets you block specific parts of a web page.

If you’re not familiar with how uBlock Origin works, follow the steps below to get started.

  • Select the Dashboard;icon .
  • On the dashboard page, select My Filter;from the top bar.
  • Enter the following in the main text area:
    ! Hide the What's happening sidebar on*
  • Click Apply changes.
  • From now on, when you load, your browser will hide the Whats happening section altogether.

    If you use several browsers, youll need to apply this to each one; just because you’ve done it on Google doesn’t mean it’ll automatically work on Firefox. This method is less accessible for mobile browsers, because these often;do not support extensions.

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    Apart from being a bit awkward to set up, you should also understand that this approach relies on the underlying HTML that uses. Twitter may change this anytime, at which point it will stop working. If you are comfortable reading HTML and writing uBlock filters, you;should be able to keep this up-to-date yourself.

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    Tweet At The Right Time

    Dont count on ICYMI to rescue your unseen content. Its critical to tweet during peak engagement hours, especially since the lifespan of a tweet is shorter than a Friends episode.

    Hootsuite research shows that the best time to post on Twitter is between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. EST on Monday or Thursday. But the 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST window tends to be best. You should also check to confirm when most of your followers are online and active.

    How Long Will Twitter Cling To Its Dumbest Feature

    How to Trend Topics on Twitter

    People love to hate the sites Whats happening tab. Why wont the company just let it go?

    #NoPawsLeftBehind. Last Tuesday, I glanced at the Whats happening sidebar on Twitter and saw that nearly 32,000 people were tweeting about this topic; therefore, it was trending. A description of the trend, presented just beneath the hashtag, explained that it was ;commemorating the service dogs left behind following the withdrawal of American troops in Afghanistan.

    Clicking through the hashtag, I found a slightly more irritating story. Earlier that day, the alt-right personality Jack Posobiec had tweeted, Today I am launching the #NoPawsLeftBehind Campaign, and asked people to post photos of their dogs in solidarity with the service dogs left behind in Afghanistan. Use the hashtag, he wrote. Lets get it trending. Of course, random people obliged, because random people like nothing more than to tweet blurry pictures of their pets with captions such as Mocha and Macey sending prayers of comfort and safety to those brave service dogs! A Twitter user called Cheesesteak, whose bio says he owns four cats, shared a picture of a dog with a soldier and wrote, There is NO CREATURE on this EARTH who is more NOBEL and has MORE HONOR and we ABANDONED THEM TO OUR NATIONAL SHAME. OH MY GOD. Soon, PETA was involved, and so were a bunch of politicians. Sparky stands in solidarity with every service dog, wrote New York Representative Claudia Tenney.

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    How To Be Trending Topic On Twitter

    As Twitter has confirmed, a word or hashtag does not become a trend because of the volume of use, but because of its popularity at a given moment. If not, #Trump or #Selfie would be TT all the time. ;They want to reinforce the immediacy that characterizes them, highlighting the most current topics and thus motivate the conversation.

    In addition, the algorithm not only counts the number of mentions, but also takes into account the interactions generated by the tweets, such as RTs or responses. In addition, the trend will be motivated if the companys account monitors and responds to the Twitterers. This interaction should make sense and add value, because Twitter considers emoji responses or thanks as being of little value.

    The goal of a TT is to stay in the TOP 10for several hours. For this reason, a scaling strategy is recommended, instead of publishing all the messages at once.

    For example, to start the trending attempt, you can use influencers or a contest, and take advantage of that initial push;to expand the message to the other users of the network. From there, the key is that the content should be good enough for these users to continue participating and contributing.

    The other key when it comes to achieving a Trending Topic on Twitter is the competition. Often, the first positions on the lists are occupied by news events such as political announcements, events, television programs or leisure options, such as a new vacation trailer.

    Use Twitter Promoted Trends For A Paid Marketing Solution

    Promoted trends are a paid option that businesses can utilize to appear on the Trending list on the homepage and the Explore tab on Twitter.

    These trends are usually complemented with other Promoted Tweets that show up in users timelines. Promoted Trends work well for brands who are launching a new campaign or product and want to promote it to a specific audience.

    One of the benefits of using Promoted Tweets is that Twitter has an exclusivity policy. This policy only allows one client per day per country to run a Promoted Trend. So unlike other advertising platforms, you wont compete with any other advertisers in your area on Twitter for 24 hours.

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    What Is A Twitter Trend & What Does It Mean

    First off, why would you listen to what we here at Klicker have to say about twitter and marketing? Well besides having a whole slew of case studies showing results weve obtained partially with social media marketing but we have experience marketing across all sorts of spaces and business niches.

    Weve helped get the ball rolling with digital marketing for startups on multiple occasions and helped these startups grow into solid consistent business with a grundle of inbound leads serving as the their life blood. Weve been really successful at law firm marketing and enabled multiple attorneys to open new offices because of the inbound leads we create. Saas marketing was our bread and butter in our early years and still one of our favorite niches to work in. One of our best spaces is plastic surgery marketing and weve had amazing results utilizing twitter for these businesses. Weve been at this along time, were known as one of the best digital marketing agencies in san diego and digital marketing denver firms this side of the Mississippi.

    In other words, we sorta know what were talking about.

    Secondly, keep in mind that trends, specifically on twitter change rapidly. This is something you will want to be checking on the daily not just on twitter but on other social media platforms as well. Why? because a twitter trend isnt always representative of a trending topic across the board, but more of a representation of a ;instead.

    1.;;;;;;Twitter Trends


    Hide Trends By Moving Somewhere Quieter

    Twitter (product): How many tweets/re

    Trends are location-based, but you can set that location to anything you like. It doesnt have to be your actual geographical location, and changing it wont affect anything else. Some locations are very popular, others less so.

    It turns out that theres generally not much going on in Palau or the Falkland Islands in Twitter terms, at least. If you set your trends location to one of these, youll see the Trends box. But it won’t include the same volume of topics as, say, the UK or US.

    To change your location and hide trending topics on Twitter, follow the steps below.

  • On, click on the Explore;link in the left-hand menu.
  • Click the Settings;icon in the top right of the main column. It looks like a cog.
  • Click Explore locations.
  • Scroll down or search for your preferred alternative location.
  • Since this is a setting on your account, it will apply to any browser you might use. It also transfers across to the mobile version of;Twitter.

    A variation on this approach is to set your trends location to a place that uses a language you dont speak, preferably in an alphabet you dont recognize. So, if you only speak English, a location in Tokyo should show less distracting trendssince you wont be able to read them.

    You will, however, still see images alongside topicswhich might be as much of a distraction as trends you can actually read.

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    Encourage Followers To Engage

    When it comes to soliciting engagement on Twitter, its simple. Ask and you shall receive.

    Ask a question. Ask for feedback. Ask for replies in GIFs or emojis.

    Cashapps #CashAppWisdom strategy raked in in less than an hour.

    Cash App is giving out advice, six words at a time. Hit us with your question and $cashtag. #CashAppWisdom

    Cash App

    Twitters @TwitterBusiness account asked followers to come up with an A-Z of meeting lingo. Hootsuite asked followers to share what theyve been feeling grateful about lately.

    Hosting a chat or ask me anything is another good way to get a convo rolling.

    Welcome to #HootChat everyone lets get rolling! Where is everyone joining in from today?

    Add an incentive with a . The engage-to-enter format is a tried and true way to boost likes, retweets, or comments.

    Competition time

    To celebrate our *Single* Fares from 9.99 this Valentines Day, were giving away a /£100 flight voucher right here on Twitter

    To be in with a chance of winning, just retweet this post and reply with a GIF that sums up your love life right now


    Obviously, if you ask for engagement, be prepared to return it. Retweet relevant posts. Respond to questions. Show appreciation. Theres no such thing as a one-way conversation.

    Thanks for playing around, Jacob! Do let us know if there’s anything you need answered. We’re here for you.


    A/b Testing And Twitter Analytics

    It is quite imperative to test everything, be it your Adwords copy, landing page, subject lines of emails, or headlines of articles and blogs. A comprehensive and constant test ultimately optimizes the end result. Similar tests and checks do apply to social media as well.

    And for this, A/B Testing comes into the picture. It permits you to be in charge of and put it up against a challenger . It is not restricted to testing landing pages and related advertisements. You can also run A/B tests on your Twitter account for free. Most of the tests focus on conversion rates.

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    First of all, you can test your existing tweets. Here, you can check for quotes, stats, headings, links, descriptions, and other items you usually tweet about. Test your tweets with and without other content, i.e., video, gifs, links, etc. Also, you could test tweets with a similar image but alternative text. The impact and relevance of hashtags can also be tested by tweeting the same content using various hashtags.

    What you can do here is create an excel sheet with 3 divisions to list tweet content, tweet URL, and image to be used with a particular tweet. Use to schedule your tweets at suitable time slots. Once your tweets have been posted multiple times, you can export your data using Twitter Analytics or TweeTap.

    Final Words

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Here are some top ways to get Twitter traffic:

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    Provide Engaging Seed Content

    Its incredibly important to get that traffic spike if you want your trend to actually trend, which means your content needs to be very engaging. I feel like Ive covered this point twice in the post already, but even so, its worth mentioning again. Make your tweets the best they can be, to get as much activity and engagement on them as quickly as possible.

    Twitter Trends Are Here To Stay

    How to trend on Twitter – 1 million followers on twitter makes you a power house

    Trending topics can help brands capitalize on trends in their industry and gauge what their audience is paying attention to. Twitter trends help marketers keep a finger on the pulse and actively join the conversation in real-time. As the platform continues to grow, the ways to engage with your audience through trends and relevant topics are also growing.

    For a deeper dive into how brands are using specific Twitter trends check out our take on when and how to know which trends you should participate in.

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    Dont Get Too Attached To A Tag

    According to , if a trend goes on for too long, it stops being a trend. This is because Twitter;identifies topics that are popular now, rather than topics that have been popular before, or that have been popular for a while.

    Twitter prefers trends to last for a day or two at a maximum. There are hashtags that trend with 8,000 tweets in a given day, while other tags are getting 30,000 per day and dont trend.

    If your tag doesnt trend within the first day of using it, its likely not going to get the traffic spike that you want, unless you resort to other methods such as paying for your hashtag to trend.

    Therefore, if your hashtag doesnt trend, its better to abandon it and try to get another hashtag, rather than try to get an old tag to trend again later. Remember, knowing how to trend on Twitter is related to knowing when not to trend.

    Ask yourself: does the question of how to trend on Twitter depend on knowing when to start a new trend?

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