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How To Translate In Whatsapp

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Translate Whatsapp Messages On Android With Google Translate

How to use Google Translate on whatsapp chatting! (Easy)

Once you have completed the Google Translate setup, to translate WhatsApp messages it will be necessary:

  • Enter WhatsApp, select a chat and make a long touch on the message you want to translate. A blue highlight will appear in the message to indicate that it has been selected
  • Tap on the icon Menu and press Copy
  • You will then see thefloating google translate iconBy pressing it, you will access the translation of the selected message.

Obviously, in the Google Translate window you can change the language of the text to be translated and of the translation. And not only that, in the same window you can also write your answer, translate it to the language that interests you, select it and copy it into your WhatsApp conversation.

How To Use Whatsapp Messages Automatically Using Google Translate

Google translate is a very well-known application. It is available on every platform. Chrome browser comes builtin with Google Translate. Similarly, there is an app available on Playstore or iOS app store. You can translate any message you got just by tapping on it.

Step 1: Download from playstore or iOS app store

Step 2: Open the app and Provide the required permissions

Step 3: Tap on Menu and Click on Settings.

Step 4: Head over to Tap to Translate and Enable tap to translate.

Step 5: Open WhatsApp on your Smartphone. Go to any chat that you want to translate. Tap and Hold the Message and Select Copy or clipboard.

Step 6: After selecting, google translate will open up on your screen and select the language to which you want to convert. The translated text will be displayed.

Step 7: Tap on a new translation and Again enter the text you want to send back. Your message will be translated and sent to the selected user.

Whatsapp: How To Use Google Translate To Change Message Language On Android

WhatsApp is the most popular application for contacting friends or colleagues over the phone and, despite having many functions, some useful features are still lacking within the program. For example, when you need to speak to someone using another language, there is no official way to translate incoming messages or even to translate what you are typing.

Fortunately, when using WhatsApp on Android this situation can be overcome by using some applications, such as the popular Google Translate. Next, learn how to translate WhatsApp message texts without leaving the app.

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Set Up Your Python Application

We are going to create a virtual environment. We will create it inside of our translator project directory. Then we are going to install the Python packages that we need for our chatbot on it.

For Unix or Mac OS systems, open a terminal and enter the following commands to do the tasks described above:

mkdir whatranslatorcd whatranslatorpython3 -m venv venvsource venv/bin/activatepip install twilio flask requests

For those of you following the tutorial on Windows, enter the following commands in a command prompt window:

mkdir whatranslatorcd whatranslatorpython3 -m venv venvvenvScripts\activatepip install twilio flask requests

How To Translate Whatsapp Messages Using Gboard

How To Convert WhatsApp Voice Messages to Text

There is no keyboard app like Gboard. Gboard has many features which include translation tools. Its not only helpful for translating but also a wonderful keyboard application replacement.

Step 1: Head over to App Store on your device and Install the Gboard app.

Step 2: Open the app and you will be asked to enable Gbord in Settings. Tap on it to open Keyboard Settings. You can also directly head over to settings without opening the app.

Step 3: Enable Gboard on Manage Keyboards Menu.

Step 4: Continue with the App and Select Input method.

Step 5: Change the input method to Gboard and Tap on the Done

Step 6: Open Whatsapp and go to any chat or contact. Open the keyboard and Tap on the world icon

Step 7: Tap on the Google translate icon on the top of the keyboard.

Step 8: Now select the languages and type the text that you want to translate.

For this method, you need to manually type the very text you want to convert. Use the next method to translate text directly without Typing again.

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The Translate And Detecttranslate Functionalities

Create a file named We will need to import the following modules inside

import requests, jsonfrom consts import endpoint, headers, LANGUAGESfrom get_languages import is_language_supported, get_language_name

As you see, we will be using some constants that we have previously defined in other files.

Next, define the translator function. The steps are:

  • Check if the language is supported.
  • Make an HTTP POST request to our Translator endpoint and with the path /translate?api-version=3.0, with the already defined headers and the text from which we want to operate as the body.
  • Return the response.
  • Paste the definition for the translator function under the import statements in the file:

    def translator:    if not is_language_supported:         return "Sorry, this language is not supported for translation"    body =     path = '/translate?api-version=3.0'    params = '& to=' + language    constructed_url = endpoint + path + params    request =    response = request.json    return response

    The translate function will be defined as follows. What this is doing is calling the translator function and getting the translation from the response. The response needs to be processed because the translator function returns even more information. It also returns the detection of the language, which is why we’ll also be using the translate function in the following functionality.

    How To Translate Whatsapp Messages Automatically

    Do you want to translate WhatsApp messages automatically? then you are in the right place. In this post, we are Going to cover 2 different methods to translate WhatsApp messages on your Smartphone. This method works on Both Android and iOS smartphones.

    Today Almost every smartphone has WhatsApp. Almost every user uses WhatsApp at least once a day. Whatsapp is not limited to certain regions or languages. You can chat with people from anywhere in the world in any language you want. Even though Whatsapp supports Multiple languages. It doesnt have a built-in translation tool.

    Luckily there are some methods that help you translate messages as you receive or send them. Its an automatic process. You may have friends groups with different language users. Sometimes they send messages in their own language or use the words of their language. In those situations having a translation tool could prove very helpful.

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    Convert Whatsapp Voice Messages To Text On Ios

    Note: I tried the following method on my iPhone 6S running iOS 11 Beta, and it worked just fine.

    • To start off, download and install Audio to Text for WhatsApp on your iPhone.
    • Now, open up the Audio to Text for WhatsApp app, and grant it the permission to access speech recognition.
    • Now that youve granted it the required permissions, head over to your WhatsApp chat. Tap and hold on the voice note you wish to convert and select Forward. Once youve done that, tap on the Share icon in the bottom right.
    • Finally, in the list of options that pop up, select Audio to Text. And thats it. The app will now automatically convert the voice note to text.

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    Create A Cognitive Service Resource In Azure

    Whatsapp Message Translate In All Language Inside Whatsapp

    First, youll need to Create a Cognitive Services resource in the Azure portal. We need to do it because this will be the API that we will be using to get the texts translated. As a reference, feel free to loom at the official documentation of the Microsoft Cognitive Services.

    Navigate to the Microsoft Azure Portal and click on Create a resource. Search for Cognitive Services as seen in the picture.

    Next, you will be prompted to a page to create the cognitive service. What you need to do is:

  • Select your subscription.
  • Select a resource group or create one. If you have to create it, just click on Create new and enter a suitable name such as “Translator”. The resource groups are containers that hold services that you have on your Azure account. The main purpose of the resource groups is to keep everything organized and easy to manage.
  • Select a region. In the image below, you will see that I have put France Central. Choose the closest region to your physical location.
  • Select a name for your resource. It can be something like WhatsappTranslator or Translator.
  • Select a pricing tier. Note that you will have 2M free chars of any combination of standard translation per month. If you have a free account, you will select “Standard S0” for the Pricing tier.
  • Check the boxes to ensure that you understand Microsoft’s terms and conditions for the usage of Microsoft’s Cognitive Services.
  • One you have done all that, you should be prompted to the following page:

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    Translating Content To Send Via Whatsapp

    Another important part of communication is shared media. Sending a webpage or highlights from an article you found online will be useful if the person on the receiving end can understand what you’re sending. Mate Translate lets you instantly translate entire webpages and articles without pasting a link anywhere or leaving the page. It’s available for popular web browsers and on Mac.

    With Mate installed, right-click the page you want to translate and click Translate this page. The text you’re looking at will be translated where it is, in the same format. You can then copy the sections you wish to send into WhatsApp and shoot them over to your recipient.

    Prepare Your Testing Environment

    Before we start building the desired functionalities in our application, well need to ensure that well be able to test them.

    First of all, well need to tell Flask that we are developing the application. If you are using Unix or MacOS systems, type the following command in your terminal. Otherwise, replace “export” with “set” if you are a Windows developer:

    export FLASK_ENV=development

    Start the translator bot by running python, making sure you do this while the Python virtual environment is activated. The output should be something like this:

    The server is now running on port 5000 inside our computer, but we need to make it reachable from Twilio. To achieve this, we will need to use ngrok.

    Open another terminal window and run ngrok http 5000. On a Unix or Mac OS computer you may need to use ./ngrok http 5000 if you have the ngrok executable in your current directory. The output of ngrok should be something like this:

    Note the lines beginning with Forwarding. These show the public URL that ngrok uses to redirect requests into our service. What we need to do now is tell Twilio to use this URL to send incoming message notifications.

    Note that whenever you restart ngrok, youll also have to update the new url to the WhatsApp Sandbox Settings.

    Now, whenever you send a message to the WhatsApp sandbox, Twilio will send an HTTP request to the URL that you have just provided in the Twilio console. What follows now is the fun part, writing code for the actual translator!

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    Convert Whatsapp Voice Messages To Text On Android

    Note: I tried the following method on my Moto G4 Plus running Android 7.0, and the method worked just fine.

    • To start off, download and install the APK for Transcriber for WhatsApp from here on your device.
    • Open up the app and swipe away the various welcome cards. Tap on Done in the bottom-right corner to continue.
    • Now that Transcriber is set up, open up the WhatsApp chat where you have the voice message that you want to convert. Tap and hold on the voice message to select it. Then, tap on the share icon in the top bar. From the list of options that appear, select Transcriber.
    • And thats it. The app will now automatically convert the audio from the voice note to text and display it on the screen.

    Note: At the time of writing, only the following languages are supported English, Italian, German, Spanish, French, Portuguese, and Russian. Support for more languages will soon be added.

    Google Translate For Whatsapp How To Use It

    how to convert voice message in whatsapp to text ð

    Once you have downloaded and enabled Google Translate for WhatsApp, how to use it will be a piece of cake. Look!

  • Just go into one of your conversations in another language.
  • Select the text you need to translate.
  • Then, you will get either a pop-up window with the Google Translate icon or a notification from the app.
  • Whichever the case, you must click there then, the text will open directly in Google Translate, translated into the language you have configured as your preferred language. In this case, Spanish.
  • Important: you should bear in mind that, once this function is activated, it can be used in any application, not just WhatsApp for example, Instagram, Tinder Just by selecting the text, as long as you have followed the steps above.

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    Finish The Whatsapp Translator Application

    Lastly, we will add a very important thing calling the actual functionalities from our bot! To achieve that, we will be using regular expressions to parse the messages and see what functionality we need to call.

    At the top of the file, include the following lines to import functions from the other files:

    from consts import TAGSfrom detect import detect_languagefrom translate_text import translate, detect_translateimport re

    Replace the response = showHelp line from the bot function with the following logic: .

       tl = re.compile    dt = re.compile    dt_tl = re.compile    if incoming_msg == '-show':        response = TAGS    elif        split = incoming_msg.split        response = translate    elif        split = incoming_msg.split        detection = detect_language        response = "Language detected: " + detection + "\nScore: " + str    elif        split = incoming_msg.split        result = detect_translate        if isinstance: response = result        else: response = "Language detected: \nScore: \nText: ".format    else:        response = showHelp

    How To Convert Whatsapp Voice Messages Into Text

    Convert voice messages from WhatsApp into text, so you can read them wherever you are, without having to listen to the audio.

    Tons of people around the world send voice messages via WhatsApp every single day. However, its not always possible to listen to these messages to find out what your friends want to tell you. There are situations when its not possible to listen to WhatsApp audios for all sorts of reasons: because there are people near you, because its too noisy, because youre in a meeting, etc. Whatever the reason, were here to explain how to convert audio WhatsApp audio notes into text to read them anywhere.

    If your friends or family are constantly sending you voice messages via WhatsApp and you dont like listening to them, there are ways to transcribe the messages into text so you can read them like just another message. This way, it doesnt matter if youre working, youre with your family, or in a club with loud music: you can see what any message says without having to put on your headphones or have your ear glued to the phone.

    To use most of the apps listed below, the audios need to be recorded with a minimum amount of clarity. If the audio is low quality, the person speaks too quickly, or with too strong of an accent, its possible that the apps may have some trouble transcribing it. You also have to realize that in most cases, the text will be shown just as its heard, without any periods or commas and without showing each pause.

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    Google Translate Now Works Within Any App On Android

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    Google Translate just got way more useful on Android. A New Tap to Translate feature lets you use translate text from any app.

    It works by translating whatever is in your clipboard. For instance, when you copy text from a WhatsApp message, a little Translate bubble will pop up click on this and youll see the translated text. From there you can also switch languages or make a new translation.

    Meanwhile, iOS users are getting Androids Offline mode. Offline Mode will now use smaller translation packages, which should make them easier to download over weak mobile data connections.

    How To Translate Messages

    How to Enable Google Translate Button on WhatsApp

    The process for translating messages is very simple and only needs to be configured once, regardless of the number of conversations in which it will be used. Check out:

  • If you don’t already have it on your device, go to Google Play and download the
  • With the Google application properly installed, open it, click on the icon represented by three lines and go to Settings
  • In the window asking for permission, grant it. It is necessary for the operation of the resource to be used in the matter.
  • Now that the Google Translate feature is already enabled, it can be activated directly by WhatsApp. First, look at the process for receiving translated messages:

  • Open WhatsApp normally and join the conversation where you received what you want to translate
  • Touch and hold the text until it is selected and touch the copy button
  • Note that a Google Translate balloon will appear. When you click on it, you will already see the translated message.
  • To translate messages being written by you, the process is a little different, but it is not necessary to leave WhatsApp. Check out:

  • In the conversations screen, write the desired message and select your text
  • Touch the icon represented by “three dots” and go to “Translate”
  • Select the language it should be translated into in the field below and copy the translated text as suggested in the image below.
  • Ready! Now, you already know how to translate any message on WhatsApp without having to leave the application for this.

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