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How To Transfer Whatsapp Message To New Phone

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Where Are Whatsapp Messages Stored On Iphone/android

how to transfer whatsapp messages from old phone to new phone | restore whatsapp backup on new phone

Regardless of the phone you use, keeping a backup of your message history is crucial. You can lose valuable data by accidentally deleting chats, switching phones, or even when you factory reset your device.

In situations like these, the first thing to come to mind is where the chats get stored in phones and how they can be restored. From this article, you will find out where your messages get stored in your Android phones and iPhone.

If you think that data from WhatsApp are stored on their servers, you are wrong. Concerning its privacy policy, personal information like addresses, contact names, and location is not stored by WhatsApp.

For easy accessibility, your username and number are the only pieces of information stored. The rest of the data is not synced with server. Instead, it is locally stored.

WhatsApp tends to store your messages for as long as they get delivered to the intended recipient. After that, it gets deleted from the server right away.

Option 2 Transfer Whatsapp From Iphone To Iphone Via Icloud

Both iTunes and iCloud give you a handy, easy, and quick way to transfer WhatsApp messages between two iPhones. Of the two options, iCloud is the preferable choice since it allows you to transfer only WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone. Whereas, iTunes will tranfer everything to a new iPhone and get your data on the new iPhone erased. Hence, we’re here focusing on transferring WhatsApp messages via iCloud.

Fist of all, you’ll need to backup your WhatsApp data on iCloud using your old iPhone, and then restore them to your new iPhone.

Step 1. Backup WhatsApp messages to iCloud.

Step 2. Once you’ve backed up WhatsApp, then you can sign in to your Apple ID on the new iPhone.

Step 3. Download and install WhatsApp on your new iPhone.

Step 4. Then, you’ll need to set up your WhatsApp as the first time you install: Enter the same phone number that you used previously and log into the same iCloud account as before.

Step 5. After that, it will automatically detect the existing iCloud backup.

Step 6. Tap “Restore Chat History” to transfer your WhatsApp messages to the new iPhone.

Transfer Whatsapp From Iphone To Iphone Via Icloud

To transfer WhatsApp messages from an iOS to the other, we are going to jot down a method that includes the iCloud backup feature in WhatsApp. However, please note that this method can overwrite the existing data in your device. So, ensure to follow this way if you are completely agreed with the consequences. Here are the steps to be followed to transfer WhatsApp messages between iPhones.

  • Firstly, enable the iCloud backup function on the source and target devices. Ignore if already done.
  • Grab your source or old iPhone and open âWhatsAppâ.
  • Now, tap on âSettingsâ followed by âChat Settingsâ.
  • Go to âChat backupâ and hit on âBackup Nowâ.
  • The chats of your phone will be successfully backed up in WhatsAppâs iCloud server.
  • After this, take your new or the target device. Start with installing WhatsApp on it.
  • Enter your number on the login screen to proceed.
  • Here, you need to restore your previous chats.
  • Just hit on âRestore Chat Historyâ when prompted and you will be able to get your chats on the new phone.
  • To wrap it up, whether you need to transfer WhatsApp from Android to a new phone or from iPhone to a new phone, you can find all solutions here. However, to make things easier and faster, MobileTrans – WhatsApp Transfer would be the best solution among them. Simply download it and have a try!

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    Transfer Whatsapp From Android To Android Via Chat Backup

    When it comes to transferring WhatsApp to a new phone and both phones are Android, you need to take the help of Google Drive backup. In recent versions of WhatsApp, the app automatically creates a at 2 A.M. This helps in the easy transfer of WhatsApp messages to the newest phone. When you install WhatsApp on the new phone with the same number, you will get the chat history on your phone when this automatic backup is enabled on your device.

    1. Open WhatsApp on your source Android device and tap the âthree dotsâ on the corner. Tap âSettingsâ and choose âChatsâ.

    2. Now, tap on âChat backupâ. You can now manually backup by clicking on âBACKUPâ or set the frequency to backup daily, weekly, etc. as per your choice.

    3. Now, on your new device, install WhatsApp from the âPlay Storeâ and log in with the phone number that you were using on the previous phone.

    4. While you do it, you will be prompt to restore the backup. Follow the prompts and in minutes, your chats will be on your new device.

    This is how to transfer WhatsApp messages to the new phone when the two phones are Android.

    Is Possible To Keep My Whatsapp Data While Changing Phone Number

    Whatsapp restore

    Yes. The Change Number feature in WhatsApp allows you to transfer your account information, including your individual chats, group chats, profile photo, name, about, and settings from your current phone number to your new phone number.

    • Remove the old SIM card and insert the new one into your Android or iPhone.
    • Run WhatsApp and go to Settings > Account > Change Number.
    • Tap Next at the upper right corner.
    • Enter your old country code and phone number, and then the new one.
    • Verify the new phone number through SMS or call.

    Be mindful that you can’t undo the change of the data migration after changing your phone number.

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    Transfer Whatsapp Messages: To New Phone Android To Iphone

    WhatsApp does not store messages and files transferred on its servers, this means that your conversation history is only stored in the memory of your phone and, if you have it configured, in the backups. In this article we will show you how to Transfer WhatsApp between phones.

    Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Android To Iphone Without Computer

    • Go to Google Play and search iCareFone Transfer and install.

    • After you have recieved Service Agreement and User Privacy, please connect the Android and iOS device using a USB OTG cable and allow the application to access.

    • To ensure your WhatsApp datas security, please use the phone number and verification code to verify the WhatsApp account that is used to create the backup.

    • After the WhatsApp account is successfully verified, the app will automatically start to generate new WhatsApp backup data, please wait for the completion and click Next.

    • Before you transfer WhatsApp backup, please go to the iOS device to open Settings > iCloud account > Find My, and then disable Find My iPhone. After that, the application starts to transfer the backup to the iOS device.

    • Please make sure your device is fully charged. After the data transmission is done, please uninstall WhatsApp and reinstall WhatsApp to view the transferred data.

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    Restore A Less Recent Local Backup

    If you want to restore a local backup that isn’t the most recent one, you’ll need to do the following:

  • In the file manager app, navigate to your local storage or sdcard > WhatsApp> Databases. If your data isn’t stored on the SD card, you might see “internal storage” or “main storage” instead.
  • Rename the backup file you want to restore from msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt12 to msgstore.db.crypt12. It’s possible that an earlier backup might be on an earlier protocol, such as crypt9 or crypt10. Don’t change the number of the crypt extension.
  • How To Directly Transfer Whatsapp Chats To New Android Phone

    How To Transfer WhatsApp To New Phone (All Chats, Photos, Videos & Media)

    Is there any way to directly transfer WhatsApp chats from old Android to new one? You can rely on the powerful WhatsApp chats transferring software, WhatsApp Transfer to help you get the job done.

    It has the capability to transfer all types of WhatsApp data including chats, messages, media files and attachments between two devices. You can free download it and take the following guide to transfer WhatsApp to new Android phone.

    • Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to Android with one click.
    • Copy all WhatsApp chats and messages to computer or a new phone.
    • Backup and restore all WhatsApp chats, messages, photos, audio and other files.
    • Keep every WhatsApp backup individually and restore selected WhatsApp data.

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    Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Android To Iphone With Computer

    The easiset and most recommended method to transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone 7 or the latest iPhone 13 is a reliable tool – iCareFone iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore. It is easy to use and can transfer your WhatsApp chats in just a few seconds. You don’t need to know too many technologies, the software can instruct you. Follow the steps below to start:

    Let’s take a look at how to transfer with a video guide?

    • After confiming some popups, you need to back up WhatsApp data on your source device. Do that as the screenshots show.

    • To keep your data safe, you are required to verify WhatsApp account which you used to create backup by typing your phone number and country code below, and then press ‘Verify’.

    • Then fill in 6-digit WhatsApp Verification code that you just got from WhatsApp oficial. Click ‘Verify’.

    • After confirming that your data is safe, the program will automatically generate data that can be restored for your target device.

    • You need to log in your account to ensure that the data is visible when WhatsApp Android to iPhone transfer is complete.

    • The program is restoring the data to your iPhone which will take a few minutes.

    • After a while, your WhatsApp data has been transferred successfully.

    Transfer Whatsapp From Android To Iphone Via Backup & Restore

    If you have only one USB charge or USB port on computer, you can first backup WhatsApp chats from Android into Backuptrans local database first. Then transfer the whatsapp messages from Backuptrans software to iPhone. Simply follow these steps:

    Step 1: Connect your Android device only to the Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer software. When the software finish loading WhatsApp chat messages from Android, simply click the “Backup Messages” menu to save & transfer WhatsApp messages into the local database. Disconnect your Android Phone from the computer after done.

    Step 2: Install and log in to WhatsApp messenger on Apple iPhone Don’t restore WhatsApp chats from iCloud backup. Then open WhatsApp on iPhone to send a simple message to your friend.

    Step 3: Connect your iPhone to the Backuptrans Android WhatsApp to iPhone Transfer software via USB. When the software detects your iPhone, it will start to load data from your iPhone. Just wait until the loading is completed. Note: Before connecting iPhone, please make sure you have turned off “iCloud Backup” and “Find my iPhone” options in iPhone.

    Step 5: Transfer WhatsApp Messages to iPhone from local databaseRight-click the local database and then choose the “Transfer Messages from database to iPhone” menu to transfer chats to your iPhone.

    Step 6:Select a target iPhone device that you want to transfer WhatsApp chat history to. Click Confirm to start transferring WhatsApp chats.

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    Option 2 Restoring From Google Drive

    Step 1. Launch WhatsApp on your old phone.

    Step 2. Tap the menu icon on the top right of the screen.

    Step 3. Tap Settings > Tap “Chats” > Choose “Chat backup.”

    Step 4. Tap “Back up to Google Drive” to choose the frequency you’d like to backup your chats.

    Step 5. Choose the Google account you want to back up and tap “Allow.”

    Step 6. Tap “Include videos” if you want to save videos.

    Step 7. Tap “Back Up” to finish it.

    Step 8. Uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp on your new device.

    Step 9. Open WhatsApp and input your phone number and tap “Restore.”

    Step 10. Tap “Next” and then you can access your WhatsApp chats on your phone.

    How To Transfer Whatsapp To New Phone Android And New Number

    How To Transfer Your WhatsApp Messages From iPhone To Android?

    WhatsApp is so hot that many people install it immediately after changing to a new phone. However, it is actually not so easy to transfer WhatsApp account since one account is linked with one phone number. So how can we transfer WhatsApp history to new phone and make it available for new number? We are talking about the solutions in this article.

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    How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Iphone To Android

    There are two options to transfer WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android – restoring from a backup or sending messages to Android via Email. Of the two methods, Email is more recommended if you have very small files to transfer. But in this way, you can’t open the files you send via Email in WhatsApp on your new device. Restoring from a backup is easy but might take you a long time. Depending on your needs, you can choose your desired method to do it.

    Transfer Iphone Whatsapp Chat History Via Icloud

  • Go to Settings on your old phone, click on your Apple ID, look for iCloud. Please turn it on along the WhatsApp option.
  • Select Chats and go to Chat Backup. Turn on Backup now. You can also change the settings to automatic.
  • On your new phone, open WhatsApp, verify your number, and select RESTORE for recovering chat history.
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    Transfer Google Drive Whatsapp Backup To New Phone:

    If your WhatsApp chat history is backed up to Google Drive, it is convenient to do the transfer. Firstly, make sure you have set up Google account and enabled Google Drive sync on your new phone. Then follow these steps:

    Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your new phone.Step 2. Verify with your new phone number.Step 3. Tap Restore when WhatsApp finds Google Drive backup.

    Better Way To Transfer Whatsapp Messages To New Phone

    Transfer WhatsApp Messages From Old Android To New Android Phone

    With the method above, you need to back up the WhatsApp messages to iCloud first, and then restore them to your new phone. You may wonder, if there is a new to directly transfer WhatsApp messages, chats and other files to new phone?

    Here we strongly recommend a powerful WhatsApp data transfer tool, WhatsApp Transfer for you to copy all your WhatsApp messages to new phone.

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    How Do I Restore Whatsapp Backup From Google Drive On An Iphone

    WhatsApp does not give the option to restore your messages backed up in Google Drive to your iPhone. Backing up and restoring WhatsApp chats using the Google Drive is currently only available for Android users.

    If you want to restore WhatsApp backup from Android to iPhone, you may try something like Phone Transfer. It’s capable of transferring your chats cross platform with clicks.

    How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To Iphone

    If you have ever transferred WhatsApp messages from iPhone to Android, you would be familiar with the process of transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone. This method can be used to transfer a few conversations and the chats you transferred can’t be viewed in WhatsApp.

    Step 1. Open WhatsApp on your Android device.

    Step 2. Tap “Settings,” and then “Chat Settings.”

    Step 3. Choose “Email Chat” from the drop-down list.

    Step 4. Choose the chat history you wish to transfer.

    Step 5. Then, a new window with two options – Without Media and Attach Media will appear. You can choose either of them, depending on your needs.

    Step 6. Then, you will be asked to input the email number to send this email.

    Step 7. After you’ve completed it, click “Send.”

    Step 8. Go to log into your email on your new iPhone and download the email.

    Note: You can not sync these messages to your WhatsApp account on the new iPhone.

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    Back Up Your Whatsapp Data

    Next, you’ll need to save a backup copy of your WhatsApp data on the source device .

    You’ll do that by going into the Setting section of your WhatsApp app, selecting Chats > Chat backup > Back up to Google Drive.

    iCareFone Transfer will automatically get the WhatsApp chat backup from the source device, which could take some time.

    Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Iphone To Iphone Selectively

    How to Transfer WhatsApp Messages to New Phone â Easy Guide

    After getting knowledge of how to transferring WhatsApp messages with 1 click, you may wonder if the clear preview of WhatsApp backup can be displayed to us before transferring. In fact, it does. The better way to backup and restore can be achieved by Syncios iPhone Manager, which helps you to transfer your WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone selectively. More importantly, the preview and management of WhatsApp messages details before backing up are available.

    Step 1Download and install Syncios iPhone Manager on your computer from below, and then launch it. In this way, we won’t do the transferring directly. We need to backup iPhone WhatsApp messages to computer firstly then we restore the backups to another one. We are taking iPhone 8 and iPhone X as an example.

    Step 2Connect your two phones to computer with USB cable, tap Trust and enter unlock password on your iPhone screen, and then computer can get access to your data. Syncios would detect your iPhone automatically.

    Step 3Click on Information section on the left of the panel under iPhone 8, find WhatsApp on the top bar, then Syncios would start loading WhatsApp messages of your iPhone 8/8 Plus. After WhatsApp data loaded, click on Backup button, and choose the backup path, then start backing up your WhatsApp messages to computer.

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    How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages To New Iphone Using Itunes

    Similar to iCloud backup, iTunes backup also includes almost everything on your iOS device. And you can also transfer WhatsApp chats and attachments from your old iPhone to the new iPhone via an iTunes backup.

    To move WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone:

    Step 1. Connect your iPhone to your computer with a USB cable and wait for iTunes to launch.

    Step 2. Click the “Device” icon in the iTunes window and click “Summary”.

    Step 3. Click “Back Up Now” to start making a backup of your old iPhone.

    Step 4. When the backup completes, unplug your old iPhone and connect your new iPhone to the computer instead.

    Step 5. Restore your new iPhone from the iTunes backup.

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