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How To Transfer Whatsapp Data From Android To Iphone

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How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone Free without PC

There is No Official way to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone as of this writing and the trial run is only available to certain Samsung devices. However, there are plenty of third-party tools that fill in this gap.

Here are a few tips to bear in mind:

  • Always create a backup. Even though you are using two different platforms, you can still create a backup just in case something will go wrong in the future. Better be ready than sorry.
  • Use the same mobile number. WhatsApp verifies your identity and data by the cellphone number you use.
  • Although there are many tools that promise a smooth transfer of your WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone, they are not 100% guaranteed. Unlike FoneDog WhatsApp Transfer that has proven its efficiency, convenience, and safety already. Make it a habit to read user reviews before using any software.
  • Remember that if you are using the Local Backup option on WhatsApp, your data will be saved on the device storage or the SD card.

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Whatsapp Users Need To Export Chat Files On Mail And Then Download Them On Their Android Phones

WhatsApp users can only export one chat at a time on mail

  • WhatsApp does not allow moving chat history natively
  • User can export individual chats on mail and then restore
  • These chats can be restored during the setup process on Android

WhatsApp users often face a lot of trouble while switching phones, especially when switching between operating systems. The social media platform is reportedly working on a solution to ease that process, but, until then, there are workarounds that users will have to make do with. At the moment, WhatsApp allows users to keep their account information including profile photo, name, about, individual chats, group chats, and settings when switching to a different operating system, such as from iPhone to Android. But, it doesn’t allow for moving chat history. However, chat history is very important to most users, especially those who use it for business conversations.

If you’re switching from iPhone to Android, WhatsApp users can use the method mentioned below to back up their chats and transfer them.

Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To Android Via Local Backup

Local backup is the automatic backup of your chat history to your phone’s WhatsApp folder that occurs daily every 2AM. The folder is located in your device’s internal memory or external SD card. To use local backup to transfer WhatsApp messages between Android devices, follow the steps below:

Step 1If you’ve installed and saved WhatsApp on an external SD card, simply take the SD card out of your old phone, and put it into your new one.

Step 2If you’ve saved data to internal memory, you need to navigate to the internal memory of the device to the folder WhatsApp / Database after connecting phone to PC. All the backup files are saved with a date. They will look something like files with .db.crypt. Scroll down and copy the file with the latest creation date onto your PC in an easy to find location .

Step 3Install WhatsApp on your new device but do not start the app. Connect your new device to the PC via USB. Because you’ve already downloaded WhatsApp onto your new handset, the folder WhatsApp / Databases should now exist. If not, you can manually create a new Databases folder in the WhatsApp folder.

Step 4Now copy your WhatsApp conversation backup file into this folder and start WhatsApp on your new phone and verify your phone number. You would be notified that a message backup was found. Just tap on Restore, and you’re done. After a few seconds, all of your messages should have appeared on your new device.

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Transfer Data From Iphone To Iphone Via Iphone Migration

Before the disclosure of iOS 13, Apple has released a new iOS version iOS 12.4. The most appealing feature of this update is iPhone migration. With this function, you are able to transfer data directly from your previous device to your new one. If both your old iPhone and new iPhone are running iOS 12.4 or later, then you can use the data migration feature to set up your new device with the old ones content and settings.

Here are the steps of how to transfer data to a new iPhone with iPhone Migration:

Step 1. Put New iPhone and Old iPhone Together

Turn on your new iPhone and place it near your old iPhone.

Step 2. Start Setting-up Process

Follow the instruction to use your Apple ID to start the iPhone set up, then tap Continue. If you dont see the option to continue on your current iPhone, make sure that Bluetooth is turned on. When an animation appears on your new iPhone, hold your old iPhone over the new iPhone, then center the animation in the viewfinder. Wait for a message that says Finish on your New iPhone.

Step 3. Enter Passcode on Old iPhone and Set Up Face ID on New iPhone

Enter your old iPhone passcode on your new iPhone. Follow the instructions to set up Face ID or Touch ID on your new iPhone.

Step 4. Transfer Data from Old iPhone to New iPhone

Transfer Data from One iPhone to Another via iPhone Migration

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Whatsapp Backup From Android To Iphone 13 Using Google Drive

How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone smoothly ...

If you are going to use Google Drive transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone 11 Pro/11/XS/X/8/7 Plus/7, you will be disappointed. Although you can install Google Drive on the iPhone now, there is no managing function on the Google Drive of iPhone. So it is obvious that you can’t do WhatsApp backup from Android to iPhone using Google Drive.

Google Drive is designed by Google which is for Android users. It can be used to transfer WhatsApp from Android to Android but not from Android to iPhone or vice versa. What a pity. However, you also have 3 ways which are mentioned above in this article. They will work out how to save WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone for you.

See also:

Tap on this link, and you can smoothly transfer WhatsApp from an iPhone to Huawei.

This post can help you fast extract your WhatsApp backup data. If needed, check it out.

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Transfer Whatsapp Android To Iphone Using Mobiletrans

We have mentioned above how you can use a specialised application made by Wondershare Dr.Fone to transfer your WhatsApp messages from an Android device to your iOS device.

We have another tried and tested method which you can implement to transfer your WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS. This tool, MobileTrans, is also from Wondershare specifically for transferring WhatsApp data.

  • First, download and install the MobileTrans WhatsApp Transfer app on your PC from here.
  • Now, launch the MobileTrans app on your PC and select WhatsApp Transfer. Now, connect both your Android and iOS device to your PC.
  • Now, the application will automatically detect both your connected devices, Android and iOS. You can choose which device is the source and which is the destination. You can click on the flip button to swap these positions.

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  • Make sure that iOS is selected as destination device and click start. If you already have WhatsApp on your iOS device, its data will be erased.
  • The transfer of WhatsApp chats will soon be finished. You will be notified to safely remove your devices. Now, when you launch the WhatsApp on your iPhone, all the chats will be available to you.

Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Android To Iphone With Computer

The easiset and most recommended method to transfer WhatsApp conversations from Android to iPhone 7 or the latest iPhone 13 is a reliable tool – iCareFone iOS WhatsApp Transfer, Backup & Restore. It is easy to use and can transfer your WhatsApp chats in just a few seconds. You don’t need to know too many technologies, the software can instruct you. Follow the steps below to start:

Let’s take a look at how to transfer with a video guide?

  • After confiming some popups, you need to back up WhatsApp data on your source device. Do that as the screenshots show.

  • To keep your data safe, you are required to verify WhatsApp account which you used to create backup by typing your phone number and country code below, and then press ‘Verify’.

  • Then fill in 6-digit WhatsApp Verification code that you just got from WhatsApp oficial. Click ‘Verify’.

  • After confirming that your data is safe, the program will automatically generate data that can be restored for your target device.

  • You need to log in your account to ensure that the data is visible when WhatsApp Android to iPhone transfer is complete.

  • The program is restoring the data to your iPhone which will take a few minutes.

  • After a while, your WhatsApp data has been transferred successfully.

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How To Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Android To Iphone

Well, if we look around, we will find that new flagship smartphones keep pouring out one after another. The previous year, Apple launched three new smartphones iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro, iPhone 11 Pro Max. Lots of Android users have purchased the new iPhone 11 series of smartphones and have already ditched the Android ecosystem.

However, switching smartphones is never that easy, especially if you use instant messaging apps like WhatsApp a lot. If we talk about WhatsApp, its one of the best instant messaging app available for both Android and iOS users. Our WhatsApp conversation often contains important details that we dont want to lose at any cost.

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Transfer All Data From Iphone To Iphone

How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to iPhone 2021 [For Free?]

Step 1. Connect the two iPhones and choose transfer mode.

Install and launch the software > Connect your iPhones to the computer via USB cables > Choose Phone Switcher> Click on Phone to iPhone mode.

Choose Phone to iPhone to Migrate

Step 2. Select the source and target iPhone.

Select the source device and target device > Click the Next button to continue.

Transfer Data from One iPhone to Another with AnyTrans

Step 3. Transfer iPhone to iPhone.

Select the file categories you want to transfer, here we take Contacts as an example > Click the Next button to start transferring data from old iPhone to new iPhone.

Check Contacts Box to Transfer

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Transfer Whatsapp From Android To Iphone Using Move To Ios

This is an application developed by Apple Company to help you transfer files from Android to iPhones. So here are the steps to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iOS easily using Move to iOS

Step 1: Download Move to iOS application on your Android phone. It is available on Google Play.

Step 2: Accept the terms and conditions, and it will direct you to a screen where you will be asked to Enter One-Time Code.

Step 3: Now, you are required to set up your iPhone until you see the Move from Android screen. Here, wait for the 6-digit code to appear.

Note: if you have already set up your device, you will be required to factory reset it.

Step 4: Enter the code visible on your iPhone screen.

Step 5: Select the files you want to transfer on your iPhone, and you are good to go.

Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Android To Iphone Using Mobiletrans

MobileTrans Phone Transfer is an application that makes your work hassle-free. It is designed to transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone and vice versa directly without any use of a computer. So all you need to do is simply tap on a few easy options, and voila, your data is transferred. Moreover, you can also perform WhatsApp Transfer from iPhone to Android phone using this tool. Here is how you can move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Step 1: Download the application from on your Android device and from App Store on your iPhone. Upon opening the app, you will be required to accept the privacy policy and terms and conditions. In the following step, you will be given the option to transfer the files between Android to iPhone or vice versa.

Step 2: Click on the Android to iPhone option, and youll get a prompt to accept your latest backup with its exact time. If you think the backup is old, just tap Re-backup and create a new backup to proceed.

Step 3: You will be required to provide your phone number associated with the WhatsApp account and confirm with the code sent to your phone. Then wait a few seconds till MobileTrans prepares the WhatsApp data for transfer.

Step 5: Finally, tap on Start, and your transfer from Android to iPhone will begin.

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Option 1 The Easiest And Quickest Way To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Iphone To Iphone

When it comes to transferring iOS data, iTunes and iCloud may be the only two choices that come to your mind. However, instead of transferring individual WhatsApp chat history, both iTunes and iCloud will backup all WhatsApp files, even the whole device to the cloud, and then sync them to another iOS device. That makes it very complex for you to operate.

Given that, you can try this professional WhatsApp transfer tool – EaseUS MobiMover. With which installed on your PC, you can directly transfer WhatsApp messages and other iOS data between two iOS devices. In addition to WhatsApp, you can also transfer other files between iPhone and Mac or PC.

Now, you can download it on your computer and give it a try.

Step 1. Connect your iPhones to your computer using a USB cable, launch EaseUS MobiMover, and choose “WhatsApp” > “Phone to Phone”.

Step 2. Check the source iPhone and the target iPhone. If necessary, click the “Switch” button to change the transfer direction. Afterward, click “Transfer” to start transferring WhatsApp messages from iPhone to iPhone.

Step 3. Wait for the data transfer process to finish. The time it will take depends on the size of the WhatsApp data.

Step 4. When it has done, you can go to the target device to check the WhatsApp messages and attachments.

Can I Transfer Whatsapp Android To Iphone Via Whatsapp Backup

[Solved] How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to Android ...

As we said, transferring WhatsApp messages from Android to iOS is not officially supported. Why? This is because Android uses Google Drive to store the WhatsApp backups, but WhatsApp backups on an iPhone are stored in iCloud. This makes it impossible to transfer across the platforms. So we have to rely on third-party apps like AnyTrans we mentioned in to do this.

If you want to Transfer WhatsApp Chats between the same Android or iOS systems, here are steps you can try:

Below are the steps to transfer WhatsApp chats with WhatsApp Backup on Android:

  • Open WhatsApp on your Android phone.
  • Go to Setting, tap on Chats.
  • Choose Chat backup to backup WhatsApp messages on your Android phone.
  • WhatsApp chats will be backed up to Google Drive.
  • Install WhatsApp on your new Android phone.
  • Open WhatsApp and log in with the same WhatsApp account.
  • Tap Continue will allow WhatsApp to access your Google Drive backup.
  • Choose the WhatsApp backup you need.
  • Backup WhatsApp Chats on Android

    Here are steps on transferring WhatsApp chats with WhatsApp Backup on iPhone:

  • On your old iPhone, open WhatsApp.
  • Go to Settings and tap Chat Settings.
  • Tap Chat Backup and tap Back Up Now.
  • On your new iPhone, install and open WhatsApp.
  • Log in to the same account.
  • When you see the Restore Chat History option, tap on it to restore your WhatsApp chats.
  • Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone via WhatsApp Backup

    For more details, you can move to How to Transfer WhatsApp from iPhone to iPhone >

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    How To Transfer Whatsapp From Android To Iphone

    Switching from the Android world to the iOS realm is exciting.

    But you only want to let go of your old Android phone.

    Not the memories you’ve created with itâ¦like your WhatsApp messages.

    Yet how?

    Using the original WhatsApp backup to transfer your chat history from the old Android to a new iPhone?

    Hmm…it makes sense, but you probably have tasted disappointment like I did, after one simple try.

    Why? Andriod and iOS are of different operating systems.

    In such a phone switch, WhatsApp will only allow the transfer of your account information, not your chat history.

    You may have tried tons of other ways listed on the internet, but let me guess…either they’re ineffective or just end up getting you more confused, right?

    Trust me…I’ve been there too, so are millions of others.

    Even until now, I get asked over 50 times per day:

    Is It Still Possible to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone via Backup?

    Good news is…Yes.

    By simply backing up the WhatsApp messages on your Android device , you can always restore the backup to your iPhone using a secure third-party WhatsApp transfer tool.

    With that being said, there are 4 effective ways that I would recommend for moving WhatsApp messages from Android to your new iPhone:

    5min X

    Messages & Country Limits:WhatsApp puts limits on the number of messages that can be transferred. Certain country restrictions can also affect WhatsApp chat transfer via email.

    How To Copy Whatsapp Chat From Android To Iphone Using History Backup

    You might wonder if there is any other way to get it done? How to transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone using chat backup? As we all know that when you reinstall WhatsApp on Android, there would be a message notify you to restore from local backup.

    Note:However, that doesn’t work on iPhone. Even though, we still explain how to restore from backup below for you. Remember that this way only works on “Android to Android”

    • Unlock your Android device and go to WhatsApp.
    • Go to Settings > Chats > Chat Backup, and then tap on Backup button.

    • You will need to uninstall WhatsApp on your old Android phone Then open it on the new iPhone, sign in to WhatsApp with your original account.
    • There will be a pop-up that tells you to restore the backup files which are stored in WhatsApp’s Cloud.

    A few moments later, you will find that you have successfully restored WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone. Now you can enjoy WhatsApp on iPhone too.

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