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How To Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Android To Iphone

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Transferring Whatsapp Chats From Ios To Android

(NEW) How to Transfer WhatsApp Chat from Android to iPhone (Official Free) 2022

Most of us use WhatsApp, storing years and years of our chat history. There can be fun moments or details that you need to refer years later. Many of us use WhatsApp for work and in these remote working times, maintaining the chat history backup is more important than ever. If you ever migrate from an iPhone to an Android device, you may need to transfer your data between them.

Previously, if an iPhone user turned on WhatsApps cloud backup feature, the chat archive was stored on Apple iCloud, while Android devices backed up data to Google Drive. This made it nearly impossible to transfer the chats between devices not running the same OS. Luckily, the new update now lets you migrate your data between these two platforms. This capability first launched on Samsung phones running Android 10 and it is now also available on new smartphones that launch with Android 12.

Things you need

A Type-C to Lightning cable. Yes, that it. If you are using an iPhone 11 or any newer model, there are chances you already have it. If not, Reliance Digital has many options, with some that are priced as low as Rs. 999*. Before you begin the migration process, there are a few things to remember. Make sure you are using a new Android device or an Android 12 phone thats been restored to the factory settings. Your iPhone and Android device should run on the latest version of WhatsApp.

How to migrate from iPhone to Android

Step 1

Connect your Android device to iPhone using a Type-C to Lightning cable.

How To Move Whatsapp From Android To Iphone

In the process of moving your WhatsApp account from your old Android phone over to a new iPhone, the Move to iOS app also moves the rest of the information you care about the most: Your text conversations, photos, and videos. It will even put a placeholder app icon on your iPhone’s home screen that you can tap on to install the app without having to open the App Store.

And, of course, it’ll transfer your WhatsApp account information, your profile photo, individual chats, group chats, chat history, pictures, videos, and settings. It won’t transfer over your call history or your display name.

Transfer Chats From Android To Iphone

  • button on AnyTrans software opened on your desktop.
  • Now, AnyTrans will start transferring WhatsApp data from Android to iPhone.
  • These are all the steps that you should follow to complete the process of transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to your iPhone. The process will take many minutes depending on the size of the WhatsApp backup.

    As soon as the transfer process is completed, AnyTrans will notify you of the status. You can disconnect both devices from your PC and start using your iPhone.

    Open your iPhone and enjoy the newly restored WhatsApp messages now!

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    Moving WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

    It is true that there is no direct method of transferring WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone . However, you can use the AnyTrans software to do the necessary transfer of data without any hassle.

    Though the above process sounds lengthy and complicated, it is actually not. Here is the brief sequence of steps to transfer WhatsApp chats from Android to iPhone

  • Turn Off Find My iPhone.
  • Connect both Android and iPhone to PC using USB cables.
  • Back up WhatsApp chats on your Android device.
  • Install the modified version of WhatsApp on Android using AnyTrans.
  • Restore the backup of the chats in modified WhatsApp normally.
  • AnyTrans will now transfer chats from Android to iPhone
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    How To Move Your Whatsapp Chat History From Android To Iphone

    Moving your messages is a quick and easy job now. Heres what you need to do.

  • Open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone and follow the instructions.
  • You should be prompted to connect to your iPhone by typing in a code number.
  • Tap Continue and follow the prompts until you reach the Transfer Data screen.
  • Here youll see WhatsApp as an option. Select it and tap Start to begin accumulating your data. When its ready, youll see youve been logged out of WhatsApp on your Android phone. Tap Next to continue.
  • Go back to the Move to iOS app. Tap the Continue button and all your data should be transferred to the iPhone.
  • On your iPhone, insert the SIM from your Android phone, if you havent already done so.
  • Open WhatsApp and log into your account . When you see the Start button appear, tap it and your data should be loaded onto your new device.
  • Complete the setup on your iPhone. Once everything is in place you should see that your WhatsApp messages are all present and correct.
  • Want to run Whatsapp on your iPad? Read: How to get WhatsApp on iPad.

    Now youre free to continue your chats on your new iPhone, but if youre not sure what to do with the Android device, take a look at how to sell, donate and recycle your old electronics guide on our sister site Tech Advisor.

    Is Possible To Keep My Whatsapp Data While Changing Phone Number

    How to restore your WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android

    Yes. The Change Number feature in WhatsApp allows you to transfer your account information, including your individual chats, group chats, profile photo, name, about, and settings from your current phone number to your new phone number.

    • Remove the old SIM card and insert the new one into your Android or iPhone.
    • Run WhatsApp and go to Settings > Account > Change Number.
    • Tap Next at the upper right corner.
    • Enter your old country code and phone number, and then the new one.
    • Verify the new phone number through SMS or call.

    Be mindful that you can’t undo the change of the data migration after changing your phone number.

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    Use Move To Ios To Transfer Your Whatsapp Data

    With the Move to iOS app installed and your new iPhone at the correct spot, you can begin transferring your data from the Android phone to your new iPhone. For this to work, ensure the Android phone is running Android 5.0 or later and that the iPhone has iOS 15.5 or later. Both devices also need to be next to each other and connected to the same Wi-Fi network so they can communicate with one another.

    If all of that’s good to go, you’re ready to begin.

    Step 1: Open the Move to iOS app on your Android phone.

    Step 2: Tap the Continue and Agree buttons.

    Step 3: On the pop-up asking for location permission, tap While using the app.

    Step 4: Tap Continue and enter the one-time code displayed on your new iPhone.

    Step 5: Connect to the temporary Wi-Fi network when prompted.

    Step 6: On the Transfer Data page, select WhatsApp , and tap the blue Continue button.

    From here, you’ll follow the rest of the instructions on the Move to iOS app to complete the transfer and move all of your data over to your iPhone. This may take a few minutes depending on how much data is being moved, so don’t be surprised if the process takes a little while.

    Once everything’s complete and your iPhone is ready to use, all you need to do is download WhatsApp from the App Store and log in with your same phone number. Just like that, all of the conversations from your Android phone should appear on your iPhone exactly as they were.

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    How Do I Transfer My Whatsapp To My New Iphone

    To complete transferring your WhatsApp account to a new iPhone process, you can either restore the backup that you have created on iCloud or iTunes, or you can individually retrieve all the WhatsApp data from within the app

    • When you get a new iPhone, you can log into your iCloud account and the phone will begin restoring all your applications, files and settings. The process can take anywhere from 15 minutes to a few hours, depending on the amount of data and the speed of your internet connection.
    • You can use iTunes to complete the same process, but you must have created a backup as explained in the iTunes section above. Such a restoration is usually a lot faster, as you are locally transferring the files from your computer to iPhone, not accessing them from the cloud. If you do not want to restore all the settings and applications from your old iPhone, but you do want access to the same WhatsApp account, you should install the application on your new iPhone.
    • When you open WhatsApp, register the same cell phone number you were using on your old iPhone. You may have to submit a code that is texted to you, and then WhatsApp should restore all your conversations and settings from the most recent manual backup you made within the application.

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    How To Transfer Whatsapp Chats From Ios To Android

    In the case of Android, WhatsApp only mentions the Samsung Smart Switch app, which allows you to perform the migration process on most devices of the South Korean brand. To start the process you need to make sure you have the following:

    • Samsung Smart Switch app version or later installed on your new device.
    • WhatsApp for iOS version or later installed on your iPhone.
    • WhatsApp for Android version or later on your new phone.
    • A USB-C to Lightning cable .
    • On the new device, the same phone number you used on the previous device.
    • The new Android device must be factory new or reset to factory settings.

    If you meet all of the above you can start the process.

    • Turn on the Samsung device and, when prompted, connect it with the cable to the iPhone.
    • Follow the prompts in the Samsung Smart Switch app.
    • When prompted, use the iPhone camera to scan the QR code displayed on the new device.
    • On the iPhone, press Start and wait for the process to complete.
    • Continue with the setup of your new Samsung device.
    • When you get to the home screen, open WhatsApp and sign in with the same phone number you used on your previous device.
    • When prompted, tap Import and wait for the process to complete.
    • When you finish activating the new device, you will be able to see all your WhatsApp chats. As in the previous case, you will need to back up to the cloud again.

    Move Whatsapp From Android To Ios With Backup

    Transfer WhatsApp Chats from Android to iPhone without PC via iCareFone WTSapp Android-iOS 2021

    If you haven’t got your new iPhone yet, you can back up WhatsApp chat history first and restore your WhatsApp backup to your iPhone later. MobileTrans is also a handy tool for you to backup and restore WhatsApp.

    Here are the steps to move WhatsApp chats and data from Android to iOS with backup.

    Step 1: Connect your old Android device, for example, Samsung S10, to your computer with a USB cable.

    Step 2: Launch MobileTrans, select the Backup & Restore module, and then hit the Backup button from App Backup & Restore to continue.

    Step 3: Choose backup WhatsApp and click on the Start button to start the backup process.

    Step 4: MobileTrans would finish the process after a few minutes.


    When your new iPhone arrives, you can restore your WhatsApp to iPhone:

    Step 1: Connect your iPhone 14 to the computer via Lightning cable.

    Step 2: Open MobileTrans on your PC, choose the Backup & Restore feature first and click on Restore from App Backup & Restore.

    Step 3: Choose your latest WhatsApp Backup and restore it on your iPhone.

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    How To Transfer Whatsapp Chats From An Iphone To A Samsung Phone

    WhatsApp announced the between platforms earlier this year alongside a partnership with Samsung. This waves off the requirement for Android 12 on Samsung devices but does make for a more involved process.

    • Reset your Samsung device.
    • When prompted by the onboard smart-switch app, connect your iPhone to your Samsung device via a USB-C to Lightning cable.
    • Select all the apps and data you want to transfer, including WhatsApp.
    • When prompted, scan the QR code displayed on the phones screen.
    • The QR code should open WhatsApp on your iPhone. Tap the start button to continue transferring data.
    • You can now finish setting up your Samsung device.
    • Once done, open WhatsApp and log in using the same number as on the iPhone.
    • Press the import button when prompted to complete the process.

    Transferring WhatsApp chats from iPhone to Android is a pretty straightforward process that shouldnt take more than a few minutes, depending on the size of the WhatsApp backup. The entire transfer takes place locally and remains encrypted. All media, including chat history, photos, and videos, should carry forward, but you will lose out on your WhatsApp call history.

    How To Transfer Whatsapp Data From Android To Ios

    If you just got your first or new iPhone and are wondering how to transfer and restore your WhatsApp data, you have come to the right place. Here, we have gathered all the best methods that will help you transfer your WhatsApp data from Android to iOS.

    • Transfer WhatsApp data from Android to iOS
    • Method 1: Transfer WhatsApp Android to iPhone Using AnyTrans
    • Method 2: Transfer WhatsApp Android to iPhone using PhoneTrans
    • Method 3: Official transfer WhatsApp Android to iPhone Feature to Migrate Chats
    • Method 4: Transfer WhatsApp chats From Android to iOS with Wondershare Dr.Fone WhatsApp Android to iPhone
    • Method 5: Transfer WhatsApp Android to iPhone via email chat method
    • Method 6: Transfer WhatsApp Android to iPhone Using MobileTrans

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    How To Transfer Data From Android To Iphone 14

    Are you just bought a new iPhone 14, and searching for how to transfer data from Android to iPhone 14? If yes, you can go through this article and learn some workable ways to transfer data from Android to iPhone 14 efficiently. Now, lets begin exploring!

    If youve been thinking of moving from Android to iPhone, or from an old iPhone to a new iPhone, it is the best time to make the shift. Apple has recently launched its much anticipated iPhone 14 series, including iPhone 14, iPhone 14 Plus, iPhone 14 Pro, iPhone 14 Pro Max, which are equipped with high-end camera quality, model design, and other impressive features.

    When you changed from Android OS to iOS and start merging data, you may find the transferring process a long and tedious task of the different operating systems. Then, how to transfer data from Android to iPhone 14 in the fastest way?

    In this article, weve discussed some effective methods to help you transfer everything from your old Android mobile to your new iPhone 14. Along with this, youll read about how to transfer data from Android to iPhone without resetting.

    Transfer Data from Android to iPhone 14

    The Easiest Way To Transfer Whatsapp Content From Android To Iphone

    How To Transfer WhatsApp messages from Android to iPhone

    There will likely come a time when you need to transfer content from WhatsApp on a current smartphone to a new one. Even if you stick with the same phone for a while, saving a copy of your WhatsApp content can be a good idea for backup purposes.

    Luckily, using iCareFone Transfer tasks is easy and effective. You can even transfer WhatsApp backups saved to Google Drive with the software.

    The powerful iPhone file manager lets you transfer WhatsApp from any model of Android device to Apple devices including the new iPhone 13.

    In addition, it also allows users to backup, restore, and export WhatsApp chats, contacts, media files, and more including WhatsApp Business content.

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    What Youll Need Before Transferring

    Before transferring your WhatsApp data from Android to iOS, youll need to meet a few requirements. Heres what youll need:

    • An Android device running Android 5 or later
    • An iPhone running iOS 15.5 or later
    • WhatsApp version or later on your iPhone
    • WhatsApp version or later on your Android device
    • You must connect your iPhone and Android to power sources
    • Both devices should be on the same Wi-Fi network, or you should connect your Android to your iPhones hotspot

    After youve met all the requirements, youll need to factory reset your iPhone and install the free Move to iOS app on your Android phone.

    Remember These Things Before You Start

    Before transferring your chats from Android to iPhone, here are a few things you need to do. Make sure that you follow these instructions before you start.

    • Download the Move to iOS app on your Android phone.
    • Your iPhone must be brand new or reset to factory settings to pair with the Move to iOS app.
    • Android OS Lollipop, SDK 21 or above, or Android 5 or above installed.
    • iOS 15.5 or above.
    • Update your WhatsApp app on both devices .
    • Use the same phone number as your old phone on your new device.
    • Connect both devices to the same Wi-Fi network or connect your Android device to your iPhones hotspot.
    • Connect both devices to a power source.

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    How To Transfer Whatsapp Messages From Android To Ios

    Get your WhatsApp data across the Android-iOS divide with the Move to iOS app

    Moving from Android to iOS and vice versa used to be a Herculean task that often meant sacrificing your data and starting fresh. Things have changed for the most part, with Google, Apple, and other OEMs developing tools for transferring user data between devices. Still, there are gray areas, data that you can’t move beyond the divide. One of such is transferring WhatsApp data from Android to iOS, but not anymore.

    After a long wait, Meta announced the ability to transfer your WhatsApp account information, profile photo, individual chats, group chats, chat history, media, and settings using Apple’s Move to iOS app for Android phones. You can’t transfer your call history or display name, though. Here’s everything you need to know about the process.

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