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How To Transfer Facebook Page Ownership

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How To Transfer Facebook Page Ownership To Another Account

You might well be asking why do I need to bother with Facebook Business Manager when Facebook newsfeed is all but dead?

Good question! But you still need Facebook Business Manager. Heres why:

  • If youre running ads on Instagram, you need it
  • You cant set up custom audiences without it
  • Or lookalike audiences
  • You cant set up your Facebook pixel without it

Its simultaneously the most essential tool in your toolbox, but also the most complicated to set up especially if youve had someone else claim your Page.

How To Tell If Youre Set Up Right

When Brightspark takes over client accounts for social media content management or paid media, the first thing we do is ensure that Facebook Business Manager is set up correctly.

It can be a tedious pain in the ass at the outset yes! But its essential best practice if we are going to manage your assets right.

If Facebook Business Manager is set up correctly on your account, when you log into Facebook and click on the top right arrow down, you should see something like this:

Correctly set up Pages will appear listed under Business Manager.

If they appear under Pages only, then they are not set up correctly.

This means that, while you can set up ads, you will be severely limited in your targeting and management options. And you wont be able to run

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we offer a paid consultancy to help you with this problem

What To Do If Someone Else Has Claimed Your Facebook Page

If youre setting up Facebook Business Manager for the first time, you need to visit and start here.

If you follow the steps to set up Business Manager and you get an error message saying your Page is already claimed, you need to take a deep breath and follow the instructions on how to claim ownership of your Facebook Page below:

Facebook has an unduly legal and cumbersome process that you must follow if you want to take ownership of your Page after it has been claimed by someone else.

  • Its not enough to simply do 1 and 2 with the statement on headed paper and signed by your boss!
  • Facebook will insist that you get your lawyer to sign the statement about how important this Page is to you.

According to them, the reason the Notary notarisation is required is so they can legally transfer the ownership from the Business Manager owner and ensure that they are returning the asset back to the right people and avoid fraud. If Facebook took this amount of care in other parts of its business to avoid fraud, that would be a good thing. But for now, small business owner, youve got to stump up to visit your local legal person, and get the notarisation that is required.

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