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How To Tell Who Unfollowed You On Twitter

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Is There A Way To View Who I’ve Followed And Unfollowed On Twitter

How To Find Out Who Unfollowed You On Twitter

I’m trying to find somebody I followed on Twitter ages ago, but had to unfollow due to personal issues at the time. Is there a way to view who I’ve followed?

It is possible this person closed his/her twitter account and if they did you could send them an email inviting them to go back. Don’t know if this is useful but if you want to send a message of friendship by following someone on twitter, specially after unfollowing him/her, then the invite could be very useful. 🙂

If you don’t know their real name, then you are probably out of luck.

Perfect For Us With Insecurity

First off, I’d like to say this app has let me solve a lot of disputes between my friends and I, and it’s let me know when something is bothering them because of their activity.This app is a great tool. It gives you a descriptive list of who followed/unfollowed you and who you followed/unfollowed, and it even lets you know if it was a suspended or deactivated account. Though you have to pay to see what account got suspended, as well as a few other features, the purchase is somewhat worth it and even without the purchase, you can get a lot of mileage out of it with how in-depth it is.

Who Stopped Following Me And Who Doesnt Follow Me Back On Twitter

Its essential to check who stopped following you or who is not following you from time to time. This way, you get to know about inactive accounts, people who never retweeted anything, irrelevant profiles, users that wont be of any benefit to you, and much more.

Once you analyze all these things, you can reformulate your strategy and improve it to attract the right audience. Finally, you can create and share content that is indeed valuable to your audience. And make a much better space!

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Dont Feel Bad About It

If you really want a following, then focus less on the numbers and more on bringing something meaningful into Twitter with quality content so that people will actually pay attention. You’ll not only be happier since it’s what makes sense for all social media platforms but also grow in popularity thanks to those same decisions!

If we’re honest, losing followers might feel bad right now when we are fixated by our number of “likes” or “favorites.” But if this article has told us anything at all about being successful online: don’t get caught up in the numbers because they wont dictate how good your experience is overall.

Psa: Be Careful Sharing Your Twitter Information With Third

How to check who UNFOLLOWED me on Instagram

As Twitter doesn’t natively allow you to see who unfollowed you, the only way to do this is by using a third-party website. This means that you grant certain permissions to the website with respect to your Twitter account.

It’s essential you make sure that all these websites are trustworthy and aren’t using your data for malicious reasons. There is no shortage of websites that could use your account to post spam promotional Tweets, or even to send messages to your followers.

As a good rule of thumb, only allow websites you completely trust with permissions such as posting and deleting tweets.

Certain permissions, such as access to your followers and following list, are to be expected in order to track who unfollowed you.

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How To Find Is A Contact Has Blocked You

People who would block you on Twitter arent likely to be random they are bound to have mutual accounts with you. So, first, youll need to find a user who might be following the suspected blocker. Go to their Twitter profile and click on Following to get the list of people they are following.

Depending on the number of the people they are following, it could take a while for you to reach the bottom of the screen.

Once you do, right-click on the page to save it as a complete webpage.

Now, open the HTML file in Notepad, and search for the keyword: blocks-you. If you get a hit, look for the Twitter username a couple of lines above the found text blocks-you.

The username you get there is blocking you on Twitter. Youll have to repeat this step for all the suspected accounts.

Who Unfollowed Me 4 Ways To See Who Unfollowed You On Twitter

Twitter follower counts fluctuate wildly. But how do you know who’s unfollowed you on the platform? Here are several ways of finding out…

Twitter has become an essential social media platform, especially for working professionals and people looking to expand their network. But while Twitter instantly notifies you when someone follows you, the same is not true if someone unfollows you.

Fortunately, there are plenty of third-party applications and websites that let you see who unfollowed you on Twitter. This can help you understand the kind of audience your content caters to, and realize the things you could change.

If you’ve been asking: “Who unfollowed me?”, here are four ways to check.

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How To Find Out Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter: 4 Ways

Being a social media influencer on a social platform like twitter is of the hardest task. And the worst thing that takes influencers to wrong is the way that they dont who unfollowed them. No worries many platforms help to analyze unfollowed and followed, to understand what type of content they appreciate.

In this article, I will present the free app like WhoUnfollowedMe and Statusbrew to feature an insight view of your account. For a detailed insight view you can also subscribe to a paid subscription.

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Log In To Who Unfollowed Meswebsite

How to Find out Who Unfollowed you on Twitter

To begin using Who Unfollowed Me,youll need access to a web browser and your login information for Twitter.

After logging into the Twitter account you want to track, youll be redirected to a page that shows all of your recent statistics. However, this data should be full of zeros since youve only just begun tracking your account with Who Unfollowed Me.

When you return to Who Unfollowed Me at a laterdate, at a minimum of 14 minutes later, youll begin to see your follow andunfollow counts. The Most Recentsection shows your data since your last visit to Who Unfollowed Me, and the Last 30 Days section shows your datawithin the past up-to-30 days .

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How To Unfollow On Twitter

Twitter is a Social Network made to follow people who are saying things you are interested in. The moment an account starts tweeting about things you want to know nothing about, you unfollow them. Plain and simple.

Twitter does not notify its users when an account has unfollowed another account. Only those users who keep a daily track of their followers will be able to know if someone has unfollowed them.

If you want to unfollow an account you just have to go to their profile and mouse over where it says Following. The button will immediately change to Unfollow. If you dont want to unfollow you can always mute that account and they wont know it.

You Got Way Too Personal

Being yourself on Twitter is important. You need to be a human, and express yourself. Its a social network, after all.

But for serious-minded users who are in it for the value and not for curious prying, they dont want all the personal details on your life.

Forbes contributor Cheryl Conner summed it up in an old-but-good article, Sharing Too Much? Itll Cost You.

When in doubt, share less. Less is more.

Go back and check out your goals for Twitter. You dont build relationships and provide value by an overflow of extraneous personal details.

Keep that in mind. Theres a level of sharing that is too much.

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How To Quietly Unfollow Someone On Twitter

While you may have to explain to a close friend or business associate why you unfollowed him on Twitter, unfollowing strangers is best done quietly. Fortunately, the social network doesn’t notify users when they’ve been unfollowed. Even if you unfollow someone with only a few dozen followers, he’s likely to notice only if he look for you in his follower list. When you decide someone isn’t a good fit, you can remove him from the company’s feed quietly and professionally.


Sign into Twitter and either click the “Followers” number on your home page to look for the follower in a list or search for the follower and click his name to retrieve his profile.




Remove the user from your lists if necessary by clicking the drop-down menu for that user, choosing “Add or Remove from Lists” and unchecking the relevant lists. Unfollowing a user doesn’t automatically remove him from your lists.


The Negative Consequences Of Being A Serial Follower

Who Unfollowed Me on Twitter by Gurpartap Singh

Besides ruining your ratio which will lead many people to decide against following you, there are other reasons that will impact you and your account directly in a negative way unless you decide to revert your behavior:

  • If you follow people that have nothing to do with what you do, Twitter doesnt quite get your profile and doesnt know who to suggest .
  • Your timeline is chaotic and you never find relevant content or information.
  • The quality of your community is low.
  • Since you dont have quality followers and theyre not related to your interests what you upload to your timeline isnt retweeted or hit as favorite.
  • Your inbox is filled with spam and so is your timeline.
  • If you want your message, product or cause to sell youll find it difficult since you are not addressing the right people.
  • You dont have the chance to check if your social media strategy brings about good results or if it doesnt. What you say or do goes unnoticed.
  • If you happen to be praised a lot you cant manage to read all the mentions or to answer all the messages and you start to lose control of your profile and fail to interact with people that are truly valuable for you.
  • It ceased to be a social platform, good communication vanished.
  • Youll realize Twitter isnt interesting any longer and that it doesnt optimize your life.

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You Provide Zero Value

Twitter users are looking for value exchange.

The value system is simple. It works like this:

  • They want to give value to other users, the people who follow them.
  • They want to receive value from others, the people who they follow.

If they are sensing that you arent delivering value, they will unfollow you.

How do you provide value?

  • Tweeting helpful links.

How do you not provide value?

  • Tweeting about yourself
  • Tweeting about your product.
  • Tweeting about your feelings, moods, or preferences.

Social scientists havent examined the incidence of schadenfreude among Twitterers, but theyve long suspected that narcissistic personalities are drawn to the site.

Heres the thing. First, even though Twitter might attract narcissistic individuals, so does virtually every other social media site. No big deal. And, second, in spite of being an attractive venue for narcissistic event hosting, the Twitter community has little toleration for narcissism. Thats a crazy dynamic to deal with.

Remember, its about value. When you stop providing value, you get voted off the island.

You can get away with self-focused tweets if you are a celebrity. Everyone wants to know what time celebrities wake up, what they look like when they wake up, what they do after they wake up, and most importantly, who they wake up with. Thats why people follow them.

Who wouldnt want to know about Mileys latest eyeliner look?

Writer Molly Green nails it in her article on 10 Tweets You Should Never Send.

I agree.

How To Get Your Twitter Unfollower History

It is very important to know that Twitter does not have a log of your followers growth. In you can see how it went for the last 30 days, but your complete twitter follower history is something you will have to build yourself. The best moment to do it is right now, there is no way of getting your followers evolution since the beginning, so the best will be to start right now so you will have a clear twitter follower history.

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Wrapping It Up With A Security Tip

Most of the services on this list will need your authorization to link to your Twitter account to send you reports on who has unfollowed you. Just remember to keep your Twitter accounts privacy in mind while granting these tools permission, and make sure they wont exploit your data for malicious purposes. Also, its highly recommended that when youre done using the services, disconnect them from your Twitter account by following the steps below: More> Privacy and security> Security and account access > Apps and sessions> Connected Apps.

Read more of our authors:

What Are Twitter Unfollowers

Know who Unfollows You on Twitter

The answer to the question above can seem obvious, but it is never bad to do a quick reminder. Twitter unfollowers are those accounts who stop following another account. The reasons a user can have to click on the unfollow button are multiple. That is why you want to keep an eye on your followers and the content you post.

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How Do I See Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter

Twitter is a social media platform where people can share their thoughts and opinions with the world. It’s also a great way to connect with friends and family, or even celebrities! But how do you know when someone unfollows you on Twitter?

Who unfollows you shouldnt bother you. Yes, it can be a little disappointing to see people you were once close with no longer following your tweets on the social media platform, but its important not to take their unfollowing as an insult or personal attack.

In most cases, Twitter users who have stopped viewing your updates are simply too busy and haven’t had time for all of their social networks lately-or they just lost interest in what you’re tweeting about!

There are many ways to find out who unfollowed you on Twitter.

Here are 2 ways to know the answer to the question . Keep reading!

Crowdfire: Find Out Who Unfollowed Me On Twitter

Crowdfire is a multi-purpose tool for digital marketers. Couple the website with your Twitter account and get yourself a winner! Consequently, control all your social media applications, including Twitter, Instagram, etc., in one spot. Then, you can check who unfollowed you on Twitter in the Recent Unfollowers option from the dashboard.

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Three Ways To See Who’s Stopped Following You On Twitter

You already get e-mail notifications when someone follows you on Twitter, but how do you keep up with who stopped following you? We rounded up three free services that alert you when you’ve lost a follower.

With all the coverage last week regarding that will be rolling out, it was discovered that Facebook users can now see who unfriended them in the new Timeline view. But, for some users, Facebook isn’t a preferred social network. What about people who care to know who has stopped following them on Twitter?

1. seemed to be the fan favorite in our unscientific Twitter poll. Before you begin using TwUnfollow, you must grant the app access to your Twitter account. After having granted it access to your account, you will be redirected back to your very own account page on TwUnfollow. Since you just signed up, your history section will be blank, but in the future you will be able to see your unfollower history once you have logged in.

2. QwitterQwitter is different from TwUnfollow in that it doesn’t require authorization to access your Twitter account to perform its duties. All that is required from you is your Twitter username and a valid e-mail address. Once you have entered both, you will begin receiving weekly e-mail updates with a summary of your unfollows. There are no settings to adjust, and nothing to tweak Qwitter is as straightforward as it gets.

Tips To Find Your Unfollowers On Twitter

How to find out who unfollowed you on Twitter
  • There are a few small ways to identify those who no longer follow you. First of all, if you have an account with fewer followers, you can find out who is not following you by comparing the number of people you are following and the number of people following you.
  • But not everyone has to have few followers. Or you do not have to do this manually. It will take some time, especially if you have five-digit followers.
  • As we said, you can find a lot of third-party software on the internet that will help you with this, but we wont recommend any of it here.
  • The reason is we dont know which one will help you. Even if you find a solution that does not share an unwanted tweet on your account or does not send you unsolicited messages, they will restrict their services to daily limits.
  • As you may appreciate, keeping track of the number of followers of millions of accounts daily and continuously monitoring them takes up space and demands processing power. Its not hard to understand why people dont do it for free.

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