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How To Tell If Someone Read Your Email On Gmail

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Gmail How to see if someone has read your email

PCTattleTale is an underappreciated phone monitoring and management app ideal for managers or employers with plenty of company devices to monitor.

You can use PCTattleTale to look at your employees Gmail address without them knowing. This is because PCTattleTale completely records everything on the target computer or phones screen.

You can see a video of what the target device is doing in real-time. With this, youll know whats happening without having to hack Gmail account of the target user.

Its also helpful if you want to access someones account without having to guess their security question and other aspects of the Google security system.

Do make sure that you check the applicable law in your jurisdiction prior to doing this, as the law generally requires that employees should be notified of apps that can give away their secret information. Youre solely responsible for any legal issues that may arise.

If this sounds like something youre interested in, you definitely need to try PCTattleTale. Check out my full review.


PCTattleTale is also a paid service. Its pricing depends on your accounts storage capacity.

The first level is the Family plan, which costs $99.00 every month. With this, you get 7 days of storage good for three devices. Adding another target phone costs only $33.00.

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How To Check If A Gmail Sent Email Has Been Opened

There are several ways to find out if a person has opened your Gmail message. Its usually enough to wait a while for a response and resend the email if it hasnt reached them. However, some emails are important, and you may need to know if it has been read. In this article, youll discover how to check if an email sent through Gmail has been opened.

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How To Send Tracked Emails From Your Smartphone

Once you complete the installation process, you can track your emails using your smartphone.

Step 1: Once you have successfully installed Mailtrack Add-on for Gmail following the above-mentioned method, you can simply open your Gmail app on your smartphone.

Step 2: You now need to compose a new email and before sending it to anyone, tap on the three-dotted icon near the send button.

Step 3: The drop-down menu will show an option called “Insert from Mailtrack, “just tap on it and select” Track Email.” Once you do that, you are all set. You can then send your email and keep track of it in Mailtrack’s dashboard on your PC.

One can also check the status on the mobile version of Gmail. But, for this, make sure you reply to a message using Mailtrack. Although, at the bottom of every email, you will see a label called “Available add-ons,” tap on it, and you will be able to track emails.

Here, you will also notice a “Tracked reply” option, which one should use before reverting to any email. In this section, you will get to know the exact time, date and the device using which the email was read.

How To Grow Your Business With Email Tracking

How to Know If Someone Has Opened &  Read Your Email

The beauty of email tracking is seeing results in real-time. Timely data means you can make on-the-spot decisions that better your chances of closing a deal, booking a meeting, or simply starting a conversation. Beyond knowing who opened and when, you get helpful insights like what device theyre using, and whether theyve clicked links to your sales deck, landing page, or custom quote.

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Using An Email Tracker: Mailtrack

You can use the email tracker named Mailtrack to know the status of your email. This is another method that is the easiest of all. The tool is free of cost and can be used to trace an unlimited number of emails.

The tool helps in sending follow-up alerts, merge mails and campaigns. Its constructed with helpful features to ensure proper tracking of mails. It also allows the users to track the group emails individually to see their status for every receiver.

The follow-up email alerts remind the receiver to open the unread emails in the inbox. Its used in mail marketing because of its bulk email sending feature. Even the tool supports link tracing to let the sender know when the receiver clicks on the link to open it.

The app also offers a tracking certificate which acts as proof for delivered mails. Youll also be able to receive the daily reports about your account that include a summary of tracking activities conducted.

It supports both Android and iOS, therefore you can send the emails from the Gmail app on your phone to track them using the tool.

It also offers email and phone support.

Steps to use Mailtrack:

Step 1: First, install the Mailtrack tool on your chrome browser.

Step 2: Next, youll need to connect your Gmail account to the tool by clicking on Connect with Google.

Step 3: Provide all the details and grant the tool access to your Gmail account.

Step 4: Next, youll need to click on Go to Gmail.

Step 5: You can send mails normally as you do.

The Bottom Lines:

Advantages Of Gmail Read Receipts

  • Cost-effective: This is a native Gmail feature for G Suite accounts, and does not incur extra costs like an email tracking tool would.
  • Delivery insights: Find out who opened your email newsletter and the time at which it was opened to help tailor your follow-up approach.
  • Better timed follow-ups: Understanding when a prospect has opened your message enables you to send more timely follow-ups when theyre thinking about working with your company.

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What Is Email Tracking

Email tracking is a standard marketing and sales strategy that uses software to monitor and analyze an emails delivery to an intended recipient.

It differs from a Gmail read receipt in that it works behind the scenes to inconspicuously send notifications to senders. Usually, it offers more insightful details .

How do software tools track an email?

An invisible tracker really, a one pixel by one pixel image gets downloaded when a user opens the message.

Cirrus Insight offers both email and link tracking to help you determine when a lead is hot with information to help you personalize your follow-up strategy and close more deals.

Gmail Read Receipt : How To See If Someone Read Your Email

how to know if someone read your email (gmail read receipt free)

Depending on the situation, it can be super helpful to see when important emails are read. Using an email tracking system or a return receipt in Gmail can let you know whether or not your message has been opened. When you get notifications in real-time, you can respond appropriately with the next step and at the right moment.

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How To Use A Third

In Gmail, the only reliable way to find out when someone has viewed your email is to use Mailtrack, which is free. The use of a simple plugin allows you to observe who has read your email and when they did so. It is compatible with both free Gmail accounts and Gmail accounts associated with Google Workspace.

Using Mailtracks email tracker and incoming monitored indication, everyone can see how many emails have been sent and received.

A simple open notification isnt all you receive with Mailtrack. It is possible to observe how many times your message was opened, for example. The Monitor Reply tool will alert you if your email hasnt been opened for more than 24 hours. You may also keep tabs on the frequency and timing of visits to email links included within messages.

If you have Gmail, you may use Mailtrack by simply installing a browser extension. To do so, follow these steps:

  • Find Mailtrack on the Chrome web store.
  • Accept the permission and select Connect with Gmail.
  • Gmail should be automatically updated after this. Close your browser and open it again if you cant see Mailtrack in your email account.

    To set up the Mailtrack Gmail add-on for your Android or iOS smartphone, simply follow these steps:

  • You may use Chrome on a desktop computer or a mobile device to access the Mailtrack Marketplace add-on website.
  • Tap Install, then click the Continue button.
  • To use Mailtrack, you must first select an email account.
  • Accept the permissions by clicking Allow.
  • The Benefits Of Email Tracking

    There are many benefits to tracking email opens:

    • It reduces the need for follow-up emails you already know if the recipient has opened your email.
    • If recipients consistently dont open your emails, you can cut down how many you send in the future.
    • Tracking in real-time? You can send follow-up emails when you know the recipient is in their email inbox.
    • If you know that someone has opened up your email several times in one day, theyre likely to be interested in what youre emailing them about. You can then strike while the iron is hot.

    Benefits of Email Tracking for Business Theres no denying the massive impact that email can have on growing your business. Email marketing yields an average ROI of 4,300% and is especially useful when targeting new customers.

    Unfortunately, there are many reasons youre likely not seeing that return on investment. For one, your emails probably arent reaching their inbox, and you likely wont realize it unless youre tracking them.

    Email ROI is 100% about deliverability. Its imperative to find out if your emails are getting bounced by the recipients email provider or if theyre getting marked as spam. Email tracking also helps you make smarter business decisions when growing your pipeline.

    Knowing key factors like when your recipient opened the email, how many times, and what content they engaged with can help you personalize your responses and optimize your email campaign cadence.

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    How To See Whos Logged In

    Scroll to the bottom of your Inbox page and find the Details link in the bottom right.

    A page will now appear with your recent security events, including logins.

    In recent security events, you will see all your logins. The page will show what browser was used, the IP address, and the date and time. Check through this to see if you notice anything suspicious. This data is collected and stored by Google on every login meaning that even a seasoned hacker wouldnt be able to fake it.

    , scroll to Your Devices, and see what has logged in and where.

    If you dont see the Details link at the bottom of your Gmail inbox, use this link instead. Some Gmail users dont seem to have the Details link while others do.

    Note: You can sign out of all active sessions from the Details page. If it makes you feel more secure, or you see an unauthorized login, dont hesitate to flip the switch and change your password immediately.

    Send A Read Receipt With An Email

    how to check your email (gmail user)
  • In Gmail, compose your message.
  • At the bottom of the Compose window, click More Request read receipt.

    If you don’t see this setting, it means you either don’t have a work or school account. Or, you have a work/school account, but your admin hasn’t enabled read receipts. Ask your admin to Make read receipts available.

  • Click Send. Youll get a notification email when your message is opened.
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    Mailtrack: Privacy Data Collection

    The official page states that the service is General Data Protection Regulation compliant, which is one of the world’s most stringent online privacy protection laws. This basically means that your data will remain protected.

    It should be noted that the service gets full access to your Gmail account and its data once you give permission to your account. While giving access to your Gmail account, Google warns that this service can read your emails, compose new emails, add new emails meant for a different email address into your inbox, send emails for you, delete your email, and create, change or delete your email labels. Although, I never noticed the site taking any unnecessary actions.

    As per the privacy policy of Mailtrack, it collects name or email address, language preferences, current location, email body, payment data, and “other personal data provided by a user in the context of the provision of the Service.” It states that it needs access to some of these things to function properly.

    “No one at the Mail Track company will read your emails, send emails on your behalf and will never share the content of your emails,” the company states.

    How To Request A Read Receipt In Gmail

    In the free version of Gmail , you cant request a read receipt. However, this feature is available for users .

    If youre a Google Workspace subscriber, you can turn on read receipt requests via the Admin Console.

    From the Admin console Home page, go to Apps Google Workspace Gmail User Settings. In the Email Read Receipts, specify the senders your users can return receipts to. At the bottom, click Save.


    Once the Read Receipt capability is activated, create an email you want to send. Then click the ellipsis in the lower right-hand corner to display a pop-up menu.

    Click the Request read receipt option from the pop-up menu and send your email. The recipients will be prompted to send a read receipt when they open your email.

    From your side, you will receive a similar message below your email letting you know when it was opened:

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    The Benefits Of Email And Link Tracking For Sales

    Email and link tracking offer many invaluable benefits for sales teams.

    Here are a few key advantages to consider:

    • Specific context: If a prospect opens your email or clicks on a link several times, it can indicate higher interest.
    • Personalized follow-ups: If you notice a prospect has opened a specific link, you can provide more customized insight around that content.
    • Outreach methodology insight: If you notice a prospect never opens your email newsletters, it can suggest that cold-calling that contact is a better outreach method.

    You Can Start Now Using Our Gmail Extension

    How to Tell If Your Email Has Been Read in Gmail [2 Methods]
  • Get your MailTrack extension.
  • Upgrade your plan to start using Campaigns and also you can get GMails Receipts for your important emails.
  • More information about MailTrack PDF GMAIL Tracking Certificates.
  • Google Workspace offers an outdated read receipt in Gmail format for its customers that is very similar to Outlooks one back in the 1990s, with a concept and technology that is difficult to work with, and not reliable. Besides, it is not available to Gmail users. The best option, which we will show you afterwards, is to use an extension like Mailtrack for Gmail to see if someone has read your email.

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    Don’t Rely On Receipts To Certify Delivery

    Getting a read receipt doesn’t always mean the recipient read your message. How a receipt works depends on which email system your recipient uses.

    For example, you may get a read receipt if a person using an IMAP-based email client marks your message as read, but doesn’t open it. Some non-IMAP mobile email systems may not return receipts at all.

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    How To Check If Your Email Has Been Read Using Other Email Providers

    You can typically check if an email has been read by switching on the read receipt, but not all providers offer that feature.

    Refer to the table below for more details:

    Email Provider

    AOL Mail

    There is another option you can use if your email provider does not support the read receipt feature. You can install an email tracking tool such as ReadNotify or Mailtrack that will keep you informed whether your emails have been opened.

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