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How To Tag Linkedin Connections

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Mention People In Your Posts

LinkedIn Tags: How to Tag Your LinkedIn Connections!

Every time you mention a LinkedIn user in a photo or content post, they receive a notification and email telling them that you tagged them. Typically, clicking on the message allows you to navigate directly to the post.

Mentioning specific LinkedIn users increases the chances of checking out your post and engaging with it.

Heres a step-by-step guide to mentioning LinkedIn users in a post:

  • Visit your LinkedIn homepage
  • Select the Start a post or Comment option
  • Type @ and enter a specific users name
  • Hit the Enter button and watch as the magic happens

As you can see, LinkedIn tags are an extremely useful and versatile tool that can be used to manage, organize, and streamline your sales lead process. Our Octopus CRM users love LinkedIn tags since they allow to assign a specific tag to their 1st level connections based on the sales process their prospects are in, then create corresponding campaigns in the CRM of our and transfer each audience to a separate campaign to perform automation actions.

LinkedIn tags are great and when used well, it can help you to achieve more success, build new relationships, and reach more potential clients much more easily.

What Is Linkedin Tagging

Although LinkedIn still lets you search through the network based on filters such as location, company, and industry, these filters are rarely enough for someone who needs to perform advanced network searches daily.

LinkedIn tagging refers to adding custom tags and notes to different profiles. It allows you to sift through LinkedIn connections beyond existing LinkedIn filters and helps you quickly find accounts based on the assigned category.

Ways To Use Linkedin Tags

Choosing to use LinkedIn tags can help you to manage your connections. But, how can this tool be best utilized in order to get the maximum benefits?

There are many ways that tags can be used to help your lead generation process run smoothly.

Some of the ways you can use LinkedIn tags include:

  • Types of clients or customers

Your clients and customers should be your number one priority when youre building leads. After all, they are your most important asset and being able to manage your relationships with them is the key to success.

Using tags to sort and keep track of your clients can be hugely beneficial, especially if you have a long list.

Tags will allow you to send the most appropriate messages to each group, and to tailor your campaigns according to their individual needs.

  • Location-based tags

Whether youre running a local, national, or international business, chances are you will, at some point, need to target clients in a particular area or region.

You may also need to tailor your campaigns to suit different regions.

Using location-based tags can help you to organize your contacts so that you are able to do this without going through your list every time. Everyone in each region will be available to you in just a few clicks.

If you have lots of prospects, you might want to put them into segments based on what type of content you want to send out to them.

  • Tagging for events
  • Streamlining your sales process

For example, you could have:

  • Potential future clients
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    Why You Should Use The Tagging Feature In Your Linkedin Posts

    Tagging is a feature on all social networks that enables you to mention people, entities, organizations or companies in a post. But you should only do this when they are directly associated with it.

    How can the tagging feature help your LinkedIn visibility and growth?

    All you have to do is tag relevant people in your post. Once you tag them, they will likely engage with the post, boosting your engagement. Tagging is a nuanced growth technique, but there are some rules that you should carefully follow.

    • Only tag relevant people
    • Dont spam your connections by tagging people who dont have anything to do with the post
    • Dont mass tag people
    • Ensure at least 50% of the tagged people engage with the post

    You may want to mention a connection or other LinkedIn member for a number of reasons. It may be to thank them, to acknowledge something they have written or to highlight their contribution to or involvement with a recent event or conference. Mentioning or tagging your connections in this way can encourage engagement with your posts and comments and draw your connections attention to your update.

    Mention People in Your Posts

    Note: LinkedIn members dont need to be your connection in order to mention you or be mentioned by you.

    To mention someone in a post:

  • From your LinkedIn homepage, click Start a post or click at the bottom of someone elses post.
  • Type @ and then begin typing a name. Youll see a list of potential people you can mention.
  • Linkedin Tips: Tag Sort Serve

    How to Find Prospects on LinkedIn: Advanced Strategies

    Im going to spend the rest of this post showing you a simple three-step process that you can follow to turn scores of your existing LinkedIn connections into paying clients.

    The three steps are Tag, Sort and Serve. And I promise you this: If you apply the following strategy to your LinkedIn network, its going to immediately re-energize your lead generation efforts, spur new conversations with potential clients, generate referrals and bring in paying customers as a result.

    Ready to rock?

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    Do All Tags Have The Same Impact

    Depending on where they are placed, tags can change the visibility of your posts for good or bad. Indeed, tagging a connection in a comment or in a post does not have the same impact on LinkedIn.

    When you tag in comments, you take no risk. Whether the person responds or not, it does not affect you.

    Conversely, in posts, tags can increase reach or decrease it. To do this, be careful not to mention just anyone, at the risk of devaluing your post and losing visibility.

    People tagged must react within hours of your publication, otherwise it loses almost half of its reach! In addition, a like has no impact on this one, the users mentioned must therefore write a comment of more than 5 words so that the post benefits from better visibility .

    Tagging On Linkedin To Conclude

    • The tag makes it possible to share or address content likely to interest your targets
    • On LinkedIn it can be used as a comment, a message or directly in a post
    • When used well, the tag can increase the reach of its publication, attract new leads, strengthen professional links and retain the attention of the people identified
    • You must adapt the number of tags to each of your publications, but always use them sparingly
    • You dont have to mention anyone to enjoy the benefits of tags. Make sure the topic interests the tagged profile
    • A tag in a comment does not impact the publication, while in a post, the tags can increase or decrease the visibility of this one
    • Abusive use of tags is penalized by the LinkedIn algorithm.

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    Why Tagging Is Important

    The reason tagging is so important is because it allows you to keep in touch and share relevant information with target groups of individuals. Lets say you write a new Publisher Post on Best Networking Events for Lawyers in NYC. Obviously you would not message your whole network with that post, but you might let your top 22 NYC Lawyer Prospects know about the post on LinkedIn! Without tagging it would be very hard to find and message those folks in a timely manner.

    Attract The Attention Of Chosen Interlocutors

    How to Tag Connections on LinkedIn

    Attracting their attention and making them react to your publication allows you to perpetuate your relationships on the network.

    LinkedIn is a human social network, your interlocutors want personalization, exchanges and collaboration. Tagging an employee, a client, or a business partner also lets your other connections know that you are an individual who takes care of their network and who uses it for a benevolent purpose.

    To use an old french expression from the 1300s, The more famous you are, the more famous you become that is to say that the more you show your network that you have trusted relationships with other professionals, the more they will want to interact with you: you are boosting your sympathetic capital!

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    Why Should You Use Linkedin Tags

    In addition to helping you keep your network tidy and easily searchable, tags can also help you build more meaningful relationships and increase engagement with your connections.

    Not every member of your network is interested in the same information. Tagging allows you to share only the relevant information with specific groups or individuals.

    It can also help you personalize and automate how you approach people on LinkedIn by enabling you to send bulk messages with content customized for a particular group youre trying to reach.

    Exchange Tags To Gain Visibility And Collect New Leads

    You hadnt even thought about it? Its okay, thats what were here for.

    In fact, it is very simple and free or inexpensive to set up. In addition, this strategy can be very beneficial for your business, but also for your job search or for attracting candidates.

    The idea is to find one or more people in your network and to tag each other, once or regularly on your posts. To be successful, choose individuals with a strong reputation and a target identical to yours.

    For example, you are a recruiter and you are tagging other recruiters because there is an urgent vacancy for a developer position to be filled.

    Another example, you sell a CRM for hotel management and you tag your most famous customers on your posts.

    This practice has 4 advantages

  • Gain empathy capital: essential on the network.
  • Prove that youre trustworthy by showing that you belong to a group of professionals.
  • Boost LinkedIns algorithm by getting users to engage in your posts.
  • Obtain new prospects and gain visibility.
  • Here is an example to illustrate my point:

    Be careful, however, not to tag anyone anyhow. The reactions of your interlocutors are decisive for your brand image.

    Favor good knowledge and pre-warn them if possible.

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    Things To Remember About Tagging On Linkedin

    You can tag on old posts

    Even after you’ve posted a comment or shared a post, you can edit it and tag someone. This aspect you should keep in mind as you can mention people on your old posts and comments.

    Most importantly, the person you wish to tag or a mention need not be your connection. Similarly, anybody can tag or mention you even if you are not among their connections. This considerably widens your networking field and provides an opportunity to interact and engage with the top names from your industry.

    You shouldn’t expose people unnecessarily

    Tagging someone on LinkedIn, in the beginning, can be intimidating, sometimes you don’t know if the person will like it or not, or if this is related to this person. One suggestion we recommend you follow is to start with a close friend. Another essential thing is, don’t tag someone with topics that you can’t make public.

    For example, if you know this person is searching for a marketing specialist job, but she is still working on her current position, you can’t just tag her on a job post that you found on LinkedIn: “hey @mary, I thought about you, how is your job search going?”. For sure, this is a no-go.

    Benefits Of Tagging People On Linkedin

    Organize Your LinkedIn Network COI Connections, Pt 2

    Before addressing the prime question: how to tag someone on LinkedIn, lets discuss the advantages of doing so.

    The first thing you need to understand is people love getting involved on social platforms. In simple words, when you mention someone, they feel valued.

    Say, you post a brief article How to master LinkedIn ads? and tag your connection who helped you in creating the article.

    Thus, making sure, next time you need some help from them, they will offer a helping-hand happily.

    This also creates a good image of you in front of your connections. Theyll think you are someone who acknowledges people and appreciates them. Hence, theyll try to build strong relations with you.

    In this way, your existing connections will get healthier and you can build new connections quickly.

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    What Is The Difference Between A Tag And A Hashtag

    • Tags are social media mentions. For example, you will tag your company or your colleague on LinkedIn.
    • A Hashtag is used to gain visibility on your post.

    Basically, a tag is a label attached to a blog post. In summary, hashtags are tags with hashtags used on social networking sites such as LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter.

    How To Organize And Tag Your Linkedin Contacts

    The amount of connections you have on any social network can be overwhelming and chaotic. If you are like most people, you may have amassed hundreds of even thousands of LinkedIn connections.

    So how can you help to make sense of LinkedIn and use it in a smart and intentional way to build your business?

    One of the easiest ways to do this is to sort your LinkedIn contacts by tagging them.

    Tags are keywords to help organize your contacts. Tags can be can be added from the Contacts page or a persons profile. You can tag or untag anyone whos saved in your LinkedIn Contacts.

    Here is a simple how-to according to LinkedIn:

    Now that you know who to tag how should you tag? Here are a few ideas of tags or keywords to use:

    • Current clients

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    Quick Tip: Tag Your Connections On Linkedin

    LinkedIn is a great way to keep in contact with your professional contacts. If you are not already tagging your connections in conversations on LinkedIn, why not start doing this more.

    When you share/post the update the person you have tagged will get a notification and other people will be able to click on the tag to go to the profile you have mentioned. It can be a great way to pay it forward and give a shout out to a connection or share their work.

    Used in other conversations and comments, it can also be a way to bring a conversation to a connections attention and/or make a recommendation etc.

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    How To Tag Someone On Linkedin In 2022

    How to Tag or Segment Your Connections on LinkedIn

    So, you want to know How to tag someone on LinkedIn?

    LinkedIn has become an integral part of peoples lives. It is one of the most successful and widely used social platforms for professionals in the world.

    With a whooping 777 million users, LinkedIn has shown tremendous growth since its launch in 2002.

    Networking is critical to growth. In simple words, you need to make meaningful connections with people to grow.

    LinkedIn has made this simple with its features.

    Today, you can find relevant people on the platform and connect with them to explore opportunities.

    But as you make connections, its critical to understand people help, people who value them.

    Hence, reminding your connection how much they mean to you is a great way to build meaningful relations.

    While LinkedIn has a plethora of features to help you accomplish this, one feature stands out.

    The ability to tag people in your posts is a game changer.

    This helps in sending an obvious message to your connections and making the professional relationships stronger.

    So, how to tag someone on LinkedIn?

    In this article, well discuss how to tag someone on LinkedIn.

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    Posting On Linkedin: How To Tag People And Organizations

    Did you miss this weeks video walkthrough? This week, Liza walked us through how to tag organizations or people on LinkedIn while creating a post!

    Tagging on LinkedIn offers greater visibility to your post, and allows for a larger audience to interact with the post, giving you a greater chance of exposure and impressions overall. Want to establish yourself as a thought leader on LinkedIn? Or, want to give a great organization or colleague some recognition? Watch our latest video and follow along below to get started.

    You will begin by finding a post that you would like to share with your LinkedIn network.

    You will begin typing your caption.

    You will follow the same steps each time you need to tag within a post. You will see the name become bold, that means you have successfully tagged the person.

    You repeat the same steps for companies as well.

    Once you have finished, click post. The people and places you tagged will get a notification and your network will be able to click directly on the tagged names. It will take them to a company page or a profile!

    Thats it. Youre done. You will use the same steps shown to tag people or companies in the comments of posts or when making an original post.

    Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel so you never miss our exclusive video walkthroughs!

    How To Use Linkedin Tags For Lead Generation

    When it comes to generating new leads, LinkedIn has many tools and features that can be used to improve your efficiency and make your processes smoother.

    One of these features is LinkedIn tags.

    If you havent used LinkedIn tags before, they can be a great way of streamlining your sales cycle.

    They can help you to organize your network, make it clearer and easier to utilize and help you to send different types of messages to different groups without all the hassle.

    Octopus CRM is a comprehensive .

    When used as part of your , it can increase the chances of you sparking up conversations with potential clients, generate more referrals, and find new customers.

    So, how exactly does LinkedIn tags work? And how can you use it to your advantage?

    Heres everything you need to know about using tags on LinkedIn:

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